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How To Play The Four Swords?

I have a GBA and a DS but my brother only has a DS.Is there a way I (and i know u have to have two games to play the four swords)can play with him even though he only has a DS???

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I want to know can i play if u have a DS and DS,or DS and GBA?I know u have to have two or more the link to past/four swords games to play.

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HyperDude255 answered:

The DS and DS Lite do not have the right connection port to support linking GBA games. While playing any GBA game on a DS you're stuck in single-player-mode. To play the four swords you need at least two game paks, one link cable, and two GBAs.
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GiJoe432 answered:

U need 4 people with a link cable with the same game
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