Low Score FAQ/Walkthrough by TheEggman

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Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Low Score FAQ/Walkthrough
              for Gameboy Advance - version 1.0
                 by: David "TheEggman" Egyud
                  E-mail: daeggman@gmail.com
                 Copyright 2004-5 David Egyud


1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Strategies & Tips
4. Walkthrough
   4a. World 1
   4b. World 2
   4c. World 3
   4d. World 4
   4e. World 5 
   4f. World 6 
   4g. Extra levels
   4h. Secret levels
5. Credits & Legal Stuff


Ah, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario World 2 - the much-maligned yet high-quality 
sequel/prequel to Super Mario World for the SNES.  Like its predecessor, 
YI:SMW2 was re-released for Gameboy Advance in 2002, giving a whole new 
generation of gamers the chance to play a game they missed the first time 
around.  It's safe to assume that if you're reading this FAQ, you've played 
this game at least once and so don't need that much of an overview.

In each level of Yoshi's Island, you can achieve a high score of 100 points by 
collecting 5 flower icons worth 10 points each, 20 red coins worth 1 point 
each, and by having a full star timer (the black circle with yellow/red numbers 
that appears when you collect star icons or when you lose Baby Mario) for 30 
points.  In early levels, the majority of these items are easy to find, with 
perhaps only a few short side trips off the main course to get them. Later 
levels are larger and more complex, with most of the items in hard-to-reach 
areas that require you to explore all paths off the main course, and even to do 
some hardcore exploring for hidden paths.  Many times, you'll have to use all 
the skill you've got just to collect these items.  Each world contains 8 levels 
and there are 6 worlds in all - a perfect score of 100 on each level giving you 
a total score of 800 for the world will unlock various secrets, including 1-
UPs, mini-games, and entirely new (and difficult) levels.

So getting all the items is good, right?  For the purposes of this guide, the 
answer is a definitive NO!  The object here is to be as masochistic as  
possible, avoiding all benefits of collecting items and hurting yourself (err, 
hurting Yoshi) so as to achieve the minimum possible score.  There is no 
special screen you get for making the score boxes on the level select screen 
all red or all filled with goose eggs.  This is for bragging rights only: the 
ability to show your saved game to your friends and say, "Beat that!"

This guide is intended to give underachieving players the info they need to get 
the lowest scores possible on each level of Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 
3 for Gameboy Advance.  This guide also includes the Extra levels unlocked by
achieving a perfect score of 800 in each world as well as the Secret levels
obtained from beating Baby Bowser.  

NOTE: If you find a technique that works better, easier, or more often than one
detailed here, or if you have been able to achieve a lower score on non-zero
score levels, please let me know through my e-mail at the top of this FAQ or on
the Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 message board on GameFAQs.com.


February 11, 2005 (version 1.1) - Strategy attribution edited slightly,
re-edited some reader submissions for clarity and ease of reading, fixed a
couple typos, and excised some unnecessary material.  Also fixed the minimum
score for 2-1 (missed in a previous version)

February 8, 2005 (version 1.0) - Walkthroughs for the rest of the levels
from 5-3 to the end (including Secret and Extra levels 1-6) completed, courtesy
of posters on the GameFAQs.com Yoshi's Island message board.  I apologize for
taking so long between updates, but life has a habit of getting in the way.  I
myself have been unable to verify all of the latest walkthroughs on my own, but
I trust the contributors that these are the lowest possible scores and the best
possible strategies.  I doubt that I will continue to update after this version,
except in cases of factual errors, better scores, etc.

August 19, 2004 (version 0.7) - Walkthroughs for 4-5 thru 5-2 complete, 999
lives trick for 1-7 added, alternate strategy for 1-5 added, and various minimum
score tips added (5-3, 5-4, 5-8, 6-5, and 6-8).

July 30, 2004 (version 0.6) - I finished up walkthroughs for 3-5 through 4-4,
and added minimum scores for rest of the levels (courtesy of Cauchys Inequality,
who has been invaluable in finding something of these techniques and tricks).

July 25, 2004 (version 0.4) - Iteration #2.  Levels 1-4 of World 3 detailed. New
strategies for 1-7, 2-3, and 2-6 worked into the walkthroughs (courtesy of
Cauchys Inequality).

July 21, 2004 (version 0.3) - The first iteration.  Intro, tips, and 
walkthroughs for the first two worlds finished. 


1) The most important skill that MUST be mastered before any successful low 
score run can be achieved is the fine art of losing Baby Mario just before the 
endpoint ring, letting the star timer hit 0, getting Baby Mario back before 
Kamek's underlings take him away, AND getting through the endpoint ring (in the 
correct direction) before the star timer begins to count back up from 0 to 10.  
The majority of the time, you will need to approach an enemy from the right to 
get Mario to float back toward the endpoint ring, so keep that in mind - it's 
good to get to the end of the level and work backwards.  A good rule of thumb 
is 1 to 1.5 screens to the left of the endpoint ring - Baby Mario will usually 
float right by the endpoint ring as Kamek's underlings are swooping around him. 
It should also give you enough time to jump through the ring before it begins 
counting back up.  YOU'LL KNOW YOU'VE DONE IT RIGHT WHEN Kamek's goons remain 
on-screen as you're passing Baby Mario off to the next Yoshi - they'll hover 
around as the end goal music is playing and fly off once Mario is safely on the 
back of the relaying Yoshi.  In the guide that follows, for each level, if 
there is an optimal enemy that will let you lose Baby Mario such that he floats 
right near the endpoint ring just as the star timer runs out, it will be so 
noted.  WORD OF WARNING: There are some levels that have NO enemies or means of 
ejecting Baby Mario in the section where the endpoint ring is - if this is the 
case, it will be noted.

2) Secondary to Skill Numero Uno is the one that parallels it: defeating a boss 
as the star timer reaches 0.  This one is trickier than the regular one, but 
obviously less common.  The tricky part of this is the fact that timing is SO 
much more important - the bosses have attack patterns that will throw off your 
strategy faster than you can say "Brrrring-HA!"  A good general strategy is to 
play the boss like you normally would until he's down to one hit left.  Then 
you throw Baby Mario off, wait until the count gets to where you want it 
(usually 0, but sometimes there's a delay after you defeat the boss where 
Kamek's goons will still take him away before the boss explodes) and then 
unleash the final shot.  Earlier bosses are easier, as their patterns and 
methods of defeating them are predictable and routine.  Later bosses require 
more complex attack patterns and timing, so it gets VERY tricky with some of 

3) One thing to keep in mind is that it IS possible to control where a bubbled 
Mario goes.  Unless you take off running in one direction or the other, he will 
stay within one screen length away from you.  If, when he falls off you, he is 
drifting in the wrong direction, move far enough away in the direction you want 
him to take and he'll change slowly.  This will definitely throw off timing, 
but it's good to know you're not at the mercy of chance when he gets thrown 
off.  Another thing to take advantage of is enemies that carry Mario off.  
World 2-5 has a Bandit hidden in a large bush right next to the end goal - if 
you run through the bush from the right side. the Bandit will grab Mario and 
run off with him towards the endpoint goal.  The key is just to get an idea how 
the enemies will react to you when you try it.

4) In the general spirit of a low score run, you should try whenever possible 
to avoid picking up star points.  Do not bother with most '?' clouds.  They 
contain star points, flower icons that can sometimes become unavoidable, or 1-
UPs that can help you (but unless you know that a '?' contains one, it's better 
to wait until after you've achieved your perfectly imperfect score).  Also, 
avoiding midpoint rings is recommended where possible, although some rings are 
directly in the middle of a narrow passage and there's no getting around them.  
If you do hit one, it's not as bad as catching an unintended flower, as the 
star timer can be dropped back down to the minimum of 10 easily.  However, 
there are some levels where hitting the midpoint ring is in fact encouraged, 
specifically when a certain section of a level is difficult to get through.  
The hardships of getting rid of 10 points off your star timer are a heck of a 
lot easier than either dying and trying again or resetting and trying again 
(Worlds 1-2 and 1-4 are good examples of this).  Also there are other times 
when getting the midpoint ring or extra star points is downright essential to 
getting a low score.  World 1-5, for example, has enemies that are too far from 
the endpoint ring and since it's a scrolling level, you can't go back to hit 
them - getting a 20 on your timer will give you just enough time to hit the 
last enemy in the level so that your timer hits 0 just as you get through the 
midpoint ring.

5) Unless you know the locations of red coins like the back of your hand (or 
you have a Player's Guide), avoid ALL coins at first.  There are exceptions - 
some screens have plenty of coins that hide NO red coins.  A key example of 
this is in the first section of World 1-4 (see below).  Experience and practice 
will show you where the safe coins are and where coins to avoid are.  Also, 
since you are avoiding most items, you're not as likely to pick up 1-UPs 
(unless you have a Player's Guide), so finding caches of coins where the 
presence of avoidable items is low to nonexistent is important.  The 
walkthrough below will detail when certain vital areas contain coins that are 
free to collect.

6) Once you've completed a level and have the lowest score you can achieve, you 
can reenter that level to gain some lives by collecting coins (red and plain), 
flowers, and 1-UPs.  JUST BE CAREFUL that you finish the level by pausing the 
game and selecting "Return to Map".  The points from the items you have 
collected will NOT be reflected in your score and you can do this as many times 
as you like in order to rack up lives.  A good example is reentering World 1-1 
before tackling the first big challenge in World 1-4 - you'll thank yourself 
for stocking up on lives when you try to tackle Bashful Burt while getting the 
star timer run out at the same time as you defeat the pantsed goofball.

7) Since this is mostly about bragging rights and something to show your 
friends, it would be a good idea to use an empty save slot to back-up your main 
save file, just in case you accidentally finish a level with more than the 
minimum score.  It is safe to reset while the chalkboard is still on the 
screen, but once the score is reflected on the level select screen, there's no 
going back.  Also, feel free to reset if you goof up and kill a castle/fort 
boss too early - just realize that you will start at the beginning of the level 
and not at the last mid-point ring you used.  It's a frustrating fact 
sometimes, but this isn't about convenience or doing something easy - you're 
doing this to be difficult. :)

8) Make sure you've mastered the basic and intermediate moves of the game, 
specifically the jump-and-hover-indefinitely move.  It will prove invaluable to 
getting through certain worlds quickly.

9) This gets a lot of mention in the guide to follow, so I figured it would be a
good thing to include in the tips section: the 'spit-and-grab' manuever.
Sometimes it is necessary to take an enemy from one area and move him to
another, but you may not have the time, the opportunity, or a connected tract of
land with which to do it.  Some examples of this are when you need to bring an
enemy a long way to the goal to help bring your star timer down, or when you
need to do a Super Flutter Jump (described in detail within the guide) and there
are no other enemies around.  Simply scoop up an enemy and continue walking,
making sure not to press Down so you don't turn the enemy into an egg.  You can
only hold an enemy in your mouth for so long, so before Yoshi automatically
eggifies it, you'll need to spit it out (usually upwards, though some enemies
can be spat out sideways without traveling too far and popping) and then quickly
swallow it up again.  It sounds like a fairly simple technique, and it is, but
it comes in handy in both easy and difficult situations.  Read on for more info.


Each level's walkthrough will use the following format:

-=- Level Number/Name -=-
   Minimum Possible Score: Usually, this will be 0, but some levels have 
unavoidable items and others have no means of reducing the star timer just 
before the endpoint ring.  If that is the case, a brief description will be 
included with details in the walkthrough.
   Low Score Difficulty Rating: This is a subjective rating of how hard it is 
to AVOID all the red coins and flowers and to get through the endpoint ring 
with 0 stars left on the timer, rated on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the 
most difficult.  This may or may not reflect the level's overall difficulty to 
some degree.
   Walkthrough: This will sometimes be a blow-by-blow walkthrough of each level
and sometimes it won't, though more often than not, you'll be blowing through
the course directly and avoiding all detours.  This section will try to focus
mainly on special cases that require extra attention.  Also, any unavoidable
items will be listed here.  The end of this section will also include any
details about running out the star timer at the end of the level.

4a. World 1

-=- 1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 1
Walkthrough: This level is pretty straight-forward.  You'll find as you 
progress through your low score run that jumping can be *evil*.  Stray too high 
up and you can find yourself picking up unwanted coins or flowers.  The same 
can be said for dropping down pits or alcoves below you.  When you reach the 
first spinning platform surrounded by Piranha Plants, be careful not to fall to 
the log below, or you'll be certain to pick up an unwanted red coin or, worse, 
a flower.  Once you hatch the seed that produces the tall sunflower and jump on 
the spinning platform, make sure you do not jump until after you move to the 
right of the two coins hanging above you - they're the treacherous red bad 

For the star timer run-down, you should have the minimum 10 stars easily.  I 
find that heading back and letting EITHER of the two hopping Shyguys eject Baby 
Mario from your care - the one furthest to the left (i.e., the first one you 
encounter on your trip TOWARDS the goal) - is almost perfect.

-=- 1-2: Watch Out Below! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 5
Walkthrough: The avoidance action heats up suddenly with this world, and the 
first portion of this level requires some semi-precise timing, a keen eye, and 
a bit of luck.  The first couple times you play this section, you'll be 
watching the Giant Chomps in the background - eventually, you'll come to rely 
on your own timing.  And once you pick it up, it becomes rather easy.

