Boss FAQ by Link Kirby

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GS:TLA Boss Strategies by Diego Gonzalez (a.k.a. Link Kirby)

If you have any Golden Sun ASCII art that I can use, let me know.


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Version 1.21- I am no longer answering questions about the Excalibur or Wonder
              Bird timings. I caught some more errors (I'm bad at this).

Version 1.2- Some more errors. Thanks to Kikuichimonji3 for the corrections.
             Also improved on some of the strategies.

Version 1.1- Fixed some obvious mistakes that I should have seen. Oh well.

Version 1.0- First posted version. Just missing the summon strat for Dullahan.


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1)How to read this FAQ
2)Required Bosses
  A)Chestbeater x3
  B)King Scorpion
  C)Briggs and Sea Fighter x2
  D)Aqua Hydra
  H)Moapa and Knight x2
  I)Agatio and Karst
  J)Flame Dragon x2
  K)Doom Dragon
3)Summon Tablet Guardians
  A)Star Magician
    a)The LK method of forging Excalibur
    b)No-summoning strategy

--1)How to read this FAQ--

The strategies in this FAQ are all organized in a certain way. First, I include
the characters, the recommended levels, and available Djinn you should have.
There are some Djinn that become available that people don't know about(like
Spark and Sour for the Briggs boss battle). Don't expect all the Djinn
locations here, this is a Boss FAQ. If you don't have some Djinn, check one of
the Djinn Guides on this site. They're great.

Next I include the general moves each character should perform, and a recap of
why you should do it. Some bosses have different movesets for different
situations. When mentioning notable boss attacks that damage multiple
characters, I call them "group damaging attacks" instead of Psynergy because
not all of them are Psynergy, and are not blockable with Luff, Rime, or the
Bind Psynergy.

This is my first attempt at writing a guide, so if you find any mistakes in my 
guide for some reason (spelling errors, Psynergy/Djinn not avaliable at 
recommended levels and bosses, etc.), or you have some Golden Sun ASCII art to 
contribute, then please contact me at:

Please indicate that your e-mail has to do with the FAQ in the subject. If you
don't, I just might delete it without reading it, as is my tendency. I get so
much mail that I just skim through and read a few, so make yours stand out. I
will usually check it once a week. Please note that I will no longer respond to
inquiries regarding the Excalibur or the Wonder Bird timing methods. They have
grown ridiculously numerous. I simply don't have time to respond to them all,
so I won't even try. The methods will work if you time it correctly, end of 
story. If you e-mail me about that, don't expect a response. Sorry.

--2)Required Bosses--

A)Chestbeater x3
HP: 155 each
Exp: 120 each
Coins: 84 each

You will meet the Chestbeaters inside of the Kandorean Temple, just past a 
boiling cauldron of water.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn:
Felix Lv.6 Squire: No Djinn
Jenna Lv.6 Flame User: No Djinn
Sheba Lv.6 Seer: 1 Venus (Echo)

All of them should have pretty much full PP. If you are running out, go back to
the room with the waterfall running through it. If you stay in the water, 
monsters won't attack and you can recover PP by running around.

Turn 1(and all following turns):
Felix attacks or casts Earthquake/Spire/Cure
Jenna casts Fume/Flare Wall
Sheba casts Flash Bolt/Cure

The Chestbeaters are weak against Fire and resistant to Wind. If someone's HP 
drops to below 35-40 or so, have Felix or Sheba cast Cure on that person. To 
make them go down faster, have Jenna target the same Chestbeater over and over 
with Fume until it falls. They are holding Herbs and will use them on each
other if their HP starts to fall. They'll eventually run out though.

B)King Scorpion
HP: 1,054
Exp: 440
Coins: 228

You will meet the King Scorpion in Yampi Desert, after three pillar-Pounding 

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.10 Knight: 2 Venus (Echo, Iron)
Jenna Lv.10 Defender: 2 Mercury, 1 Mars (Fog, Sour, Cannon)
Sheba Lv.10 Magician: 2 Jupiter (Breath, Blitz)

They should all have pretty much full PP. Save Jenna's and Felix's PP 
especially, since they are the healers. There is a Psynergy Stone about halfway
to the Scorpion that you can use. Give Sheba any Herbs you might have.

Turn 1:
Felix unleashes Iron
Jenna casts Cutting Edge
Sheba casts Impact on Jenna

Impact makes Jenna's Cutting Edge stronger and Iron increases your defense; the
Scorpion has an attack called Desert Gasp that lowers your defense, and then an
attack called Twin Shear that does serious damage to low-defense characters.

Turn 2(and all following turns):
Feilx unleashes Djinn and summons Ramses
Jenna casts Cutting Edge/Ply
Sheba casts Impact on Felix, then casts Plasma

The Scorpion's weakness is Fire and resistance is Wind. When Felix has no 
available Djinn after a summon, use Spire. If someone is down to less than 50 
HP, have Felix cast Cure or Jenna cast Ply on that person. Have Sheba cast 
Impact on Felix/Jenna before the Attack boost run out. It lasts seven turns 
from the last time it was used. Iron will eventually max out your Defense, so 
his physical attacks should do almost no damage. 

C)Briggs and Sea Fighter x2
Briggs- HP: 984             Sea Fighter- HP: 197 each
        Exp: 333                         Exp: 89 each
        Coins: 891                       Coins: 130 each

You will find Briggs in Eastern Alhafra, inside a boat with its mast snapped. 
After a long emoticon-filled discussion, Briggs and his buddy will attack you.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.13 Knight: 2 Venus, 1 standby Mars(Echo, Iron, Cannon)
Jenna Lv.13 Defender: 2 Mercury, 1 Mars(For, Sour, Spark)
Sheba Lv.13 Magician: 2 Jupiter(Breath, Blitz)

Felix and Jenna have healing Psynergies, and Sheba should have Herbs and Nuts. 
You should be at full HP and PP from the Inn.

