FAQ/Walkthrough by flip

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                    /      Tomb Raider - The Prophecy       \ 
                   /            FAQ/Walkthrough              \
                  /               version 1.0                 \
                 / crafted by crooked j (crookedj@gamebox.net) \


 0) T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


- 0) Table of Contents

- 1) Intro to Tomb Raider

- 2) Controls

- 3) A Few Tips

- 4) Walkthrough

  - Background

  - a. Wolf Fang's Peak

       - Areas 1-3

  - b. Vargstigen

       - Areas 4-7

  - Background Part Deuce

  - c. Angkor Wat

       - Areas 8-16

  - Background Part III

  - d. Laconia Island

       - Areas 17-23

  - Background Part IV

  - e. Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ

       - Areas 24-30

  - f. Ending

- 5) Enemies

- 6) Revision History

- 7) Legal Box


 1) I N T R O  T O  T O M B  R A I D E R


See those double snubs pointed at ya top? Make the wrong move and you will 
regret it. I don't see why nobody has a complete guide for this as it is very 
good in my opinion, but you can bet on the fact that I'll be the first to 

Basically, Lara Croft (the woman with the guns) is the main character 
of the series, and she goes on many adventures with her trusty firearms. Some 
folks think it is a good series, while others think its a flop (just like the 
controversry surrounding Angelina Jolie's beauty). But anyway, this is another 
chapter of her story.

~Tally Ho!~


 2) C O N T R O L S


pistols tucked
A - jump around like those white boy rappers

B - pick up stuff/activate switches

L - hold and move direction pad to make Lara sprint

R - draw guns

L + A - makes Lara do a running jump, useful for wide chasms

start - shows the areas password and the continue/quit option

select - change up items to use, guns/health/etc.

pistols out
A - makes Lara jump

B - fire guns

back + A & B - backflip and fire guns (near enemy)

forward + A & B - front jump and fire guns (near enemy)

up/down + A & B - side flip screw and fire guns (near enemy)


 3) A  F E W  T I P S


- Whenever you see a lever, it usually means you have limited time to get to 

- After pushing said lever, always get the most use outta the sprint button.

- When fighting enemies near the edge of a cliff or bottomless pit, try not to 
  backflip too much/crazily, as you'll probably backflip your ass on down...

- You aren't invincible, only the Hulk is, so when your health is low and you 
  encounter some enemies, be sure to break out the medikits.

- The enemies that you face have the same vulnerabilities as you, such as if a 
  wolf ran into some spikes it'd die just like you.


 4) W A L K T H R O U G H


NOTE - there are a lot of switches, tons of 'em in fact! I use the word so 
       much that you really must pay attention young chap, or get left behind.


*all text here and in future background sections are directly involved with 
the game's storyline, ph34r it.

'Real Magic' - PLRD

These words resound in Lara's head as she contemplates the mighty Swedish 
mountain above her. Magic, means supernatural, great, power. It existed, as 
many legends of different cultures and ages describe it. As soon as Lara 
started deciphering the forgotten Tome of Ezekiel, written by a mysterious 
medieval scholar, she immediately found herself knee deep in the legend.

And so she's here. Looking for the Black Stone which lies somewhere in the icy 
heart of what was called the Wolf Fang's Peak, by the 13th century scholar. 
She's looking for the Stone that was reveal what magic was, or still is.

When the control is given to you, get used to the controls for a bit. After 
perusing them, hop up the ledge, climb up the ladder and shimmy across the 
thin grab rail, and drop. Head up the path, grab the big medikit and head up 

Go up the snowy ladder, to your left there is a small medikit, pick it up then 
go over right. To get inside the wolf's peak, all you have to do is walk by 
the opening.

a. Wolf Fang's Peak

`Area 1` - GAZE

The first area of the game. Lara mentions something about the place needing a 
change of air. Up some steps the camera will warp out of view and you'll spot 
three fire holes, next to a switch. Flip the switch but before you go the new 
way, go up left and open up the door to find some uzi ammo and a small 

Now head on the road not yet taken </rfrost> and you will spot your first 
enemy, which is not surprisingly, a wolf. Pull out your pistols, drop down and 
deal with it accordingly. Three shots are more than this rabid razer can 
handle. Leap up onto the stand, run forward to spot a big medikit.

Take it, then from there jump right and upward. There is a small medikit 
there, and on the ground floor there happens to be another wolf. After you are 
done reducing the species, go directly right, hit the switch and you'll see a 
door open way up. Get up there for some uzi ammo, then resume your travel 

The switch right there will disable the double fire shoots, but it won't 
disable the wolf you'll face. Down and left you'll have to keep jumping the 
pillars until you get a small medikit and hit the switch. Now you must go all 
the way back where you took the uzi ammo, and jump to get to the door.

Ignore the switch for a second, and run left to face a wolf. Hit the switch, 
then run back and hit the one you first saw when you came in. Get to the door 
you just opened all the way on the left, face the wolf and keep heading north 
to run into the second area.

`Area 2` - MEDI

There is a switch atop some steps, hit it then enter the door to your right. A 
gray wolf hails from the left, take him out then move right. Another wolf 
approaches. After you exercise your trigger finger on him, then the camera 
pans to the left.

Get all the way to the medikit where you showed you, drop down and hit the 
switch. Get back to where you went up the ladder, go south and hit another yet 
another switch. This one stops the fire in front of the door, but didn't open 
it. So head south and this switch will stop more flame.

Rightwards there is a firepillar switch and a medikit, with a wolf to keep you 
company. Now go past the recently doused flames, to face another wolf. After 
that, go up and guess what is on the plateau? Another wolf! If Kevin Costner 
was here I'd blast him to hell, too...

Anyway go left more, collect the big medikit. The switch here opens up that 
other door, so get back to it. Once in, hit this level to progress into the 
next area.

`Area 3` - HAXE

Drop down the steps and the camera pans towards the top of the place, where a 
medikit sits. Get up there, and claim it. HOLD ON! Before you drop back down, 
go toward the edge of the cliff. Press B to hang on to the edge, and maneuver 
over towards your right.

Execute both rabid wolves, and hit the switch to open the door. Inside the 
door, there is another switch on top of a pillar. Hit it to see some spikes go 
back inside the floor, opening up a pathway. As a reminder, whenever you touch 
spikes, you die instantly.

Head back to where you first came in, and run right. You'll notice a pillar 
with a ladder. Just keep heading right, take out the wolf and hit the switch 
past two fire chutes. Another door will open, close to where the ladder pillar 
was. Go up it, and use your arms to pull yourself over there.

Inside, turn left first and hit that lever. Then go right, hit that level, 
collect the small medikit and enter the room for the decorative battle axe. 
You may leave now. Go back to where all the fire chutes where, and travel 
north. There is a small medikit south, if you want it.