Run forward until you see the first flower.  Swallow the two Shyguys if you 
need eggs and wait for the first Giant Chomp to pass.  Carefully make your way 
underneath the flower and jump across once you're past it.  Once you swallow 
the prancing flower guy, you'll be tempted to wait for another Giant Chomp to 
pass - DON'T!  If you allow it to create a hole under you, it becomes darned 
near impossible to avoid the two red coins floating directly in front of you.  
Instead, run ahead quickly until you see the green Shyguy.  Wait for the Giant 
Chomp to pass and go ahead on - the two coins above are normal coins, nothing 
to worry about.  Keep running under the '?' cloud (and jumping over the pit, if 
a Chomp has gone by right there, and KEEP RUNNING.  Once again, if you dilly-
dally, a Giant Chomp will pass right over those 2 floating coins ahead and one 
is a red coin.  Continue running and the Chomps should pass you by.  The pit 
next to the two posts with the two Shyguys and the '?' cloud has only normal 
coins above it, so go on ahead.  Go through the flippers and the unavoidable 
midpoint ring.  Shoot out the soft wall to the right and the one overhead 
holding the large bounce ball, but be careful your shots don't go through the 
dirt above the pipe - red coins are contained within.  After unleashing one or 
more eggs, Shyguys will pop out of the pipe - this would be a good time to get 
your star timer back to 10.  On to the next section.

Have no worries here for the moment.  The coins you see in the "cave" section 
are normal.  Head right, up, left, up, and right again, continuing on to the 
small bounce ball and the Helicopter Morph bubble.  Once you're helicopterized, 
just head to the right and stay low, avoiding all coins if possible - most are 
normal, but reds are hidden well, so pick them up if you know what you're 
doing.  Once you hit the ReYoshization block, the coins ahead of you are normal 
as well.  Proceed to the pipe.

In the last section, feel free to partake of the 1-UP that comes flying down 
when you enter.  Take out the Piranha Plant with an egg (or the 1-UP-bearing 
Shyguy you just swallowed) and avoid those three coins above it - red don't get 
bulls angered up for nuthin'.  As for the star timer bit, the prancing yellow 
flower works just fine - just make sure you allow the Giant Chomp to pass 
before attempting to run out the timer.  If the flower guy does not work, the 
purple Shyguy closest to the exit can work... sometimes - getting on the right 
side of him so that the timing is right can be tricky, but it can be done.

-=- 1-3: The Cave of Chomp Rock -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: Remember what I said about not jumping?  Once you enter the pipe 
and let Chomp Rock pass, stay low to the ground.  The little archway of coins 
ahead of you is red, while the four in the straight line by the Mini-Piranhas 
are normal.  Continue on, keeping a few steps behind Chomp Rock #2 so that the 
helpful little boulder doesn't accidentally knock you into some unwanted 
points.  Stay low and when you see Chomp Rock #3, continue up and to the right, 
jumping over Chomp Rock #4.  As you move on, it helps to gobble the dandelion 
seedlings that are falling from the sky - they can throw things off in a 
heartbeat if you let them.  You'll pass three posts and then a little hill with 
three coins on either side; stay low and avoid them, as one on each side is 
red.  Pass up Chomp Rocks #5 and #6 and you're on to the last section.

OK, now comes the fun part, and the whole reason this is rated 4 and not a 2 
like the rest of the level deserves.  Your catalyst here comes in the form of 
Piranha Plant #2.  Jumping over him is tricky but has to be done, as you need 
to get eaten from the right side (like usual).  It might help to find a star 
point or two to give you a slight buffer, but with split-second timing, you 
should be able to extricate yourself from the Piranha Plant and get a nice 
running start towards the endpoint goal, picking up Baby Mario just as Kamek's 
goons grab him and hurtle through the goal before your star timer regenerates a 
dismal-looking '1.'  If it doesn't work, that's why God, er, Nintendo invented 
the reset shortcut (Start+Select+A+B).

-=- 1-4: Burt the Bashful's Fort-=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 8
Walkthrough: Hope you have some extra lives, because you will find yourself 
jumping into lava on purpose when you encounter the Lava Lake Of Doom in the 
second section - one which you have to cross, not once, but TWICE!  Couple that 
with your first boss fight slash star timer fiasco, and you've got yourself a 
tough challenge.

Section one is straight forward, in fact, once you pick up the trick, it's 
downright laughable.  Grab the eggs if you need them and make your way past the 
falling walls and the spinning spikes.  Don't worry about the three coins near 
the small bounce ball - they're normal.  Here's a big shortcut that keeps this 
level from getting a 9 or a 10: after jumping on the bounce ball to the ledge 
above, look at the ceiling in front of you - one of the blocks is cracked.  Hit 
that block with an egg and jump up.  Run right (or left) and you'll hear the 
constant "DING!" of coins.  These are all normal coins and can help you if 
you're running short on lives.  Follow it to the far right, jumping over other 
cracked blocks along the way, and use an egg to hit the final cracked block 
just over the pipe.  You've got the trickiest section you've ever faced thus 
far up ahead, so using the midpoint ring is NOT a bad idea here.  Enter the 

In the next section, resist the urge to drop the '?' cloud and form the bridge 
- some of those coins over the lava are red.  Instead, a well-timed double-
hover jump (see Tips) can get you across the gap.  Hit the see-saw and be 
careful of the two coins over the left side, the flower under the right side, 
and the mini-Blarg underneath the whole thing.  With a good head of steam, you 
should be able to just trot right on by.  Do a hover-jump over the spinning 
platform toward the pipe next to the locked door... wait a second, did you say 
"locked"?  Yes, I did... and guess where the key is?  That's right, across that 
bubbling pool of lava with a band of coins hovering above it.  Oh yeah, and a 
full-size lava-Blarg patrolling the pool as well.  This should be fun... Strap 
on your knee-high boots, cuz it's about to get messy.

Coins number 1 and 2 are normal, 3-5 are red, 6 is normal, 7-9 are red, 10 and 
11 are normal - something to keep in mind here.  Blarg won't show his ugly 
eyebrowed face until you hop onto the first platform, so wait until you're 
ready.  Catching coins 1 and 2 help a little as it takes off some of the 
pressure, but be careful as you aim at the now-revealed Big Blarg so that you 
don't accidentally hit one of the offending coins.  Once he retreats, stay low 
by doing little short hops with short hovers.  My only advice other than pray 
that you get good timing on the other three platforms is to keep moving: when 
Blarg comes back up, he comes back up right under you, which will throw Mario 
off and knock you back (into the lava or into a red coin - either way, you've 
just lost a life).  Take a breather and get the key in the pot at your leisure. 
When you come back to the lake, Blarg will be waiting for you.  Wait for the 
platform nearest you to begin going down and then shoot an egg at him.  Again, 
the best way back across is doing short hops with hovers.  There is no other 
way to describe it, really.  Another way to do it is not to jump coming off the 
platform, but to immediately begin hovering (i.e., hit 'A' and you'll hover 
low) AND aim for the platform BEYOND the next one.  Regardless, it takes 
practice and patience.  Use the key to enter the door and get past this 
nonsense.  (If you've made it this far, congrats - that was a SUPER-tricky 

Take the opportunity now if you need/want it to run out your star timer from 
the first mid-point ring.  You want to use the one in here so that if Kamek's 
underlings get Mario while you're in the boss room, you can still restart here 
after all that madness in the previous room.  Now, on to the boss.  Attack him 
like you normally would, hitting with 5 of the 6 egg shots required to take him 
out.  Now here's the tricky part.  Let Mario get unseated and let the timer 
begin to run down.  When the timer reaches 2, no more, no less, unleash the 
final egg at Burt.  There is a delay after you hit him where the timer will 
continue to go down; if you try to reclaim Mario during this time, the timer 
will regenerate.  DO NOT WAIT for Kamek's goons to show up before you shoot 
Burt; they will take Mario away before Burt explodes.  If you manage to pick 
this one up on the first try, congrats!  It took me probably two dozen lives on 
this level alone.  If you do manage to reclaim Mario after unleashing the final 
egg and the timer DOES jump back up to 1, then you have no other choice but to 
reset and go back through this hellish level again.

-=- 1-5: Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: After No-Pants Man, you might think things would let up for a bit.
Well, they do... until about halfway through this level.  This is a scrolling
level, moving in every direction without ceasing (until the end), so this takes 
a great deal of concentration.  Remember that donut lifts fall if you stand on 
them too long, so either keep moving right/left or keep making short hops up 
and down.

Begin by heading through this level normally, taking the high road over the 
donut lifts and doing your best not to drop below and pick up any red coins or 
flowers.  After the first chasm, you might be daunted by the platforms below 
the donut lifts with coins nearby and the three coins that seem to block you 
from going on top of the donut lifts - don't worry, because the three coins on 
top are normal.  After the second chasm, stay put on the left side of the rock 
face until most of the line of donut lifts to the left are on screen and you 
can see the prancing flower guy moving to the left.  Being careful not to catch 
any of the coins overhead, quickly run over and snatch up the flower guy and 
continue onward.  You get a slight breather here now, as the screen begins to 
scroll slowly upward.  Take your time, and after you see the red/yellow and 
purple/white platforms, get ready, because the tough part is about to come.  
You will see a rock face with a platform next to it on the right side of the 
screen as a green/white revolving platform appears in the center/left of the 
screen.  Hurry on top of the rock face (if you can do it so you're off-screen 
for a moment, you'll have plenty of time for the next part) and you'll hit the 
midpoint ring - trust me, you need it for the end (the full 20 seconds is 
necessary), and when you accidentally catch a coin or flower, you will 
appreciate having gotten it.  

Quickly and staying low, jump to the lowest platform on the green/white 
revolving platform.  Using short hops, move the revolving platform all the way 
to the right - be sure to hurry, because the next part takes concentration and 
you don't want to be scrolling off-screen while doing it.  With the platform 
all the way to the right, you should be on the lowest platform - your next move 
is a RAPID double-jump.  The four coins above the revolving platform are red, 
and the flower next to the rock face is too close to jump between to avoid.  So 
you must leap up to the top of the revolving platform without hitting either 
the coin or the flower and IMMEDIATELY hop up to the log right above you before 
the revolving platform shuffles you right into the red coin.  This takes 
practice, so don't worry if you don't get it right away.

Make your way up as the screen scrolls, and you will see a couple of coin 
cross-shapes.  Avoid the center coin of both of these, because it's a red one.  
The first may seem impossible to avoid, but jump onto the slope directly 
beneath it and get as far left as you can without falling down and jump and 
hold left and you should clear the center coin.  The other one is out of the 
way.  Now, continue on, passing the grassy spire in the middle of the hill you 
are on.  You will now see a flying Shyguy with a red coin and two Shyguys 
walking around on the ledge.  This next part takes luck - don't get frustrated 
if it doesn't work at first.  Hit one of the Shyguys (preferably the walking 
ones) and get the heck out of the way!  Mario will be thrown off and will 
bounce off the edge of the screen as it scrolls - you do NOT want him back on 
you just yet, as there are no other enemies later in the level, so if you do, I 
hope you hit the midpoint ring I told you to get because otherwise you might as 
well just "Brrring-HA!" into the bottomless pit.  You can jump off the rock 
face and hover so that you land on top of or over the dirt square with the 
flower in the middle - you don't need to avoid the coins *over* the donut 
lifts, but you want to stay out of the way of the approaching Baby Mario.  
Continue on until you reach solid ground and Mario should be ahead of you, 
still crying that annoying little cry, with about 5 seconds left on the timer, 
if you timed it right.  Kamek's underlings should swoop in just as the endpoint 
ring appears on the right side of the screen.  Hop into the melee surrounding 
Mario to get him back and hover through the ring as it fully appears on the 
screen.  The timing is tight, but I managed to get it the first time I got that 
far without picking up any points.

    NOTE: Bandana Guy sent me a strategy for making this work on 2-1, but it 
    could work here as well.  Scoop up one of the Shyguys before they get 
    scrolled off, but do NOT make him an egg.  Hold him in your mouth until you 
    reach solid ground.  Once you land and there's room, spit him out upwards 
    and then run into him to get Mario off your back.  Unfortunately, if you 
    keep an enemy in Yoshi's mouth too long, he will turn it into an egg 
    automatically, so it's possible the screen may be scrolling too slow to pull
    off this maneuver in time.

    NOTE: gameguy888 on the GameFAQs board mentioned this strategy for getting 
    past the area just past the midpoint ring: "About halfway up the climb to 
    that point [the midpoint ring], there is a flower guy dancing there. If you 
    eat him, but don’t make him an egg, you can carry him up to where the 
    midpoint ring is, bounce on him, and go over the coins and flower. This on 
    the other hand means you have to reset if you mess up after that, cause 
    after getting the midpoint ring, the flower guy is nowhere to be found. You 
    could use the through the coins strategy from there, but this way seems much
    easier to me."  This would seem to work, but either you get the midpoint 
    ring and restart or not get the midpoint ring and restart if you miss - in 
    other words, you only get one chance at this one.  gg888 also says it is 
    possible to hold the Shyguy in your mouth all the way to the end without 
    swallowing if you catch him just before he's scrolled off to the left.

-=- 1-6: Shyguys on Stilts-=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: After the last couple levels, this one will be a walk in the park. 
There are five sections to this level, and the only real challenges are in 
sections 2 and 5.  And for the record, who was the *genius* who came up with 
the idea of Shyguys on Stilts?

Breeze through section 1 and enter the pipe, ignoring the big bounce ball.  
Head through section 2 to where the big bounce ball is floating around above 
you.  Use an eggs to drop it - the best place (for me, at least) is right under 
the coin that is visible.  Here's the tricky part: the line of coins leading 
up from the bounce ball contains 4 red coins, so what you need to do is not get 
a full jump off the bounce ball (I hope that makes sense) and hold right coming 
right off of it, so that you land on the ledge above without catching any 
coins.  Continue on to section 3, which is pretty straight-forward, except 
avoid the midpoint ring - you don't really want extra time on the last section.