Turn 1:
Felix unleashes Iron
Jenna casts Cutting Edge
Sheba casts Sleep

Sheba's Sleep is your trump card. Briggs himself won't fall asleep, but his
buddies probably will. They will stay asleep for about 2 turns, but they won't 
attack on the turn they wake up. 

Turn 2(and all following Turns)
Felix unleashes Djinn and summons Ramses, casts Ragnarok after summon
Jenna casts Cutting Edge/Ply
Sheba casts Sleep or uses Herbs/Nuts

Briggs use a Signal Whistle and call more buddies of his when one falls. He 
defends frequently and lets the Sea Fighters attack. If both Sea Fighters are 
asleep, have Sheba cast Plasma. If you found any Weasel's Claws in Yampi 
Desert, have her use those instead of her Psynergy. Briggs and his men have 
Herbs and Nuts to heal each other with too. Be extremely wary of his Oil Drops,
as they do about 80 damage to the targeted character and 50 to the others. It 
is crucial that Jenna always has full health. She carries Spark, the only thing 
that you can use to revive downed characters. Have her use Ply if someone drops
below 100 HP. Have Sheba use a Nut if someone's HP is critical. Iron will 
eventually max out your Defense, so the Sea Fighters' physical attack will do 
1-4 damage.  He only has four friends to call on for help, so once they
are down, he's cake. Once he is beaten, brace yourself for another enlightening
ten minute conversation!

D)Aqua Hydra
HP: 2,276
Exp: 963
Coins: 1,612

Full health as always. The Aqua Hydra is actually a mass of jellyfish grouped 
together, you'll find the jellyfish in Piers' ship after retrieving his Black 
Orb. Once you talk to one of the jellyfish, the others will merge with it. You
should be at pretty much full health since the only things you've fought are 
the jellyfish that you freeze into puddles.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.19 Knight: 3 Venus, 1 standby Mercury(Echo, Iron, Steel, Spring)
Jenna Lv.19 Hex: 4 Mars(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char)
Sheba Lv.19 Scholar: 4 Mercury(Fog, Sour, Chill, Shade)
Piers Lv.19 Scholar: 4 Jupiter(Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft)

If you want, you can go all the way back to Kibombo after getting the Cyclone 
Chip and get the Djinni Mud. If you do, then give it to Felix(upgrades to 
Gallant) and give Spring to Sheba(upgrades to Savant). But it is very far.

Turn 1:
Felix unleashes Iron
Jenna unleashes Kindle
Sheba casts Impact on Felix
Piers casts Impact on Jenna

Felix and Jenna are at maximum attack power. The Aqua Hydra now uses something 
like Triple Chomp or Drench. You're not dead. Anyways...

Turn 2(and all following turns):
Felix continues to unleash Djinn for a Level 3 summon
Jenna continues to unleash Djinn(even Spark) for a Level 4 summon
Sheba attacks or casts Wish
Piers attacks or casts Wish

The Aqua Hydra's weakness is Fire. The Djinn unleashes are doing more damage 
because of the heightened attack power of Felix and Jenna. Don't have both 
Sheba and Piers casting Wish unless you really need it. Save your PP. His only 
real group damaging attack is Raging Flood. You can also have Sheba unleash/set
Shade instead of casting Wish. Piers should be able to do the healing alone if 
he has to. If only one person needs healing, Felix can cast Cure Well on that 

HP: 3,536
Exp: 1,995
Coins: 2,898

Serpent is inside Gaia Rock. Before you fight him, be sure to activate all four
of the lights so he doesn't recover an insane amount of HP every turn. If all 
four are activated, he only recovers 30 HP per turn. PP might be a problem if 
you didn't go back to the Izumo Inn after casting Growth a million times in the
misty room maze. Unleash/set Ether in random battles on low PP characters. Or 
if you did go to the Inn, activate Felix's Avoid until you get to the Serpent's
chamber. I'm assuming you reached Gaia Rock before going to Aqua Rock.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.23 Cavalier: 5 Mercury Djinn(Fog, Sour, Spring, Shade, Chill)
Jenna Lv.23 Hex: 4 Mars Djinn(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char)
Sheba Lv.23 Mage: 4 Jupiter Djinn(Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft)
Piers Lv.23 Shaman: 5 Venus Djinn(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower)

There are a few other Djinn that are available, but require extreme effort to
get(like Wheeze in Tundaria). You can get those if you wish, though you will   
probably pass by them later in your quest. Anyway, give Jenna and Sheba at 
least 3 Antidotes each, Felix and Piers know Cure Poison. He is weak to Wind 
but resistant to Earth.          

Turn 1(and all following turns):                                               
Felix casts Cutting Edge/Ply Well/Wish Well                                    
Jenna unleashes Djinn for a Level 4 summon                                     
Sheba unleashes Djinn for ONE Level 4 summon, then casts High Impact/Tornado   
Piers attacks or casts Cure Well/Wish Well                                     

Serpent attacks twice per turn. He can cast Cure Well on himself, so be        
careful. He knows several group damaging attacks, such as Black Ice and Quake  
Sphere, but the most annoying is Toxic Breath. Have Sheba and Jenna use        
Antidotes if Piers has to Wish. If one person is damaged, cast Cure or Ply, not
Wish. His Mighty Press does serious damage to one character and can even       
instantly down that character. If that happens, Felix Revives while Piers casts
Wish. With all Djinn set, Jenna also has group healing spells, so have that as
an option too. At level 26, Sheba will learn the powerful Shine Plasma, so you    
can think about that too. When Sheba unleashes Ether, use it on Felix or Piers 
if they need some extra Psynergy.