Hoist yourself up four large steps, and then Lara spots something about a 
guard not being armed. hm, whatever can we do about this? Once up here you 
must take on five ferocious beasts of burden, so do it. Walk up to the guard 
Lara spotted, select the battle axe and press A to give it to him.

The door opens, so you go in. In this small room, there is one objective. Get 
up to the tomb, and quickly at that. You hear the clock ticking, so the only 
time you should stop is to grab the medikit. Go inside, or should I say 
outside to be in the freezing cold.

b. Vargstigen

`Area 4` - PATH

On the bottom as you are right now, keep going right. There are a total of 
three wolves to kill and two medikits to pick up. At the end right, the camera 
will pan all the way to left on another medikit. Lara mentions something about 
this being Vargstigen, path of the wolf. But to get there, you must make a few 
leaps. The long jump method will get you to the medikit's position.

Then head up into another part of this path, and right. You'll be greeted by a 
wolf who is close to a medikit. To get around the thin path of the part, use 
the drop shimmy method (hanging on the cliff and moving). Head up somemore to 
be in another part of the path.

Go up the ladder, drop to get the medikit then proceed right. Use your arm's 
strength to get across and go up into the last part of the path. Continue on 
left, and when you get to the big lot, run and drop left for the medikit and 
admittance into the next area.

`Area 5` - BONE

Right off the bat there are two wolves bounding towards you, end their journey 
early. Get past the cleverly (yeah right) placed flames and hit the switch 
which turns off some more flames to the south. Go there, punch in both 
switches to notice two doors being opened.

The one directly north of the diagonal flames (the clever ones) has a switch 
up top which shuts off more flames by you and a small medikit. Drop down left 
where all the flames were, hang on the ledge and maneuver yourself right.

Go down the ladder, hit the lever and run south. The lever there will slow 
down the flames for a bit of time, while one switch opens another door and the 
other disables some deadly spikes. Grab the uzi ammo, and proceed back to 
where the clever flames were located. 

Jump across to face your first skeletal warrior of the game, but certainly not 
the last. If his shield stumps your bullets, you can either run up to him and 
blast him but take some hits, or do some aerial moves and fire in the air. 
Your choice.

When he does grab the big medikit, you'll probably need it if you took the 
guns blazing method and go past the double door corridor to face a wolf. Make 
yourself go up the ledges, and use the rail to further yourself right. The 
switch opens the door. Go back in the skeleton room and in for the new area.

`Area 6` - TREE

Take a few steps, and the game tells you something about King Heort, who has 
an immortal legend or somethin'. Head a bit south, hit the switch which opens 
a door right by you. Go inside and notice another closed door. 

North of there, climb up many steps until you reach a switch which opens that 
very door, but the path it shows you is the path you must take. While there, 
move a bit to the left and south, then drop and pick up that sword. You'll 
need it later. Make a jump to the right to get on the path and go.

Some more history is told about the King, but you don't really care about 
that. You care about beating this level. So get past the flames, to face 
another skeletal soldier, whom turn out to be King Heort's soldiers. Slaughter 
him indifferently, and hit the switch.

This switch opens the door near the entrance to this level so get up there. 
Two wolves come prowling towards you, only they won't have the chance to 
escape once you pull the snubs out. 

There is a big medikit to the right, whether you get it or not is your choice 
as its guarded by three fire spitting monoliths. But beyond that, head north 
and right when you reach the spikes then north again. Make the jumps, and use 
the rail to grab a shield (goes with the sword you got earlier) and a big 

By that medikit, there be a switch, so hit it and it'll take down some spikes, 
but put the other ones that were gone earlier up. So stay on the rail and go 
back left, then jump left to the ladder. Climb up and left, hit that switch 
and more spikes are taken down, the ones you encountered previously.

Grab the SM (small medikit) and take safe passage south, then turn west and 
north past the spikes you just took down. Keep perambulating past the closed 
door to face another skeletal soldier, who is revealed only to be alive 
through the use of a black stone which raises the dead.

Hit the switch which opens that closed door you passed, but stay going north 
anyways. The spikes will come back up, so now that you are trapped like a 
mouse in a trap. Climb up top north, hit that switch then begin to move 
southwest past all the flames. 

Shoot the wolves from across the gap to kill them easily, go into the door 
south of where they just were. Trek west to spot a platform with fire all 
around, two switches and an artifact at the top. One switch puts down the 
spikes in this room, and the other opens the door. The artifact is Libra, 
which are basically old-timer scales.

Go past the spikes you just put down and hit the switch there to open a door 
directly north, and the switch there does the same, thereby saving you time of 
having to go all the way around again. Up north is the next area, King Heort's 

`Area 7` - LINK

On the screen it mentions the black stone must be in the tomb somewhere, but 
she doesn't know how to get to it, even though the screen zooms towards an old 
scroll. Read it to find out what a good king does. Now at the north's middle, 
Lara will mention being able to put some stuff there.

So whip out those three items you obtained last level, and place them in this 

Libra - Left
Sword - Middle
Shield - Right

then hit the switch nearby. A cutscene emerges with a cloaked figure summoning 
two skeletal warriors, and when it is over guess what?! You have to FIGHT 'em! 
When they bite the dust (again...) guess what else?! You FIGHT the figure who 
summoned them! Use a variety of moves while shooting, as the projectiles are 
pretty hurtful. After he bites the dust, you run off into another cutscene.

Background Part Deuce

The symbols Lara found in King Heort's (game made grammar error) led her to 
further investigation of the Tome of Ezekiel. Apparently the Viking king had 
secretely used the stones to rule his kingdom.

Translation of the stones proves to be a hard task, but finally Lara 
discovered her new objective. According to the newly deciphered chapter of the 
book, there are two other stones, and one is hidden in the temples region of 
Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Without further delay, Lara heads to Cambodia to search for the stone.

c. Angkor Wat

`Area 8` - KURZ

A rather long journey, eh? They don't know the half. It's going to get hella 
longer though, as three brown wolves welcome you into the new level. Use 
terrifying tactics to clear 'em out, and hop up the pedestal by them. Hit the 
switch which takes down the spikes to your left, then take that route and hit 
another switch which opens up a door down right.

Get to where that door recently opened, to face a skeleton warrior. Beat him 
to open up that door, where two more skeleton warriors rest. Take them out to 
make the spikes retreat, then fight another brown wolf.

You'll spot a SM (small medikit) by you, pick it up and keep going to battle 
two more skeletons. On the far left, there is a switch which detracts some 
spikes so hit it. 

On the way up there you'll find a BM, and that the switch opens some door far 
off. So leave this part and enter the main room where you entered.

At the very end right of this main room, there is a switch. Hit it, it opens 
up another door. Long jump to the next platform, and hit that one. This moves 
a pillar so you have an easier time getting to that door. Inside is a skeleton 
warrior however.

