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Golden Sun 2 - The Lost Age; Ship & Sailing FAQ
By Tom Sarigiannidis a.k.a. "Monet Vanilla" (
Version 1.3  5/25/03


Part A. - Version History
Part B. - Info on Author
Part C. - General FAQ
Part D. - FAQ Purpose
Part E. - Ship List & Owners
Part F. - Ship & Sailing FAQ
Part G. - Credits
Part H. - Copyright

Part A.

Version 1.0 - 5/22/03 I've started the FAQ today. Most of the work 
should be done on this occasion, and the rest of the addition should 
prove to be rather minor. Author Info, and General FAQ complete. Created 
large portion of Ship List & Owners, and Ship & Sailing FAQ.

Version 1.2 - 5/24/03 Decent Update. I've added new information to both 
Ship List & Owners, and Ship & Sailing FAQ.

Version 1.3 - 5/25/03 Minor Update. I've added some info to the General 
FAQ, and edited the Copyright section.

Part B. 

Info on Author: This FAQ was created solely by Tom Sarigiannidis, a.k.a. 
Monet Vanilla. It is specifically made for Gamefaqs, however, if 
somebody wishes to use it for whatever reason, they must contact me 
first. I frequent a couple of gamefaqs boards, but not on a regular 
basis. I usually only visit Golden Sun I and II on a steady flow. I have 
played well over a hundred RPGs, and I am always more involved in the 
game's storyline rather than its gameplay, graphics, or nearly any other 
attribute RPGs have to offer. Golden Sun, however, has captured me on 
terms of graphics, gameplay, storyline, music, and in the case of TLA, 
replayability is well. My e-mail is

Part C.

General FAQ: 

Q.: I have a question that has been unanswered even after reading your 
FAQ. How should I ask it?
A.: Feel free to e-mail me, and ask me through that. You may also add me 
to your msn, but I prefer if you added me for a valid reason, and not 
merely to "chat". 
Q.: I didn't have the opportunity to transfer my GS 1 data in the 
beginning of the game. Can I still get my data across somehow?
A.: Yes, You can. You can just select the "Update" option in the main 
menu of TLA at any point before you actually meet up with Isaac and his 
Q.: Do I need to transfer my GS 1 data in order to have all the Djinnis?
A.: Unfortunately, yes. Although there are a few Djinn that you can get 
in TLA that you missed in 1, perhaps those particular Djinn were not the 
ones you have missed. Also, having all the Djinn will pay off later in 
Q.: I discovered a mistake in your information, or you have some sort of 
unconfirmed information that I can confirm. What do I do?
A.: E-mail me, and pinpoint the exact location of the mistake, or where 
you wish to add your info, and I will get back to you as soon as 
possible. Thank you.
Q.: I discovered a typo in your FAQ. It's really pathetic. I don't know 
how anybody could make a typo like that. What do I do?
A.: Chuckle silently to yourself, and learn from other people's 

Part D.

FAQ Purpose - Why was this FAQ made?

As I have progressed through the game, a lot of questions regarding the 
Lemurian ships have formed in my mind. Unfortunately, most of these 
questions remain unanswered, but they nevertheless remain an interesting 
concept. It is obvious that some of these questions will never have an 
official answer, others might be hinted at in a later sequel, if there 
will be one. Either way, I created this FAQ to point out all the 
interesting facts and questions about the ships within Golden Sun 1. and 
Golden Sun 2. - TLA. 

Part E. 

Ship List & Owners

All of the ships within the two games, except for the one you use to get 
across the Karagol sea in GS 1, and the one you have to repair in 
Alhafra are 99% likely to be of Lemurian origin. It is sometimes 
difficult to imagine how some of the characters within the story got 
ahold of these ships, despite all the difficulties required to be 
overcome in order to even reach Lemuria, let alone to attain a ship from 
it. The following is a list of ships within the two games, and who they 
belong(ed) to.

Saturos' Ship: The ship you find at Idejima. This ship was most likely 
to have been used to sail the waters of Angara and Gondowan By Saturos 
and his group. 

State: Washed Away at Sea

Piers' Ship: This is the ship Piers sailed out of Lemuria in his mission 
to bring news of the outside world. This is also the ship that is used 
throughout TLA by Felix and his companions.

State: Functional

Babi's Ship: A Ship that belongs to Babi, and then given to Isaac and 
his companions so they could reach Lemuria and other lands. When Felix 
meets up with Isaac and his group, everybody fails to mention what 
happened to Babi's ship. Very eerie.

State: Location Undisclosed

Agatio's Ship?: This is only in theory, but I believe Agatio and his 
party also has/had a ship at one point. To back this up, I believe 
somebody even says so within the game the first time you see Agatio:
"He must have remained in the ship last time" - referring to the time 
Felix only met Karst, but not Agatio. The evidence is not confirmed yet, 
but It is in progress.