HP: 3,792
Exp: 2,176
Coins 1,330

Avimander is summoned by Brigg's grandma after you chase him back to Champa. 
Looks like he still needs his grandma to bail him out. What a wuss. She's in 
the top floor of the "cliff houses". Rest at the Inn for full health.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn
Felix Lv.28 Lord: 6 Venus(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower, Meld)
Jenna Lv.28 Fire Master: 6 Mars(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char, Coal, Reflux)
Sheba Lv.28 Magister: 6 Jupiter(Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft, Haze, Wheeze)
Piers Lv.28 Captain: 6 Mercury(Fog, Sour, Spring, Shade, Chill, Steam)

Back to base classes. Avimander's resistance is Fire so Jenna can be the healer
since she won't be much help as an attacker. If you find that Jenna's Healing 
Aura isn't enough, then have Sheba and Piers switch Djinn. It doesn't really 
mess up the strategy, but now Jenna can attack physically or help Piers with 
the healing. 

Turn 1(and all following turns):
Felix attacks or casts Oddysey
Jenna casts Healing Aura
Sheba casts High Impact, then Shine Plasma
Piers unleashes Djinn for a Level 4 summon

If you went with that setup, then have Sheba cast High Impact until it maxes 
out. It powers up Oddysey and Diamond Burg. Jenna is always healing. Avimander
has several group damaging attacks like Fiery Blast and Fire Breath, but the 
one to worry about is Star Mine. His Heat Stun might stun characters, so have a
way to cure that.

If you switched Sheba's and Piers' Djinn, then have Sheba do the unleashing and
Piers help Jenna with the healing. He can cast Hail Prism on a free turn. Felix
has Revive if you need it. Have Piers summon Boreas, since it will double the 
healing power of Wish Well. Have someone cast Impact on Felix to power up 
Oddysey. This boss isn't all that difficult. Jenna can attack physically if 
everyone has good health, she is especially powerful if you forged the Sylph
Rapier for her. It's made from Sylph Feathers by the blacksmith Sunshine in 

HP: 4,905
Exp: 2,930
Coins: 3,762

You should go after Poseidon just after beating Avimander and having the 
Trident forged. If you don't have the Trident, go and get it. You're not going 
to win without it. Heck, you aren't even going to scratch him without it. Just 
get it. Rest at the Inn after beating Avimander before you set out to fight 
this guy. He's in the Sea of Time.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn:
Felix Lv.28 Lord: 6 Venus(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower, Meld)
Jenna Lv.28 Fire Master: 6 Mars(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char, Coal, Reflux)
Sheba Lv.28 Savant: 6 Mercury(Fog, Sour, Spring, Shade, Chill, Steam)
Piers Lv.28 Savant: 6 Jupiter (Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft, Haze, Wheeze)

You will need the Savants for sure this time. Jenna's strength is 
Poseidon's weakness, so having her fight instead of heal is crucial. Sheba and 
Piers have serious Agility, so they will go first. Give Piers the Trident and 
equip it for extra Water Resist. Four of Jenna's Djinn are on standby.

Turn 1:
Felix unleashes Iron
Jenna summons Meteor
Sheba casts High Impact
Piers uses the Trident

If Sheba casts High Impact before Piers raises the Trident, it will do more
damage. The Trident also breaks Poseidon's forcefield, allowing you to damage 
him. He has great physical power, so Iron helps a lot.

Turn 2:
Felix sets Iron
Jenna casts Serpent Fume
Sheba casts High Impact
Piers casts High Impact/Wish Well

Jenna's Fire Power is at its limit, so Serpent Fume does loads. Felix isn't 
going to use summmons, so just set Iron so he gets Oddysey back. You need four 
High Impacts to max out the group's Attack, or two Impacts to max out Felix's

Turn 3(and all following turns):
Felix casts Oddysey/Revive
Jenna unleashes Djinn for a Level 4 summon, casts Serpent Fume after summon
Sheba attacks or casts High Impact/Wish Well
Piers uses the Trident or casts High Impact/Wish Well

If Jenna only has 2 Djinn set, use Serpent Fume. Don't let her revert to the 
Flame User class. Wait for them to set themselves. Since Jenna will never have
all Djinn set, she is the weak link and must be protected. Poseidon has several
devastating attacks, worst of which is Watery Grave. It has a chance of
instantly downing one or more characters! His Ocean Fist might reduce one 
character's HP to 1. He also has an ability called Counter Rush similar to your
Relfux Djinn. You will might want to have Jenna defend after the Meteor summon 
if her maximum HP is really low. Don't bother with Shine Plasma or Hail Prism 
if the Savants don't need to heal, they do little damage to him anyway. Have 
them attack physically or use the Trident. Don't let Jenna be downed, as it 
makes her Fire Power go back to normal.

