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In-Depth Islet Cave Guide v1.2

By GameCubeGuy49 (Nick Sibilsky)

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is copyright 2001-2003 Nintendo/CAMELOT

This document is completely my work, with the exception of the RNG battle 
methods, which I give full credit to Tuxedo Jack, and impoc, who helped me 
with section 1. If you wish to host this guide on another site other than, you may as long as you give me credit and tell me that you 
are using it. My e-mail address is If you send me
an e-mail please be patient as it might take me a while to reply. Now, onto 
the guide...

Version History

v1.0 : 5/15/03 : First version.

v1.1 : 5/30/03 : The first version was not accepted, so I made some fixes and
                 added to the RNG method.

v1.2 : 6/4/03  : The second version wasn't accepted either, so I tweaked the
                 guide even more and added some visual stuff.


In Golden Sun: The Lost Age there is a little island on the right hand side
of the map that, at first is pretty much useless with the exception of a 
Venus djinni. Then, once you progress farther into the game, a new area in 
this island becomes available and the island becomes one of the most 
important areas in the game. This island only goes by the name of "Islet
Cave". This FAQ will show you how to get there and more importantly what
there is to do there. I chose to write a FAQ for this because there are 
a lot of questions on the gameFAQs message boards about it, and this is my 
first FAQ so I decided to start out small. 

Table of Contents

1) How to get to Islet Cave
2) What there is to do at Islet Cave initially
3) The area only reachable by teleport
4) The best way to gain experience in the game
5) The Tisiphone Edge

1) How to get to Islet Cave

The way to gain access to Islet Cave is quite lengthy. First, from the East 
Indra shore where you first get your boat, sail to the east all the way 
around Osenia, eventually heading southward towards a snowy little island 
called the East Tundaria Islet. When you enter the town on the islet, 
jump across the moving blocks and go up the ladder, walk up and over to the
log and roll it off the cliff, then climb down and head back across the 
moving blocks, then go up and cross the log you rolled off and push the 
penguin on the left side over to the penguin on the right side, you will 
then receive the pretty stone. Now head back to your boat and return to 
where you started on the East Indra Shore, from there sail north and a little
to the right. You should eventually arrive at Southeast Angara Islet, on the 
islet head up the first two stairs and use move and push the crate off, 
return to the bottom and push it towards the left leaving it against the wall
and one space from the water puddle. Then go backup the first staircase and 
use move to push the crate on top of the other one, and then freeze the puddle 
into a pillar and hop across the crates and pillar to the vines continue to 
the nest where you will be able to swap the pretty stone for the red 
handkerchief. Once you return to your boat, head directly southward to North 
Osenia islet. Here go left to the barrels and use sand to go underneath 
them, walk up to the cow and trade for milk. From this islet sail west around
Indra until you get to the West Indra Islet, at this place walk around the 
boardwalk and hop across to the right side of the boardwalk and take the
stairs down and around to the dog and trade the milk for a lil turtle. Take 
the lil turtle and sail back to the North Osenia Islet then east towards the 
Apojii islands, north from the Apojii islands is the Sea of Time Islet, when 
you arrive find the turtle and give him the lil turtle. He will then take 
you to a special island where you find the cave. Note: In order to talk to 
the animals, you must use mind read.

2) What there is to do at Islet Cave initially

When you first arrive at Islet Cave I am assuming you have not got teleport yet,
so that is where Iím coming from. First, walk up through and go down the 
stairs. Now go up again until you reach the water. To the left is a chest
with a rusty staff, which when forged in Yallam, is the DracoMace. Now
go to the right. Use the log to cross the water, and go up, then left (you 
will see a Venus Djinni, don't worry we will get that in a minute). Go 
through the door and then cross the water with the log, to reach the Turtle
Boots. Now backtrack your steps until you reach the room with the Venus
Djinni. Now go as far down as you can go in the room once your on the right
side again, and use the log to go up and fight the Venus Djinni, Meld. Now
your pretty much done with Islet Cave for now, so now go and finish the rest
of the game until you get the psynergy teleport in the Mars Lighthouse.

3) The area only reachable by teleport

Remember that weird symbol on the floor in the second room of Islet Cave?
Well that is a teleport symbol. Use your newly acquired teleport Psynergy
while standing on the symbol and you will be teleported over the water to an
area that was previously inaccessible. Now go up through the door. You will
be in one of a series of long hallways. All there is to do is go up. 
Continue through the hallways. In one of the hallways you will see a weird 
statue on the left side. Use tremor on the statue to reveal the Murcury
djinni Serac. Once you get to the top, you will fight a big suit of armor
guy called the Sentinel. You cannot use psyenergy on him, but he is not very
difficult, kill him with djinni and summons. After you beat him, you can 
claim one of the coolest and best summons in my opinion, Catastrophe! Now it 
looks like your done with Islet Cave, or are you?

4) The best way to gain experience in the game

There are two more awesome things in Islet Cave, the first one being the very
best way to gain experience in the entire game! In the teleport-section of
Islet Cave, there are enemies called Wonder Birds. They are easy to kill, and
are worth some 8,000 experience points each! Now here is the way to gain 
50,000 + experience in one battle. Wonder Birds can do an attack called 
regan dance, which revives the enemy that they appeared with if you kill it.
So if you find a party of two Wonder Birds, kill the first one. Then the 
other Wonder Bird should revive it using regan dance. Now kill the Wonder 
Bird over and over again until the other Wonder Bird runs. You should get on 
average 20,000 to 50,000 on average per party of Wonder Birds, making it the
easiest way to gain experience in the game!

5) The Tisiphone Edge

The Tisiphone Edge is the strongest light blade in the game with an attack of
+178 and the ideal weapon for Ivan and Jenna. The Tisiphone Edge is dropped
by Cruel Dragons, which are only found in the Islet Cave's teleport area.
There is a 1 in 256 chance of the Cruel Dragon dropping the T-Edge, and the
chances are only slightly better when you finish it off with a Mars Djinni.
However, there is an RNG method that lets you get it your first try. An RNG
method (stands for Random Number Generator) is a method which, basically, 
gives you the drop item the first time. Here are a few tips to ensure 
success: This RNG method is for a level 50 team, so if your team is a lower
level or a higher level adjust the level of psynergy spell accordingly (as in
if it says to use earthquake, if you are weaker then level 50 use quake 
sphere). Also, the Cruel Dragon plus the other enemy MUST be the first enemys
you encounter in the long hallway when you turn on the GBA or the strategy
will not work. One last tip: Always use a hard reset, do not hold A, B, Start
and Select for the other reset. 

This is how the RNG method goes:

Save in the Islet Cave's long hallway, and then turn the GBA off and on.
If there's an enemy with the Cruel Dragon, success!

Attack order (as in who attacks first): Sheba, Felix, Jenna, Piers
All spells are targeted at the Cruel Dragon.

Round 1
Sheba casts Shine Plasma.
Felix casts Quake Sphere.
Jenna casts Cycle Beam.
Piers casts Glacier.

Round 2
Sheba casts Shine Plasma.
Felix casts Earthquake.
Jenna unleashes Fury. The Cruel Dragon should die.
Piers attacks the other enemy. It dies, or you go to round 3, in which you 
use anything but Djinni to kill it.

You'll get the Tisiphone Edge.

Thatís it!
That's all there is to do in the Islet Cave. I hope this guide was helpful to
you and thank you all for reading my first guide!

In-Depth Islet Cave Guide, copyright 2003 Nick Sibilsky