State: Hypothetical

Kalay - Tolbi Ship: This is a wooden vessel that belongs to a Captain 
that Isaac meets at Kalay docks. It is used to cross the Karagol sea to 
reach Tolbi, and to pursue Saturos.

State: Docked at Tolbi

Alhafra Ship: This ship was devastated by a tidal wave in TLA, and was 
purchased in advance by Briggs. In the beginning, it was halfway fixed 
by Felix, but when the officials from Madra came and Briggs was locked 
up, it was reclaimed by Madra, yet was held at the Alhafra docks until 
it could be repaired. The major problem was the broken mast; there was a 
large boulder lying on it, so it could not have been lifted .. honestly, 
I don't see how even five grown men couldn't lift a boulder that size, 
but there were a lot more sturdy people in Alhafra to do that... Moving 
on, the boulder was destroyed by Felix, and the ship was reclaimed by 
Briggs who got out of prison. Briggs used the ship to return to Champa.

State: Docked at Champa

Part F.

Ship & Sailing FAQ

This section is mainly to point out interesting facts about the ships 
within the two games, in the form of questions. While you'll find it 
that some of these questions are not actually answered at all, this is 
exactly the point that this FAQ states; to unravel the mystery of the 
Lemurian (and regular) ships. You'll also find helpful information about 
your journey through Weyard on your ship. 

Q.: How did Saturos and his group acquire the ship they used in GS 1?  
A.: Let us start the indefinite, and cloudy answers thus: I do not know, 
however, it is clear that their ship is Lemurian. If not for the mere 
fact that it looks like Piers' ship, then the fact that it also needs a 
Black Orb to be operated. Saturos couldn't have entered Lemuria and 
stolen it from them; Simply because a special vessel is needed to even 
reach Lemuria. Unless he used another Lemurian ship to go to Lemuria and 
steal one; but if he's already in posession of a Lemurian ship, why 
steal one?
My guess is Prox somehow held a Lemurian ship in its posession, and has 
given it to Saturos on his journey to ignite the lighthouses, so he and 
his group could travel across the land swiftly, and efficiently. How 
Prox attained the vessel would spawn another question.

Q.: How did Babi get a ship?
A.: Ahh, finally a valid answer. Babi got his hands on his ship by 
stealing it from Lemuria. Apparently, a 100, 150 or so years ago, when 
Babi and Lunpa were on their great crusade across Weyard, they somehow 
stumbled across Lemuria. While Lunpa remained there, and lived his life 
out slowly, Babi wished to leave Lemuria and return to the outside 
world; Without telling Lunpa in advance, he stole a ship in the process, 
and sailed out of Lemuria. His ship was docked in Lalivero at the end of 
GS 1. 

Q.: How did Piers get a ship?
A.: Piers was sent off to the outside world by King Hydros, despite all 
the objections of the Lemurian senate. King Hydros gave him a ship, so 
he could use it to travel across the waters outside of Lemuria. Piers' 
mission's purpose was to gather information of the outside world. Mostly 
its geographical formation, and its state. This was conducted in order 
to confirm King Hydros and Lunpa's theory of what the seal on alchemy 
has done to Weyard.

Q.: What happened to Babi's Ship? Why don't you get to use it in TLA, or 
even see it?
A.: If you notice, Isaac fails to mention anything about the whereabouts 
of the ship. You simply use Piers', without even being told where the 
old one was left. I believe this is in some way linked to how Agatio 
could have had a ship at one point of the game (See next question)

Q.: Does Agatio have a ship?
A.: If you ask me, Yes, he did. But I have little evidence to back up my 
answer. For one, If I remember correctly, - though this needs to be 
confirmed, yet, - Somebody mentioned something about Agatio staying 
behind in a ship the first time Felix met Karst. The second time they 
ran into each other was in Champa, where they actually met Agatio and 
that is where this was spoken. Though my memory is vague of this, I will 
check up on whether this is true or not.
Nonetheless, it is possible; Alex did speak of needing a ship before,  
and he also states his past intentions of wanting to "borrow" Piers' 
ship. I don't know how he could have done this without a black orb, 
since Felix and his party were the ones to go to Kibombo and re-acquire 
it. Alex speaks of being "moments too late", but actually, if he wanted 
to sail the ship, he needed a Black Orb; in which case he was a lot more 
than "moments too late". But maybe Isaac's ships' mysterious 
disappearance has something to do with this. Maybe Agatio somehow got 
ahold of that ship at one point; as of yet, I couldn't say for sure.

Q.: Can one Black Orb control any Lemurian ship, or just the one it is 
A.: I do not know, but the answer to this question would help us find 
the answer to a lot more. In my opinion, I think a Black Orb could 
control any Lemurian ship, yes. Though, this is only a vague 
perspective. I have little reason to believe so.