H)Moapa and Knight x2
Moapa- HP: 3,042             Knight- HP: 1,954 each
       Exp: 1,670                    Exp: 835 each
       Coins: 2,460                  Coins: 205 each

Moapa is in Shaman Village. He will want nothing to do with you unless you show
him the Shaman's Rod. You will then compete in Trial Road, similar to Colloso
in GS. Give up your weakest defense-increasing items on the way to the way to 
the top, and under no circumstances let Moapa beat you to the top ("Why?" says
Felix). It is better to lose one item at each door than two items if he beats 
you to it. Take the route with the sand waterfall when you see Moapa's men 
demonstrate. It's the easier route to take, big-time.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn:
Felix Lv.30 Lord: 7 Venus(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower, Meld, Petra)
Jenna Lv.30 Guardian: 6 Mercury, 1 Mars(Fog, Sour, Spring, Chill, Rime, Gel,
Sheba Lv.30 Magister: 6 Jupiter((Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft, Haze, Wheeze)
Piers Lv.30 Water Monk: 6 Mars, 1 Mercury(Spark, Kindle, Char, Coal, Relfux, 
                                          Core, Shade)

Not much to say. There are two other Djinn available now that you have access
to the whole world. You can get those if you want. See a Djinn FAQ if you need
help getting Tinder and Salt, although you don't really need them right now.

Turns 1 and 2:
Felix casts Oddysey
Jenna casts Protect
Sheba casts High Impact
Piers unleashes/sets Shade

Protect is to decrease damage from physical attacks and Bosca Hits. High Impact
increases Oddysey damage and Shade decreases damage from Crystal Powders and 
Bramble Seeds.

Turn 3(and all following turns):
Felix casts Oddysey/Revive
Jenna casts Plume Edge/Wish Well/Protect
Sheba casts High Impact/Shine Plasma
Piers attacks or casts Hail Prism/Eruption/Wish Well

Moapa is weak to all elements, and all Psynergy targets him. Jenna can attack
with Plume Edge if everyone is at good health, or Piers can heal for her. Cast
Protect and High Impact every once in a while before their effect runs out(they
last seven turns each). If you have any Bramble Seeds of your own, this is the 
place to use them as they do 200+ damage to him. If you won a Hestia Blade in 
Lemurian Spring for Piers, he can attack with that. That wasn't too hard. Moapa
sure talks a big game, but he's cake if you know what you're doing.

I)Agatio and Karst
Agatio- HP: 4,248           Karst- HP: 3,186
        Exp: 3,000                 Exp: 2,813
        Coins: 3,740               Coins: 5,280

Agatio and his lady friend are in Jupiter Lighthouse. I won't say more than 
that, for there is a huge plot development involved. I will say that you start 
the battle with only half the usual manpower. At least you got the men. By the 
way, this is the last boss battle I will include Djinn in. There are too many 
of them now.

Character Levels, Classes, and Djinn:
Felix Lv.32 Slayer: 8 Venus(Echo, Iron, Steel, Mud, Flower, Meld, Petra, Salt)
Piers Lv.32 Sage: 7 Jupiter, 1 Mercury(Breath, Blitz, Ether, Waft, Haze, 
                                       Wheeze, Aroma, Shade)
Jenna Lv.32 Justice: 8 Mars(Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char, Coal, Reflux, Core, 
Sheba Lv.32 Sage: 6 Mercury, 1 Jupiter(Fog, Sour, Spring, Chill, Steam, Balm, 

Too many Djinn... I mean, great, more Djinn! Anyway, You will start the battle
with only Felix and Piers. Target Karst first. She has 1,000 less HP and boasts 
group healing moves, Djinnfest which puts one of everyone's Djinn in recovery, 
as well as a move called Death Scythe. You can imagine what it does. Backup 
won't arrive until Turn 3.

Turn 1:
Felix casts Oddysey
Piers casts Hail Prism or Wish Well

Agatio has several powerful group damaging attacks. Watch out for his Stun 
Muscle and Meteor Blow, those are immensely powerful. His Rising Dragon deals
about 250 damage to one character. You might have some problem with Karst too, 
as she's extremely fast.

Turn 2:
Felix casts Oddysey/Potent Cure
Piers casts Wish Well

You are probably hurting after Agatio's attack. Stop and heal yourself, you 
wouldn't want to be dead before Jenna arrives, would you?

Turns 3 and 4:
Felix attacks or casts Revive
Piers attacks or casts Wish Well
Jenna casts Healing Aura

Just stay alive until Sheba comes. She is your trump card. You can attack 
normally with Felix and Piers, and if they are wielding Hestia Blades, Karst 
will lose half of her Agility. That pretty much solves the speed problem.

Turn 5(and all following turns):
Felix attacks or casts Revive
Piers attacks or casts Wish Well
Jenna casts Healing Aura
Sheba unleashes Djinn for a Level 4 summon

Summoning Boreas is how we really cause damage. Keep Sheba alive at all costs.
Use none of Felix's Djinn, as you are probably going to need Revive. Piers and
Jenna will be healing, and can attack if it is not neccesary. Have the same 
person summon Boreas over and over; it should be Sheba, but Piers' Water Power 
is almost identical to hers, if not slightly higher. If you have Piers summon
Boreas at least once, his Wish Well will double in power(everyone recovers 320
HP, that's practically a Pure Wish!).

J)Flame Dragon x2
Flame Dragon 1- HP: 5,724         Flame Dragon 2- HP: 5,348
                Exp: 2,502                        Exp: 2,502
                Coins: 1,521                      Coins: 1,872

You will encounter the Flame Dragons encased in ICE in the heart of Mars 
Lighthouse. Pretty ironic. Once you Blaze the dragon heads on the sides of the 
ice and Burst the ice open, they will show their appreciation by viciously
attacking you! Note that Flame Dragon 1 is slightly larger than Flame Dragon 2.

