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Walkthru/Strategy Guide: SCENARIO 13-17 (B)
by Daba Mylord (
Version 0.20



1) This guide assumes that you have at least a little knowledge in the Japanese Katakana and
   Hiragana alphabet.
2) The author will not reply to e-mails asking for translations and "point-me-outs".
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7) The main character chosen for this game is Fiona, not Raul.
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This guide is intended for SRWR for Game Boy Advance, whether you are playing the original
game or with an emulator. The walkthru will be seperated and segregated into different parts
and FAQs, to make sure that the download or loading time will be faster and it will be
easier to read. Scrolling down and up will be a lot more minimized. This walkthru will not
be as ultra-detailed, but it will contain some vital info which I think is relevant to your
gameplay. If you think it's irrelevant, then it's none of my business. I made this walkthru
at the expense of my free time, so please don't waste it and appreciate it for what it is.



SCENARIO 13 (Freeden Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Witz won't be able to sortie in the Gundam Airmaster, but Roybea would
                 receive an additional Marine Parts for Gundam Leopard. Fiona will receive
                 the Diver Frame for her Excellance. Your main enemy will be Butcher in
                 the Bandock, with more enemy Megaboosts.
              2) Daitarn-3 and Zanbot-3 should be the ones to kill most of the Megaboosts
                 because they are the strongest characters you have so far. Have Banjou and
                 Kappei cast "Charge" once and proceed with the killing. The rest of the
                 Megaboosts, including Butcher are submerged underwater so you need to take
                 extra care of beating them up. Use Neo-Getter 3 to your advantage and
                 decrease their HP to an all-time low before destroying them using Daitarn-3
                 and Zanbot-3.
              3) Butcher is still surprisingly easy, even if submerged underwater. To beat
                 him up just use the Daitarn-Zanbot duo and decrease his HP, and keep on
                 using Excellance D and Gundam Leopard S-1 to shower lotsa missiles on him
                 until his HP reaches 6500 or so. Then using either Banjou or Kappei, cast
                 "Hot Blood" then attack Butcher with the S-Combination Synchro Attack to
                 finish him off. Remember that you must cast "Aid" and "Bless" on them. On
                 another note, do not put your allies fall in range of Butcher's MAP attack
                 for he will use it as often as he wants.
              4) After the Gaizoc enemies are defeated, Altea comes to make your life
                 miserable once more. They pose no hard threat... just use Dendoh to smite
                 them to pieces. Altea too is easy in this scenario. Just deplete his life
                 to 3000, then cast "Aid" and "Bless" on Dendoh. Have either Ginga or
                 Hokuto cast "Hot Blood" and "Lock On" then attack Altea with the Unicorn
                 Drill FA and boom he goes. The soldiers you can play along with GX and the
                 rest of your other party members... leveling up Vega would be advisable.