Stay pretty much to the middle ground in section 4 and don't jump on the 
red/yellow platform that takes you upward.  Hit the '?' cloud at the end that 
contains the sunflower seed and get to the top of it.  Be careful when leaping 
up to the ledge with the bounce ball, as there are red coins hanging low.  
Remember, short jumps with hovers help and so do high-but-not-full jumps.  The 
last section may look like you may have to settle for a 10 on your timer, but 
such is not the case.  Get right on top of the 1-UP balloon inflating beyond 
the endpoint goal (don't jump on it, just walk right up to it so you overlap 
it) and when it flashes, Mario will be jettisoned off your back.  A little 
quirk here keeps Mario from floating too far LEFT past the endpoint ring, so a 
good strategy is to scroll him off right by moving farther left, and then move 
right to get him back in view when the counter is around 3 or 4.  When the 
timer hits 0, you should be jumping towards Mario and the endpoint ring as 
Kamek's goons show up.  You should get him back and hit the endpoint ring at 
the exact same time.  It may sound a little complicated, but it's not... not 
compared to some of the stuff you've pulled off before this.  Remember this 
strategy (mentioned in Tip #3) as it will be very helpful to you in the future.

-=- 1-7: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 3
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: At first glance, this level seems to be frought with heartbreak:
there is a seemingly unavoidable flower icon right in the middle of your path 
AND there are no enemies near the endpoint ring, so a score of 13 or more seems 
to be inevitable right?  WRONG!  Thanks to the watchful eye (and quick fingers) 
of Cauchys Inequality from the GameFAQs message board, there is a trick that 
will not only prove to be insanely useful in dodging the seemingly undodgeable 
in this level, but in others as well!  You'll use this in the next level to
avoid a few red coins, but that one is obvious - this one takes much more skill.
Luckily, if you mess up, you don't have to reset...

Catch the coins over the log if you so desire and avoid the flower.  Continue on
past the Melon Bugs and Tap-Taps until you get to the enemy-spewing pipe just
before the midpoint ring.  If you look a little further to the right, you'll see
the deceptively ubiquitous flower icon happily thumbing its nose at you in the
middle of the path to the Fuzzy section.  There's also an opportunity here to
get 999 1-UPs.  Snag a Melon Bug, and spit it out on the left side of the
enemy-spewing pipe.  Stand on the log to the left and wait - enemies will hop
out and the Melon Bug will stay as a ball and any enemies that come into contact
with the Melon Bug will pop.  Wait there long enough, and you can rack up the

Here's what you do: go to the enemy pipe and get yourself a few eggs, but not a
full six.  Once the last little Shyguy goes "Hey!", scoop him up but don't
egg-ify him.  Instead, hop up on the log above and then up on the 2x2 square of
yellow dirt.  Hover-jump left and you should end up resting on the yellow soft
dirt that contains two flashing eggs and a flower icon.  Get on the left side
(above the flashing egg) and spit the Shyguy out UPWARDS - he should land on the
topmost section of the yellow soft ground.  Here's the manuever, called the
Super Flutter Jump: leap into the air, and drop down on top of the Shyguy -
IMMEDIATELY hit the jump button and when Yoshi reaches the peak of his jump, he
will hover like usual, only he'll do a HECK of a lot higher than normal.  You've
probably used this before without knowing it, but here's where it gets even
trickier - you've gotta KEEP hovering indefinitely without losing much altitude.
The reason for this is that the wall you must hover over (the one that is too
close to the flower for you to go UNDER it) ends just slightly off the top of
the screen - if you're still Fluttering off the top of the screen when you pass
by it, you'll soar right over it.  If you miss, you've still got plenty of wall
to drop before you'll hit the flower, so hover back left to the enemy-spewing
pipe and try it again.

Once you do that, you can just about hover-jump past the Fuzzy section without
even getting hit - from there, continue on to the last section.  If you're not
comfortable with your hovering skills after that, you can go this way - make
sure you have at least one egg in your arsenal, as you'll need it to get past
without picking up a red coin.  You'll need to take out a Piranha Plant with
three coins above it.  Just after the Piranha, you'll see another plateau with
coins - don't worry, they're normal.  You can either do some fancy footwork and
dodge the Fuzzies or allow them to hit you as you run under the rows of coins
and the flower overhead.  When you come to the first pit of the Fuzzy section,
be careful, especially if you're still loopy - however, once you leap the first
pit, the dizziness will stop.  The two coins above the little Marching Mildes
are red, so land on the left edge of the platform there and either eat or stomp
the little poppers.  You can also scoop up the 1-UP toting Shyguy and hover-jump
over the offending coins.  

Coming into the last section, you'll need to be wary of the red/yellow bridges 
- some of the coins beneath them are red.  When you reach the lone log in the 
middle of the long platform, jump up and you'll hear dirt giving way.  Keep 
jumping around there and a small bounce ball will drop.  Use it to propel to 
the secret area above (the first one we'll be visiting in this low score run).  
Make your way over to the pipe and breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of 
enemies - you should have an idea what you have to do here.  Pick a side, any 
side - allow Mario to get thrown off by either the Flower Shyguys or the 
prancing flowers.  Just as Kamek's goons grab him, scoop him back up and SCURRY 
for the pipe.  Odds are, the timer will have regenerated to 1 by the time you 
enter - just suck it up and hit the ground running.  Watch out for the last 
red/yellow bridge as you're tearing through there, and you can JUST make it 
with a 3 on the timer.  I haven't been able to get less than that.  Still, a 3
is better than a 13, isn't it?

-=- 1-8: Salvo the Slime's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 2
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: After Bashful Burt's Fort, this one will seem like a walk in the 
park.  Alas, there are two unavoidable red coins in this level.  

The first section will be the most difficult.  All three spinning drums have 
red coins overhead, so you MUST take care not to jump too high off of them.  
The first one is fairly easy - just stay to the right of the coin on the right. 
The second is trickier: you can either do a low hover-jump as it rotates 
downward (tricky) or hop on top as it's going up and DON'T jump until you're 
past the coins.  Be careful of the Lava Bubbles near the purple/white rotating 
platform - once they go down, continue over.  For the third one, a simple, low 
hover-jump will get you past the coins without picking up a single one.  Go 
through the pipe to the next section.

In the next two rooms, avoid the water-spitting fish, hop on the platform 
ghost, and stock up on eggs from the enemy-spewing pipe.  In the next room, hit 
the green rotator block and then hop up to the top of the room and shoot an egg 
at the red rotator block.  Fall down to the bottom of the room and take a look 
ahead.  It may seem like you have to pick up those obvious red coins on that 
overturned red spike platform to get up to the purple revolving platform to get 
the key... but there's another way.  Stay on the ground floor and run to the 
end where you'll see a lone bandit.  Lure him left so you can see the purple 
revolving platform.  Hop on him and HOLD THE JUMP BUTTON.  You'll rocket up to 
the purple revolving platform where you can hop up to smash the vase and get 
the key.  If you mess up too many times and end up popping the bandit, just 
head back to the pipe you entered the room from and reenter - the bandit will 
regen; however, you'll have to flip the platforms again.  Once you get the key, 
hop up and then head right and down till you see the red spike platforms.  
Here's where the inevitable two red coins are - just breeze right through and 
hit the locked door, because there's no avoiding them.

The room before the boss is easy.  Don't worry about the coins on the way up to 
the boss door - they're normal.  There's also a 1-UP hidden on the left wall 
just as the ceiling turns diagonally up/right.  Depending on how you want to 
time it, it wouldn't hurt to hit the midpoint ring below the boss door.  The 
timing you used for fighting Bashful Burt is pretty close to what you'll use 
with Salvo the Slime (i.e., hitting him with the last shot just as the count 
reaches 0).  It's just a bit more confusing as there are more enemies on-screen 
to deal with and your eggs ricocheting (and hitting Salvo more than once) will 
throw things off.  Also, the "hits" don't rack up the same way they do with 
normal bosses - you're essentially shrinking him to nothing, so you have to pay 
more attention to his SIZE rather than how many shots you've taken.  A good 
indicator is if, when not jumping, he BARELY comes up to where the light circle 
made by the candles in the background is (his eyes are bigger than half his 
body is another indication), right then is a good time to hit one of the free-
range slimes to get Mario off your back.  

WORD OF CAUTION: Always, always, ALWAYS stay to the LEFT of Salvo - he does a 
short hopping move that will push you into the lava if you do this while on his 
right side.  Salvo will not hurt you if he runs into you; he will only push you 
back.  Unlike Burt, Salvo explodes almost immediately.  As long as he's in 
sight, let fly the final egg JUST as Kamek's goons swoop in.  Salvo will 
explode (and the timer should actually disappear) before it has a chance to 
regain a second.

And voila! you've completed the first world and should have a "high" score of 
5, levels 1-7 with 3 and 1-8 with 2 being the only spoilers.  Onward!

4b. World 2

-=- 2-1: Visit Koopa and Para-Koopa -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: This level is rather odd.  All the items can be avoided, but the 
closest enemy to the endpoint goal is too far away for you to get a 0 score by 
normal methods.  But we'll get to that in a second.

Section 1 is fairly simple - the lone flower is visible and the 6 coins are ALL 
red, so you can avoid them easily.  Enter the pipe at the end, stock up on eggs 
inside, ignore Poochy, and enter the second pipe.  Hit the midpoint ring when 
you emerge - you'll need it (for the continuation - you've got a tricky little 
maneuver you have to pull at the end).  Bounce on the ball and head upwards.  
Get through the chute with the falling blocks and the normal coins - feel free 
to collect them all - but be wary of the flower hanging on the left side at the 
top.  Continue onward, ignoring the section below the spinning sunflower enemy 
(the Players' Guide calls them "Eggo-Dil").  Continue through the pinball 
flippers and make your way to the area with the balloon-borne enemies, weapons, 
and items.

For this next section, I originally thought that, because this level had no 
enemies beyond the third Eggo-Dil, you had to fill your star timer to the max, 
let the Eggo-Dil throw off Mario, let the timer run out while moving as far 
right as possible, retrieving Mario as it runs out and then running as fast as 
possible toward the end goal before the timer regenerated too far.  My best 
score was 7, but thanks to Bandana Red on the GameFAQs Message Board, it IS 
possible to get a 0 - It just takes a sneaky little maneuver.

The balloon-borne items follow this pattern: Missile, Shyguy, Crate, Missile, 
Shyguy, Crate, Missile, Shyguy.  This last Shyguy appears right over the third 
and final Eggo-Dil - this is probably the one you ought to use for this.  
Trigger the last Shyguy to fall and then slurp him up BUT DO NOT EGG-IFY HIM.  
Jump over the Eggo-Dil and allow the falling blocks to land and settle.  Leap 
on top of the stack to left of the tall wall and face right.  Wait for the 
blocks on the right to fall, and then spit out the Shyguy while holding UP.  As 
long as the expectorated lackey doesn't collide with anything, he'll right 
himself and resume walking.  You'll need to slurp him up again and continue 
onward.  Do this again just before the final gauntlet of falling blocks and 
slurp him up carrying him to the endpoint goal.  Spit him out one more time 
upwards and then run right into him so that Baby Mario is ejected.  Get your 0 
score the way you normally would and exit the level.  The reason for all the 
spitting and slurping is because if you hold the Shyguy in your mouth for too 
long, Yoshi will automatically egg-ify him, and if you just run from when you 
first slurp him up, you'll swallow him right after you pass the point of no 
return (the gauntlet of falling blocks).

-=- 2-2: The Baseball Boys -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: This level is actually fairly easy in terms of avoiding items.  
The Baseball Boys are what give this level its challenge.  One thing to 
remember - if they throw something at you, and you dodge, but what they throw  
hits a coin or a flower, it WILL pick it up.  Also, the pitchers will only 
knock you back (potentially into an item, but usually off a cliff) while the 
batters will swing Mario off AND hit eggs you fire right back at you.

The level is fairly straightforward - you only have to make a few little 
adjustments to the normal path to avoid picking things up.  First, when you hit 
the '?' cloud to drop the wall toward the beginning, make sure you jump high so 
that you avoid the flower on the other side.  Coins 2 and 5 of BOTH coin arches 
above the green shooting Pirahna Plants (PG: "Blow Hards") are red, so a ground 
pound close in before they can shoot will allow you to pass right by them 
without jumping.  Careful of the Shyguys walking around in this area _ they can 
pitch Mario right off easily, and you could pick up a red coin while trying to 
get him back.  Continue on normally, getting the sunflower seed and climbing to 
the top of the wall section with the two Blow Hards.  When you hit the 
staircase, the first two coins are normal, but the third (and the sixth) are 
red - catch the first two coins and then leap over the third.  You might as 
well over hover to the far wall and drop down.

Continue on, picking up the star and running Super Baby Mario up the far side 
of the Blow Hard wall section.  Run to the right over the spikes and hit the 
midpoint ring - now get ready for the tricky part of this level.  You'll see a 
flower below the log near the Baseball Boy - get above him as soon as possible 
so he doesn't pitch and hit the flower.  The three coins ahead of you are 
normal, but the next three are not (the middle is red).  You're gonna have to 
do a short jump hover to get under them, but keep in mind that just beyond is a 
third Baseball Boy who WILL throw at you - and if you avoid it, it WILL hit 
that red coin.  Get as close to him as you can or just continue on (the next 
three coins are normal).  Head on to the next section.

The rest of the level is straightforward - don't stray from the path to the 
goal and you'll be just fine.  Don't enter the alcoves in the section with the 
midpoint ring - one contains a flower and one contains a red coin.  Once you 
enter the first cave, go right, down, cut back left, and cut back down right, 
avoiding the Piranha Plants and scooping up the egg-stealing mice.  In the 
section, leap over the Yoshi-Mole area and forge onward.  Go left, down, left, 
down, left, down, and continue right straight on until you hop over the last 
Piranha Plant and reach daylight and the endpoint goal.  The Piranha Plant is 
what you'll use to run down the timer, so approach him from the right and 
proceed as you would normally.

-=- 2-3: What's Gusty Taste Like? -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: Another straightforward level with a few little tricky parts and a
wild little Super Flutter Jump to avoid two pesky little red coins.

For the first section, as usual, stay low to the ground and don't jump too 
much.  Slurp up Gustys to get you some eggs and keep Mario from being thrown 
off.  Just past the halfway point of this section, you can pick up a 1-UP - the 
coins overhead are normal.  Continue on, being careful of the coins over the 
short log platforms just after the 1-UP.  Head down the pipe and hit the 
midpoint ring - you'll need the stars at the end, and you'll need to
continuation for the manuever coming up next..