Character Levels and Classes
Isaac Lv.36 Slayer: 8 Venus
Jenna Lv.36 Justice: 8 Mars
Sheba Lv.36 Sorcerer: 8 Jupiter
Piers Lv.36 Admiral: 8 Mercury

You won't need the backup party now. The Flame Dragons are pretty similar, but 
the larger one has stronger attacks, worst of which is Meteor Blow. The smaller
one has Djinnfest, putting one Djinni of every person on standby. The HP 
difference is barely there, so just pick one and stick with it. Note that Isaac
is wielding the Sol Blade.

Turn 1(and all following turns):
Isaac attacks
Jenna casts Cool Aura
Sheba casts High Impact four times, then Resist four times, then strongest Psy
Piers casts Diamond Burg/Pure Ply *or* Restore on stunned characters

This boss battle is a cheap ripoff of the Agatio and Karst battle in Jupiter
Lighthouse. They have the same attacks, save Death Scythe, and learned Flame
Breath. Jenna heals constantly. High Impact powers up Isaac's Sol Blade unleash
and Piers' Diamond Burg. Have Piers cast Ply Well/Pure Ply if only one person
needs healing. This is a very easy battle, I don't know why the boss battle 
music is playing. Remember to cast High Impact and Resist before the effects of
the first four run out(they last seven turns from the last time you used them).
After you defeat them they will turn into... what, you already guessed? Fine.

K)Doom Dragon
HP 14,400(thanks to DreamPheonix for that info)

Final boss time! I expect you to have all the Djinn by now. If you left to beat
Dullahan before coming to Doom Dragon, then substitute Excalibur physical 
attacks for the attack Psynergy(Death Leap, Quick Strike, and Plume Edge). 
Otherwise, stick with the following strategy:

Character Levels and Djinn:
Isaac Lv.40 Master: 5 Jupiter, 4 Mars
Felix Lv.40 Master: 5 Jupiter, 4 Mars
Jenna Lv.40 Paladin: 5 Mercury(Shade included), 4 Venus 
Ivan  Lv.40 Pure Mage: 5 Mercury, 4 Venus

Garet Lv.40 Ronin: 5 Venus(Granite included), 4 Jupiter
Sheba Lv.40 Pure Mage: 5 Mercury, 4 Venus
Piers Lv.40 Luminier: 7 Mars(Flash included), 1 Mercury, 1 Jupiter
Mia   Lv.40 Ranger: 3 Mars, 3 Jupiter(Lull included), 2 Mercury, 1 Venus

*Garet must be faster than Mia. Use some Quick Boots or a Running Shirt.*

Take note of the specific Djinn that people have: Jenna has Shade, Garet has
Granite, Piers has Flash, and Mia has Lull. You can repeatedly unleash and set 
those if you are having some trouble. The Doom Dragon's weakness is Wind, and 
he has great resistances to both Earth and Fire. His 14,400 HP is split up 
between three heads unevenly(the first head seems to have more than the others)
and when a head goes down, the turn ends as if you unleashed Lull.

Basic Strategy for Doom Dragon:

Turn 1(and all following turns):
Isaac attacks or casts Death Leap
Felix attacks or casts Death Leap
Jenna casts Plume Edge/Wish Well/Restore *or* unleashes/sets Shade
Ivan  casts Wish Well/Revive


This first head of Doom Dragon is a joke. Even though it attacks four times,
they are all wuss attacks(Flare Storm, Quake Sphere, Briar), and won't do more 
than around 80 or so to the targeted character. Just thrash this head and move 
on to the next one. Note that it might use Djinn Blast, which drains all of one
person's Djinn. If the person is a healer, switch him/her for another healer,
if the person was an attacker, switch him/her with an attacker, etc.


Same old thing. He's a little bit tougher now. He uses stronger attacks more 
often, like Blast Breath or Gravel Blow. He might even use Cruel Ruin, a 
devastating summon-like attack that seriously damages the targeted character 
and those immediately next to him/her, although he usually saves it for his...


Now we get to the good stuff! He now uses Guard Aura which reduces damage done
to him by 90% (just like Flash). He uses Cruel Ruin every other attack, but he 
might slip a Nettle or a Serpent Fume in every once in a while. This is where 
unleashing and setting Shade or Flash really helps. Be prepared for the dreaded
Djinn Storm, which sends every Djinn of all four characters into recovery, 
completely destroying your awesome stats. If this happens, switch out in this

Mia switches in first
Sheba switches in second
Garet switches in third
Piers switches in last

When Mia switches in, unleash Lull to end the turn before anything happens. 
Then Sheba comes in to heal the Djinn Stormed while Mia is setting Lull. Garet
comes in to attack with the Quick Strike Psynergy, feel free to use his stat-
increasing Psynergy if you want. Piers can attack with Plume Edge or cast Wish
Well if Sheba is Reviving. Mia continues with Lull. He'll go down after a long 
battle. Have fun watching the credits. Remember to unleash/set Granite or Flash
if you are taking a lot of damage, preferably timing it so that one is 
unleashing when Lull is setting, and vice versa.


The summon tablet guardians can't be reached until you have merged with Isaac 
and his friends. All of them but Star Magician can't be reached without 
Teleport, which is obtained in Mars Lighthouse. Star Magician requires Lift and

A)Star Magician
SM- HP: 7,486      Refresh Ball- HP: 360          Guardian Ball- HP: 360
    Exp: 7,866                   Exp: 448                        Exp: 448
    Coins: 5,566                 Coins: 278                      Coins: 278

Thunder Ball- HP: 520           Anger Ball- HP: 460
              Exp: 439                      Exp: 387
              Coins: 289                    Coins: 30

Star Magician himself isn't very hard, but the balls he summons can make him a 
handful. You will have reached him after meeting up with Isaac, so make use of 
both teams. His weakness is by far Earth. He resides in Tresure Isle, in case
you didn't know.

