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---[ TABLE OF CONTENTS ]-----------------------------------------------------
1. Game Information
   1. Weapons
   2. Items
   3. Enemies
   4. Bosses
2. Level Secrets
3. Codes

---[ 0.1 VIEWING ]-----------------------------------------------------------
This document is best viewed using a fixed width font at 79 characters per 
line in standard ASCII.

---[ 1.1 WEAPONS ]-----------------------------------------------------------
Duke's arsenal has remained relatively unchanged, however the devastator and 
the microwave expander ray are both missing. That being said, Duke now has a 
Dessert Eagle, an MP5, and a 4 barrel lead cannon. Oh, yeah the freezer has 
also received a nice upgrade, and can turn enemies into ice cubes with 1 

Mighty Foot
Pickup  : N/A
Clip    : N/A
Capacity: N/A

Duke must have started working out recently because his boot packs a 
seriously punch... You can break windows, vents, and other things if you are 
low on ammo, and don't be afraid to give a baddie the boot as Duke's mighty 
foot does substantial damage--just don't get too cocky or you might be 
missing that limb.

Dessert Eagle (DE)
Pickup  : N/A
Clip    : +10
Capacity: 200

Terrible! For a Dessert Eagle .50 this thing blows. The slow trigger response 
time is bad enough, but coupled with the scanty amount of damage it deals, 
and the fact that it has to be reloaded every 12 shots makes the Dessert 
Eagle almost a step DOWN from Duke's mighty foot. The Dessert Eagle works 
when you are in a pinch and need some distance between you and a baddie, but 
don't expect to get too far with just this.

Golden Dessert Eagle*
Pickup  : +??
Clip    : +10
Capacity: 200

A rapid fire, high damage, ammo plentiful alien exterminator. The 
Golden DE has some serious ass kicking power.

*I have no idea how to get this weapon normally. It can be accessed via the 
cheat menu, but I have never seen it in a level.

Pickup  : +8
Clip    : +10, +4
Capacity: 100

Point, aim, shoot: blow a hole into a nearby alien with the boom stick. 
While not accurate at long distances, with an abundance of ammunition and a 
powerful attack, the shotgun will be your bread 'n butter for dealing with 
most aliens. 

*The shotgun actually fires 5 rounds per shot so in order to do maximum 
damage all 5 rounds must hit.

Lead Cannon
Pickup  : +15
Clip    : +10, +4
Capacity: 100

Pump 'em full of lead!  A huge 4 barreled shotgun that brings some serious 
hurt. Nearly overpowering the RPG, the lead cannon brings bosses to their 
knees and will eliminate a foe in one blast. Just watch your ammunition as 
the lead cannon uses 4 shells at a time, and make sure you have plenty of 
time to reload as it is quite slow.

Pickup  : +40
Clip    : +20
Capacity: 200

This rapid-fire gun is great for dealing with several enemies at once as you 
don't have to reload. Not the most accurate weapon, but when used to spray 
aliens with a deluge of bullets it is quite effective.

Pipe Bombs
Pickup  : +5
Clip    : N/A
Capacity: 20

Utter crap. Pipe bombs used to be great for taking out a group of enemies, 
but not anymore. With a minute blast radius, the horrendous time it takes to 
throw one, and the fact that Duke can now only throw them 2 distances, pipe 
bombs are garbage. Use 'em if you're low on ammo, or to take out groups of 

Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
Pickup  : +5
Clip    : +5
Capacity: 20

Pretty self explanatory. Just don't blow yourself up.

Pickup  : +20
Clip    : +5
Capacity: 50

Talk about giving someone the cold shoulder. The freezer turns enemies into 
popsicles with a single shot (and YOU if you shoot it while standing directly 
next to a wall or enemy). While an enemy is under the deep freeze give 'em 
the boot or blast 'em to make some ice cubes. (Oh yea, the frozen balls no 
longer bounce off walls either.)

*The freezer and the shrink ray use the same type of ammunition.

Shrink Ray*
Pickup  : +20
Clip    : +5
Capacity: 50

Shrink enemies down to a mere few inches tall so you can squish them with 
Duke's size 15 boots (just be careful you don't shrink yourself). Make sure 
you don't hesitate too long before saying goodbye to your gnome friend or 
he'll return to normal size and fight back with a vengeance. 