Fill up on eggs and hop up onto the platform right next to the soft ground.
You're going to need to cut through this dirt with an egg going almost
completely vertical, because the first and third coins on the other side of the
wall are red.  Once the wall is breached, SLLLLOOOOWWWWLLLYYY walk to the edge
of the platform and drop down.  Carefully shoot through the next batch of soft
ground ahead and approach dirt section #3.  What you need to do here is shoot
through the top two rows of dirt, leaving the bottom row intact - if you mess
up, I hope you hit the midpoint ring, because you will need to jump into the pit
on the other side to start again.  Carefully head back to the enemy-spewing pipe
and pick up (but not egg-ify) one of the lantern-toting enemies it coughs up.
Carefully head back to the dirt section we just worked on and spit the enemy out
so that it lands on top of the dirt.  It will stand for a second or two and then
walk back towards you.  When it hits the left edge of the dirt, hop on it and
Super Flutter Jump off the top of the screen - hold right, and you should see
the screen move.  Hop over the gap in the ceiling and traipse over the cave that
holds two normally unavoidable red coins. 

Continue on ahead, staying low and avoiding the Flyguys carrying red coins
(there's also a red coin hidden in the 8 coins over the downward stair).  Jump
through the flippers and catch the star. Ahead to the left is a row of coins,
all of which are normal EXCEPT the first one - leap over it and proceed.  Keep
going the way you normally would as all the red coins are now behind you and the
only remaining flower is easily avoidable.  It's a bit of a long stretch from
the last enemies (two Tap-Taps and three baby seagulls) to the endpoint goal,
but if you've got 10 or more on your star timer, you should be able to pull it
off just fine.

-=- 2-4: Bigger Boo's Fort -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: By this point, things should be getting routine, so I'll refrain 
from going into too much detail unless a specific strategy is required for 
certain sections.

Section 1: Hit the Red Switch, cross the bridge and just run flat-out to the 
door at end - after the red bridge, you have no need to jump, as your momentum 
will help you cross the gaps in the wooden bridge.  The last four red coins in 
the room are red, so DO not jump - trust me when I say just flat-out run.

Section 2: While the rest of this level is routine, this section is tricky.  
Start out by shooting the '?' cloud to make the stairs appear - be careful as 
the 3 coins by the staircase are red.  Trot up the staircase and continue along 
this corridor, slurping up Gustys, drop down and hit the Red Switch.  Quickly, 
get onto the lower red bridge and shoot eggs off the wall to get the key from 
the '?' block.  Run back through the corridor to the left and hop up to the 
staircase where you started.  Enter the locked door and exit this next section 
by simply hopping up the ledges on the left side of the room.  Go through the 
pipe, push the crate out of your way, hop on the yellow/white moving platform 
and QUICKLY make a short hop over the wall to the right where the locked door 
you just entered is.  Hop over the gap and through the midpoint ring.  Continue 
down this corridor like you normally would.

Section 3: No surprises here, do it like you normally would

Section 4: Just flat-out run across the bottom of the screen here and enter the 

Section 5: Hit the midpoint ring if you're so inclined, leap the revolving 
planks, and enter the boss door.  Fight Bigger Boo pretty much the same way you 
did with Burt and Salvo - hit him until he's one hit away from exploding, 
jettison Baby Mario, and then finish him off as the timer reaches 0 (and that's 
JUST as the timer reaches 0, not 2 like with Burt).  This fight is actually 
pretty easy.

-=- 2-5: Watch Out For Lakitu -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 2
Walkthrough: This level has plenty of hidden coins that normally are hard to 
avoid, but a very simple strategy will allow to breeze over just about ALL of 
them in the second section with no trouble at all.  You can trot right through 
the first half of section 1 easily - just avoid the red coins on the far right 
of the groups of five over precariously balanced logs 1 and 4.  Run through the 
little interlude and past the crate - hover over or trot below the 6 coins just 
beyond that (2 of them are red).  Do a hover-jump over the next six (number 5 
is red) and over the Pokey.  Push Chomp Rock over and enter the door on the 

Here's the easy part: In this new section, without hitting the midpoint ring, 
shoot an egg at the first '?' cloud you see and jump up to the top of the 
sunflower, landing on the topmost ledge.  What you're gonna do here is the 
extended hovering jump (jump, hold B, at the peak of the hover, hold B again, 
repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseum) so that you land the third of the three blue 
soft ground rings.  You'll pass a red-coin-toting Flyguy, so make sure not to 
hit him.  Once you land, Lakitu will be close by.  Hop on him (don't slurp him) 
and his cloud will be yours for the taking.  Hop on and fly right - literally.  
You can use his cloud as conveyance straight through to the end of the level, 
avoiding ALL the red coin and flower madness.  The big bush just before end 
ring conceals a bandit.  *Run* through the bush to the left so that the bandit 
will take Mario off to the right - if you stop in the middle, the bandit could 
go either way (probably to the left - the direction you DON'T want him to go).  
Finish it off as usual. 

-=- 2-6: The Cave Of The Mystery Maze -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: This level is remarkably easy to get through if you're not
consciously collecting items...for the most part.  Once again, the Super Flutter
Jump saves you from having to grab an otherwise unavoidable flower icon. 

Catch the eggs at the top of the shaft if you so desire, then go to the far
right side of the shaft and do a ground pound through the soft earth, holding
down until you hit the ledge.  Go right and hit the '?' cloud for the door. 
Head right, past the lantern-toting enemies and the enemy-spewing pipe, and
being careful of the spike rod near the big bounce ball.  Don't jump too high or
you'll find yourself near some pesky red coins - only hop up to the next ledge
on the left. Head left, avoiding the lantern guys, the bats, and the marching
cannons - especially the cannon: you may find if you get hit by the cannon you
might end up popping one of the bats, which you don't want to do if you can help
it. You'll see a small gap in the floor with a small floor in it.  This is where
you're gonna do the Super Flutter Jump - either lure a bat into the middle of
that gap and hop on him, or use one of the lantern guys on the left side of the
gap (when they're standing right at the edge).  If, by some weird twist of fate,
you popped both bats already and neither of the lantern guys are still around,
you can run down to the bottom floor, pick up a lantern guy from the
enemy-spewing pipe, and carry him back up to where you need him (just be sure
you don't take too long or Yoshi will make an egg out of him).  Either way, once
you've got your hopping stone, vault up to where the big bounce ball is and keep
going.  Head right, over the marching cannons and through the door.  Avoid the
midpoint ring if you can.  Breeze through the next section (no items) and
continue on.  The last section has a flower that you can avoid OH so easily. Use
the last Eggo-Dil in the level to throw off Mario and finish as usual.

-=- 2-7: Lakitu's Wall -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 2
Walkthrough: Once again, most of the items in this level are off the direct 
path to the goal, so really, it's only about avoiding the obvious ones.

Head left, not hopping upwards to the areas above, just keep going left - there 
are no items in your path, so don't worry.  Once you reach the Bullet Bills, be 
aware of the two posts you must pound to continue onward - DO NOT pound them 
all the way down, as they conceal red coins at the bottom.  Pound the one on 
the right three times ("neither shalt you pound four...") and continue on past 
the two doors and down the pipe - the falling block section holds no items in 
your path to watch out for.  Once again, you're breezing through this next 
section.  At the top of the plateau, it's a good idea to do an extended hover-
jump to the far left side of the level.  There are three red coins that you can 
accidentally catch if you're not careful and the left side offers a straight 
run to the bottom with no items in your way.  The last section is 
straightforward - catch the Car-Morphing bubble and proceed on, as there are no 
more items in your path.  Hit the ReYoshization block and use the Tap-Taps to 
eject Mario from your care, finishing the level as usual.

-=- 2-8: The Potted Ghost's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 7
Walkthrough: Ah... it's nice to get back to a challenging level after the last 
four or five veritable cakewalks.  This level is long, so be sure to get 
yourself some extra lives and hit some midpoint rings so you don't have to go 
through the entire castle each time you mess up.

Section 1 is nowhere near as bad as, say, the Lava Lake of Doom in 1-4, but 
between the platforms you need to use and the Lava Bubbles, you may find 
yourself resetting more than you have been SINCE 1-4.  If you've played this 
level before with intentions of collecting all items, you'll know that in this 
first room, 5 red coins are waiting right above the logs floating in the lava 
pool.  Just hop and hover over the those logs - the arches of coins above are 
all normal, so no worries.  Once you come to the green/white moving platform, 
ride it a while until you see the flower in the path.  Let the platform go over 
it, then jump just before it begins to backtrack to the left.  Hover-jump and 
land on solid ground.  Here now is the tricky part: you need to hit these 
platforms that fall into the lava shortly after you land on them, BUT the coin 
on the left over the orange/white platform is the 6th red coin in this section, 
so what you need to do is hop on the second platform, run and do a short hop to 
the right and immediately hover just as the second platform is heading for the 
lava.  It'll be close, but you should be able to land on the third green/white 
platform, where I recommend you take advantage of the midpoint ring.

Section 2 is easy: Hop on the arrow basketball as it's pointing up and ride it 
to the ledge overhead.  You pass by 3 red coins and a secret area that contains 
a flower - no skin off your teeth.  Enter the pipe and in this next room, drop 
down and then head down and to the left - there's a key in this room you need 
to pick up.  Here there is only a single flower (that is out of your way) and 
one red coin (that can easily be jumped over).  Avoid the bombs from overhead 
and fake flowers who try to bowl you over, grab the key at the far left end of 
the room, and return.  Back in the previous room, run up the slope and head 
straight across to the right.  Stock up on eggs in this next room and use them 
to raise the spike pulley and continue on.  Open the locked door and in the 
next room, the upper-left portion has a midpoint ring, the lower-right portion 
has a door that leads to a room with two enemies and a flower, and the upper-
right section has 2 red coins which you should just run past to get to the next 

Tricky part #2: Again, stock up on eggs if you need them and use them to get 
past the first spike pulley and continue on.  At the second one, do the same, 
but be sure not to get caught underneath the spike pulley as the only other way 
out involves catching that flower icon in front of you (and we don't want that, 
now, do we?).  When you reach the arrow basketball, here is where your lift and 
jumping skills will come in handy - the line of coins to the top of this shaft 
contains 3 red coins (3, 7, and 9), and unfortunately, they're very much in 
your way.  Scoop up the arrow wheel, spit it out directly underneath coin 
number 1, and hop onto it when it is pointing straight up.  Just before you hit 
the concrete and yellow sticky ceiling on the right, you'll need to hop and let 
the lift rotate to the left slightly - which would be easy if the wheel rotated 
counter-clockwise...which it doesn't.  You'll have to do some quick and frantic 
hover-jumps in order to get it going in the right direction.  Once you pass 
coin 7, hop again (being sure to avoid coin 9), so that it's pointing straight 
up or slightly up-right (easier since the wheel rotates the direction you need. 
Once you reach the top, let fly an egg at the lone spike on the ceiling to 
reveal the '?' cloud that contains the door to the next section.

You'll find this next section positively frantic as well.  You have to find a 
key hidden in one of three pots while avoiding several Bandits as well as four 
red coins in the center-left and center-right open shafts - and 3/5 of this 
screen is hidden as an alcove.  Run left to reveal what's in the alcove, avoid 
the Bandit and hop up to the pot, pushing it to the right (you can't push it 
left).  If the key is in it, it will bounce into the middle section, but, 
fortunately, will not hit either of the red coins hidden just below the ledge 
you are on.  If the key is not there, carefully and quickly head to the one in 
the middle, avoiding Bandits and coins, and lastly to the one in the lower-
right alcove.  You can catch the midpoint ring at the top of the screen if you 
feel so inclined - there's another one in the very next room, so you may not 
need it.  Enter the locked door in the far right alcove and continue.

From here on out, it's a piece of cake.  No more items lay before you and the 
boss is actually a pushover... literally.  Play the boss like you normally 
would, pushing him to the right until the Shyguys who are pushing back are 
forced off the ledge.  At this point, stop and now you can take your time.  Let 
the blue flames Roger spews at you unseat Mario and just as the timer hits 0, 
push his pot off the ledge.  This can get a little tricky as he will often push 
you away as you're pushing him away, so back away for a few seconds and move in 
for your final push as the timer hits 4 - he'll push you away and you'll have 
just enough time to knock him off before Kamek's goons ruin your day.

And with a score of 0, World 2 is behind you.  That one wasn't that bad, now 
was it?

4c. World 3

-=- 3-1: Welcome to Monkey World! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 5
Walkthrough: This level is deceiving - there are just as many normal coins as
there are red and the level's individual perils and pitfalls will be just as
difficult to get around as the unwanted items.

Start off by avoiding the coins on the other side of the yellow soft dirt - one
is red - and quickly making your way to the far end of this section.  There are
two flowers and 5 red coins to avoid, so it's best to just run and hover-jump
here.  In the next section, by wary of the coins over the water and mud and
generally avoid getting hit by the Grinders (little monkey dudes).  When you
begin your vertical ascent, use seeds or eggs to get rid of the Piranhas - be
careful as just over the one at the top is a red coin.  Run right through the
Grinder gauntlet, avoiding the coins (3 of the 6 are red) and continue to the
last section.

The next gap you'll encounter is tricky, as you need to wait for the swinging
Grinders to swing by before you can execute a low hover-jump under the coins
(the middle is red).  Make sure once you land you scoop up the Grinder in the
trees with the watermelon - he can shoot seeds that will collect unwanted red
coins if they hit.  Hop over the teetering platforms and again run under the
swinging Grinders toward the goal.  What you'll have to do here is simply trot
back to the swinging Grinders and waltz under them as they're passing to the
right.  The chain will break up and a Grinder will take off to the right with
Mario.  Get him back and through the ring just before Kamek's goons make off
with him and you're done.

