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Where is the waterfall of wishing?

Where can i find the waterfall of wishing?

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Chubes12 answered:

If you mean the waterfall that gives you the Magic Shield, Magic Boomerang, and free Magic Potions than keep reading.

Ok so we're talking about the waterfalls in the North-East part of Hyrule. Before you enter that area you cross the river and walk past the Potion Shop with witches. Walk into the waterfall area past that now.

Now you have a small path that is bordered by water. There is a waterfall to the left and following the path to the right are tons more but we're going to the waterfall on the left. If you swim directly north in a straight line from the ground entrance, towards the left waterfall you can swim inside a cave behind it. (Yes, you swim into the waterfall just like you would with walking through a door) Inside is a fountain where you throw your items after clicking A.
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