*The shrink ray and the freezer use the same type of ammunition.

---[ 1.3 ITEMS ]-------------------------------------------------------------
Even Duke needs some help from time to time, so here are the items at his 

Med Kit (Health Pack)
Restores Duke's health. Comes in 3 different sizes, but only the small can 
bring duke past 100%: small (+5), medium (+10), large (+25)

Key cards
Comes in 3 standard colors: red, blue, and yellow. I wonder what they do... 

Absorbs damage--very useful; 100 max. There are two kinds: the sturdy vest 
which will give Duke a +50 boost, and the everyday police badge which will 
add +5 to Duke's armor total.

Atomic health atom
Looks like a blue sphere. This little baby will restore +100 health and can 
bring Duke's health past his usual 100%.

---[1.4 ENEMIES ]------------------------------------------------------------
All games need baddies and DNA sports its classic enemies along with a few 
new ones. Here is what Duke is up against.

Assault General
Attack: Pistol
Drop:   Pistol clip

Reminiscent of assault troopers from DN3D except these guys weren't as 
extensively trained as they lack a jetpack, and have a pistol instead of a 
fancy smancy laser beam. These guards are generally brownish in color and 
wear blue vests.

These guys are dumb, REAL dumb. Move occasionally and you won't get hit. 
Take out any other enemy in the vicinity before you kill these aliens. A 
shotgun blast or a few rounds from the MP5 make quick work of these alien 

Pig Cop
Attack: Shotgun
Drop:   Shotgun (+8)

Oink oink baby! It wouldn't be Duke Nukem without pig cops. The Pig Cops 
are mutated alien operatives positioned to suppress residual human opposition 
and to police the new centers of alien power on Earth. They brandish a 10-
gauge shotgun, have an extremely high intolerance to the presence of humans, 
and exhibit blind rage when they detect human scent.

These guys pack a punch, especially at close range. Keep your distance and 
pack 'em full of lead with the MP5.

Attack: Chain gun (no green slime attack anymore)
Drop:   MP5 clip

With chain gun blazing, the armored Enforcer can make fast business of 
dispatching any human opposition.

Enforcers are bad news. Their chain gun is hard to dodge, they are fast 
moving, and pretty strong. Your best bet is to play corner tag with these 
aliens, and blast them with the shotgun or lead cannon. If there is a group 
of them use the RPG. A direct shoot out with one of these aliens is no big 
deal, unfortunately they usually come in packs and a few shots from their 
chain gun will leave you looking for the nearest med kit.

Hybrids (Gray's)
Attack: Mental energy attack, revives fallen enemies
Drop:   None

A typical alien that you would see in the movies. These guys are a royal 
pain in the ass. While not the strongest of aliens, their mind attack smarts 
pretty good and these things make your life tough--reviving enemies you've 
already put down.

Definitely take these baddies out first; otherwise they'll make you life 

Attack: Mental energy attack, teeth/claws
Drop:   None

Still fly; still ugly; still loud; still dangerous. The Octabrains abundant 
brain mass and specialized trifocal vision makes him a formidable alien 
weapon against all sentient life on Earth.

These guys aren't too bad as long as you keep your distance. The freezer 
makes short work of them as they shatter instantly. Don't let them close in 
on you as their claws and teeth will rip you to shreds. Also, don't let their 
mind energy attack get a hold of you either or else you're going to be in a 
hellevua lot of pain.

Alien Egg
Attack: Acid
Drop:   None

A bio-engineered egg protected by its automatic proximity response sensor. 
Get too close to these immobile babies, and prepare to be barraged with acid 

You shouldn't have any trouble with these things. Fire from a moderate 
distance, and watch them crack faster than Humpty Dumpty.

Attack: Acid
Drop:   None

Once an egg hatches it produces an alien crustacean with a thirst for blood. 
With huge razor claws, a smile that would put a shark to shame, and a nasty 
acid attack, this fast moving beast is quite the character.

Definitely the coolest enemy in the game. This guy's huge funny looking 
smile never ceases to make me chuckle. As cool as these guys are they are 
also a big pain in the ass. While not all that strong, hitting these ugly 
bastards can prove quite tricky as they can scamper along on their knife-like 

---[ 1.5 Bosses ]------------------------------------------------------------
The bosses in DNA are a bit lacking to say the least, but if for some odd 
reason you are having trouble beating one of them then you have come to the 
right section.

