for Game Boy Advance
Walkthru/Strategy Guide: SCENARIO 22-31 (A)
by Daba Mylord (
Version 0.20



1) This guide assumes that you have at least a little knowledge in the Japanese Katakana and 
   Hiragana alphabet.
2) The author will not reply to e-mails asking for translations and "point-me-outs".
3) This guide may appear only in, and nowhere else.
4) You are not free to distribute this guide to anyone for any reason.
5) Plagiarism is a crime, not just a minor offense. Don't copy and steal this guide, dammit.
6) If there are corrections and contributions, e-mail the author and you will  be credited.
7) The main character chosen for this game is Fiona, not Raul.
8) Names are translated roughly. If you know the official/real names of stuff, contact the 
   author ASAP.



This guide is intended for SRWR for Game Boy Advance, whether you are playing the original
game or with an emulator. The walkthru will be seperated and segregated into different parts 
and FAQs, to make sure that the download or loading time will be faster and it will be 
easier to read. Scrolling down and up will be a lot more minimized. This walkthru will not
be as ultra-detailed, but it will contain some vital info which I think is relevant to your 
gameplay. If you think it's irrelevant, then it's none of my business. I made this walkthru 
at the expense of my free time, so please don't waste it and appreciate it for what it is.



SCENARIO 22 (Space Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: Fail to reach the desginated point beside Haman within 5 turns.
- Strategies: 1) The Endless Waltz boys except Wufei sortie in this scenario. Jamil will 
                 make his debut in the GX, plus Rue and Judo auto-sorties in the Zeta and
                 ZZ Gundams respectively. Make sure you deploy your best fighters in this
                 stage. Keep in mind that as you start, the computer will point you to a 
                 small green square just beside Haman. You need to put N. Aghama (your base)
                 to that spot within 5 turns or earlier than that. Also, since you're here
                 it's an assumption that you have been going through the Gundam routes.
                 If that's the case, Jamil should have around 10+ kills by now. If he is,
                 make sure that before the scenario ends, he should have 20 kills. Doing so
                 will merit you the Febral, a Ziong look-alike unit that Lancerow used when
                 he fought young Jamil in the 8th Space Revolutionary War.
              2) Time is of the essence. Once you bring N. Aghama to the spot beside Haman
                 a scene takes place and the Boazanian Empire led by Prince Hinell will
                 appear. The fight ensues and you are still going to have to take care of
                 the Neo Zeon. Do keep your distance though... the Boazanians will appear
                 where the G-Wing boys sortied... so it's best you keep them boys moving
                 else they will be in the epicenter of trouble.
              3) You can convince Puru using Judo. Convince her twice and she joins your 
                 party automatically. However, if Puru2 is alive, she'll escape. Therefore
                 it's best you kill Puru2 first before convincing Puru. That way you won't
                 waste any money and exp. As for Jamil, you can have him attack Lancerow in
                 his Clouder just for a dramatic effect. Gremi, Iria, Kara and Mashuma are
                 all easy to beat. Jamil, Garrod and the G-Wing boys can make short work of
                 them, but remember to cast "Concentrate" before doing so. These 4 people
                 are tricky and will spike projectile weapons if they can. If you want to 
                 kill some quick, you can use Fiona to cast "Hot Blood" and "Lock On" and
                 attack using the Exellance C's Fairy attack.
              4) Surprisingly, Haman is VERY EASY. Simply decrease her life to 13000. Then
                 make sure both Hyouma and Kenichi have morale of 130. Cast the necessary
                 spells (especially "Hot Blood"). Execute their Synchro-attack, Chodenji
                 Spin V No Jigiri. That will eat up more than 13000 to kill her instantly.
                 To cut the story shorter, use the same tactic on Prince Hinell in his
                 Skullrook. Personally I have not known if they'll escape, since this tactic
                 is just to lethal I wouldn't even try to find out.
              5) Zangeal is also easy in his Skullrook. He won't escape like the rest of the
                 Beast Fighters. Just mash them all using the G-Wing boys and Excellance C.
                 You will need to heal your allies more often to make sure there are no big
                 accidents that occur when it gets too careless.