Character Levels and Classes:
Isaac Lv.35 Lord: 6 Venus
Felix Lv.35 Lord: 6 Venus
Jenna Lv.35 Fire Master: 6 Mars
Sheba Lv.35 Magister: 6 Jupiter

It shouldn't take more than base classes to beat him. You don't need too many 
Djinn either, although more is better. If you have any items that increase Fire
Power like the Big Bang Gloves, give them to Jenna, as they power up her 
healing moves. As long as she knows Cool Aura you should be fine.

Turn 1(and all following turns with either Guardian or Refresh Balls alive):
Isaac unleashes attacking Djinn on Ball
Felix unleashes attacking Djinn on Ball
Jenna casts Cool Aura *or* Serpent Fume on Ball
Sheba casts High Impact four times, then Resist four times, then attacks Ball

Turns with no Guardian or Refresh Balls:
Isaac unleashes Djinn for a level 4 summon
Felix unleashes Djinn for a level 4 summon
Jenna casts Cool Aura
Sheba continues casting support spells or attacking

The Refresh Balls are your number one priority. Star Magican recovers 1000+ HP
when they cast Earnest Ply on him. If there are none of those, then go after 
Guardian Balls as they use Guard Aura on him, reducing the damage he takes by
90%. Once they are out of the picture, summon Judgment on him. Ignore the
Thunder Balls, as Resist prevents any real damage from them, and the Anger 
Balls will suicide all over you anyway. He continually summons a random Ball 
every once in a while so be careful.  He doesn't just summon Balls though, be 
wary of his Spark Plasma, Megacool, and Mine Ball as they pack a huge punch. 
Enjoy your 7-Djinn Water based Azul summon!

HP: 8,736
Exp: 10,538
Coins: 6,144

Sentinel is in Islet Cave, where most people go to train. He is IMMUNE to all 
Psynergy, INCLUDING BREAK. He himself uses Break like a madman, so forget about
stat-increasing spells. He casts Guard on himself, eliminating real damage from
physical attacks. He also recovers 200 HP per turn; that only leaves summons. 
He is weak against Earth, so bring out Isaac and Felix!

Character Levels and Classes
Isaac Lv.38 Slayer: 8 Venus
Felix Lv.38 Slayer: 8 Venus
Jenna Lv.38 Justice: 8 Mars(Reflux, Flash, Corona)
Mia   Lv.38 Angel: 8 Mercury

If you do this right the backup team won't come into play. Sentinel has serious
Psynergy attacks, such as Searing Beam, Destruct Ray, and Spark Plasma. His 
Blue Bolt isn't anything to worry about though. Try to forge Pure Circlet and 
Clear Bracelet out of Tear Stones for Mia, it greatly increases the power of 
Wish Well. You must have gotten the Haures summon in a cave north of Loho. Now 
the strategy:

Turns 1 and 2:
Isaac unleashes attacking Djinn
Felix unleashes attacking Djinn
Jenna unleashes Reflux, then Flash
Mia casts Wish Well

Jenna's Reflux takes advantage of Sentinel's area Psynergy fetish, while Flash
lets Mia catch up with the healing in the second turn. After two Guards, Isaac
and Felix won't be doing too much damage with the Djinn, but it's the summons 
that are going to win you the battle!

Turn 3(and all following turns):
Isaac summons Haures, then unleashes Djinn for a level 4 summon
Felix unleashes Djinn for a level 4 summon
Jenna casts Cool Aura
Mia casts Wish Well

After summoning Haures, focus on summoning Judgment from there on out. You 
won't keep the boost to your elemental power because of Break, so it doesn't 
matter whether Isaac or Felix do the summoning. His Armor Crush will most 
likely leave your Defense in tatters, so unleashing Corona and Flash can be 
useful, and you can try to get another Haures in too. Don't let either Isaac or
Felix revert to the Knight class, because they lose the Revive Psynergy. Enjoy
the totally awesome 8-Djinn Wind based Catastrophe summon!

HP: 12,960
Exp: 8,702
Coins: 4,980

Valukar is in Yampi Desert Cave. He has powerful a poewrful physical attack 
called Stun Jip, that will probably stun the person hit. Give everyone a safe 
number of Elixirs to be cautious. He can set your own Djinn and use them for 
summoning against you. If you didn't know what Djinn Stun did when he used it 
on you, you might get a rude awakening from an Eclipse or an Azul. Have no 
Mercury Adepts, you might accidentally give him enough Djinn set to summon 
Coatlicue(if you got it). All you need is some speedy people to use the set 
Djinn in summons before he can.

Character Levels and Classes
Isaac Lv.38 Slayer: 8 Venus
Jenna Lv.38 Justice: 8 Mars
Ivan  Lv.38 Sorcerer: 8 Jupiter
Sheba Lv.38 Sorcerer: 8 Jupiter

Ivan and Sheba defenitly need some good defensive equipment, given Valukar's 
tendency to abuse Stun Jip when he has no Djinn to summon. 