There's some mention of a flaming rock that signifies where the next stone 
might be. Go on and pull the lever, you hear a clock sound when the door opens 
which means you have limited time to get there, so you might wanna sprint. 
Walk past the flames until you get to a path where there are flames or plain 

Get past many a flame to face many a wolf, and no they aren't the friendly 
Kevin Costner type. After they are cleared out, you'll get an 'excellent' from 
Lara, too bad she can't give you any more than that. 

The switch there will take down the spikes for a limited time only, get across 
for another switch which opens up the door across a chasm here, this helps you 
get out of this part. The lever reduces the spikes again.

Now take the plain ground at the intersection, and make the skeletons rest in 
peace again then pick up the SM and climb up the ladder. Jump west, and get to 
the top here for a switch which disables some spikes below. 

Where the spikes used to be is another switch, hit that to open the door which 
you couldn't go in earlier. Use the exit you just opened to get out.

Now back there, you'll gain some more information about King Surya and the Red 
Stone before you go into the next level. Decent eh?

`Area 9` - HELL

The level name was crafted to instill FEAR into the hearts of CHRISTIANS. 
Actually, the guys who made it just thought it to be a fitting four letter 
word for this level, although I think there are others which deserve it more. 
It isn't exactly like Hades, but it is fairly confusing to a layman.

But past mere appellations, battle three wolves then hit a switch which opens 
three doors. Dodge three flames and try not to drop on the floor. At the 
bottom there are another three wolves ready for some more.

Damn that paragraph was tight eh? Rhymed on it...so go all the way right, get 
up past the flames then hit the B door. What B door you ask? There are four 
doors up top, let's keep it simple.

                                    A - B - C - D

Back on the bottom, use the smallest platform in the midst of all the tall 
ones to hop left. This switch will drop the D door. Hop right from that 
platform now, that switch drops some spikes by another switch. 

The switch by the recently deflated spikes will open a door immediately past 
the B door. To nearly finish up opening all these doors, go to the D door. Hit 
a switch there which opens the C door, now go to the C door. Inside that door, 
there are another two switches.

One opens a door past the A door, get it? And the other reveals a passage on 
the south of the alphabetic duo. Across from the C door you are at now, there 
is an alcove with a skeleton in it. Slaughter him, hit the switch and now the 
A door is finally opened up.

But calm your excitement, you can't head there yet! You must first check out 
that new southern door, hopefully you won't spot any Confederates though. In 
here you'll face about a total of four skeletons near a switch, hit it quick 
to take down some spikes past door A.

Don't head west in this room right now however. Instead trek east, and 
upwards. You'll find a small statue of somebody named 'Ernald', goddess of the 
heavens with an SM. Then head to door A, and gain a 'Yhelm' statue, god of 

Did you notice you had to climb for the heaven goddess, and descend for the 
hell god? You will.

Now you can head west in that southern room like I told ya not to earlier, and 
face a skeleton. It'll spawn by a fire, so you should have an easier time 
killing it since things that can harm you such as fire can harm enemies. Keep 
trekking left until you battle two more skeletons, then trek south.

As soon as you do though, you'll have to fend off a few more wolfies. There is 
a switch to take down the spikes on the next platform. Jump on the next to 
read something that talks about paying tribute to the gods. 

When you walk upon 'Yhelm's Altar', that quite obviously means its the time to 
LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWNETH, er I meant put his statue in the slot. Push the 
switch once, then take the status back and proceed on past the three arrow 
slots in the wall. 

Do the same for the goddess statue altar, only push the switch TWICE AND ONLY 
TWICE. Get up there, execute the last soldier for the BM and you may now leave 
this long ass level, deeo in the pits of your cerebral cortex that is.

`Area 10` - WEFX

This level is fairly easy. Just make a few long jumps and you'll be in the 
next area. No biggy, not even a smally. Just an easy.

`Area 11` - MEMO

Your path is fairly limited at the moment, so I shouldn't have to tell you 
that there are three wolves on the prowl for you. 

The game programmers must've really liked trios...but anyway after they are 
defeated you can find a SM on the left pillar & a switch on the right pillar 
which opens a door/drops the spikes.

Here, there don't be much to do besides swiping some uzi ammo since those 
spikes prevent you from doing much so go southward and you'll see some more 
spikes by a switch. Wait a bit and they'll go down, so hit it quickly and 
bounce like a tru pimp. 

Up the ladder inside is a skeleton warrior, an SM and another switch. This one 
takes down the spikes I just mentioned.

Now that those particular spikes are down you can hit that switch. That one 
opens two doors, the problem here is the time you have to get past both. If 
you move quickly, moving on the rail to get past them you should have no 
problem, otherwise you'll be doomed to repeat the process.

After you are past them, there'll be another switch directly in front of you. 
Use it in case you want to go back to that room for any reason. Cross the 
empty flame spouts to fight two skeleton warriors, which triggers off the 
flame for some reason. Beating them will open up the door.

Whatever you do don't drop down here as you'll be killed instantly. Instead 
use the brown rail to further yourself, then pick up the uzi ammo & SM, then 
drop down. There is a dastardly duo of some wolves here, but nothing really to 
concern you.

Fight yet another wolf traveling south, and use the pillars to find yourself 
at another switch which activates a door in a series of them.

Go by the first door, hit that switch and sprint to the end door but stop. 
Make some jumps to the jump, fight a skeletal warrior and hit the right switch 
to be done this with particular level.

`Area 12` - HEAR

Lara drops in on some malevolent malcontents having a conversation, and HEARs 
them talking about the red stone. She gathers that they have a secret society, 
and thus must have a lot more members. Immeditately the camera pans out to 
three wolves bounding in on you, take good care of them and climb the ladder.

Make a few jumps until you reach a switch by some spikes, hit it and it drops 
some shards in front of you, and some ones you just jumped over near another 
switch. Go to the latter, it opens a door a bit south. 

Drop down from there, use the rail to get across where more spikes are and 
enter the door you just opened.

Get up the stumps, and jump for a barely visible handrail. Maneuver left, and 
there'll be a switch. Those spikes you had to handrail over will drop. If you 
want to some items and kill some skeletons you can, just head right.

Where the spikes just got dropped, hit that switch it opens up a door close to 
the spot where you just hit THAT switch to drop the spikes you are now on. 
Enter it and use the rail to move yourself right past some spikes. 

Hit the switch there to drop em, then hit that one to open the door. Sort of a 
diagonal relationship here. In the door there'll be some shards preventing 
access to a switch and a small stub pillar. Use it to get to the ladder and 
time your movement to get across the flames safely. 

Hit the switch here to drop the spikes you just passed, then go back and hit 
the newly accessible switch to move a door out of the way. Now go back to 
where the door just opened, and move east.