Boss 1 - Crabby (Level 1C)
This overgrown insect is similar to the crabs you will meet in the latter 
part of the game, except this one is twice as large and has a rocket 
launcher mounted on his back.

The first thing you'll want to do is grab the RPG in the center of the room. 
Crabby will continually circle the perimeter of the room (counter-clockwise), 
firing rockets at you whenever he comes to an opening. 

Stay in the center of the room for the most part. If you try to follow him 
along the wall, the splash damage from his rockets will be too much even for 
Duke. The RPG is the quickest here; 6 rockets and Crabby will go back into 
his shell.

Right before Crabby comes to an opening fire a rocket, and then run toward 
the wall. Now turn around, run into the center and time another rocket so 
that it detonates on his crustacean ass. Before Crabby can counter run back 
toward the outer wall. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Boss 2 - Hybrid Assault Vehicle (Level 2C)
Fire a couple rounds at this guy, and General Graves will contact you saying 
your weapons won't have any effect on this alien scum. Hit the two switches 
in the room to trigger the crusher. Watch the rickety vehicle fall to pieces, 
and the Hybrid get flattened and starched like yesterday laundry. 

Boss 3 - Dual Headed Cyborg (Level 3C)
The RPG is a no-no here. Just keep blasting this baddie with the shotgun or 
MP5. His ONLY attack is pipe bombs so just watch where he throws 'em and stay 
out of the way. Piece 'o cake.
Boss 4 - Alien Master (Level 4F)
This guy can take quite a beating, luckily his mind blasts and fireballs can 
be avoided with out too much trouble. The easiest way to pulverize this 
baddie is to position yourself behind one of metal columns in the room. The 
Alien Master will come up to the pillar while firing constantly into the 
steel structure. While he's busy melting the pole, move slightly to your 
right until you can see the alien boss. If done correctly you will be able to 
unload on the Alien Master, but he won't be able to hit you. 

---[ 2.0 SECRETS ]-----------------------------------------------------------
All of the secrets were found by yours truly, after searching many walls.

DNA can be extremely difficult at times, especially on 'Damn I'm Good' toward 
the end of the game. The secret areas can be extremely helpful, and could 
mean the difference between living and dying. 

A level's par time is the average amount of time it should take to complete a 
level. That time doesn't include killing all the enemies or finding all the 
secrets, but rather represents a 'good' time to get from the beginning to end 
of a level. 

Area 51
Level 1A
Objective: Gather alien intelligence data. 
Par Time:  01:11
Secrets:   1

1. From the start make a right, and go into the room with all the DE clips. 
Walk up to the locker to lower it and get the armor (+50).

Level 1B
Objective: Find the sat-link laptop.
Par Time:  02:37
Secrets:   1

1. After you get the sat-link, jump into the air shaft and crawl through. 
Coming out into the next room, jump onto the blue crate that is directly 
against the wall on your right. Go into the secret alcove and collect some 
armor (+50).

Level 1C
Objective: Destroy the Hybrid army.
Par Time:  04:50
Secrets:   1

1. From the start, hop on the train and follow either path until you get to 
the back door. Jump onto the left stack of crates (the ones with circle 
mirrors on them), and an elevator will drop down revealing a box of shotgun 
shells (+10). (Whoopty freaking doo...)

Level 2A
Objective: Breach the inner sanctum.
Par Time:  06:10
Secrets:   2

1. After you enter the Egyptian hieroglyphics room (the one with the cut 
scene), take the middle path all the way down until you see a wall with two 
pillars. The space in between the pillars looks just big enough to be a 
door... inside is a large med kit (+25).

2. After you hit the switch to lower the platform with the red key on it, a 
section of wall will open revealing an armor vest (+50).

Level 2B:
Objective: Find data on the environmental regulators.
Par Time:  06:50
Secrets:   3

1. From the beginning, head left and hit the only switch (this raises a 
platform so you can cross the sandpit). Once you hit the switch, go back 
towards the sandpit, and on your right will be some stairs leading up to a 
room with 2 Octabrains in it. After you kill them pick up some armor (+50), 
shotgun shells, and health (+25) if you need it.