SCENARIO 14 (Freeden Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies or Daitarn-3 alone is killed.
- Strategies: 1) Before you start the scenario, you should install the 2 Dual Sensors on GX.
                 As you deploy your party, Daitarn-3 and Freeden will be damaged badly and
                 paralyzed. To make it worse, Daitarn-3 is stuck in Dai-Fighter mode. But
                 not to worry. Have Metas repair Daitarn-3. On your next turn Daitarn-3
                 should be able to move again, so destroy all the Meganoids that appear.
              2) Although they are easy to beat using GX and Zanbot-3, they will deal a lot
                 of serious damage so expect Metas to repair all the time. Once you defeat
                 both Commander Beltry and Zenoia in their Ai-Ais, they will come out in
                 their respective Megaborg forms. They do mean business and they really
                 inflict a lot of bad damage. IF you want to survive, make sure you defend
                 when they attack you. When it's your turn to attack them, then make sure
                 you use the Support System often. The sooner you kill them, the sooner you
                 will have no problems. Use GX to your advantage and execute the Satellite
                 Cannon on them if you must. They won't escape so don't bother casting
                 spells like "Hot Blood". Just grind them slowly. Then cast "Aid" and
                 "Bless" or "Great Effort" and "Luck" to your chosen fighters to kill them.
              3) With the Meganoids gone, GX enemies appear. Olba will immediately go close
                 to Shagia, and the whole batallion proclaims attack. Make sure Garrod has
                 reached maximum 150 morale, plus Banjou and Kappei should have a very
                 high morale as well. Tema, Dowet and Mirura are here again to fight so
                 to defeat them, refer to the strategies on how to defeat them in Scenario
                 11 in the Scenario 7-12 walkthru.
              4) You must defeat the Frost Brothers together, because if you kill one, the
                 other sibling will retreat. The reason why you're instructed to install 2
                 Dual Sensors on GX is because it helps increase Garrod's Hit Rate, not to
                 mention that you can't rely on Freeden to be beside GX because Jamil is
                 paralyzed. All you have to do is to decrease the HP of the Frost Brothers
                 to 2800 or so, then position GX to do the Satellite Cannon MAP version,
                 then put Vega or Amuro beside Garrod (because they both have the big
                 Leadership ability). It also helps if you put Roybea or Witz beside him
                 as well to maximize Garrod's performance. On the beginning of your next
                 turn, save your game, then let Garrod cast "Luck" and "Concentrate". Have
                 someone cast "Aid" on him (Mary King in the Texas Mach has this spell).
                 Afterwards, execute the MAP version of the Satellite Cannon on the Frost
                 Brothers. If the attack misses, reset your game and try again and pray.
              5) Side note: luckily, Olba won't be able to Support Defend Shagia because
                 Gundam Virsago is flying and Gundam Ashtaron isn't. So take advantage of
                 the situation in this scenario and attack in full force of necessary.
              6) Rakan and Wufei also appear together with the Frost Brothers, but Wufei
                 would most likely be in the range of your Satellite Cannon when you fire it
                 at the Frost Brothers. If you want Wufei to stay put, then make sure you
                 put someone in his target range so that he won't move. If you kill him
                 together with the Frost Brothers, and the same with Rakan, you'd save a lot
                 of spells and the time and effort will be worth it. However, if you choose
                 to kill both of them seperately, you can always use Neo-Getter 1 to kill
                 them both easily.

- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: Nadesico OR Freeden are destroyed.
- Strategies: 1) You must deploy Neo-Getta 3 in this scenario. Excellance D, Dendoh and
                 Boss Borot will auto-deploy in this scenario, so take note of those.
                 You are now in to fight Ankoku Daishogun and the Dragonosaurus. Change
                 Neo-Getta 1 into Neo-Getta 3 and the rest you can kill using Dendoh. Or
                 the Voltes-Combattler Duo or the Daitarn-Zanbot Duo. Your choice. Both
                 Mazinger-Z and Great Mazinger will sortie later, and Great Mazinger will
                 finally gain its most powerful weapon, the Great Booster.
              2) The Dragonosaurus will retreat if its HP goes lower than 6800, or if
                 Ankoku Daishogun is defeated first and Dragonosaurus is still alive. To
                 beat the crap out of Dragonosaurus, simply reduce its HP using your most
                 powerful Super Robots and Excellance D. Then, with its HP at 6800 or so,
                 let Gou cast "Hot Blood", Sho cast "Luck" and Gai cast "Great Effort".
                 Attack the Dragonosaurus with the Plasma Break, supported with the
                 Excellace D's Swirl Phantom. Of course, assuming that you upgraded the
                 weapons of both Neo-Getta and Excellance D. If not, then just simply kill
                 Dragonosaurus with a Synchro attack of either Voltes-Combatter or from
                 Daitarn and Zanbot (with its HP at 6800 or so of course). As for Ankoku
                 Daishogun, he won't escape, just kill him with anyone that you desire.
              3) After all of them are defeated, Ragou appears with more Dendoh enemies.
                 Unicorn Drill and Leo Chackram will seperate from Dendoh and go bonkers.
                 Although they'll still be on your side, you can't control them, and they
                 would attack Ragou if possible. Just hope that they could snipe it with
                 their range-6 weapons... and KEEP THEM ALIVE. If Ragou's HP reaches 6000
                 or lower, an event will trigger and it will force Ragou out of the map.
                 Not to worry though. As long as you activated the Tenkuken V-No Jigiri
                 that has a power of 5500, just decrease Ragou's life to 10000 (half) and
                 have either Kenichi or Hyouma cast "Hot Blood", then let any member of
                 the executing robot cast "Great Effort", "Luck" and "Lock On". You'll
                 easily eat up 13000 damage to kill Ragou instantly.
              4) Luckily, you could repair both Leo Chackram or Unicorn Drill if they are
                 damaged. But then again, that won't stop them from attacking any enemy in
                 sight. So make sure that you won't leave any enemy that has a fatal HP or
                 else you'll lose it to the 2 of them... the money and EXP will be wasted.
                 These Dendoh enemies are not too hard... you can easily destroy them with
                 your characters... it's up to you on how to defeat them. This is also a
                 perfect chance for you to level up both Jamil and Yurika... Jamil can
                 cast "Great Effort" while Yurika can cast "Aid" on herself.
              5) Jam himself is easy to beat. With an HP of 8800, you can take him down
                 with any Super Robot, just make sure you cast "Aid" and "Bless" on the
                 person you wish to use to destroy him with. He won't escape. This is a good
                 opportunity for you to level up any character you want, like Vega. There
                 is an easier way, and that's to decrease Jam's HP to just 8500, then just
                 execute "Double Burning Fire" using Koji or Tetsuya, after having any of
                 them casting "Hot Blood" though. Good luck.