Drop down slowly, and at the bottom there'll be two of those former cloaked 
guys waiting to put your lights out for good. Move doubly as fast, since there 
is double the trouble and use the BM and health when you are less than half. 
When they are defeated, all the spikes drop in this part of the room.

There are three switches, but you can only access two of them. Hit the left 
one & the right one, this opens the door in the area you had the option of 
collecting some stuff, just backtrack a bit to find it. 

It also makes it so you don't die while you are trying to reach the middle one 
for some inexplicable reason (maybe spikes beneath the platform?). You'll 
fight a skeleton on the way there, but make the jump left and hit it. The 
second door is opened up top, so trek up a few steps to the next level.

`Area 13` - FITZ

Remember the HELL level? The statues that you obtained from it end up being 
used again in this area, starting with the Hell God statue. Place it in the 
tributary right there, and press the switch twice to make the pillar come down 
some. Take it out of the altar and pull yourself up here.

You'll find another altar, this time place the Heaven Goddess in it and a 
pillar will rise up automatically, so that you may live </jesus> and continue 
on. You can't take it back just yet. Run around and hit a switch a bit in the 
dark, this'll drop an alternate pillar some so you can get back up here.

So drop down, reclaim your Heaven Goddess and get back up there. Put her in 
this new altar, and it'll make another pillar rise up, so use it to hop across 
for a switch which drops some spikes back at the beginning.

Back at the newly opened spot, put your Hell God in and press the button ONCE 
and only ONCE for all you Dee-Dees out there. Put it back in your inventory 
then skip across the towers, to locate yet another altar. Whip out your Hell 
God again and hit it only ONCE again, and take your man back.

Get up there now, and hit that switch to open a door not even a few feet away. 
There is a pillar right here on the right that you can't access yet, mark it 
in your memory like this;

                  -----------        Key:
                  | 1       |        1 - Door opening few feet away
                  |       NA|        S - Switch
                  | S       |        NA - Pillar not accessible

Head inside the door now, and pick up the BM. Drop down and you'll end up 
having to battle a black TDB and a calcium depraved maniac, make sure to take 
out the TDB since he can continuously resurrect his bony buddy. Put your Hell 
God in again, hit the switch once then take him and get back to NA on the map.

Up top there is another switch, which opens the door where you just finished 
battling a black TDB & Co. Make some jumps to reach a rail, and hand yourself 
on the back since you finished this area.

`Area 14` - ELRC

A skeleton lies in wait for anything that comes out of the proper exit, but 
you being an adventurer have lucked out. You grab the Black Stone you came 
here for, but then a new TDB materializes, his color/rank being red. He orders 
some folks to stop you, those folks being three black TDBs. Stop them first.

If you aren't careful/mobile your health will go down quickly, so draw the 
guns and keep using those flip screws and such to win. When they are defeated, 
don't bother to heal up as everytime you go to a new level it does it for you.
Instead, make a few jumps eastward then run northward into the next place.

`Area 15` - CLIK

Take a few steps and the camera pans all the way towards the end of the 
screen, close to a BM. So get yourself there, like one of 50 Cent's 
afterpartys cuz you know it'll be hype. Climb down to face a skeleton, and 
run left to see why I had you keep taking your statues back two levels ago.

Flip through your inventory for the Hell God statue, and enter it into the 
altar. Press the switch twice, then take it back just in case later. Get up to 
grab some uzi ammo, then wait for the spikes to fall in order to hit that 

Once its done, head south into the newly opened door and battle another 
skeleton, then venture a little further to combat two wolves. Keep going until 
the camera pans again to a new MYSTERIOUS item trapped by spikes, in which 
Lara makes the curiously sexual comment 'The Bigger the Better!'. Hm, if only 
she knew me she'd know how true that is...

But anyway, you can't claim it just yet. You have to battle three wolves. The 
first two come running up to you, so dust them off. The third is around the 
corner, in a lame attempt at getting a free bite. Dust it as well to face 
another pit room, as in if you make a jump your ass will fall in the pit.

Make a few jumps to a switch, which fans down some flames. Get past them 
quickly, to face two more skeleton warriors. Do them in quickly as well, then 
make a jump to a deuce-switch pillar with the second switch being too high to 

Hit the one you can anyway, and the spikes surrounding the MYSTERIOUS item are 
let down. Get back over there by the altar, input your Heaven Goddess statue 
and push the switch three times and you'll find that the MYSTERIOUS item is 
indeed MYSTERIOUSLY cool, you've just gained an UZI. Now you know why you were 
collecting all those uzi bullet packs.

The switch right there opens the door right there, so no troubles. Gun down 
some helpless wolves, and pick up an SM and some uzi ammo (useful now eh?). 
Take down another skeleton, and gain an easy BM past some flames (they tried 
to make it difficult on you).

You now are able to reach that tall switch, so hit it, drop down, and go into 
the door which immediately starts a mini-cinema, so break out the popcorn.

`Area 16` - MGSL

It starts with some punk red TDB telling you the equivalent of 'You are a 
failure. You cannot survive, make you time' </overused lingo> so he must pay. 
Draw your twin uzis and begin the assault.

You'll be fighting in an rectangular arena with a deathpit on either sides, so 
watch where you flip (used to be my inick, heh) around. Just keep firing at 
him while watching your movements and his attacks at the same time, and he'll 

There is a new type of wolf on the left side as well, a black wolf. Put it to 
rest with the red TDB you just aced, and grab both uzi ammos as well as an SM. 
Right before the exit is the Red Stone, take it and leave this wretched place.

Background Part III

Lara spent many hours deciphering the Tome of Ezekiel, aided by her recent 
discoveries. She understood that the Tome describes a prophecy, the Prophecy 
of Magic.

The prophecy tells that the three magic stones helped Heort the Viking, Surya 
Varman II of Cambodia and Marcus Aurelios (Aurelius?) emperor of Rome.

Not having time to completely decipher the whole Prophecy, Lara rushed to the 
Laconia Island in Southern Italy, where the last stone should be.

d. Laconia Island

`Area 17` - ROMA

Like any good adventurer, you end up eavesdropping on the bad guys again, and 
it is revealed that they know where you live. One dematerializes, and you 
might fight the other in order to progress. Watch out for those fireballs 
though, they pack more punch than George Foreman's grill.

The wolf being the ancient symbol of Rome? Lara seems to have a bad feeling 
about this... Past the flames, draw your guns then drop down and shoot up a 
hungry werewolfy. 

The game pans to the right when you hit that switch, past another wolf so take 
care of him too, if you have the uzis you'll drop him before he even comes 

Go into the door, where you will square down against another red TDB coupled 
with a black wolf. Kill them, then hit the switch which opens a door uptop 
right. There is some uzi ammo in the bottom left hand corner of this room, 
take it.

