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Spyro 2: The Season Of Flame
Console: Game Boy Advance
Game FAQ
By Oliver and Nicholas Chang
Version 0.52 (27/8/04)(See Version History)
Contact: nickandoliver@yahoo.co.uk


Version 0.52 (27/8/04) Back again with an update. Added Candy Lane, 
Winter Mesa and Wateropia. 


Version 0.49 (18/12/03) Major Update. Updated nearly all the sections 
and spell checked the Faq. *NEW* Message Board Up. Read section 8 for 
more details.  


Version 0.4 (18/4/03) Added How to kill Crush, Celestial Plains and The 
level Haunted Hills.  


Version 0.35 (17/4/03) We are getting into the full swing of FAQ 
writing now. Added Sharmock Isle, Minty Mines, Canyon Hop and Alpine 
Adobe levels. Updated Progress. 


Version 0.3 (14/4/03) Added the Tiki Tropics Level. Updated FAQ 
Section. Suggestions on how to improve this FAQ? (Apart from finishing 
it, I am planning a draft as I go along) email me. Did another 
spellcheck. Thanks for being patient! Final Words includes our progress 
in the game! 


Version 0.2 (6/4/03) Here we go! Another update in a row! In this 
version we added the level Temple of Dune and added a FAQ section. Did 
a quick spell check. (Did I answer all your emails that you sent me? If 
I didn't, please send it to me again to my new email address which is 
nickandoliver@yahoo.co.uk.) Sorry about the lateness of some replies. 
Updated Credits Section. 


Version 0.11 (5/4/03) Sorry about the lack of updates. I had lots of 
work to do. There should be regular updates now. Every email I received 
should be answered by Sunday tomorrow UK time. Going to add a FAQ 
section and Contributed Codes and Tips section. 


Version 0.1 (31/12/02) Not completed, but done this FAQ to get 
something on the game out there. Sections completed: Contents, Basics 
of the Game, The Characters and Foes some of the Sunny Plains including 
some levels. Email Rules, Credits, Legal/Copyright Notice and Final 
Words also done.


1. Controls
2. Basics of The Game
3. The Characters and Foes
4. Sunny Plains
   4.1.Country Farms
   4.2.Temple of Dune 
   4.3.Tiki Tropics   
   4.4.Sharmock Isle 
   4.5.Minty Mines
   4.6.Canyon Hop
   4.7.Alpine Adobe 
5.Celestial Plains
   5.1.Haunted Hills
   5.2.Candy Lane
   5.3.Winter Mesa
6.Contributed Codes and Tips Section
7.Email Policy (Please Read!)
8.FAQ Section/Message Board 
10.Legal/Copyright Notice
11.Final Words

There are different controls for the 4 different characters. Here they 


Move...............................Control Pad
Flame............................. B Button
Jump.............................. A Button
Glide............................  A Button (Twice)
Glide and Hover................... A Button (Three Times)
Charge/Super Head Smash Ability... R Button and Control Pad
Look Around....................... L Button and Control Pad
Switch Breath Abilities........... Select Button
Pause and Bring up Pause Menu..... Start Button
Access Map (Spyro Only)........... L Button and Select TOGETHER


Move.............................. Control Pad
Fire.............................. A or B Button
Rotate Fire Left.................. L Button
Rotate Fire Right................. R Button


Hop............................... Control Pad
Kick.............................. B Button
Jump.............................. A Button
Double Jump....................... A Button (Twice)
Jump Smash........................ Double Jump, then press B Button.


Move.............................. Control Pad
Enter Door........................ Control Pad Up
Fire.............................. B Button
Jump.............................. A Button
Double Jump....................... A Button (Twice) 
Switch Weapon..................... L Button


Spyro only has Ice Breath at the start because Ripto a diminutive 
dinosaur has stolen all the fireflies that are the source of fiery 
dragon power.

Here are a few tips about the Basics of the game:

-The only breath you have at the start is ICE breath. To kill baddies       
you have to freeze them than charge at them (R Button) to kill them. In 
Country Farms the baddies can be destroyed in one shot of ice breath 
and you don't have to charge at them to destroy them afterwards!
-Some baddies cannot be destroyed with FIRE Breath like the mummies in 
the Temple of Dune. You have to use the technique above.
-To catch fireflies, you must freeze them with your ICE breath and go 
next to them. It will then say, "You have caught <Firefly's name>".
-Fodder will restore Spyro's heath by one point. Just Headbutt the 
sheep, rabbits, frogs and lizards and collect the blue butterfly that 
appears. A Butterfly in a jar will give you an extra life. Headbutt 
sheep, rabbits, frogs and lizards and you will get a butterfly. It will 
not straight away increase your lives but keep doing this to gain 
-Press L Button and Select together to bring up the Map to help you get 
through the level. The Red Cross indicates where you are. When you go 
on the map screen, the black areas indicate that you haven't been in 
that area yet.
-There are 3 Plains, Sunny, Celestial and Starry. Each contains levels, 
which need a certain amount of fireflies to open up.
-Agent 9 and Sheila have their own levels.
-Sparx gives you advice from time to time. 
-You can pick up gems in all of the levels and plains. Here tells you 
what they are worth: Red Gem= 1, 1 Green Gem is worth 2 red Gems; 1 
Purple gem is worth 5 red gems; 1 yellow gem is worth 10 red ones and 1 
blue gem is worth 25 red ones. Blue gems are available in each level 
once but you will have to find it. We might cover this in later 
versions of the guide.  
-Spyro's health is indicated by Sparx's colour. Here is a chart:
No Hits... Yellow
1 Hit..... Blue
2 Hits.... Green
3 Hits.... No Sparx
4 Hits.... Dead (Lose a life)

In later levels a fairy will give you an extra life before you die. 

Here are Spyro's Friends:

SPARX: A dragonfly that is Spyro's closest friend. He follows Spyro 
everywhere. When Spyro gets attacked, Sparx changes colour (See Section 
2). In Sparx's Panic he can use fire by pressing A or B Button. 

AGENT 9: THE SPACE MONKEY: He is a monkey (duh!). He has a gun to fire 
and protect himself and he also has 3 lives at the start of his levels. 
He helps Spyro to get fireflies and gems. He also can duck and open 
doors as well as firing weapons.

SHEILA THE KANGAROO: She is from Australia. She helps Spyro to get gems 
and fireflies. Often, you have to pay Moneybags to get into her levels. 
In her levels you usually press A Button (twice) and then B Button on 
the objects shown in the Atlas (Pause Menu) to get the firefly. (EG: On 
Canyon Hop, You have to use this technique on the flowerpots.)

HUNTER: Spyro at the start freezes him accidentally. He can give Spyro 
some time-to-time training. He also finds fireflies for Spyro.

BIANCA: She finds fireflies for Spyro and opens up other Plains Spyro 
has found. She also has good knowledge of magic because of her spell 
book. She is a powerful sorceress with a heart of gold. 

ZOE: She is a fairy and saves Spyro's progress in levels. This happens 
when you go near her. She is found in the middle of the levels. She is 
also the kindest fairy in the Dragon Realms.

MONEYBAGS: He is a bear. He wants you to give him gems and he will give 
you an entrance to levels. He can be found outside Sheila's level 

CALLIOPE: She is a fairy and can be found at the start of the Starry 

Here are Spyro's Foes:

CRUSH: Crush is Ripto's henchman and he has a big club. He can also 
fly. In his level you'll need to get the ice cubes and Press B and 
he'll freeze. Then Headbutt him. Use this technique 3 times to beat 
him. He will be at the Celestial Plain Portal.

GULP: He is green and he is quadruped with 2 rockets. He has armour and 
it is indestructible. Don't worry, though you can get the rockets and 
press B to blow him up. Do this 3 times to kill him. If you hear a 
"ting" sound there is a bomb to pick up and to fire at his face. 



In this section we will be explaining how to get every firefly we have 
found in each portal. It will be in a format like this:

Gems: Total number of gems to find in the level/Plain.
Fireflies: Total number of fireflies to get in the level/Plain.
Fireflies to get into the Portal: Number of Fireflies to get into the 
level or Plain.

Lets get on then!

First, Sunny Plains and its levels.

Sunny Plains is the first plain you start in, so no fireflies are 
needed to get into the plain. But here is a list of levels (Portals) in 
the Sunny Plains that need fireflies to open them up:
TIKI TROPICS:................14 FIREFLIES
ALPINE ADOBE:............... 18 FIREFLIES

There are 6 fireflies to find in Sunny Plains itself, and we will 
explain below how to get them and to avoid confusion, we will also give 
you the NAME of the firefly you should have caught. (Also when I said 
the top, I mean on the Map when you press L and Select together:)

-At the start, talk to Bianca near the trees and she will give you a 
firefly called Pyro. (Near Sharmock Isle Portal) 
-Talk to Hunter next, he is located near 3 sheep and trees and he will 
give you a firefly called Brimstone.
-There is an extra life butterfly near the top of the level in a jar.
-One firefly is near a big golden sundial near the top of the Map. The 
firefly is called Smoky.
-Go to the top of the Map and climb the platform. Hunter will be there 
to give you jumping, gliding and hovering practice. Just do what 
Hunter, then Sparx says and when you reach the end Hunter will give you 
a firefly called Magma. There is also a Blue Gem there, which is worth 
25 red gems. Country Farms is also there. (Explained later).
-Go near the bottom of the map and you should see 2 ice cones. Thus is 
called an ice gate which you can have 30 seconds of Super Ice Breath, 
Bianca should also be there and she will give you a firefly called 
-Once you get the Fire Breath, (Explained Later) light up the Sun 
statues around the plain and you will get a firefly when you light up 
the last statue.