-=- 3-2: Jungle Rhythm... -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: This one can get a bit tricky, but it's not too bad.  Start off by
running and leaping over the Spear Guys, then coming to rest on top of the blue
blocks hanging in the air near the dancing and singing Spear Guys.  After
pausing for a moment, continue on hovering and be watchful of the
red-coin-toting Flyguy - the pause you just took ensures you wouldn't run into
him as you continue on.  Now for the weird part: you're actually going to take a
detour off the main course - it runs you through 37 normal coins and allows you
to bypass a tricky flower icon.  Once you get away from the dirt and mud, you'll
see a little alcove in the ground - hop in and a '?' cloud will emerge.  Hit it
to reveal a Red Switch and hop in the arrow the switch reveals to enter this

Upon emerging from the shortcut (I won't tell you how to do it - you should
know), hop on the fast-moving green/white platform as it comes around and don't
worry about the midpoint ring.  At the apex of the circle the platform makes,
hop up and hit the creme-blue block to reveal a platform moving left-right.
Allow the green/white platform to go around two more times - at the height of
the 3rd time around (total), hop onto the creme-blue platform and do jump and
hover toward the purple/white platform, but DO NOT jump and hover too high.
Directly above the purple/white platform is a flower icon - it can be avoided by
jumping through the log on the left or right, but just be careful.  And don't
linger too long on the purple/white platform either, as it will push you
directly into the flower icon.

Continue upwards as usual, hopping on the purple/white revolving platform and
hitting the right-hand '?' cloud above to reveal the stairs (the coins there are
normal).  Once you reach the top, hop onto the revolving platform there, but be
careful, the second and third of the 4 coins you see above you are red.
Continue on, gobbling up the Spear Guys - pause before you shoot the Piranha so
you don't accidentally hit the Flyguy with the red coin.  Do a double hover-jump
over the next batch of Spear Guys and the single Tap-Tap.  Head back and let
Tap-Tap tap-tap Mario off your back-back.  Be careful not to fall into the pit
on the right and finish the level the way you normally would - the 20 star timer
you SHOULD still have ought to be enough to get you home.

-=- 3-3: Nep-Enuts' Domain -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 1
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: This level is fantastically easy if you can hover-jump well.
Trudge down the slope past the Grinders and pick up some eggs at the flower at
the bottom.  Hop over to the post in the ground and shoot Nep-Enut in the head
(not the mouth as you don't want to reveal that flower if you can help it).
Once he goes down, hop and hover-jump over to the next platform.  What you need
to do here is hop and Super Flutter Jump up to the tree-top above you (easy),
but you only get one try, so make it count.  Once up there, simply hop and hover
over the coins and Nep-Enut to the next plateau.  Continue doing this until you
reach the four trees.  After this point, there are no more red coins in this
section, so either hop up to the top of the trees and continue hovering or make
your way through like you normally would.

In this next section, there's really nothing to fear except the normal cadre of
enemies.  Continue through the mud until you get to the helicopter bubble - pop
it and head left through the little narrow passageway.  Re-Yoshize and continue
on through the door.  In the next room, hit the midpoint ring if you feel so
inclined and drop down to the submarine bubble.  Proceed through here like you
normally would, taking care to avoid the sole red coin in here (to the left of
the first spike ball - after the second puffer fish).  Keep in mind you will
need to hit both submarine bubble recharges on the way through here.

When you emerge from the door, take care to grab the two 1-UPs but be wary of
the three coins below - the middle is red.  Avoid the crabs (ain't that good
advice?) and proceed to the purple/white platforms, ignoring the three coins off
to the left (one is red).  Ignore the staggered platforms after the moving
platforms and continue on to the red staircase, avoiding the hopping Shyguy, and
picking up your first unavoidable red coin (and point) since World 1-8.  In this
last part, stay below the bridge in the water until you can get rid of the Frog
Pirate; then just hop up and run left - there are red coins overhead, hence the
swimming.  Continue on and hover-jump over the cache of enemies below toward the
endpoint ring.  A good candidate for ejecting Mario is the flashing Flyguy.  If
you miss him, just scroll right to the goal and come back; he'll regen.

-=- 3-4: Prince Froggy's Fort -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: When you begin this world, you'll ask yourself, "Why a 6?"  There
are two reasons: a rather tricky section after the dimmed crab room and the
trickiest boss fight you've had yet.

Section 1: Fairly easy, no items to worry about, shoot the '?' cloud
above the water to proceed.  

Section 2: You're gonna spend a lot of time in the water, as most of the items
in this area are above and require leaps from dry land (or revolving platforms)
to collect.  The middle coins in arches 2 and 3 are red, so avoid them.  After
you pass the first door (don't go in, you don't need it), you'll need to be
careful of the spike balls and the spitter fish, but you won't have a problem
avoiding the red coins and flowers.  After door #2, ignore the revolving
platform and swim right without stopping - You'll avoid the bombs being dropped
from overhead and you won't have to worry about accidentally jumping into the
red coins above.  Hit the midpoint ring before the last door - you'll need it.

Section 3: Get past the first crab as usual.  On the second floor, just run
right - the bottom four coins are normal and the top three are red, but you'll
miss the red ones if you don't jump. Continue on past the second crab and fill
up on eggs if you're so inclined.

Section 4: Since timing is key in the boss room, and you'll be losing some of
your stars in this room, you may want to pick up the stars in the '?' cloud when
you emerge in this section.  That said, continue on, hitting the three '?'
clouds on the left-hand sides of the spike pits, being careful not to ricochet
and hit the flower in the third pit.  Continue on to the left, either slurping
or ignoring the slimes (PG: "Lemon Drops") that fall.  Jump on the revolving
platform ahead and ride it left for a ways. You'll see the seemingly-inevitable
flower icon ahead and Lemon Drops forming on the ceiling.  Get the revolving
platform right up to the flower without collecting it and you're now gonna
hover-jump left over the rest of the spike pit.  Two slimes will form on the
ceiling and, more than likely, you will hit the second one (the one on the left)
sending Mario flying.  DO NOT let this shake you, but continue to hover-jump
over to solid ground and wait, facing left.  Mario will drift in as the timer is
reaching 13 (or should be, at any rate) - scoop him up and continue on.

Section 5 (Pre-boss room): Hit the midpoint ring here - not only will you need
the time for the boss, but you will want to be able to continue from here rather
than go through that last room again.  Continue to the top, avoiding the two
frogs and the evil flower, and enter the boss room.  Let Froggy eat you (no
choice, really) and prepare for what could probably will be your most
aggravating boss fight to date. Froggy's uvula (the hangy thing at the top of
the screen) will take 11 hits to defeat.  I recommend keeping to the usual
strategy and hanging onto Mario until you've hit him 10 times.  The best place
to stand is right in the middle where the stomach acid (eww) doesn't fall.  You
can scoop up "giant" Shyguys from here without worrying about being hit and it's
also a decent angle from which to try and take your shots - you'll need to
target, jump, fire in order to get the egg high enough.  Once you've gotten 10
hits, stay in the middle until you have two giant eggs and allow Mario to be
thrown off.  Now, you play the waiting game.  You might think it's a good idea
to target and hold with the target straight up - the only problem is, when you
target like that, Froggy's tummy moves you around in weird ways.  You're gonna
have to wait until the timer is almost run down to target/jump/fire.  Right when
the timer is at 1, go for it.  You'll know you've done it when Froggy's tummy
turns blue and the acid becomes coins.  Hopefully, the timer will be at 0 when
Mario ends up on your back (he'll have JUST been rescued from the clutches of
Kamek's goons) - otherwise, you'll need to reset.  If you counted wrong and
needed another shot to defeat Froggy, rest easy as long as you have extra lives:
Kamek's goons will spirit him away, but you'll only restart just outside the
boss room.  Whew!

-=- 3-5: Jammin' through the Trees -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 5
Walkthrough: All that swimming is making you soft - it's time to give you a bit
of a frenzied challenge.  The Grinders in the trees will be your primary source
of annoyance in this level, with the watermelon-spitting Grinders coming in at a
close second.

The first section is pretty straight-forward - literally.  Keep to the middle of
the screen vertically, avoid the watermelon seeds and bombs thrown/spat by the
Grinders and watch that your eggs don't ricochet in the wrong direction.  At the
end of this section, be sure your egg goes straight ahead and doesn't hit either
of the two red coins or the flower buried in the dirt.

The second section will keep you on your toes - figuratively.  There are 6 red
coins in your path you'll need to watch out for: 2 up above the space just after
revolving platform #1 (next to the Shyguy carousel), and 4 directly beside
revolving platform #4 (the four above are normal, so use that to your
advantage).  The action here is going to be very furious, so scoop up all the
Shyguys and Grinders you can and take out the Wild Ptooie Plants as soon as
possible.  You'll thank yourself when you can make the tricky jumps with less

The last section is relatively straightforward.  4 of the 6 red coins here are
in your jumping path, but readily avoidable if you take out the Wild Ptooie
Plants near them first (the two closest to Plant #1, and coins 3 and 4 above
Plant #2).  After you drop down out of the trees, you pretty much have smooth
sailing - only one flower between you and the end goal, and it's quite out of
your way, so no worries.  The Shyguys in the trees on the steps before the end
goal will provide Mario's ejection.

-=- 3-6: The Cave of Harry Hedgehog -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 6
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: These disappointing nonzero levels pop up in odd intervals, don't
they?  Remember the little trick you pulled off to keep from getting a 10 in
World 1-7?  You're gonna repeat it here, with less than satisfying results, but
it's the only way.

Proceed through this level rather normally, by hopping into the trees and taking
the upper route into the cave.  You can run right under the four red coins
before the entrance (in fact, you WANT to) as well as the ominous-looking flower
on the cave side.  Drop down, grab the key, and use the bounce ball to pop back
up, but remember to stay to the right of the shaft so you don't collect the
flower.  Continue on, pushing Chomp Rock down and then to the right.  Hop up the
shaft and continue left over the enemy-spewing pipe (you'll come back here in a
minute).  Press on, gobbling up, frying, or otherwise disposing of the Harry
Hedgehogs and the rats.  Eventually, you'll end up underneath the locked door.
You may be tempted at this juncture to hop on the rat and pop through the door -
but DON'T!  There are no enemies in the last section and once you pass through
the door, you can't come back.  So make your way back to the enemy-spewing pipe,
fire off an egg if need be, and scoop up a Shyguy (don't egg-ify him).  Trot
back to the area with the locked door and spit up (literally) the Shyguy.  Run
into him, popping off Baby Mario, and then hop and Super Flutter Jump up to the
toadstool with the door.  Hopefully, Mario will come floating back as the timer
reaches 0; scoop him up before Kamek's Toadies make off with him and enter the
door.  From here, TEAR right to the end goal and don't stop - you don't get
another chance at this without resetting.  Luckily, if you DO screw up, this
level isn't that long or hard.  My personal best for this level is 8, but
Cauchys was able to pick up a 6.

-=- 3-7: Monkey's Favorite Lake -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 2
Walkthrough: This level will be a walk in the park (swim in the lake?).
Seriously, this level should give you no problems if you've gotten this far.
Red coins and flowers, for the most part, are conveniently placed out of your
path, so aside from dodging Grinders, Flyguys, Clawdaddies, and Lunge Fish, you
should have no trouble.  Use a Flopsy Fish near the end goal to get your star
timer down.

-=- 3-8: Naval Piranha's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0 
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: In terms of avoiding items, this level is a piece of cake - the
trick to this is simply timing Naval Piranha.  Go straight ahead, down, right,
down the slope and past the Piranhas to get to the next section, fighting
enemies as usual on the way.  In the next room, simply hop over the gaps and
continue.  Once you reach the midpoint ring with the two Ptooie Plants, take the
bottom right path and head on through.  The only items even remotely in your way
are just after the two Ptooies you need to ricochet your eggs off the wall to
kill - and those two red coins and a flower are easily avoided.

In the boss room, hit Naval twice and then eject Baby Mario.  The trick is to
time it so Naval charges and then turns his bandaged stump around just as the
timer hits 1.  Let the egg fly, and it should connect as the timer hits 0.

World 3's two spoilers (3-3 with a 1 and 3-6 with 6) are the only ones keeping
you from a perfect score and leave you with a 7.  Still, not too bad.

4d. World 4

-=- 4-1: Go! Go! Mario!! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 2
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: This level (like 1-7) will become your best friend.  Details in a

The trail of coins leading up the hill hides 2 red coins, one at each end.  At
the top of the hill, snatch up the nearest Koopa shell, hop over the first pipe,
under the second, stop on top of the third, face left, and spit out the shell.
Fire off an egg if you're full, and let the 1-UP collecting commence.  Set your
GBA down for about a half hour and come back to find you have several hundred
lives at your "disposal".  When you get to the trickier levels to come, you'll
thank me for this.  When you've gotten your fill, continue on, using Bullet
Bills to scale over the little plateaus at the end of this section (the valleys
in between hide one red coin each).

You might be daunted by this next section, but it hides only a single flower
icon and all the other coins are normal.  Avoid Fuzzy if you so desire, but if
you keep hopping, you should have no problem crossing this section.  When you
emerge in the final section, hop down and collect the midpoint ring (if you
desire) and release the Super Star (even if you DON'T desire).  Instead of
running left and up the wall (and through an unavoidable red coin), hop back up
the ledges to the right and back over the enemy-spewing pipe.  Catch the Star
there and continue on, avoiding the flower and picking up more Stars along the
way.  At the end of the Super Star passage, you'll run into two unavoidable red
coins (no Super Flutter Jump to save you here).  Run right through them and fall
down (don't hover, especially with a flower and 3 red coins in the sky).  Run to
the right to the goal and then backtrack a little, using a Flying Wiggler to
remove Mario.

-=- 4-2: The Cave of the Lakitus -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 5
Walkthrough: For the most part, this level is easy, but a few tricky jumps and
trots near the beginning make this rather tricky.