Smoke the two wolves inside the uptop right room, then hit the lever. Move 
expeditiously to the left side, as the flames won't stay down forever. Once 
there, time your walking in the middle of the two firestarters, and hit that 
switch which opens a door just south of you.

Drop down & gun down a wolf, then get down for a switch which drops some 
spikes down just to your southwest. Get past them for an SM, and then make a 
running jump to the platform. You CAN use the rail here, but its faster to 
take another running jump. Tread southward and defeat a skeletal warrior.

Take the SM off the plat (shorthand for platform) and hit the lever which 
drops the spikes, for barely 4 seconds. Run across them to fight another 
skeleton, and go diagonally right to the south to battle two more wolves.

Drop down and you'll face another red TDB/black wolf combo, after you've eaten 
them up (get it?) take the BM and punch the switch which drops the spikes to 
the northwest. Get there, and drop down to face a wolf, then the last red TDB 
of this level separately.

Hit this last switch, get back to where you just faced the diminishing duo, 
and leave this area.

`Area 18` - MONK

Lara stops to speak to say that the last stone (the White Stone) is hidden 
somewhere in this huge villa, and that Marcus Aurelios's (not Aurelius I 
guess) body is here and not in Rome.

First thing you'll want to do is grab the uzi ammo. From there, make two jumps 
left, hit one switch which drops some spikes, go down one step for some more 
uzi ammo and jump across right for a BM. 

Drop down, and continue on rightwards. Get up the pillar placed on the right 
alongside a waterfall, and climb up for some uzi ammo and an SM. Jump across 
left and hit that switch, which drops some spikes up north. Drop down again 
and continue rightwards.

Fight off the black TDB, and then climb up the ladder. To get across, you must 
use Lara's arm strength to guide her along that rail there, then climb back 
up. Grind the skeleton once you reach the top of the ladder, and then activate 
that switch which opens a door past some spikes you dropped.

If you want the BM, take it but don't drop down from the pillar as Lara's body 
will be crushed instantly by the impact. Just go the way you came, and you 
should be fine. Get to the door you just opened, to find another four closed 

The solution would be of course to hit the switch which opens the A door. 
Battle a red TDB inside, but try to stay out of the middle since a stray 
fireball may hit you. Hit both switches, one opens the B door and the other 
opens a door a bit to the west. 

Once inside the B door, you'll immediately be trapped. Hit the right switch 
first to open the C & D doors, then the left one to left yourself out, be 
quick leaving or you'll do it again.

Instead of going directly to C & D, I'd prefer you head to where that door 
opened up in the west so get there right where you picked up the first uzi 
ammo of this level past some flames.

Inside this room, immediately climb up on the overhang and pick up the BM. 
Make the jumps to the right, and you'll come upon a switch which opens a door 
a bit north. Drop down with your uzis blazing, as there is a red TDB and two 
black wolves ready to cut your journey short. When the red TDB has perished, 
you may leave this door. Scurry back to the alphabetic doors.

Now being inside the C & D doors, sprint a bit to the north so the black TDB 
comes out to play, polish him off first then his two skeleton cronies as to 
not waste any bullets killing the same monster twice. 

Get up the ladder and across the rail, lift up midway for a switch which drops 
some spikes coming up and a BM. Jump left onto the multi-faceted pillar, hop 
down one step and pick up the collectibles, then hit the switch which drops 
the spikes just one plat over.

Keep heading left until you face a red TDB by the open door, smoke him then 
head inside for another enemy by a switch, the black wolf. After he's done, 
the switch will open a door to the left, and the next one will open the exit 
door, allowing you to exit.

`Area 19` - AEON

Immediately, go up the ladder and left for an SM, then jump back right to face 
a skeleton warrior. Beat him down, then hit the switch which turns off some 
spikes to the south. A spring to the plat on the right and kill the black TDB, 
quickly so he doesn't resurrect Mr. Bones.

Keep going and you'll see a red statue. Pick it up and you'll find that it is 
Manuelius, who is general of the Eastern region. Of what region? I'm guessing 
the region of Rome. There is a BM you can get, so take it and go south.

Before you do ANYTHING, venture into the middle and get your battle on with a 
red TDB, and a skeleton. Ice them off and some spikes will drop, then go 
around collecting stuff on the northwestern and eastern steps. There are 2 
SMs, 2 uzi ammos and a BM, but there is also another skeleton.

When done filling your pockets, hit the switch that you just made available 
and a door will open to the southwest. Move your feet west now to face another 
red TDB, and that's not counting the two wolves who come out from the gates. 

There are six doors here, three on bottom and three on top, and all but two 
have something to loot. Go inside the door you just opened, hit that switch 
then go directly across for another statue, this one being Ricardus, general 
of the Southern legion.

Go back into the main part of this stadium lookalike, where there will be a 
black TDB and another skeleton lying in wait for you. Take them down, and 
you'll hear a wall fire spouter to the west (can't think of better name). 

Get past it for another statue, this particular one being Maximus, general of 
the Northern legion. Head back northwest on the steps then hit the switch & 
see where the door opens. Get there, hit that switch and both doors open. 

Go in the right one first, and polish off the red TDB. Next go in the left 
one, and have the skeleton in a bone pie dessert. Grab the SM, then you'll be 
in a room with a dolphin picture, and a black TDB with another skeleton. Kill 
them as well, and hit both switches in this room, order doesn't matter.

Before you leave though, make sure to grab the last statue, it being 
Giordanius, general of the Western Legion. Defeat these two skeletons to make 
it in the next room, where you see four available slots with a blank switch. 

Wonder what those are for??? Lara gives you a clue, 'I can place a statue 
here'. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Place them in their namesake order, namely 
            Giordanius - Manuelius

And the switch will appear. Hit it, and a door opens. Somewhere. Go back to 
the main stadium room now, and head south now that this door is open. Inside 
contains a red TDB, of course you already knew that from the camera panning.

When you get there, you'll find it to be eerily empty. Hit the switch on the 
left to open up a door then head east. As soon as you do, the red TDB will 
confront so put him out like a badmouthed 18 yr old. Continue on for an SM, 
and a ladder. Up the ladder is a switch which opens another southern door.

With both doors open, feel free to head south. There'll be two switches, a 
left one and a right one. Hit the left to drop the spikes, and walk on right 
out of this area.

`Area 20` - TIME

"Time is forever" said a wiseman. Well you don't have forever, which is 
probably why you consorted the magical helping powers of this guide. Gather up 
the uzi ammo + a BM, and use the switch to drop the spikes just east. 

