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"The Pink Puff Ball returns"

Finally, a Kirby game lands on the GBA. However, some fans might be disappointed to know that, this game is a port of the old NES Kirby's Adventure. However, does it stand up to today's standard of gaming? Let's find out

Graphics: 9/10
I was actually pretty impressed with the graphics. Everything is colorful and detailed and it gives us a ''happy'' feeling towards the game. Several graphics enchantments have been made to the game, such as Kirby wearing a hat to indicate his current ability. Overall a great improvement from the NES version.

Sound/Music: 6/10
Not much to say about the music, except that all the sounds and music sound similar to the previous game with a few remixed. Good sound effects and each background music is crisp and clear. Nothing worth complaining

Story: 6/10
The story is exactly the same as the NES version, so here's a brief summary of the story.
''King DeDeDe has stolen the star rods and handed out pieces of them to his henchmen. Kirby must recover them all to restore the dreams in dreamland''.

Gameplay: 8/10
Ah, great classic gameplay here. The basic sucking in a enemy and copying his powers are back and there's about 23-24 abilities for you to try out! Kirby is also equipped with other moves such as floating, slide kicking or spiting out stars to attack his enemies. The multiplayer in this game is also pretty neat. you can have a choice of single or multi pak game. You can play the minigames with friends with only one copy of the game, or by yourself. They're actually quite amusing to play :) If all four players have a copy, then you can play the main game together!

Replay: 5/10
Not much to do after you beat the game, except for attempting a harder mode or replaying the minigames. If you complete the harder mode, then you'll be able to play as a secret character.
The secret character is actually Meta-Knight :P He doesn't play the same as Kirby though, they both have their own unique moves. For instance, Meta Knight cannot inhale enemies in, but can use several sword skills to attack his enemies.

Rent or Buy?
I suggest buying the game if you don't mind wasting $29.99 on this game. However, the short length might turn some players away, but renting it is also a great choice. If you are a Kirby fan or a person looking for a simple and easy, yet fun platformer, I highly recommend this game.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 01/19/03, Updated 01/19/03

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