Start off by entering the leftmost pipe (fill up on eggs if you need to) and hit
the rotating arrow block when it's pointing straight left to get yourself a 1-UP
(if you need it after 4-1... heh).  Cauchys recommends grabbing that shell if
you can and carrying it through to the next section.  It's possible to jump off
the low cliff and hop up to the middle cliff (with the green Koopa) without
picking up the red coin overhead (the middle one), but if you can't do it, get
right up to the edge of the low cliff and snag the green Koopa with your tongue
as he drops over the edge (if you have the shell from the 1-UP section, just use
it here).  Spit out the shell upwards so it lands a good 1-2 bodylengths to the
left of the bottommost coin.  Hop on it and Super Flutter Jump over the coins.
It should work that the green Koopa has regens at this point, so scoop him up
and plop him on the higher tier of the cliff you are on and SFJ over the next
cadre of coins (middle is red AGAIN).  At the top, hop over the red Koopa and
jump over the middle coin over the staircase.

Here's the part I still don't quite understand.  The next coin down on the
staircase is red, and appears to be unavoidable.  But I've been able to avoid it
on occasion (not consistently).  What I did was walk right up to the top of the
middle staircase and duck.  Then inch forward slightly, and duck again.  Keep
doing this until you're past the red coin.  For some reason, it works, though
not all the time.  The last coin is tricky to get over, but a well-timed
hover-jump should get you past it.

After this, continue on, avoiding the Piranhas, Lakitus, and other general
nuisances.  In the last section, stay close to the ground until you reach the
vertical cavern - then stay along the left wall, dropping to the bottom.  Hop
right, over the spikes (don't do the tricky jump to get the flower, obviously)
and continue to the end.  Three Lakitus in the wall near the end goal will
provide you with unconventionally yet effective means of eliminating your star

-=- 4-3: Don't Look Back! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: Nothing really out of the ordinary here - just avoid all the coins
if you can (unless you've got a PG), avoid the Flyguys with coins, and don't
bother with the high road in the last section.  

The first four coins you encounter after using the balloons to head up are red.
After that, coins 4, 9, and 10 are red, so be careful when hopping from platform
to platform here.  After the pipe, the staggered countdown platforms, and the
Koopas with balloons, there are only two hidden red coins you need to avoid: one
as you start to ascend again and another at the top of the Red Switch area.
Like I said in the intro, avoid the high road in the last section - just run for
the end goal, blasting through the small dirt tunnel just before the end and
running back to the enemy-spewing pipe you passed on the way to get your
Mario-ejecting jollies.

-=- 4-4: Marching Milde's Fort -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: This level is long and tricky - the only reason it's got a 6
instead of an 8 or higher is because the boss room is so fricking EASY!

The first section with the Shark Chomp will have you gnashing your teeth until
he shatters his.  Gobble up the Mildes before traversing the dirt path - don't
grab the first on the dirt, but quickly snag the second and continue on.  If
you're lucky, right after you jump out of the second pit, Sharky will have
caught up with you and you can continue - still, avoid, the last coin in the
first two short lines of coins as red is as bad for you as it is for sharks
(when it's blood red, that is).  Hop over the moving platforms and continue on -
the middle coin in the upside-down arch is red.  Continue running, avoiding the
flower and the last of the three coins just beyond (red, obviously) and finally
take a breather at the egg block.  Continue on into the fort, catching the
midpoint ring before you enter.  OK, now the fun really begins.  I recommend
grabbing the easy keys first (upper-left and lower-right).

Upper-left: Straight-forward - the only red coin in your path is at the top in
the dirt.  You should be able to get through this room with no problems - make
sure to grab the key before leaving.

Lower-right: Again, fairly straight-forward - the red coins and flower are out
of your path in this room as well.  Hop up the platforms, drop down to the
second level, ride the basketball up, and drop down to the door in the middle.
Hit the '?' cloud over the revolvng drum to release the key - if you time it
right, you can snag the key and land on the top door, which will take you back
to the main room.

Once you've got those two keys, I recommend using them in the first two locked
doors.  Then come back to the main room and hit the midpoint ring - you WILL
need it.

Upper-right: Hop up to the top of the shaft and fill up your eggs.  Break
through the cracked blocks and stop! - you'll need to be VERY careful in this
section.  You'll see two holes in the green blocks with two coins apiece - the
right-side one in each is red.  What you have to do is shoot the eggs directly
horizontally, so that they don't break through to where the red coins are.  The
best thing to do is stay low.  Once you've gotten a wide enough berth, shoot
through the dirt, and lure the bandit inside away so you can hop on him 3 times
to pop him or just run past him.  Continue on through this section until you get
to the portion walled off by spikes.  There is a bandit on the other side
carrying a red coin - you do NOT want to shoot him with an egg or jump on him,
but one of the clouds in this section contains the key you need, so just tread
cautiously.  Once you've got the key, finish the section normally, ignoring the
coins in the alcove on the way out.

At this point, I recommend heading through the middle door in the main room and
hitting the midpoint ring on the other side - again, you will NEED it.

Lower-left: Last, but not least, the trickiest bee-yotch of the bee-yunch.  Drop
the '?' pail into the lava and cross the first stretch.  Once you've gotten to
the green revolving platform, prepare yourself.  Get on the left side, but stay
to the right of the platform you're hopping onto.  The first two pairs of coins
are normal, but the left of the third pair is red - you'll need to either do a
short hop to rotate the platform beneath it without getting it (tricky) or do a
running hover-jump under it once you're as far left as you can go without
picking it up (also tricky).  If you miss, just drop in the lava and restart
from the midpoint ring I told you to get (you DID get it, didn't you?).  Ride
the basketball to the top, and make your way back to the right.  Avoid the Lava
Bubbles and the little guys who spew lava at you and also be careful of the last
pair of coins on the top - the left one is red.  This part shouldn't really
cause you any problems.  Make sure you collect the key which is in the cloud
beyond the exit door - you don't want to have to go through this room again...

Now that you've gotten the last key, head through the middle door and through
the series of short rooms ahead, avoiding the single red coin on the tilting
wooden plank in the third room.  Catch the midpoint ring in the fourth room and
enter the boss room.  This is going to be by far the EASIEST boss fight you will
ever face.  Simply fight Milde as you normally would (ground pound on top of it
to split it in half, repeat ad nauseaum) - only make sure to keep a single Milde
around at the end.  Run into it, throwing off Mario, and then just let your
timer run out.  Scoop up Milde when it gets close, and when the timer hits 0,
egg-ify him, and Mario will return to you with a perfect 0 score on this level.

-=- 4-5: Chomp Rock Zone -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficult Rating: 2
Walkthrough: I promise I'm going to shorten these walkthroughs unless totally
necessary to elaborate.  This level is a cakewalk - you don't even need to keep
the Chomp Rock with you.  Head right, left, and right again - once you head back
right again, be careful to avoid the single coin below the two layers of soft
dirt - it's red.  After emerging in the final section, stay low and just run
right.  There are Koopas near the end ring.

-=- 4-6: Lake Shore Paradise -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: The only thing you really need to watch out for in this level are
the bounce balls in the first section just before the door into the second
section.  Stay low and don't bounce too high.  Also the coins near the pipes in
the first section contain some treacherous red coins, but are readily avoidable.
Hopping Shyguys near the end ring will help you out.

-=- 4-7: Ride Like the Wind -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 7
Walkthrough: Once again, a huge "thank you!" to Cauchys Inequality for his tip
on this level, as well as a huge "curse you!" to Cauchys Inequality for his tip
on this level.  Everything but the last section is a piece of cake - nothing you
haven't worked with before.  After getting through the large first section, hit
the midpoint ring in the alcove when you emerge through the door - you will
thank me later.  Hop over to the alcove directly across from you and move right
enough so you can see the Bullet Bill cannon.  Wait for him to fire and jump out
of the alcove, hopping on Bullet Bill and bouncing up through the floor above,
landing next to the locked house - make sure to stay to the right as you jump,
or you'll pick up the flower.  Now, walk to the edge of the platform where the
house is and wait - turn your speakers up!

It's tricky to describe what you have to do here, but I'm going to try.  When
you hear the Bullet Bill cannon fire, run, jump, and begin hovering right.
After the first couple of hovers, you'll see the Bullet Bill below you.  Do your
best to stay no more than a 1/3 screen-length behind him and at least 2-3
Yoshi-heights above him - don't drop too far or you'll screw this up, at which
point the only recourse is dropping off the bottom of the screen, cuz there
ain't no way back.  

You should reach the last ground piece floating in the air ahead of you with the
Bullet Bill still front of you - land ON TOP of the ground (in other words,
don't go to the Flatbed Ferries below it to get inside the alcoves) and run to
the right.  If you can catch Bullet Bill before he gets past the space in the
middle of the floating ground, great - continue on to the next paragraph once
you land with the Bullet Bill in your mouth (don't egg-ify him and don't fall
through the gap in the floor).  If not, you're gonna have to hop the gap and
catch the Bullet Bill as you leap off the right side of the floating ground.
Once you catch it, you're gonna have to do some fancy hovering to get back to
the Flatbed Ferry just under the right ledge.

Regardless of when you catch Bullet Bill, your goal is the Flatbed Ferry under
the right-hand section of the floating ground.  The hard part, essentially, is
done, but don't relax yet, as you need to get this only enemy through a one-way
series of fast-moving platforms without picking up the 5 red coins and flower
icon along the way - and you need to do it before Yoshi automatically egg-ifies
the Bullet Bill.  If you mess up, drop off the screen, and I pray that you
caught the midpoint ring I told you to get in the first paragraph.  Once you
land on the first Flatbed Ferry, stay to the left-hand side of the platform.
You will hopefully avoid the 3 red coins at the end, just before it falls away
where you must jump to catch the next ferry; jump early if you need to - you'll
have time.  Landing on the second platform, stay on it (anywhere) till you see
the third platform, where you'll hop on it as well.  Once the last Ferry ends up
on the circular track, hop off to the right to the solid ground with the
endpoint ring - be careful to avoid the 2 reds and a flower directly above it.
This should have taken a very short amount of time (thank heavens that the
Ferries travel a HECK of a lot faster than normal ones), and so once you reach
solid ground, spit out the Bullet Bill and immediately begin running after it.
You should hit it before it has a chance to fly off-screen, and this will knock
Baby Mario off.

Remember this technique with the Bullet Bill - you'll need it again later.

-=- 4-8: Hookbill the Koopa's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 5
Walkthrough: Most of this level is straightforward.  The first three flowers are
out of the way, and there are really only two tricky parts between you and
Hookbill.  Run forward quickly, and just before you pass the barred door, snag a
Koopa and head forward and down to the bottom of the level, spitting it out and
revealing the stairs leading to the door up above.  Go through, push the crate
with the key as far left as possible before stomping on it - two of the coins
above are red.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to get the midpoint ring here as you
might screw up in the next part.  Once you've got the key, head through the door
to the left and prepare for a sneaky little manuever.

Don't jump through the floor to where the gray Arrow Wheel is spinning, but
rather stand directly underneath it.  Hold Up and hit 'B' as though you were
going to try to swallow it, but IMMEDIATLY, hit 'A' so you jump while Yoshi's
tongue is still out.  If you do it right, you'll scoop up the Arrow Wheel
through the solid floor!  If you miss, don't worry - keep trying.  Carry it down
to where you climbed the stairs to the room with the key (the stairs are gone
now) and spit it out so it's to the left of the coin up above.  Now the two
coins between you and the locked door are red, so this is gonna be tricky, but
it's doable.  Land on the Arrow Wheel when it's pointing straight up and ride it
to the left of the coin.  BEFORE THE WHEEL GETS TOO HIGH, you can jump off and
to the right, jumping OVER the second coin.  Don't be discouraged if you don't
get it right off - it's a tricky jump to pull off - just jump up and to the left
landing in the spikes (if you caught the midpoint ring in the other room, that
is - if not, you're starting over from the beginning).

Enter the locked door and head STRAIGHT up.  Don't veer off to the side, or
you'll land in some red coins while trying to avoid Fishing Lakitu.  Go through
the pipe and prepare for tricky part #2.  What you have to do here is break
column #3 without breaking columns #2 or #5 (which will surely net you at least
one flower).  The trick is to stand directly underneath column #3 (actually,
just left of the center of said column will do) and aim an egg STRAIGHT up.  Let
it loose, and it should break all the bricks without catching the flower.  Hop
up and go through the door, catching the midpoint ring on the way to Hookbill's
ledge.  Hookbill is actually pretty easy by comparison.  Hit him twice, jettison
Mario, overturn Hookbill when the timer is below 3 or 4, and do the final ground
pound on him when the timer hits 0.

And you finish out World 4 with a score of 2.  The hard parts are coming up!

4e. World 5

-=- 5-1: Blizzard!!! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 4
Walkthrough: I had a TERRIBLE time getting through this level, but I think I may
have been trying to be too fancy and made it harder on myself.  Section 1 has
some fancy jumps near fast-moving Chomp Rocks, but most all of it can be avoided
if you hop past the first star, hit the expanding block, and de-cloud a Lakitu,
using the cloud to soar up and right.  Be sure to avoid the Flyguy avec red coin
when you first start and be sure to jump and hover when the cloud runs out so
you miss the two red coins near the chomp rocks.  Continue up, up and right to
section 2.

In the cave, the only thing you have to worry about is not letting the Bumpties
(spinny bouncing penguins) and falling icicles knock you into a red coin or
flower - otherwise, quite easy.  In the last section, unseating a Lakitu and
using the cloud to get to the end is the best strategy.  Catch a Flyguy in your
mouth and carry it to the end to run out your timer.