Walk past them, gun up (usually they get gunned down) the wolf, take both uzi 
ammos and hit another switch to open the door where you just were at. Go 
inside, there'll be a dynamic duo of red TDBs, send them to the netherworld, 
take the BM and hit this switch which makes a door open near the prior switch.

Go inside, hit that switch which opens up two more doors a bit further down 
the path, and you'll see some glowing MYSTIFYING item. Remember how the other 
one was MYSTERIOUS? Well this is MYSTIFYING. There also is a new source of 
ammo suddenly...hmm wonder why.

Continue on, up the ladder and across the rail. Past the row of various fire 
traps, uzi ammo and a BM can be obtained and a switch can be pushed. Push it 
real good, then go inside the door it opened for two uzi ammos and another 
switch which will drop some spikes just outside.

Hop left now, the 1st switch will open a door in the room where you got two 
uzi ammos, and the 2nd switch drops some more spikes. Hop back over there, 
where the spikes you just dropped are and go north, boost yourself at the end 
of the hall.

Be careful when springing on these thin ass pillars, as if you fall on the 
spikes or in the nothingness it'll make no difference-you're still dead. Get 
to the leftmost area, pop open that switch which opens the door south of the 
two ammo room. Head back there now, and hit that switch.

Now, the third door in the two ammo room will open, so run due north to 
immediately square off against two black wolves and a red TDB, cancel them 
both then spring yourself right for a switch which drops the spikes in the 
room south of here.

Get back there, and drop down. You may now access the coruscating MYSTIFYING 
item, which anyone with an opposable thumb knew were the Golden Guns. Golden 
Gun ammo? Come on... 

When you push the lever, you'll immediately know because of the time clock you 
don't have much time to make the door, so stop drop and roll, sprint like a 
Michael Johnson on steroids if you have to, just get there.

Inside that room, there is another lever. It's for if you want to go back for 
any reason, however none is good enough for me so leave this accurséd place.

`Area 21` - OLIM

Now that you are outside, take a breath of fresh air. Nice view eh? Look over 
the side and you'll see nice waves breaking along the coast. Enjoy it while 
you can, press soon you'll see nice blood breaking along some bones.

Anyway, run up to the scroll and it'll say something about Hortace, a scholar 
who relied on the unknown. While YOU may not know what this mean, I do cuz I 
beat this game already. 

See that little jut out on the left side? Take a walk of faith left from 
there, and you'll discover that you will not fall to your death. Graced with 
the astounding news, I expect you'll be able to make your way to the next 

`Area 22` - LAND

Pick up the uzi ammo, then tread all the way south. Ignore everything 
including the lever right now, and keep walking until you hit the switch. You 
can fight the skeleton or not, but you might as well kill him early. 

Go back to the lever, push it and make it to the switch by the spikes quickly 
so you can hit it and enter the door. Lots of stuff in one sentence, huh?

Hit that switch which opens a door to the right, then enter and murder the two 
wolves. You won't need to go there as it just leads around to where you are. 
Take a walk north and hit that switch, which drops another door to the right. 

You know how you'll have to battle another skeleton since he woke up when the 
camera panned on the door. 

Now rail yourself across and hit that switch, dropping the spikes to your 
right. Go back to that door you opened on the southeast corner, and run past 
the spikes now. Past both closed doors, take the SM and hit the switch which 
opens up the 1st of these doors.

Enter to get an uzi ammo, and the switch which drops two sets of spikes. Move 
left now, and you'll have to battle a black TDB along with a skeleton pal, 
take out the TDB first as always. Hit the switch where the spikes were to open 
a distant room, then enter the room to your left.

There are two switches in here, hit the one to the right first and three doors 
are open, 1 south 2 north. If you screw up and press the middle one, you'll 
have to keep alternating until the three doors are open. Once done, you may 
simply walk to the right and get up the steps to leave.

`Area 23` - DART

It seems that there is a new type of TDB, the white one. Their color is 
determined by what stone they are designated to protect, I guess. The white 
one talks about resurrecting their great long laster master, 'the Great Grey 
One'. They also talk about disposing of you, and they leave a trap for you to 
stumble upon the White Stone.

So now you must fight again to save your life, I suggest you whip out the 
Golden Guns and use them, since you are going against two red and two black. 
Charge it up by holding the shoot button, then let it go. Keep doing this 
until they all hit the dust.

Then the white TDB reappears and tells you that you may keep them as long as 
you live, hmm somehow that doesn't sound too benevolent of him. Lara 
apparently thinks the same, and now considers her options.

Background Part IV

Lara goes back to her library in a desperate attempt to discover where the 
Teg-Du-Bhorez headquarters were located.

She finally deciphers the whole prophecy. 'The First Union' gave humans life. 
The Second Union gave humans salvation. The Third Union will give humans 
Conclusion (with a capital C!).'

For centuries the Magic stones have been protected by the ancient Secret 
Society of the Teg-Du-Bhorez. According to the prophecy of the Tome of 
Ezekiel, the Teg-Du-Bhorez would reawaken their master, the Great Grey One, 
and the Apocalypse would begin.

e. Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ

`Area 24` - HILL

Basically, all you have to do is make a few jumps here and there, some short 
to get on the tall skinny pillars, other long to get way across the screen. Go 
through many wolves and shadows while you are it, they really are quite easy 
to kill. 

As soon as you off two shadows the gate will open, and of course you must go!

`Area 25` - CHEX

Seems like this level needs to 'check' itself. Nahmean? You'll be right near a 
blanked out switch, so grab up the uzi ammo and walk a bit south. Take care of 
bonezy who makes a guest appearance, then shoot up the red TDB. Now the switch 
isn't blank anymore, so hit it and go the door east it opens.

You damn right you have to pay attention, so move carefully against the myriad 
of fire sprouts to get a BM, then hit the rail and rail on right. Hit the 
lever then sprint down the spiked floor before they come back up.

Jump to the left now, and drop down, climb up the ladder then shimmy left on 
the edge of it, then get up for an SM. Wait until the spikes drop in its 
rotation, then sprint across and hit that switch, which sends a pillar plat 
hurtling to the right. 

Get back to where you saw the lever which drops spikes now, then jump east on 
the newfound moved plat and wait for THESE spikes to drop, then sprint again 
and pick up a BM, and hit that switch. A door far west will open, with a wolf 
guarding it. It's in the main room, past some timed spike on the west.

Take down the wolf (like you saw) and a red TDB. Head in and wait for the 
spikes to drop, then head the switch and a grating opens to the left. Take the 
spoils of fighting before you go inside. In here you must wipe out all enemies 
(a red TDB, a few wolves) before you are allowed to touch the blank switch.

Once you can, a grating just slightly to the south is opened so go in and take 
those items (with a BM) as well. Hit the switch in here after beating the red 
TDB, it'll drop the spikes outside for a few moments, more time than usual to 
get past them. 

