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                                  Lara Croft
                                 Tomb Raider
                                 The Prophecy

                                Gameboy Advance

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3.00..........Story Explanation

1.00                             Introduction

Greetings, and welcome to my Story Guide for Tomb Raider: The Prophecy.  This
is a guide explaining the simple, yet interesting story to The Prophecy.  It
was made to go along with my other guide, which, as always, can be found in
their most current form at  If you have any input, contact me
at, and you will be given credit.  You can also use the
gamefaqs message boards.  Brace yourself, because here comes the story to Tomb

2.00                                Story

/The beginning of the story\

These words resound in Lara's head as she contemplates the might Swedish
mountain above her.  Magic, means supernatural, great, power.  It existed as
many legends of different cultures and ages describe it.

As soon as Lara started deciphering the forgotten Tome of Ezekiel, written by a
mysterious medieval scholar, she immediately found herself knee deep in the

And so she's here.  Looking for the Black Stone which lies somewhere in the icy
heart of what was called the Wolf's Fang Peak, by the 13th century's scholar.

She's looking for the stone that will reveal what Magic was, or still is.

/After defeating the first magician of the Teg-Du-Bhorez\

The symbols Lara found in King's Heort tomb led her to further investigation of
the Tome of Ezekiel.  Apparently the Viking king had secretly used the stone's
to rule his kingdom.

Translation of the symbols proves to be a hard task, but finally Lara
discovered her new objective.  According to the newly deciphered chapter of the
book there are two other magic stones, and one is hidden in the temples region
of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Without further delay, Lara heads to Cambodia to search for the stone.

/After defeating the red magician, and getting the red stone.\

Lara spent many hours deciphering the Tomb of Ezekiel, aided by her recent
discoveries.  She understood that the Tomb describes a prophecy, the Prophecy
of Magic.

The Prophecy tells that the three magic stones helped the great conquerors
Heort the Viking, Surya Varman II of Cambodia, and Marcus Aurelios, emperor of

Not having time to completely decipher the whole prophecy, Lara rushed to the
Laconia Island in Southern Italy, where the last stone should be.

/After defeating magicians, and getting the grey stone.\

Lara goes back to her library in a desperate attempt to discover where the
Teg-Du-Bhorez headquarters were located.

She finally deciphers the whole Prophecy. 'The First Union gave humans Life. 
The Second Union gave humans Salvation.  The Third Union will give humans

For centuries the Magic stones have been protected by the ancient Secret
Society of the Teg-Du-Bhorez.  According to the Prophecy of the Tomb of Ezekiel
the Teg-Du-Bhorez would reawaken their master, the Great Grey One and the
Apocalypse would begin.

/Upon beating the game, and saving the world.\

Defeating the Great Grey One and the Teg-Du-Bhorez Secret Society, Lara Croft
once again saved the world.  The Prophecy of the Tome of Ezekiel ended telling
of how a mysterious Lady saved the world from a premature and unwanted

3.00                          Story Explanation

Overall, this story has a very simple nature, but it might be easier for some
people to understand it if they had a simpler explanation.  That explanation
comes here.

First, Lara believes that the black stone, which is the only one that she knows
of, is the sole source of power and magic.  She goes to the Swedish mountains,
where she believes the stone is, in order to acquire it, and learn about magic.
Later, she finds out the stone is not there, and is instead in Angor Wat, in
Cambodia.  The acquirers the stone there, then keeps looking for the red stone.
When she gets it, she translates the text at the Tomb of Ezekiel to learn of
the other two stones.

She uses the knowledge that she gains to go to Laconia Island in Southern
Italy, where the last stone was.  After getting that, she realized that she had
to destroy all of the Teg-Du-Bhorez, the evil society that was using the
stones, or they would destroy the world.  She uses all of her abilities, and
finally discovers their headquarters.  Upon defeating them, she summons, and
kills the Great Grey One.  By doing that, she fulfilled the final part of the
prophecy, telling that a mysterious lady would save the world from utter

4.00                              Copyright

This walkthrough was created by kenb215 (Kenneth W. Barney).  It may be
freely saved to your hard drive or printed, as long as it is not used for
monetary purposes.  You may post it on your website provided that I am informed
of this, that I retain credit for creating the guide, and that no part of it is
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for up to $2,500.

5.00                             Conclusion

Here in ends by guide, to the story for thine eye.  For your knowledge it was
best, to have read this, unlike the rest.  I hope it has given you
understanding, of this story's non-complex standing.  For my help, all you
need, is to contact, indeed.

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