2. In the first room you enter after the sandpit, enter either door to get 
into a room with a switch. The wall opposite the switch opens, and has 
rockets (+5) and armor (+50) in it. 

3. There are two doors into the room with the schematics. Enter either side, 
and run alongside the wall to the other door. An alcove will open revealing 
some rockets (+5) (It's closer to the door that's near the stairs).

Level 2C
Objective: Destroy the hibernating army.
Par Time:  06:48
Secrets:   7

1. When you enter the red key room, follow the sand pit all the way back and 
jump up to the right. You'll find 3 med kits (+25) and an atomic health atom 
(+100). (If you go behind the atom you'll be teleported safely back out into 
the main room.)

2/3. After you get the blue key card, the wall behind it will open revealing 
a switch. Hit the switch and you'll see a message saying, "All secrets have 
been revealed." Now jump down into the lower portion of the red key room, and 
follow it back to a newly opened area that has 5 armor badges (+5) and armor 
(+50). (This room is actually 2 secrets in 1. When you first enter the room 
you will trigger a secret, and then if you go into the corner with the armor 
badges you will trigger the other secret along with opening up secret 4.

4. When you leave secret 2/3 immediately turn to your right and enter the 
opened hallway to get 2 medium med kits (+10).

5. (From secret 4.) Continue toward where you entered the lower area and 
grab the (quite obvious) armor (+50).

6. From secret 4, continue toward where you entered the lower area, but 
before you take the elevator back up, step into the room on your right to get 
a box of rockets (+5) and 4 medium health packs (+10). This area will also 
open secret 7.

7. (From secret 6.) When you reach the top of the elevator face the sand pit, 
and you will see that a new area will have opened in the corner. Grab the box 
of rockets (+5) and 6 armor badges (+5).

Level 2D
Objective: Escape the temple!
Par Time:  01:17
Secrets:   2

It's not actually possible to get both secrets in this level without 
cheating. (This took me a looong time to figure out.)

1. This is not marked as a secret, but I believe this to be erroneous. (In 
the room _after_ the room with the armor vest (+50)), immediately turn left 
go toward the corner. The wall will rise revealing an atomic health atom 
(+100), a box of rockets (+5), and the MP5. 

2. In the room located _after_ secret 1 are some stairs leading up to a 
slightly raised platform. On the wall are two pillars spaced just about the 
right distance apart to lead to a hallway. Walk through the wall between the 
two pillars and you will get a small med kit (+10) along with being 
transported to a later portion of the level. 

(If you want the game to actually register both secrets on this level, you 
need to turn on 'no clipping' from the cheat menu, and walk through the 
invisible teleporter to the end of that hallway.)

Level 3A
Objective: Locate the undercover operative.
Par Time:  06:40
Secrets:   3

1. Upon entering the movie theater take the elevator upstairs. Walk in front 
of the left playbill, and a closet in the corner will open revealing the 

2. When you enter the grocery store, take a right at the cash register and 
then down the aisle to the vending machines. The vending machine on the right 
triggers the shelf on your left to lower. Behind it you'll find an armor 
badge (+5), armor vest (+50), and 2 small health kits (+5).

3. When you enter the room with the stage, go straight back and jump onto the 
ledge next to the fire extinguisher to reveal the RPG.

Level 3B 
Objective: Kill the alien sentry, gain access to the opera house.
Par Time:  04:40
Secrets:   2

1. When you go into the Duke Burger you'll see an air vent in front of you 
with some pipe bombs in it. Go to the other side of the room and crawl in. 
(After getting the pipe bombs General Graves will contact you saying he's 
intercepted an alien transmission, that the password is LUAU LASS, and you 
should pause the game and hold the left shoulder button while you try and 
figure it out. This, quite obviously, is how you enable the cheat menu.)

2. When you are facing the door to the kitchen in the Chinese restaurant, 
look on the left wall and you'll see an air vent with an armor vest in it. 
Jump onto the table and then onto the artificial wall to get inside.

Level 3C 
Objective: Recover data on the doomsday weapon.
Par Time:  06:27
Secrets:   2

1. From the start go left and into the bathroom (it's next to the 2 
trashcans). Open the locker closest to the entrance to get the freezer.