-=- 5-2: Ride the Ski Lifts -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 6
Walkthrough: This level is an odd one.  Hurry through the first section,
avoiding the Tap-Taps and hopping over the Bumpties.  Once you get to the point
where you're supposed to have the big snowball to propel you up to the high
ledge (which you SHOULDN'T have, cuz it kills ALL the enemies), try to have a
Bumpty with you.  If you don't hop over the Tap-Tap, pick one up, and head back
- it's tricky, but you can do it.  Spit the Bumpty out onto the raised ledge to
the left and hop and Super Flutter Jump over the coins to the ledge beyond - the
top two are red.  Once you get that, hit the midpoint ring if you're so inclined
and continue onward.

The next section is easy - just hop on a lift and don't get off.  You could also
hop on a Bumpty or a Lakity and hover or cloud it over to the end - whatever
floats your boat.  In the last section, hop over the valleys (each contain two
red coins) and hover jump over the next little gap to avoid two more red coins.
Snag the midpoint ring here because the next part is tricky.  Hop on a ski lift
and ride it a ways - snag the first Flyguy to get a 1-UP.  Just as the track
levels out the second time, another Flyguy with a 1-UP will fly in - snag him
and DON'T egg-ify him.  Instead, drop down - yes, down off the screen - and hold
right.  Make sure you slow your fall with some hovering (but not too much) -
you're going to want to land on the plateau just before the end of the level.
Walk to the far left side of the platform, face right and spit the Flyguy out
upwards, but QUICKLY scoop him up before he rolls off the right side of the
plateau.  Once you have him back in your mouth, hop on the ski lift to the right
(avoid the second coin) and ride it to the end, avoiding the Bumpties on the
way.  Before the lift passes through the ring, spit the Flyguy out upward so it
lands below the ring on solid ground.  Hit him and eject Mario.  Mario will
probably fly off to the right, so to goad him back left, hop off the left of the
platform and hover for a second or two.  That should be enough to get him in
range to grab him and get through the ring as the timer reaches 0.

-=- 5-3: Danger - Icy Conditions Ahead -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 23
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 8
Walkthrough: This level will try to make the whole idea of the low score game
completely futile.  All of the coins and flowers in the first section (before
the skiing) are avoidable.  Watch out for some hidden red coins floating
overhead near the Super Baby Mario section, as well as four overhead that are
tricky to avoid with the Bumptys and all, but if you've gotten this far, this
shouldn't be too difficult.

The skiing section is gonna be tricky and there are NO enemies in the section
with the goal, so what you'll need to do is once you get in the room with the
mid-point ring and the Goonie is use the Goonie to run out the timer and then
hop through the midpoint ring as your count gets down to 0, thus bringing the
count back up to 10 and giving you a continue spot.  (Or you could hop through
at your leisure and then every time you continue, use the Goonie to run out your
timer again - but then, that's time-consuming...)  Scoop up Mario and strap on
the skis.  There are 5 red coins and 2 flowers in the first skiing section (none
in the other two), but only 2 red coins and a flower are avoidable.  Alas, you
will be picking up 13 points minimum here - it's very hard to describe what you
have to do, since the action moves so fast, but Cauchy puts it this way:

    "If you hop off hills earlier than you're supposed to, you can dodge a lot
    of coins. For the first group of coins, the hill right before goes down, 
    levels off a bit, and then goes down again before you reach the rock they're
    over. Right after the levelling out, jump and you can dodge the red. For the
    second one, it's tough, but there's a way you can mini-jump and hit the rock
    such that you can ski along its surface and go under all the coins (this 
    part is what gives me the most trouble). For the third group, hop early, but
    not too early or else you'll run into the bird and fall in the pit."

It takes a lot of practice, but you can make it.  Once you exit the first
section, head on through and hope to heaven that you make it past the second and
third sections and don't have to go through it again.

-=- 5-4: Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 10
Walkthrough: This is the level I gave up on.  Every other level before this I
was able to either come up with a decent strategy or verify someone else's, but
this one just got me stumped.  Not to mention, this essentially killed my
enthusiasm for completing this FAQ on my own.  I'll give what I can, but from
here on out, it's mostly second-hand info.  Sorry.

Frustratingly, the first two-thirds of this level is a piece of cake, especially
if you've gotten this far.  The same tips apply: don't jump too high, avoid
coins wherever possible, hit mid-point rings if absolutely necessary.  After the
cross the pit of spikes with the swinging ghost over-head (you'll know where)
and miss the last coin in the line (it's red), go through the door and, may God
have mercy on your soul, take the midpoint ring.  The next room has a single red
coin and a flower, both easily missed - take the pipe and prepare to enter hell.
Those who know this castle know that this particular section isn't too
particularly difficult when playing a normal game, although the fact that the
ghost platform doesn't come back for you is a pain.  But when you're trying to
do what we're trying to do here, you will CURSE this level.  The most sadistic
part of this bit is that the offending spot is far beyond a midpoint ring and,
if you miss, you have to waste time moving slowly from the previous midpoint
ring just to get back to try it again.

Take the ride as normal until you near the end, being sure to stock up on eggs
and avoid picking up extraneous coins or the single flower - not usually a
problem, as the ghost platform doesn't really push you into any.  After you have
to duck under a long row of spikes, careful jumping/falling will get you past
two red coins lurking near the ceiling.  Three more red coins are out of the way
and shouldn't garner any concern if you're playing it conservatively.  Shortly
after this, you'll pass a question cloud covered by some dirt - if you don't
have a full cadre of eggs, drop off the screen and start again.  Get ready for
the most frantic five seconds of your life.

Once you hop over the block and get the four coins (no sense making extra work
avoiding normal ones), and the ghost platform rises and lowers, duck under the
wall and prepare yourself.  The middle two coins in that mini-arch are red and
you can't stay on the platform to ride under them because of the spikes.
Essentially, what you have to do is leap off the platform as soon as you pass
under the wall, hover like crazy losing as LITTLE altitude as humanly possible,
all while firing eggs like mad at the spikes, being careful not to ricochet eggs
into the coins AND making sure you still have enough height to hover underneath
the coins and land on the ghost platform on the other side.

Sound difficult?  Just try it and you'll see... it's definitely easier said than
done.  Cauchy has some tips on breaking the eggs:

    "You need to break them with just three eggs. The first needs to hit the 
    upper left spike at such an angle that it nabs the two normal coins on the 
    ends but goes around the red coins. The second egg has to break two spikes 
    at once -- the lower left and upper right. The third egg should break the 
    lower right spike, bouncing off its left side so it goes careening into the 
    abyss. All the while you need to hover as best you can, because after that, 
    you need to float to the right (underneath the two red coins) and land on 
    the platform."
    "If you have trouble getting rid of all the spikes, you can shoot an egg 
    from the platform before you have to jump. If you're really fast, you should
    be able to get two off before needing to jump to avoid death. That would 
    allow to have three of the four spikes broken, meaning a minimal amount of 
    fidgeting with the R button while floating for dear life."
    "My method isn't too hard in theory, it's just really tough to get right. As
    soon as you go under the low ceiling, you want to jump off the platform and 
    hover as efficiently as possible. The first egg will break the upper-left 
    spike; if your angle's correct, it will bounce off the top of the spike, hit
    the right wall, hit the top wall, and die on the left wall, making a diamond
    shape around the two red coins but touching neither (it'll usually end up 
    snagging both normal coins) (you might want to be fluttering a little ways 
    away so that the angle works out properly; I don't jump off the platform at 
    the last possible second). The second egg can hit both the upper-right and 
    lower-left spikes at the same time. The third egg should take care of the 
    last spike; hit its left side so that the egg goes away from the red coins. 
    After that, it's just a waiting game. You have to wait out the platform, 
    which makes a pit stop right after the spikes. If you hover very 
    efficiently, you'll end up just high enough to get on the platform again 
    when it comes back down. It takes a bit of luck/skill to make sure the eggs 
    don't ricochet into the red coins. It takes a lot more luck/skill to get 
    back on the platform."

gameguy888 suggested this alternate technique:
    "Right before the “spike problem” the ghost lift goes up to a set of spikes 
    on the ceiling, jump onto the small 2 by 2 platform below where the ghost 
    goes. Now, ready an egg so that the curser is aimed horizontally. Jump onto 
    the platform as the ghost moves upward. Now, as the ghost is about halfway 
    on its way back down, jump barely off the platform. Fire the egg so it hits 
    the top left spike. Keep hovering so that you land on the ghost platform 
    safely. Duck under the ceiling, and fire an egg to hit the top right spike, 
    and obviously not the two red coins. You should be able to safely hover 
    under the coins and over the rest of the spikes (if any)."
    "Basicly, you want to ready an egg for firing by locking the cursor directly
    horizontal with L. Right before the spot you have to duck under to get to 
    the spikes, there is a 2x2 platform. Jump on it, and let "Mr. Ghost Guy" go 
    upward. At the start of "Mr. Ghost Guy's" decent, jump off the platform to 
    the right, with a small jump. Start to hover just as you pass the ceiling in
    front of you. You'll have to go low enough to fire an egg horizontally. Fire
    the egg as you hover, and it should hit the top-left (maybe the bottom-left 
    too) spike. Make sure it does, otherwise you'll have to die. Keep hovering, 
    and you should make it back on "Mr. Ghost Guy". Duck under the ceiling. Once
    you can stand again, aim an egg at the top-right spike, and fire. Make sure 
    it's angled to not hit the red coins. If at least both the top spikes are 
    gone, "Mr. Ghost Guy" should carry you inbetween leftover spikes, and the 
    red coins. The rest is easy."

Thanks guys - I'm glad SOMEONE can get it.  If anyone reading this can reproduce
either of these manuevers and can possibly get a recording of it somehow (a
GameBoy Player hooked into a VCR, perhaps?), please contact me - I REALLY want
to see this thing work.  More often than not, seeing something in action helps
me to be able to reproduce it myself.

Once you're done with that (and if you decide to say "to hell with this", take
the red coins and move on, I won't hold it against you), continue on and face
Sluggy.  Unfortunately, Sluggy can't harm you - he can only push you off the
left side of the room.  So once more, we are hampered by not being able to run
out the timer.  If you finished with a 10, congrats on making it through what is
undoubtedly the most difficult part of a low score game.  If you finished with a
12, buck up - greater gamers than you have failed at it too.

-=- 5-5: Goonie Rides! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 3
Walkthrough: Starting with this level, I am going entirely on second-hand
information.  If you've gotten this far, nothing should really be a surprise to
you.  That said, this level should be a piece of cake, especially after the hell
you just went through on 5-4.  Nothing really of note here - just follow your
strategies from before (low jumping, coin/star/flower avoiding) and you'll make
it through with no problems.

-=- 5-6: Welcome to Cloud World -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 8
Walkthrough: The scrolling section should be a piece of cake, but later, expect
a pain of a time.  The closest enemy you can use for running out the star timer
is a 1-UP Flyguy near the first Green Glove Baseball Boy.  You'll have to carry
him through the entire area in order to run out the timer.  Also, 3 red coins
and a flower taunt you as you near the end.  It'll take perfect Flutter control
to get past them while going under the pipes - Cauchy suggests going over the
first batch (the next-to-last coin is red), under the second batch, and continue
hovering as you pass under the third batch.  You ought to be able to land on a
cloud beyond the flower, or at least the goal platform.  Hopefully, you still
have the Flyguy with you so you can run out the timer.

-=- 5-7: Shifting Platforms Ahead -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Low Score Difficulty Rating 6
Walkthrough: Nothing unusual here.  After the second set of globes (after the
long vertical ascent), there's some ferry-jumping and then a fast red platform -
be careful as 4 red coins await near the end (just before the clouds).  A
well-timed jump will get you past them.  In the last section, once you pass the
flippers, watch your jumps as you traverse the falling blocks - several red
coins lurk for those who would jump too high or too far.  Snag a Bullet Bill on
your way down and use the same 'spit-and-run' technique you used in 4-7 to run
out your timer.

-=- 5-8: Raphael the Raven's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10 (?)
Low Score Difficulty Rating: 7
Walkthrough: Most of the items are easy to avoid in the section after the
approach, but the spoiler shows up in the next big vertical room with the
Goonies and the Ravens.  Three red coins lie in the upper row (1st, 3rd, and
5th) as you pass, but you can get around those easily.  The flower right next to
the pipe at the top, however, does not appear to be avoidable (though some have
surmised it is possible to squeeze through without collecting - but no one's
done it yet).  Collect it (unless you find a way not to) and continue on.  Watch
out for the 5 red coins near the spinning planks and head on up to the boss

The boss fight is hard to get a 0 on, but it IS doable.  Cauchy has some tips on
beating Raphael while going for the goose egg:

    "If you jump on his head, you don't take damage, and you'll actually stop 
    him from moving for a short while. You can repeatedly bounce on his head 
    over a pounded-in pole, and when the timer gets low enough, quickly run to 
    the other side and hit him. Also, if the timer goes to 0, Kamek's cronies 
    will have a hard time catching Baby Mario, because as you run around the 
    moon, they're fixed in place on the screen while Baby Mario moves around."

World 5 appears to have a disappointing minimum score of 43.  Ah well...

4f. World 6

NOTE: As I have not actually done these strategies myself, I will dispense with
the Low Score Difficulty Ratings for World 6.  Also, most of the walkthroughs
for World 6 come direct from Cauchy, so I'll refrain from blockquoting unless

-=- 6-1: Scary Skeleton Goonies! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: This level requires a little trick.  At the start of the second
section (with the Chomps), jump on top of the passage that had the Middle Ring.
From here, careful Flutter Jumping will allow you to get on top of the next
passage, allowing you to bypass two red coins that would otherwise require a
great deal of speed and luck in order to get past (because they're unavoidable
once the Chomp falls).  Don't kill the green flying enemy near the flower.
Instead, lure it to the right, and jump on it to get a Super Flutter Jump that
will allow you to get on top of the passage that the crate is in.  This gets you
past an otherwise unavoidable red coin after the one-way gate.