GEMS: 300


This is the first level you should go to because you don't need that 
many fireflies to get into the level. 

-Talk to the first person. She will say to rescue her sister, Daisy.
-There is a firefly called Welt in the first farm after the start.
-A firefly called Parch is right at the bottom of the Map.
-Zoe is in this level to save your progress.
-Zap is found near the farm you caught Parch in.
-Kill a Rhynoc to save Daisy. She is up a high platform and you'll get 
a firefly called Blush.
-Bianca will give you fire breath after you rescue Daisy.
-There is a blue gem if you climb up a slide and glide to the platform 
next to it. There is also a one extra life butterfly.
-A firefly called Shock is found right in the middle of the map.
-Burn all the haystacks in the level with your new fire breath and you 
will get a firefly called Scald.
-*CHALLENGE PORTAL* Freeze all the milk bottles to get a firefly called 

GEMS: 300

This is the next level you should go to. You will need 10 fireflies to 
open this portal. 

-Knock down all 7 black bombs with your headbutt to get firefly called 
Hibana. Position yourself with the bomb otherwise you might fall into 
the water. 
-Use your ice breath to freeze the drinks (lemonade) to get a firefly 
called Matches. 
-You will find a firefly called Rocket after you first glide over the 
sea and it is near a lake.
-You will find a firefly called Dynamo near the first big pyramid you 
come across. 
-You will find a firefly called Blaze near the bottom of the map. 
(Press L and Select together).
-You will find a firefly called Butane in the first cave that you have 
to headbutt the rock to get in.

GEMS: 300

You will need 14 fireflies to get into this level.

-Light up the golden statues with your fire breath to get a firefly 
called Scarlett.
-Burn the vines in your path with your fire breath to get a firefly 
called Gleam. Don't go near the vines or you will lose a Sparx colour. 
-You will find a firefly called flicker near the end of the first 
platform that you start on.
-The auto-save fairy is near the beginning of the second platform.
-To get to the platforms over the sea, go through the super-ice breath 
barrier to freeze the water. Light up all the statues to get a firefly. 
(This is quite hard). You'll need to be quick with Spyro because you 
can easily get stuck on one of the islands with the statue.  
-You will find a firefly called Twinkle near the first pyramid on your 
-You will find a firefly called Burner near the bottom of the smaller 
-You will find a firefly called Glitter near the lake in the middle of 
your map. You'll find the blue gem on a platform near the Sunny Plains 
exit portal. You should go up the fourth step of the Pyramid and glide. 
You might not get there the first time but keep trying!  

GEMS: 400

I found this level hard at first but it turned out to be easy. You will 
need 3 fireflies to get into this portal.

-Freeze all the springs shooting up with water in this level and turn 
them into flowers. When you freeze the last one you will get a firefly 
called Simoon.
-*CHALLENGE PORTAL* Freeze all 3 pixies to get a firefly when you talk 
to Billy who is outside the portal called Beam. (Tactics to do this in 
later versions).
-Go to the end of the level, and when you get to the top of the map you 
should see a red horseshoe. Talk to Brain at the start of the level to 
get a firefly called Shine.
-3 other fireflies can be caught throughout this level. One at the 
beginning called Scald. 
-There is a harder version of the pixie game when you take to Billy 
after you done the first one. Freeze all 4 pixies to get a firefly of 
Billy called Ashley.

GEMS: 300

This is an Agent 9 level that should be easy, as you have to get to the 
end of this level to find the firefly in a box. You need 12 fireflies 
to get into this level.
GEMS: 300

This is the kangaroo's level and should be easy, as you can't fall off. 
All you have to do is to jump on the flowerpots (A then A then B to 
kick on the flowerpots) to make the flowers grow. Do all off them and a 
firefly in a jar should appear near the end of the level. You will need 
to pay Moneybags 300 gems to get into this level. There are about 10 

GEMS: 300

This is another Agent 9 level. This is harder than Minty Mines so be 
careful. Duck as much as possible and get the shield and bullets when 
it is running low. The firefly should be at the end of this level in a 
box. (The firefly has no name). There are 3 blue gems in this level. 
The first one is when you jump on some platforms where the washing line 
and you'll need to jump on top of a house and onto a smaller one to get 
the gem. 