2. After you go through the red key door, follow the hall and you'll go up a 
couple stairs. The stairs lead you to a long hallway. In the middle of the 
hallway are two couches with trashcans adjacent to both. The wall in between 
the trashcan will open revealing 4 medium med kits (+10) and 4 armor badges 

Level 3D
Objective: Stop the doomsday weapon!
Par Time:  02:42
Secrets:   2

1. After the doomsday weapon starts, take the elevator upstairs. When you get 
off head right to the dead end, and look behind the picture to find an armor 
vest (+50).

2. After disabling the doomsday weapon, a door will open revealing a 
teleporter. Looking at the teleporter, back up about two steps and turn to 
your right. Walk toward the plant, and follow this hallway to the end. 
Collect the 8 armor badges (+5).

Alien Ship
Level 4A
Objective: Destroy all the alien eggs.
Par Time:  04:43
Secrets:   2

1. After you go into the air duct, take the left fork. The second panel on 
the left before the end of the duct is false. Crawl through it and you'll 
drop down into a room with 3 enforcers and an Octabrain. Blow 'em up and snag 
a large health pack (+25), a medium health pack (+10), RPG, and box of 
rockets (+5).

2. If you look at the yellow key from the 'front', follow the wall that it is 
against to the left. When you get to the corner, a passage will open 
revealing an atomic health atom (+100) and an armor vest (+50).

Level 4B
Objective: Shutdown the cloaking device.
Par Time:  09:10
Secrets:   2 

1. In the room with the cut scene, where duke realized he's on a spaceship 
orbiting earth, jump onto the raised circle platform in the center of the 
room. (It's between the two windows.) A message will appear saying, "A secret 
has been revealed.". Exit the room via the door you didn't come in from, and 
you'll see an area immediately to you left with an enforcer in it. Make him a 
pile of goo, and you'll be rewarded with an armor vest (+50), a large med kit 
(+25), a box of rockets (+5), and mp5 ammo (+25).

2. After you cross the bridge that you lowered continue on, and turn left 
into the switch room. Knock out the enforcers, hit the switch, and then turn 
around because directly opposite the switch is a secret panel. Inside are 9 
small med kits (+5) and 8 armor badges (+5). 

Level 4C
Objective: Hack into the mainframe.
Par Time:  03:51
Secrets:   2

1. From the start jump down into the room. Kill the enemies and make your way 
back to another air vent. Jump in and follow the vent all the way back 
(ignore the left fork). Hop down into another room. This room looks like a 
capital 'E'. 

In the middle part of the 'E' is a pedestal with a crab on it. Opposite the 
pedestal is a section of wall that quite obviously doesn't belong (it's 
between two computers). If you walk through it you'll get some shotgun shells 

2. There is a similar section to the right of secret 1. Inside is a Desert 
Eagle clip (+10). 

Level 4D
Objective: Find and rescue the women.
Par Time:  6:40
Secrets:   3   

1. From the start take the right elevator and make your way to the first 
switch room. The right switch opens the exit; the left switch lowers 2 walls 
(one behind you and one to the left). Both areas are filled with enforcers 
and a few other foes so make sure you're ready to kick ass and chew bubble 
gum... After the room is quiet go into the lowered section on the left. In 
the corner is a false metal panel which you can walk through to get a large 
med kit (+25).

2/3. From the start take the left elevator, and go through the only door in 
this heat room. When you open this door go straight into another switch room. 
Behind the switch is a secret hallway (with 2 medium health packs) which will 
lead you to the blue key. (I recommend you don't take this hallway as you'll 
probably take more damage than if you came in through the main entrance.)

Level 4E
Objective: Rescue Jenny 3.
Par Time:  6:45
Secrets:   4  

1. After you get the blue key, turn around and walk straight toward the wall. 
Turn left and walk into the corner (across from the air vent). An alcove will 
open revealing an armor vest (+50) and a large med kit (+25). 

2. Exit the red key room and continue to the end of the hall. When you open 
the door you will be facing the wall of a small room which is filled with a 
bunch of enemies. When you enter the room go straight back and an alcove will 
open. Treat yourself to the armor vest (+50), and large health pack (+25).