After this scenario, you will be given 2 options to choose from. Pick the FIRST OPTION
to lead you to Fort Ceburn. This guide will formally cover these 2 scenarios promptly.

SCENARIO 16 (Fort Ceburn Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: Freeden is destroyed.
- Strategies: 1) GX will not be usable in this scenario, so equip the best items to your
                 Super Robots, and equip items on Gundam Airmaster and Gundam Leopard with
                 the Biosensors or Hybrid Armors. Defeat all enemies to win, especially
                 Enile El who will be a little more troublesome.
              2) The Grandines are a pain in the ass. Beware of their MAP weapons as usual.
                 Change Neo-Getter into Neo-Getter 2 and continuously slice it with the
                 Plasma Sword. Take care if you wish to use Gundam Leopard and Gundam
                 Airmaster... they are best used as Support Units, not frontline ones. When
                 their HPs are low, you may use your Super Robots to kill them, casting
                 "Luck" before killing them. Don't cast "Bless"... you need to conserve the
                 SP... and only one Zanbot-3 pilot can cast it for the time being.
              3) Enile is easy to beat... but she will escape if her HP drops to 1600 or
                 lower... although it isn't much of a problem since her total HP is 5700...
                 If you plan to level up someone, now is the chance. You may cast "Aid",
                 but don't waste the "Bless" spell... she is worth only 2000 gold. Some
                 characters that should gain some levels are your Super Robot pilots or
                 perhaps Noin in her White Taurus (if her level is 20 or lower). The point
                 is to get her to reach LV 25, because she learns "Move Again", and this
                 early too. So might as well let her kick some butt.
              4) Butcher and his Megaboosts arrive at the scene after Enile and her forces
                 are depleted. The Megaboosts are tough in armor so you need to do constant
                 support attacks. Always use Texas Mach as a Support Attacker first before
                 you choose to use him as the main attacker. The 1st sets of Megaboosts are
                 snipers (the Megaboost Tracid, to be exact) so they will be hard to target
                 and the best tactic is to bait them until they come closer, then kick
                 their asses. You will need Metas and Kerot to heal a lot at this point.
              5) The way to defeat Butcher is again, to bait him and to prevent him from
                 using the Bandock Hou's MAP version. He will escape if his HP drops to 6300
                 HP or lower, so you will need to approach with caution. But if you upgraded
                 Zanbot-3's weapons a bit, and when Kappei's morale is high like 140 or so,
                 you can leave 11000 HP or so for Butcher, bring Daitarn-3 beside Zanbot-3,
                 and have Kappei cast "Hot Blood". Cast "Aid" and "Bless" on him, then
                 execute the S-Combination Attack (Daitarn-3 and Zanbot-3 Synchro-attack
                 that shows both Sun and Moon Attacks combined). You can take out an easy
                 13000 HP if the S-Combination Attack's power is 4850 (tried and tested).

