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How do you get past the sandworms?

I've tried everything to get past the blasted sandworms: strategize my sword attacks, use arrows, everything. Any help?

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Ikethelord3 answered:

Try to carry Red Medicine or Fairies with you. The rocks they launch when they emerge are projected diagonally. So charge up a spin attack and stand above, below, or directly next the spot and unleash right when they emerge. The attack will push you away from them, so you don't get hit. When you get to the last one, he'll fire rocks in all eight basic directions (left, right, up, down, and each diagonal). Once you see the emergence point, stand to the side and up or down, just a little bit. The rocks should pass you. Then, hit it with a spin attack before it goes back under. Rinse, lather, repeat until annihilation. Good luck.
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Si1entG answered:

Get the Icerod and a bottle of magic. Each one will die with 2 blasts from the Icerod.
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jackfiftynine answered:

shoot them in the HEAD with your bow
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