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Multiplayer Zelda, what else needs to be said?acidfreeze309/10
Great Gameplay DOES make a Great Game.akiRa00910/10
Probably one of the best Zelda's to date.BenhTheMan10/10
Not as good as Oracles, but still good.Darkness 0008/10
A Link to the Past is a must. This cartridge, however, is not.EOrizzonte8/10
Link returns! Not only good, but better too!InitialXero10/10
Classic Zelda with a bonus, wake up!!... Oh god it's not a DREAM!John E G10/10
Is it just me or is Link in his pajamas the whole game.kingdodongo18/10
This game is a real blast from the past!Kintaro Oe age 259/10
Best Zelda game I ever played! With multiplayer!Loki 1749/10
If you are wondering why this is my favorite game...megaman210/10
The best Zelda game available for the Game Boy Advance.ND9k9/10
Re-live the classic, 10 years later and half the price!ohnoitschris10/10
This is why Zelda is so cool.ProtoZero10/10
A flawless remake with a few touch ups.Shirogoshi X9/10
The best of the Zelda games is now on the GBA! Awesome!Shivan Reincarnated9/10
Thinking of Buying a new game? Well then, buy this one!SilverMoon25009/10
A simple port? Probably!SomebodyYouDontKnow7/10
Classic gaming and mad multiplayer funSuper Smash Bro9/10
You Mean I Can Do More Then Just Attack Chickens?Supreme Bum 019/10
One of the first games ever to feel epic, this game retains its splendour thanks to great gameplay and musicTheMadcapLaughs10/10
A Link to the Past... of gamingTJackson10/10
A classic that never dies.TrueGamer149/10
One of the greatest games of all time; to go.velmarg10/10
A link to the past.Version 29/10
The Legend Lives!Waspinator906310/10
An excellent portzack1258/10
Too bad it doesn't come with a GBA and another cart for a friend...zeldamaster9/10

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