SCENARIO 17 (Fort Ceburn Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed or GX is destroyed.
- Strategies: 1) As done earlier, make sure that the Multi-Sensor and the Biosensor is
                 installed in GX. You may replace the Biosensor and install a Solar Panel
                 if desired. Upgrade GX's EN, that's the important thing. Upgrade all the
                 necessary party members as needed. You are off to face Karis in the
                 Batouria together with the Frost Brothers and the rest of the other GX
                 enemies. Kamiyu joins you in the Super Gundam, as usual.
              2) The enemies are terribly easy, and you need no strategies to destroy them.
                 Dowet will be doing his MAP attack as usual, but yet it's still weak. Just
                 finish him off with any character you seem fit, remembering to cast "Aid"
                 on that character before killing him. Luckily, the Frost Brothers won't be
                 so close today, and when you're in range, Olba will commence attack on you
                 alone. Just keep on defending during enemy turn and you'll most likely
                 survive. Mirura is still easy in his Gabul so keep on sniping him. Again,
                 beware of his I-Field protection... so don't get to use GX Divider all the
                 time because the Harmonica Hou will not be too effective on him. It's best
                 if you kill him using a character that has "Luck". Don't cast "Bless" since
                 only 1 character can cast it and you need to conserve that spell for later.
              3) Enile is equipped with a Beam Coating so supporting with Gundam Airmaster
                 is out of the question. However, you can easily kill her using any of your
                 characters... heck she only has low HP, and even though if she escapes at
                 a low HP of 1700 or lower, you can still kill her in one shot using any of
                 your Super Robots. Cast "Great Effort" or "Aid" on the killing character
                 before blowing her up. The same goes to Gremi. He's really easy this time
                 and you can easily finish him off using Amuro if his level is high enough.
                 Again, "Great Effort" and "Aid" are necessary since he has a high level.
              4) The Frost Brothers won't escape, thank God. Watch out for Gundam Ashtaron
                 more. Both Shagia and Olba can be killed in one shot... simply use the
                 S-Combination Attack on them using Daitarn-3 or Zanbot-3. Of course you
                 need to cast "Hot Blood", "Bless" and "Aid" on any of them. This is the
                 reason why it's best to conserve your SP for "Bless". Both Banjou and
                 Kappei don't have "Luck". Only the female pilot of Zanbot-3 has "Bless".
                 The spell can be cast twice only, and it's exactly the number of times
                 you need... the 2 Frost Brothers. Kill them without a sweat.
              5) Karis himself isn't a problem. Attack him with a Chodenji Spin after Hyouma
                 casts "Hot Blood", then attack with Zanbot-3's Moon Attack, and with a few
                 HP left, add a dramatic effect. Have Garrod cast "Luck" on him and have
                 anyone cast "Aid" on him. Destroy Karis using the Harmonica Hou (Divider)
                 supported with any non-beam type weapon of you choice. Boom.
              6) After the GX enemies are defeated, Ankoku Daishogun comes out with his
                 MP Great Mazingers. Destroy them all, and you win the scenario. The MP
                 Great Mazingers have 8000 HP but don't let it get to you... you can easily
                 snipe them. Even if you don't, they are still easy to crack using GX
                 Divider supported with Gundam Leopard or Gundam Airmaster. The rest of the
                 Metal Beasts you decide on how to destroy them, since they're too easy
                 and you can take them down fast anyway.
              7) Ankoku Daishogun won't escape, so it's easy to beat him up. You can use any
                 character you want to destroy him, but make sure you cast "Luck" before you
                 do. This is the best time to level up Jack King or even Roybea to reach LV
                 30-31 or so.



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