All turns that no Djinn are set:
Isaac attacks w/Sol Blade or casts Oddysey
Jenna casts Cool Aura
Sheba casts Impact on Isaac, then casts strongest Psy
Ivan  casts Impact on Isaac, then casts strongest Psy

All turns with more than one Djinn set:
Isaac attacks or summons anything left over by Ivan/Sheba
Jenna casts Cool Aura
Sheba summons the strongest spirit she can
Ivan  summons the strongest spirit he can

If you summon the spirits before Valukar can, he will either drain more or 
attack physically. If he uses Djinn Stun once, you can summon one Flora and one
Mars. If he uses it twice in succession, you can summon a Thor and two Megaera.
Just don't let him summon Megaera, or his Attack will rise. He will go down so
fast because of the summons you won't even believe this joker was guarding 
Daedalus. Daedalus is a 7-Djinn Fire based summon that does its major damage 
the turn after it was summoned. Looks pretty cool too.

HP: 16,000(thanks to DreamPheonix for that info)
Exp: 15,600
Coins: 6,775

SOME INFO ABOUT DULLAHAN-you don't have to read it, but it helps to be prepared

Time for arguably the hardest boss in the game. At the end of every turn he 
recovers 200 HP and 30 PP. He attacks three times per turn with pretty 
devastating attacks. His Formida Sage is considered by many an instant kill, 
but it actually does three times the regular damage of his physical attack, 
which can still do a lot at low levels. He is capable of using Charon, the 
powerful 10-Djinn Earth based summon that can instantly down multiple 
characters. He also has the ability to use Djinn Storm, putting all of the 
front party's Djinn into recovery, destroying any fantastic class setups and 
crapifying your stats. 

He has no Guard Aura ability, so you can successfully go in with all Djinn on 
standby and unleash all of your available summons and destroy him(not very 
hard). The alternative to that is to take him out using no summons. The former 
is much easier and risker, the latter much more difficult, but rewarding in 
that you can go around saying, "I beat Dullahan without summons! Neener neener 
neener!!!". Well, maybe not like that, but you get it. If you are even reading 
this, you probably know that to get to him you have to have all 72 Djinn in 
this game, and Teleport into the Anemos Inner Sanctum from Contigo. 

Defeat him to get Iris, the 13-Djinn Fire based ultimate
summon. It does massive damage and fully heals and revives all eight party 
members. There's no better way to say "DIE!" than to hurl your opponents into
the sun.

a)The LK method of forging Excalibur
In my quest for creating an unbeatable no-summon Dullahan strategy, I 
remembered about Excalibur, and how Dullahan is weak against Wind. I also 
remembered about how hard it is to forge (5% chance). I then set out to find a 
way to forge it at will. If there was a way to make enemies drop items all the 
time, then there must be a way to forge the item you wanted all the time. Sure 
enough, I found it after a lot of experimentation.


First of all, make sure that the Orihalcon is the first item in your first 
person's (the one farthest on the left in battles) inventory. To achieve this, 
go to the Items screen and while the cursor is on that person, hold L and press
A four times. That should bring the Orihalcon to the top. If it doesn't, then 
give anything in front of it to someone else. Now save your game while standing
directly in front of Sunshine in bed. This way, once you load the file, all you
have to do is press A as fast as you can to talk to him, give him the O, and 
confirm. You must always do this in exactly the same time every time, as the 
amount of time you spend in Sunshine's house seems to alter the second RNG. Did
that make sense? Try timing yourself and see if it works so far.

Now hard reset. Press A rapidly until it brings up the screen where it flashes 
"PRESS START". Now when it starts flashing, "PRESS START" will be bright white 
for about 1.5 seconds, then it fades out and comes back again brightly. Wait 
for it to flash three times, then on the fourth flash press Start right before 
it fades out again. After pressing Start, press A as fast as you can. It will 
load up the file(if it is the first one) and give Sunshine the O. Proceed to 
the Sanctum and back. You are now the owner of one Excalibur!!!

Tested and guaranteed to work 100% of the time if timed correctly. Thanks to 
the folks in the GS:TLA message board for confirming that it works. Some people
on the boards find that this method seems to work better if you save the game
at Sunshine's HEAD before the hard reset, and change the text speed to Fast. If
all else fails, try saving it outside of the house entirely. That's all the 
help I can give, because I haven't had any trouble with the method, but then 
again I'm the one who created it.

b)No-summoning strategy
This is the way that utilizes Excaliburs to deal massive damage. Make sure to
give your swordsmen Mythril Shirts(forged from Mythril Silver), Enryie's Tunic,
or Valkyrie Mail to boost their unleash rate. The more they unleash, the faster
this battle will go (try Riot Golves too). Give the Pure Mages a Psychic 
Circlet(forged from Mythril Silver) each for PP recovery. The Mysterious Robe 
and Iris Robe also have PP recovery, and they don't require RNG methods or 
forging to get. 

Also note that everyone should have at least 5-10 Mist Potions and 4-5 Waters 
of Life. Mist Potions are for sale in Prox for 9000 coins each. You probably
have a lot of Waters of Life if you have been training in Islet Cave, because 
the Chimera Worms drop them pretty regularly and the enemy is common.

Fighting Team(I also included that character's level in my file):
Mia   Lv.52 Scholar: 1 Venus, 1 Mercury, 3 Mars, 4 Jupiter(Lull)
Felix Lv.54 Master: 4 Mars, 5 Jupiter
Garet Lv.52 Ronin: 5 Venus(Granite), 4 Jupiter
Piers Lv.57 Guru: 2 Mercury, 7 Mars(Flash)

Support Team(They are used a lot too):
Ivan  Lv.56 Pure Mage: 4 Venus, 5 Mercury
Sheba Lv.53 Pure Mage: 4 Venus, 5 Mercury
Jenna Lv.58 Paladin: 4 Venus, 5 Mercury(Shade)
Isaac Lv.57 Master: 4 Mars, 5 Jupiter

Yes, yes, Mia got the leftovers. She still plays a very important part in the 
strategy. She should be slower than Garet, but faster than Dullahan. Now listen
up. Here's how this is going down.