3/4. About halfway through the level you will come to a large room that 
seemingly has no purpose. It houses several eggs, a hybrid, an enforcer, an 
Octabrain, a few troopers, and stairs leading up to a stage like platform. At 
the end of the stage, in the corner, a door will open revealing a hallway 
with 7 armor badges (+5), a box of pipe bombs (+5), and a large health kit 
(+25). (The box of pipe bombs counts as its own secret.) 

Level 4F
Objective: Find the engine room, rescue Jenny 4.
Par Time:  15:03
Secrets:   6 

1-4. After you go through the first 'heat' room, you'll open a door and 
go up some stairs. At the top of the stairs you can either go right toward a 
lift or continue straight down the hallway. Continue down the hallway and on 
both sides of the hallway are secret panels. After you waste the enforcers 
that are guarding the goodies feel free to pick up 3 large med kit (+25), MP5 
ammo (+25), 2 boxes of rockets (+5), an armor vest (+50), and freezer ammo 

5. (From 1-4). At the end of the hallway turn left and take a ride on the 
elevator. When you get off follow the inner wall. After a couple steps a 
panel will open revealing 4 small med kits (+5) and 5 medium health kits 

6. (From 1-4). At the end of the hallway go right and up the elevator. 
When you get off the elevator follow the inner wall. After a couple steps a 
panel will open revealing 2 freezer clips (+5) AND 6 medium health packs 

Level 4G
Objective: Shutdown the cooling unit, save the girl.
Par Time:  8:12
Secrets:   3    

1. At the beginning of the level follow the hallway into the first room. To 
the right is a security camera showing the final boss; to the left up a 
couple stairs a switch. The switch opens a panel (right next to you) with 
an armor vest (+50) and large med kit (+25).

2. (From secret 1.) Continue through the level, down the hallway with the 
crabs, around the green slime room, and down another hallway until you come 
to 3 doors. (1 in front, 1 to the left, and 1 to the right.) Take the door on 
the right, and follow it straight back to a wall with 2 computers. The 
computer in the middle will lower and lead to a teleporter. When your 
particles are reassembled get the 6 armor badges (+5), box of rockets (+5), 2 
freezer clips (+5), 2 boxes of MP5 ammo (+25), and an atomic health atom 

3. (At the end of the hallway with 3 doors.) Take the left door, and follow 
the room back. Go up the 3 steps and you will be standing on an elevated 
platform with several computer consoles. Turn to your right and follow the 
narrow path back to an apparent dead-end... The dead-end will actually open, 
so grab the box of pipe bombs (+5) and box of rockets (+5) to help you gear 
up for the final boss. 

Level 4H
Objective: Run your ass off!
Par Time:  1:27
Secrets:   5    

1/2. (In the first hallway with crushers.) After the first crusher are false 
metal panels on both sides of the wall. The panel on the left has an armor 
vest (+50) and a medium health pack (+10). The panel on the right houses a 
large health pack (+25), a medium health pack (+10), and shotgun shells (+4).

3. (In the second hallway with crushers.) After the first crusher is a false 
metal panel located on the left. It has a freezer (which by now is useless, 
but whatever) and a box of shotgun shells (+10).

4. (In the second hallway with the crushers.) After the second crusher is a 
false metal panel located on the right. It holds an armor vest (+50), and the 
lead cannon (+15).

5. After the first heat room, you'll come to a room with two windows looking 
out over the earth. Follow the wall with the windows, and just before the 
first door is a false wall (behind the armor vest (+50)). Inside is a large 
med kit. 

---[ 3.0 Codes ]-------------------------------------------------------------
Cheat Menu
To unlock the cheat menu pause the game. Hold down L and press left, up, A, 
up, left, A, start, select. A cheat menu will open that has level select, 
unlimited ammo, god mode, no clipping and a full weapons option. (Note: this 
works on any difficulty setting including "Damn I'm Good".)

Beat the Clock*
On any of the levels with a countdown clock, it's possible to get an infinite 
amount of time. When the clock reaches 0:00 wait 1 more second until you see 
the message, "Damn ran out of time." Immediately pause the game, and go to 
the map. When you return to the game the timer will remain at 0:00, but the 
level won't restart, and you can play out the level.

*Rejected from gamefaqs.com "Cheat Codes & Secrets" section. 

---[ END ]-------------------------------------------------------------------
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