Hit the switch which opens a grating again to the far south, and pulling the 
lever opens up the door out of this room, so sprint to get out. In the middle 
door to the south, there are two levers. Pull the bottom right one first, both 
ways right and left. Then head into the right grating.

Battle the skeleton, kill him and move southward. Drop down for a host of 
wolves, the spree not stopping until you reach the middle room with a BM and 
some various gun ammo. Leave out the way you came, until you reach the spikes 
just where you battled the first skeleton in this room.

Wait till they drop, then hit the switch and it'll open a room on the left 
side. So go the middle room again, and pull the top lever to the left. Go 
inside that room, hit that switch and another room will open in the right. 
Lather, rinse repeat.

Do until the middle room on the bottom is opened up, then go in and Lara will 
talk about having a 'bad feeling' about this. So do I, which is why I'm going 
to sleep. I'll finish this walkthrough tomorrow, I'm tired as a mothafucka.

`Area 26` - STLK

Place looks like a Russian Chapel. Grab the BM just to the right of you then 
keep going east, taking out skeletons and shadows of the like. Hit the switch 
when you get to it, it shuts off the spikes to the north. There is a skeleton 
by the golden gun ammo in case you don't see it (I didn't) and to the south.

Walk past the spikes now, and get across the handrail for a switch on the 
bottom of a pillar, hit it and a grating to the right will open. Now get on 
the edge of the walkway, and rail yourself over to the right and pick up the 
BM, then drop on the used to be spikes. 

Climb back up again and get to the place you opened. You'll now be in the 
second part of this level. Blast the shadow then when you get to the thin 
ledge by the fire, time it so you have time to get across. Keep jumping to the 
right on the small pillars, and the switch opens a grating to the north.

So go back the way you came and soon you'll spot a BM near two shadows. Grab 
the BM then shadowbox with them, they suck at it. Keep heading right battling 
a skeleton and making a long jump until you come upon some timed spikes on the 
ground, wait until they drop, then you drop and pop two cops (Shadows).

Inside the door there is another switch, don't hit it just yet. Make the long 
ass jump to the left, you can do it by just jumping off the edge of the 
ground. And your reward? You get to battle another shadow! 

Beat him, then jump across some flames and hit the switch which opens a 
grating just before you made the Olympic leap for freedom.

Hit another Spider-Man type jump to get back and go into the room where the 
gratings gone, still ignoring the switch while you go in. Battle another two 
shadows, hop on the next pillar go a skeleton then use the pillar to easily be 
at another switch, which opens up a grating somewhere to the south.

Leave this room, and now you may hit the switch which drops the pillar you 
used to somewhere beyond in the darkness. Now you may head back where you were 
making those jumps on the skinny pillars, to the right of this area. 

Use the pillar there to assist you making it across, then battle the two 
shadows and pick up the BM to take your leave of this area.

`Area 27` - MECH

As soon as you travel north you will encounter a new type of enemy, the white 
TDB. He'll appear and shoot off charge blue bolts crackling with electricity, 
that looks pretty hurtful. So it'd be in your best interest to avoid them.

After you put him in the ground, jog left and clock a switch which opens a 
grating to the far right. Remember here, they have no doors. Just gratings. On 
the way there you'll go against a shadow. Before you go in, go directly north 
and hit that switch, saving a bit of effort.

Now head in and the torches turn on, seemingly sensing your presence. A shadow 
also senses your presence, that's a bit of unwanted attention. Fix the 
problem, then hit the right switch and go in. 

Make a long jump across the spikes to avoid any puzzling problems with the 
switches, I remember solving it but don't feel like doing all the necessary 
solutions to it. Inside, kill the white TDB then hit that switch to open a 
door back in the main room, to the west. Leave now.

Go to that grating, and hit the left switch, which opens up the right switch 
so hit that one too then the grating opens in front of you. Go in and battle 
with a shadow with flame all around, very scenic if you ask me. 

Take the golden gun ammo and hit the switch in the right corner which makes a 
switch available somewhere on the right, then go north and the grating will 
open for you.

In this next big ass room, the camera will pan to the top, where there are 
three gears: the baby gear, the momma gear and the poppa gear. There also is a 
switch you must push. It seems impossible to get up there, but I know a way. 
Get down on your hands and knees...err nevermind.

See the spikes to the right? There is space enough for you to get down and use 
the ledge to go right, stopping only for the intermittent flame spitter. After 
you do that, hit the switch which opens up two gratings to the south, both 
close to another. Leave this room now.

In the main starting room, go far east then down into this room again. Keep 
heading north past the stuff you already did, and enter the grating which 
opens on contact of you. Inside, the gratings are playing a game of 'musical 
chairs' so hit the switch so one will stay open.

That grating is on the right, so enter and wait for the spikes to drop, sprint 
across them and put holes in the shadow, then hit the switch which opens the 
grating right by you. 

Go in, across the flames then grab the BM and continue left, hop across the 
slots where spikes should be (but aren't...) then touch the switch. The door 
on the right comes up as well as the spikes. Since you can't go back that way 
(I did before, but it was difficult) you might as well go south taking the BM.

Annihilate the shadow, and hit the switch which lets you go out of here into 
the previous room. Go back on the other side into the room you were just in, 
and enter the grating at the top. Take the item which is a small gear, and jet 
like a 747.

Back in the main room where you entered, go to the far west and south. Inside, 
you'll have to get past two flameheads then face yet another white TDB. Make 
sure hes done, then hit the switch which opens both doors in front of you even 
though it doesn't seem as so. 

Pick up the items and hit the switch which opens a door on the right. Now go 
back to the first flamehead you were just at, and head south into this room. 
Grab the item on the ground which is the medium gear and punch the switch on 
the left which turns off some spikes in the north.

Get there, and kill off another shadow. Jump on the pillar then to the ground, 
where you face a shadow. Don't head south just yet. Instead go north where few 
go, up the steps. Use the handrail just to get by </talib kweli> and brush 
that switch which opens a door in the main room, to the northeast.

Now you may be allowed into the south, a white TDB (get it?). Hit that switch 
and take a BM all while trekking into the next grating. Defeat this shadow 
then graze the switch to be able to get outta this room.

Into the eastern room you opened, there will be a long ass jump you need to 
make. Lara says she can handle it, so accomplish the impossible to make it 
possible. For your reward, you get the big gear. So leave now, and ignore the 
door you opened if you hit the switch, as you already got what you came for.

Go back to the room on the northwest, where the mystic arrangement of flames 
was. Now you must put the gears in their respective places to get the blanked 
out switch working. From left to right, it goes like this-

Big Gear - Small Gear - Middle Gear

Now that the switch is working, you can leave this hugeass level. "There are 
gears". Well quite obviously Lara. It's what you spent the whole level doing.