Before you enter the Celestial Plains, you have to kill Crush. This is 
how to defeat him:
-When he fires ice cubes, he sometimes drops them. Get these by walking 
over them and glide to the middle platform in the arena.
-Get him in your aim, then fire the ice cube and then when he is frozen 
headbutt him.
-You should hear a 'bringg' sound. Do this 3 times and you will win.
-The fairy Cleo should give you the super-headbutt ability, which lets 
you break hard rocks (usually purple). That leads into secret passages 
e.g. Like in the Temple of Dune. 

Now you should be in the Celestial Plains. Like Sunny Plains there are 
a lot of gems and fireflies to find. Here is where to find all the 
-Do super headbutt on the rock near Hunter and he will give you a 
firefly called Sparkle.
-You will find a firefly called Brule in the far-left side of the map.
-You'll get Glow when you talk to Bianca near the super-flame breath 
-You'll find a firefly called Toasty on the third platform on the right 
near the Wateropia Portal. 
-You'll find Phospho on the right of the map near the super ice breath 
-When you light up all the moon statues with your ice breath you will 
get a firefly called Pepper.

This is the first level you should go to. It may seem hard at first but 
it is really easy.


Fireflies' locations:

-You will find Charcoal near the secret cave you come across.
-You will find Red near the bottom of the map.
-You will find a firefly called Cauldron in the cave at the very top of 
the map when you give the skull, Yoric to Chatter at the beginning of 
the level. 
-You get a firefly called Ember when you light up all the pumpkins.
-*CHALLENGE PORTAL* You will get a firefly called Candle when you 
complete the obstacle course.

You need 25 fireflies to enter this level.

-You will find Flash when your rescue the chefs and talk to Bert.
-When you blow out the candles with your ice breath, when you blow the 
last candle out you will find a firefly called Aurora.
-You will find Twilight on the fifth platform. (Count the Start 
platform as first)
-You will find Star near the third candle.
-You will find Cal on the seventh platform.
-You will find Shimmer near the gingerbread man on the middle pink 
island, above the third platform.
-When you guard the cake for the chef in a certain time you will get a 

GEMS: 300

You need 30 fireflies to enter this level.

-When you light up all 8 Christmas trees you will get a firefly called 
-Dawn is found near the fifth big Christmas tree.
-Soot is found near the ninth Christmas tree,
-When you guide Andy home you will get a firefly.
-When you light up the candles with Super Fire Breath you will get a 
-When you complete the Hockey challenge on both difficulty levels you 
will get two fireflies.

GEMS: 400

You need 38 fireflies to enter this level.

-Hydra can be found south-east of the start platform.
-Ishtar can be south-west of the start platform.
-Agni can be found near the big flower, when you go on from finding 
-*CHALLENGE PORTAL* You will find a firefly called Chili when you catch 
the thief. (Headbutt him with the R button) 
-When you kill all the soldiers you will get a firefly.
-When you freeze all the water springs you will get a firefly.


donaldmaull sent me this tip (I haven't tried it):

To kill Ripto, you have to zap his cards with the super powered breath-
weapons located at the south, west and east of the arena (over the 
lava). Zap the red card with super-fire, the blue with super-ice and 
green with lightning. When the cards are down, you have a few seconds 
to head-but him before the cards come back, do this 3 times and he will 
be defeated. 

Any people who have tried this tip please email me. 
UPDATE (14/4/03): I have tried this tip and it works. Thanks 
Donaldmaull! This tip helped us beat Ripto!  

Email address: nickandoliver@yahoo.co.uk 

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We also have a new message board set up for all your needs for this 
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Have Fun!  

I would like to thank the following people:

Nintendo for making the Game Boy Advance

Universal Interactive <www.universalinteractive.com> for making this 
brilliant game.

Mum and Dad for buying us the game

Us for making this FAQ.

You, for reading this.

Donaldmaull <donaldmaull@btopenworld.com> for sending me a tip. 

The creator of GameFaqs. (CjayC)

Whoever puts my FAQ online. I'm really grateful!

Walter Han <computer_guy222@hotmail.com> for crediting us 

FireFlash <pkm_charm@hotmail.com> for his tips. 

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Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy reading this FAQ, and it will help 
you with your game. We are very proud of this FAQ and hope that you 
will enjoy it. Remember that you can contribute to this FAQ my emailing 
me with your tips, cheats of hints and of course, you will be credited. 
I will also be grateful if anyone could send in some ASCII art for the 
title and you will be credited. So, until next time, Good Bye to all 
you Spyro Fans. (My brother's favourite Milktank cup got smashed, so we 
type this FAQ in memory of it!) This was the first Spyro 2 FAQ to 
appear on GameFaqs! :)   

Our Progress: Oliver: 92 Fireflies, beat all bosses
              Nicholas: 92 Fireflies beat all bosses  

~ End of FAQ ~