Turns 1 and 2:
Mia unleashes/sets Lull
Felix attacks
Garet attacks
Piers attacks

The swordsmen should unleash pretty often. Lull ends the turn before Dullahan 

Turn 3
Switch Piers with Ivan
Mia unleashes Lull
Felix attacks
Garet attacks
Ivan casts Pure Wish or Revive

If someone went down in turn 2, have Ivan Revive them. Consider all turns where
Lull is unleashed "free turns". You can have Ivan heal the group next turn.

Turn 4(and all turns until Djinn Storm):
Mia continues to unleash/set Lull
Felix attacks
Garet attacks
Ivan casts Pure Wish or Revive

If Ivan or Mia go down, have Garet use a Water of Life and Felix use a Mist 
Potion if you need healing. If Felix or Garet go down, have Ivan Revive that 
person during a "free turn". Once Dullahan uses Djinn Storm:

Switch Sheba in first
Switch Isaac in second
Switch Jenna in third
Switch Piers in last 


Turn 1:
Sheba heals or revives
Felix/Garet attack
Ivan/Mia defend or use Mist Potions

Remember one important thing: DON'T SWITCH OUT DOWNED CHARACTERS! DOWNED 
CHARACTERS DO NOT RECOVER DJINN!!! Switch out living ones first, and switch out
the downed ones once they are revived. If Sheba has to revive and the other 
characters are low on health, use a Mist Potion. If someone was down at the 
time Dullahan used Djinn Storm, switch that person out last, as he/she was not 
affected by it. If you are really cautious, you could have everyone but Sheba 

Turn 2:
Sheba casts Pure Wish or Revive
Isaac attacks
Others defend or use Mist Potions

Now that Issac is out, there is no need to jeprodize the others by having them 
attack, unless you still need healing. Use a Mist Potion if you need it.

Turn 3:
Sheba casts Pure Wish or Revive
Isaac attacks
Jenna attacks or casts Pure Wish
Last first party member defends

Jenna can now heal if Sheba is reviving. Isaac continues unleashing Legend.

Turn 4(and all turns until next Djinn Storm):
Sheba casts Pure Wish or Revive
Isaac attacks
Jenna attacks or casts Pure Wish
Piers attacks or casts Pure Wish

If no one is down Isaac, Jenna, and Piers should all attack. Jenna's weapon 
unleash isn't doing as much damage as the other two, so have her heal instead 
of Piers if Sheba is reviving. As an altenative to Jenna attacking, she can 
unleash/set Shade instead. Piers should only heal if Jenna is down and Sheba is
reviving her. Issac is your trump card. He should be doing about 900 damage 
with each triple unleash. After Djinn Storm:

Switch in Mia first
Switch in Ivan second
Switch in Excalibur-holders last


Turn 1:
Mia unleashes Lull
Others use strongest Psy or use Mist Potions

The turn will end without Dullahan attacking(if Mia is either a Scholar or a 
Ranger). If someone has higher Agility than Mia, they will attack too. 

Turn 2:
Mia sets Lull
Ivan casts Pure Wish or Revive
Others defend or use Mist Potions/Waters of Life

If Ivan doesn't have all his Djinn set by now, he might be a Conjurer. In that 
case, have him use a Mist Potion(he'll still know Revive). If you had Ivan 
Revive, then have the Djinn Stormed use Mist Potions.

Turn 3:
Mia unleashes Lull
Ivan casts Pure Wish or Revive
Felix attacks
Last Djinn Stormed uses strongest Psy

Now you have Felix unleashing. There is no risk to the Djinn Stormed because of
Lull. Ivan can heal the party so everyone is at full health. If someone is 
down, use a Water of Life.

Turn 4(and all turns until next Djinn Storm):
Mia continues to set/unleash Lull
Ivan casts Pure Wish or Revive
Felix attacks
Garet attacks

Back to square one. In case you didn't notice, this is where we began. If Ivan 
has to Revive someone and it isn't a "free turn", then Garet uses a Mist 
Potion. Go back to Part 1 and repeat the cycle.

If you follow the strategy, Dullahan will go down in about 10-15 minutes. Each 
Excalibur unleash should do around 800-900 damage, Piers' unleash about 600-700
because of his class. If the Curses are bothering you, have Jenna or Piers get 
rid of it with Restore(NOT Ivan or Sheba, they have better things to do). 
Remember you have seven turns to get rid of it. It doesn't count turns of 
people "in the back". Under no circumstances switch out downed characters. They
should be in the back recovering Djinn, and they can't do that if they are 
down. If someone was down at the time of Djinn Storm, you can just leave that 
person out after reviving them. In an emergency, Piers can unleash/set Flash, 
and Garet can unleash/set Granite. But ONLY in an emergency. They are your 
fighters, and Dullahan isn't going to die if no one is attacking him. Hope this


DreamPheonix- provided the HP for Doom Dragon and Dullahan.

Ps2pOwNzAlL/earth angel- provided the HP, Experience Points, and Coins for the
rest of the bosses.

Kikuichimonji3- noted that "Valukar" and "Flame Dragons" were spelled wrong.

CJayC- for the disclaimer, as well as putting this guide on his great website.

Nintendo/Camelot- for making this great game.

Lines: 1,141
Words: 10,205
Characters: 49,014 (49 KB)

Copyright 2003 Diego Gonzalez. All rights reserved.