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How do I get the master sword?

I can't find out how to get the master sword. Can somebody help me?

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mariobros_128 answered:

Go get the three pendants from East Palace, Mountain Tower, and Desert Palace. Then go through the Lost Woods until you find a sword with a big gray platform under it. Some swords are phonies. It's obvious to find the real one. Then go behind it and grab it with (R).
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spazer197929 answered:

You have to finish the first 3 dungeons and get their pendants. East Palace, Desert Palace, and then Mountain Palace. then head to the Lost Woods and get the sword.
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Link959 answered:

You need to beat East Palace, Desert Palace, and Mountain palace. If you're having trouble getting into Desert Palace, you need book of modura so you can understand hylian language. You then need to enter the lost woods and find your way through. Watch out for the thieves!
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timo4142 answered:

Beat all the three dungeons and have the book of mudura to translate it,then head to the lost woods and get the sword.
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