Q.: What Happened To Saturos' Ship?
A.: Saturos' ship was washed away when the tidal wave hit the floating 
land mass of Idejima; I believe Saturos or Menardi held the Black Orb to 
that ship, which is now, - just like the ship, - not likely to be found.

Q.: What Happened to the ship used in GS 1 to get across the Karagol 
A.: In GS 1, it was docked in Tolbi and the Captain was unwilling to 
make another route back to the Kalay docks because of all the monsters 
at sea. I kind of feel for him, I wouldn't sail much either if huge pink 
Krakens, who can heal themselves, with two actions per turn attacked my 

Q.: Is it true that you can get your ship to fly?
A.: Yep. Just after lighting Jupiter lighthouse, the wings of Anemos 
will be attached to your ship by a group of people from Contigo who have 
been working on the wings for a long time. They apparently await some 
kind of prophecy; a flying ship, and were willing to construct these 
massive wings, and install them unto your ship. 

Q.: Why do you need a Lemurian Ship to sail in/out of Lemuria?
A.: Because of the water currents that prevent simple wooden ships from 
entering Lemuria. Only a Lemurian ship could handle these currents 
without being ripped apart into logs. Also, there's a think fog around 
Lemuria that also enhances the difficulty of navigation. 

Q.: Why did Babi give Isaac his ship?
A.: In GS 1, Babi was running low on the Mystic Draught that kept him 
alive for such a long time. He acquired this draught from Lemuria, and 
has used it since his return. However, that being the case, he needed to 
re-stock his supply, and has therefore sent Isaac and his group to find 
Lemuria and bring him more Mystic Draught. 

Q.: I just got to the ship from Dehkan Plateau. I walked up to it, but I 
cannot use it yet. How can I use it?
A.: You'll need to do a few quests before you can sail. First, be sure 
to visit Madra, where you'll meet Piers. The ship you saw was his. Then, 
head to the north of the city to the mayor's house, where you will see 
the Black Orb that Piers uses to sail his ship. Unfortunately, neither 
Piers, or the Orb is available to you at this point. Just proceed with 
the storyline; you'll get the ship soon enough.

Q.: I sailed over the shallow water, and pressed A to bring up my menu 
screen, and I got a message like "There are some pirates off in the 
distance". What does this do?
A.: You can find some things in shallow water. Most of the time, you'll 
only come across some coins, but at specific places in the map, you'll 
be able to find rusty weapons that you can take to the blacksmith in 
Yallam; he'll make a good weapon out of them. 

Q.: I'm trying to get to the western part of the map, but the way to 
cross is blocked by this stone spire pointing out of the water. 
A.: You will have to remove that boulder with a special psynergy by the 
name of "Grind" that you attain in Lemuria.

Q.: I sailed north, but after a while, I got to a glacial wall that is 
blocking my way. What must I do to get through it?
A.: First of all, you have to go through Magma rock and acquire the 
Magma Ball. Afterwards, you must make your way to Loho, where you can 
destroy a wall blocking the villagers from being able to mine in the 
area beyond it. They will then volunteer to install the cannon onto your 
ship. Then, you must sail north, and use the magma ball once more to 
break down the glacial wall.

Q.: There are these bubble-like things in the water, and they are 
blocking my way. How do I make them disappear or get past them?
A.: You will be able to fly over them once you get the wings for your 
ship. Not the big rocks, though. Those aren't meant to be ventured 
beyond, unless there's another way around them.

Q.: I went into this area with fog around it. I tried to sail into it, 
but all of a sudden my ship was carried back onto the world map.
A.: That's the way to Lemuria, also known as the Sea of Time. It is not 
a very difficult puzzle, although you need a little bit of timing skills 
mixed with common sense to get through it, so it shouldn't be difficult. 
First, you must enter from the bottom, not the left entrance. Later on, 
when you have already been to Lemuria, there will be a shorter way 
through the left entrance. Also, do NOT venture too far in the Sea of 
Time without the Trident. You will face a semi-difficult boss that is 
formidable, and cannot be beaten without using the Trident on him first.

Q.: I cannot get into the Atteka continent with my ship. How do I reach 
Contigo and Jupiter Lighthouse?
A.: You have to use a river passage to reach Atteka inlet first, and 
from there on, head left and then up. You will find yourself on the 
world map; on your feet, no less. Head north-east and you'll find 
yourself in Contigo in no time.

Part G. 


Thanks To: Gamefaqs - For posting my very first FAQ on their site.

The Readers - Everybody who read this FAQ and found it useful, or 
educative in even the most remote way.

Me - For Compiling the FAQ.

Nintendo and Camelot - For making the most amazing two RPGs in the 
history of handheld consoles.

Part H.


Ship & Sailing FAQ - Copyright (c) 2003-2004 All Rights Reserved!
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