`Area 28` - ARKD

Right when you come in, a white TDB wants to be startin' somethin, so moonwalk 
over his ass and the grating opens. Get in, and a red TDB will summon a shadow 
to help him murder you, but murder him first and his friend then hurry up 
through this level so you don't get put on trial for murder.

Since you can't go into the grating killing the red TDB opened up, you'll have 
to go right. As soon as you do, you run into a black TDB. You already know 
what to do. Hit the switch then quickly run across where the spikes dropped, 
and push on right.

You'll see some flames, so hit a switch and they go out. Sprint fast, as if 
you don't your health will crumble faster than the world trade towers on 9/11. 
Now there, look left and you'll see you must jump over there. 

Do so, you can do it and you'll battle a black TDB. Once dead, the grating 
over a handrail will open, and you can snatch the BM as well. Don't go to the 
grating just yet.

By the couple rows of flames, you may travel all the way left on the handrail. 
Keep going until you get to an alcove, you'll take on a black TDB for right to 
access a switch. Smoke him and take the BM along with the switch which opens 
up a room past the middle of the room in the middle of the other handrail.

Inside the grating room now, battle with the red TDB, his death causes the 
sharp shards to the right to drop. Take the SM and keep springing like some 
good water until you battle a white TDB, whose death will also drop some 
spikes. Go down until you see a path right, then take that path.

Wait for the alternating spikes to drop, and get the BM and hit up the switch. 
It'll open a room not far from here, so get to it. Inside is a black TDB, blow 
him (or it?) away which causes the next grating to open, go in to fight 
another black TDB on one side and a white TDB on the other.

The white TDB's death lets another grating open up, hit the switch by the 
grating to open the room next to you and go out to engage yet ANOTHER white 
TDB, then go into the next room and wait for the spikes to drop, then hit that 
switch for a grating opening south and some uzi ammo. Outside you can get a 
BM. </runon paragraph>

Enter the room to fight a red TDB, when perished his presence gone will let 
some flames die down so go south and into the door, into the next level I 
mean. You can get some stuff across the gap, but you'd be hard pressed to make 
it back to the exit.

`Area 29` - MUSH

As soon as you enter, run left. The odds are now stacked against you, as you 
have a red TDB, a black TDB and a white TDB on the right gunning for you dead. 
When all three are deceased instead, go into the leftmost room and hit the 
switch which opens a room past the middle grating. Take the BM also.

Inside the middle room, grab the uzi ammo and keep going. Pillage the golden 
gun ammo as well, then take a rail right and hit the switch, it drops some 
spikes on the far left. Now you must get over there, and long jump over the 
rapidly alternating spikes. 

I'd say walk through it, but its like going through fire-your bound to get 
scarred. Once there hit the switch which drops more spikes on the far right. 
On the next platform going to the fast spikes you can get a BM. Hop over the 
fast spikes again, then go into the room you started in.

Now you may enter the third door on the right, drop down and get on the ledge 
then manipulate your body to get right. Wait for the shards to drop before 
lifting yourself up and away. Climb down the ladder, then go up the next one 
and sprint down past the bowling ball formation fireballs.

Keep running like you stole something then go past some empty spike boxes, and 
take a BM. Now travel right, picking up the various health and ammo items, 
until you reach some spikes on the southeast side. Now travel west and hit a 
switch when you get to it, then a grating back northwest will lift.

Go on and another switch drops the spikes up there, so now you may go back. 
Make the long jump left, collect the BM and others until you are back here. 
Travel left now, and when you make a bit of a drop down a red TDB will face 

When hes done, a white TDB will come up. Now when he drops, the switch will be 
made available. You can also get some uzi ammo here. Touch it [the switch] to 
open a grating back in the center part of this room, get there and go in.

The switch in here will drop some spikes back over left, now get there and run 
past them to find another switch, this one will open another grating in the 
center part of this room.

Go inside and walk on, right out of this level.

`Area 30` - SPOK

It cuts right into a ... cutscene. Lara challenges the top white TDB of them 
all to a battle, winner gets the Magic Stones. Enticed? You won't be once you 
start to fight. It's pretty much the same as any other white TDB battle, 
except this guy has a lot more HP (hit points). He'll go down soon enough. 

Once he is down, his spirit (since he is dead?) will tell you that the only 
way to truly win is to beat the Great Grey One, so of course you must do one 
last battle.

f. Ending

`Boss Fight` - LITH

Listen up, and I'll tell you how about to beat the boss in two quick 
paragraphs. To get her started (surprising a female final boss!) put the Red 
Stone right in front of you, and Lara will say something like good morning 
lady. While you still have stones on you, she is pretty much invincible. So 
put the stones in their proper places. The Black Stone goes on the left, and 
the White Stone goes on the right.

Now you may begin to fight her. She only has three attacks-
a - sending out spirits diagonally
b - using any ability of all the TDBs
c - summoning skeletons

While she does attack c, she is goes into a refreshment stage so kill off 
whatever she summoned, then work on her. You can also jump over the 
projectiles Use your health when needed, and she should fall soon enough, 
especially if you use the Golden Gun.

And there it is, in two paragraphs. Or three? But I'm not counting.
"Go back where you came from?" The writers must've really been rushing to 
release this...

`Credits` - ARIA

Well if you want to see the people who created the game in case any of your 
relatives/friends are on it, feel free. Otherwise, you might want to skip it.



 5) E N E M I E S


Gray Wolf
Found - Wolf Fang's Peak, Vargstigen
Shots to Kill - 4
Abilities - biting

Skeleton Warrior
Found - Vargstigen, Laconia Island, Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ
Shots to Kill - 3
Abilities - throwing bones, shielding from pistol/uzi bullets

Brown Wolf
Found - Angkor Wat
Shots to Kill - 5
Abilities - biting

Black Teg-Du-Borez
Found - Angkor Wat, Laconia Island
Shots to Kill - 6
Abilities - resurrecting Skeleton Warriors, throwing mystical knives and 
            purple energy

Red Teg-Du-Borez
Found - Angkor Wat, Laconia Island, Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ
Shots to Kill - 7
Abilities - resurrecting Skeleton Warriors, shooting tracking fireballs, 
            creating Shadows

Black Wolf
Found - Laconia Island, Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ
Shots to Kill - 6
Abilities - bites you faster than previous wolves

Found - Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ
Shots to Kill - 4
Abilities - swiping you with shadow claws

White Teg-Du-Bhorez
Found - Teg-Du-Bhorez HQ
Shots to Kill - 9
Abilities - throwing energy at you, as well as resurrecting skeletons, can 
            create Shadows as well, teleporting in and out of air


 6) R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y


April 26, 2003
Initial release of guide, version 1.0.


 7) L E G A L  B O X


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document is not affiliated with the creators of this game in any way. 
All Rights Reserved. By me.

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