-=- 6-2: The Cave of the Bandits -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: This level's last section is troublesome.  It's possible to dodge
all the red coins, but it's hell getting an enemy through to the finish.  What
you can do is run all the way through to the place where two batters are in a
cage smashing a Chomp Rock back and forth while 3 rats jump underneath.  Don't
kill any of the rats, and allow the next Batter to swing its Chomp Rock at you.
Follow the Chomp Rock back to the left, and let time expire on Super Baby Mario
- when it does, make sure you're on the Chomp Rock.  From here, roll it to the
right (by standing on its right edge), making sure to catch all the rats and
spit them out out of harm's way.  Get enough momentum going, and then duck
underneath the red coin - you should roll right underneath it.  Depending on
what things are alive, turning back to the left should get you a rat jumping
towards you.  Scoop it up (you couldn't before, because ducking would cause you
to swallow it) and hover right.  Bounce off the Batter's head, giving you a
Super Flutter Jump and allowing you to hover over the flower and onto the end
platform.  Spit out the rat and get hit by it, finishing off the toughest "How
do I get by with 0 stars?" section we've done so far.

Of course there's an easier way to do this.  When you get to the part where you
run underneath the caged-in Batters bouncing the Chomp Rock back and forth, jump
over all three of the mice, making sure not to kill or break the skull caps of
any of them. Go past the Chomp Rock that gets flung at you and run into the
Batter to kill him.  Go right a ways, and then come back - the Chomp Rock should
have respawned in its original location.  From here, let time run out, or if you
still have enough time, do it now: go to the left to get the mice to come at
you, and then head back to the Chomp Rock.  One should (hopefully) make its way
up the spike steps and come right up to your Chomp Rock.  Slurp him up (without
turning him into an egg) and head on over to the end of the course.

-=- 6-3: Beware the Spinning Logs -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: It's not too difficult to avoid items, and you can lose your Stars
by grabbing the last ghost Shyguy (underneath a flower) and tugging him to the

-=- 6-4: Tap-Tap the Red Nose's Fort -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: This level doesn't have any item problems either.  But Tap-Tap's a
pain in the ass... a gigantic pain in the ass... especially since he flails so
much on the lava before he dies.  Knock him in with Baby Mario off your back and
the timer around 8.

-=- 6-5: The Very Loooooong Cave -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
Walkthrough: Thanks to qqwref for his job of confirming that "The Very
Stuuuuuuuupid Cave" (Cauchy's title, not mine) can indeed be finished with a
score of 0:

    "On that last section, grab one of those skeleton things before they all die
    from the Chomp Rock, and spit it out and then grab it up quickly a few times
    (right after the Chomp Rock goes left is good, and also after the falling-
    Chomp-Rocks-and-sloped-platforms section), so you can keep it until the 

Every item can be avoided here as well.

-=- 6-6: The Deep, Underground Maze -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: This level has no unavoidable items, but collecting the key to open
the final door proposes a difficult challenge.  Here are two strategies for
getting it without releasing a nearby flower:

(from Cauchy) "There's a trick: when you're going to collect the key, don't
shoot an egg, as this will open the question mark cloud and make a flower
appear. Instead, grab a ghost Shyguy from the right and use it to Super Flutter
Jump up. One jump should break one-two pieces of dirt (don't break all three),
and another should get you up on the dirt. A simple jump will break the dirt
holding the key, and you can then jump up to where the key was and proceed
directly to the locked door without going to the other side of the level."

(from qqwref) "You have to shoot an egg through a small opening past a cloud
that holds a flower to get a key. It's necessary to open the cloud as far left
as you can, then bounce the egg off the wall to the right of it."

-=- 6-7: Keep Moving!!!! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: Avoiding items here take some tricky manuevering, but like I said
before, if you've gotten this far, it shouldn't be anything too difficult.
qqwref has a brief tip for the first portion:

    "There's a part where the Chomp is chasing you over the 1-landing platforms.
    I like to jump to the second, then jump back *over* the Chomp to the first, 
    then wait for about forever (=5 minutes) and continue to the right with 
    nothing chasing you. It's just easier this way."

-=- 6-8: King Bowser's Castle -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0 (?)
Walkthrough: Ah, the final level (in the regular game, that is...)  Getting to
the boss is pretty easy, according to Cauchy:

    "The first part is straightforward but annoying. Don't run into anything or 
    you will die. For the second part, take door 4. You can just barely hover 
    over the first six coins and flower, and you can Super Flutter Jump off a 
    Gusty to get over the other stuff."

gameguy888 suggests using Door 2:

    "I know for a fact this one is possible.  You'll have to use the jungle shy 
    guy to hop below the thin bridge to evade red coins."

gameguy888 also has a strategy for beating Giant Bowser (fighting Baby Bowser
should be the same as a normal game):

    "As for Bowser himself, you'll need more than 10 stars (20, I think).  Fight
    him like normal, untill he destroys the ground a second time.  Next, hit him
    again.  Now, let him hit you with a fireball.  Hit him 3 more times, and 
    victory is yours."

And you should be able to finish the World 6 with a score of 0!

4g. Extra Levels

NOTE: These levels cannot be unlocked until you get a perfect score of 800 for
each world, so obviously, I would recommend NOT using your low score game file
for attempting these levels.  Thanks to Cauchy, gameguy888, and qqwref for
working on these levels - since I have only ever been able to beat one of them
(2-Extra) ONCE, let alone while trying to avoid all items.

-=- Extra-1: Poochy Ain't Stupid -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 12, possible 2 (?)
Walkthrough: According to Cauchy, it appears that it is impossible to get past
the flower near the end without picking up the two red coins just before it.  I
have never gotten that far in that level, so I can't verify.  If someone can do
it, please let us know.  As for running out the timer, the best chance would be
to spit-and-grab a bat, but as of this writing, no one has been able to do it.

-=- Extra-2: Hit That Switch! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
Walkthrough: Cauchy has a great walkthrough for this frantic level:

Hit the First Red Switch in front of you to start this crazy challenge.  Move up
the staircase and land on the red moving platform.  Hop to the platform with the
Second Red Switch, but don't activate it yet.  Wait until the platform is
starting to come back before stepping on it, as you'll need the extra time
(probably).  Jump before you reach the coins -- all four are red.  Land on the
platform after the coins, and use the up arrow to leap to the top of the red
block structure.  Land on the left, but don't hit the Third Red Switch yet. Hop
out to the left, and come back towards the right so that you have the necessary
momentum.  Land on the Third Red Switch on its right side, and hold your jump
for one complete flutter as you keep moving right.  You should hover over all
the coins and collect only the last one, which is not red (the one before it is,
though, so it's necessary you leap off the right side of the switch to clear
it).  Run onto the platform, and get ready for the tough part.

I would give this level a rating of 10, because it is about as hard as Sluggy's
Fort.  Duck under the red blocks.  Now, you'll need to execute a pixel-perfect
jump that will get you over all three coins and the flower without hovering. You
can't hover, because if you do, you'll lose speed and won't make it to the
Fourth Red Switch in time.  And if you jump just a little too early or too late,
you'll hit the flower.  Did you clear them all?  Good.  Now duck under the
blocks, and do it again.  You need to execute two consecutive pixel-perfect
jumps to dodge all this stuff without sacrificing any time.  Duck a third time,
and jump off the platform before you hit the third coin (the first two are
plain, but the next two are red).  If you hold your jump out completely (but
without hovering), you should come down right near the Fourth Red Switch. Hit
That Switch!!  (This is not an impossible task.  I have accomplished it at least

Take the highest jump you can on the up arrow; at the top, hover, and at the
apex of your hover, you can clear the two red coins and the flower (only the
coins next to the flower are red; the rest are plain, even on the way down).
Land on the red platform on the right side, and right before it drops off the
track, jump up, around, and onto the platform with the up arrow.  Now wait a
couple seconds.  The timer makes three buzzing-ish sounds before the blocks all
go away.  Jump after the second and move to the left side of the corridor.  By
the time you reach the top, the blocks should have disappeared.  The coins next
to the flower are red, but the two right above the red platform are not.  Hover
onto the platform and ride your chariot to victory.

-=- Extra-3: More Monkey Madness -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: As usual, tricky jumping and such - qqwref says to grab one of the
Shyguys so Baby Mario doesn't get dragged over to the left.

-=- Extra-4: The Impossible? Maze -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
Walkthrough: qqwref has a nuts-and-bolts walkthrough:

    "Enter. Down, left, down, enter.  Up, enter.  Crate right, left, right,
    left, right, go up near arrow, enter.  Mole up, enter.  Crate left, down,
    left, down, right, enter.  Heli up, shoot, enter.  Follow crate, push left, 
    enter.  Shoot, duck (must get flower), right, enter.  Get rid of eggs."

-=- Extra-5: Kamek's Revenge -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 5 (?)
Walkthrough: Both Cauchy and qqwref notice an errant egg-shooter that nets you a
single coin, and with no Kamek near the end, it's not possible to get a 0 on the

-=- Extra-6: Castles - Masterpiece Set -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
Walkthrough: According to Cauchy, the flower with the falling egg-throwers can
be avoided by shooting out the dirt (instead of pounding) and hovering down. In
the last section, swim to the right, jump on the platform, and use your upward
momentum to jump onto the goal platform.  And, unfortunately, you have to end
with a full 10 on your timer.

4h. Secret levels

NOTE: Once again, I am indebted to the work of Cauchy, gameguy888, and qqwref
for their work on these scores/walkthroughs.  These levels can be unlocked on
your low score game once you beat Baby Bowser, so they do seem to fit in the

-=- Secret-1: Exercise in the Skies -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 10
    Courtesy of gameguy888: 
    "Those 2 red coins [between the five sets of stone blocks near the end] can 
    be skipped...  While riding the platform, it will hit a point where it goes 
    up a little bit.  Jump as it goes up and flutter on top of the falling 
    block.  Make your way on top to the last block, and jump and flutter over to
    the next set of falling blocks.  Keep fluttering till you land on top of the
	first one.  (You might be able to go under, but over seems safer to me)  Hop
    on the platform below, dodge the next red coin, and make it to the goal 

    Courtesy of qqwref: 
    "Later [in the level], where the platform you're on carries you through a 
    red coin and then pinball flippers, you can actually avoid it by hovering 
    under it at the perfect moment.  You'll just barely make the flippers."  

-=- Secret-2: Mystery of the Castle? -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: (from qqwref) "Just go to the second room, down and through the
pipe, then to the end, where there are half a dozen enemies waiting for you.
Easy 0."

-=- Secret-3: Go! Go! Morphing! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 1
Walkthrough: (from qqwref) "Run through on the top until you get to the
submarine section.  There is a red coin in the middle of a small path here, but
you can avoid it if you carefully inch around the left corner.  In the railroad
section, I couldn't avoid getting a red coin.  In the digger section, go around
the top edge and follow the edge (except for getting the second digger) to avoid
the red coins.  There aren't any more unmissable items..."

(from gameguy888) "It is possible to get an enemy over to the goal ring.  Once
you enter the last area, jump and hover to the right (skipping the mole and
helicopter section).  All of the coins are normal.  Once the egg block comes
into veiw, land.  Once to the car bubble, drive on the lowest section (obvious
since prizes are above).  Once you make it past the jumping shy guys, drive to
the last car bubble, but don't touch it.  Turn around quickly, and let the
bouncing shy guy's come to you.  They come slowly, so grab the car bubble at the
last possible second.  Once you are Yoshi again, slurp up one of them. I think
you know the rest.  That lowers it to a score of 1."

-=- Secret-4: Fight Toadies w/Toadies -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: (from gameguy888) "At the start [of the Fuzzy section], slurp up
the flying koopa paratroopa, and hover over the coins to land on the bullet bill
platform.  Let it fire, and jump on it after it goes off the edge, that way, you
can make it over the red coin waiting for you.  Now, jump down to the bouncy
ball.  Now, you need to spit the shell out so that it lands on the platform
above.  It's not easy, but it needs to be done.  Hop on the ball just a small
bit, and spit upward.  That should do it.  Once you get it there, bounce on it
to super hover jump over both red coins."

(from qqwref) "At the end, you can grab one of the green bullets, then jump on
the final Parakoopa when he's at his absolute lowest to vault over the flower
and two red coins.  Finally, shoot the bullet out, and run like hell towards it
until you touch its back and hurt yourself."

-=- Secret-5: Items Are Fun! -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 5
Walkthrough: With no close enemies near the goal, you can get down to 0 and then
run toward the goal.  qqwref got a 5, but gameguy888 was able to nab a 4,

-=- Secret-6: Endless World of Yoshis -=-
Minimum Possible Score: 0
Walkthrough: (from qqwref, once more) "Get the key, leave, go through the key
door, push some Chomp Rocks, go up on the red platform, in the last area get
hit, go up, win.  No trouble, all the good stuff is out of the way here."

Special Thanks to:

  Nintendo - for the game...

  Nintendo Power - for the strategy guide which made writing this FAQ MUCH 
  easier by providing clear locations of red coins and flowers as well as names
  for various creatures and enemies encountered in-game...

  Bandana Red - for the inspiration to both undertake this challenge and write 
  this FAQ and for his helpful tip for the 0 score on World 2-1...

  Cauchys Inequality - for his MOST helpful Super Flutter Jump tip which makes
  the flowers in 1-7 and 2-6 and the 2 red coins in 2-3 avoidable... Also for 
  his legwork in blasting through all the levels I had yet to get past while 
  writing the FAQ (darn you, Real Life, darn you to heck!) and for his help in 
  identifying the low scores for the second half of the game... I also have to 
  say thanks for his work on the Extra and Secret levels...

  MasamuneCloud - for the reminder about the 999 lives trick in 1-7...

  gameguy888 - for an alternate strategies for 1-5 and 5-4, his strategy for
  getting through 6-8 and beating Giant Baby Bowser, and for his work on the 
  Extra and Secret levels...

  qqwref - for an awesome job covering the Extra and Secret levels.

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personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site (other than 
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