SCENARIO 23 (Space Route)
- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Before you start the scenario, make sure that your G-Wing boys' Gundams
                 and Zechs' Tallgeese III together with Noin's White Taurus. They will auto
                 sortie. Karis finally joins your party in the Vertigo and you're up to 
                 face the Marimeia Troops, and the Frost Brothers, whom have gained their
                 respective Gundam Vrisago CB and Gundam Ashtaron HC respectively.
              2) Heero appears in the Wing 0 Custom to help you out. While you're at it,
                 make sure Garrod kills a lot and reaches 140 morale to activate the Twin
                 Satellite Cannon MAP version. Once Heero appears, let him attack Wufei. On
                 your next turn, use him to convince Wufei and watch an event trigger.
                 The Death Army appears, and so will Fiona in the Excellance.
              3) Watch out for the Frost Brothers. They will often execute the Satellite
                 Launcher, and yes it's their own version of the Satellite Cannon, only
                 it's a Synchro-attack. Here's the thing: if you kill one Frost, the other
                 retreats. That means you're forced to eliminate both brothers together,
                 again. But this time it will be easier. Simply deplete their HP by 7000
                 or less (Shagia and Olba will retreat if their HP left is lower than 5000
                 and 5500 respectively). Once you do this, have Garrod cast "Luck", "Lock
                 On" and "Hot Blood", then have someone cast "Aid" on him. Position him so
                 he can execute Twin Satellite Cannon MAP version. If Garrod's level is
                 40, and if you upgraded DX's weapons to make this MAP weapon have 3650 
                 power, you can easily take down 9000 HP from both of them so they die fast.
              4) Enile is easy to beat you don't need extra strategies for her. As for the
                 2 Devil Gundams, you can have fun and execute the Double Satellite Cannon
                 on him (deploy GX, not GX Divider to enable this Synchro-attack with DX).
                 Remember to cast "Hot Blood" and "Luck" or "Bless". After casting "Hot
                 Blood", you can take down a Devil Gundam with a one-hit kill 20000 damage
                 provided the attack has a power of 6750 (you can do this if Satellite
                 Cannon has a power of 4900 and Twin Satellite Cannon has 5050 or so power).
                 Rakan is again, easy and you can take him down using Jamil alone. As for
                 the Death Army, they are nothing but target practice. Good for levling up
                 any low-level character or G-Wing boy you have.

- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) The Mazinger team depolys in this scenario so equip the necessary parts to
                 them. Be sure to deploy GX and DX as well as Voltes-V. The scenario starts
                 as 2 enemies from the north and south side attack you. One is from the 
                 Mikene Empire, the other from Canbell. Destroy all enemies to win.
              2) Since the Canbells are nearer with their fake Combattler-Vs, don't move too
                 much and destroy them 1st. Don't move too much and wait for the MP Great
                 Mazingers to come and attack. Destroy them using GX and DX to earn morale.
                 Be sure to reach 140 morale so both Garrod and Jamil will be able to quick
                 use the Satellite Cannon, therefore activating the Double Satellite Cannon
                 (GX and DX's Synchro-attack). On your 2nd turn Combattler-V arrives with
                 Kerot, and Laria arrives in her Hupocrisis.
              3) As you gain morale, you need to defeat Warchimedes first. Attack him using
                 the Satellite Cannon and decrease his HP further. He won't escape so this
                 is the perfect ooprtunity to make low-level characters gain levels. Dangel
                 in the other hand has 2 lives... blow him up once and he'll appear in a new
                 mech. Since he won't escape, like Warchimedes, you don't need special
                 strategies to beat him. Just use Mazinger-Z and Great Mazinger and execute
                 the Double Burning Fire or Double Mazinger Punch/Blade. Always remember to
                 cast the necessary spells before killing them... they yield a lot of money.
                 As for Queen Janella, she's a bit tough and can snipe so you would need to
                 use both GX and DX to execute their Satellite Cannons on her. Have Kerot
                 and your other healers ready to repair some units... they will receive big,
                 massive damage. With her HP at 13000, bring Voltes-V and Combattler-V near
                 and execute their Synchro-attack, the Chodenji Spin V-No Jigiri. Again,
                 remember that its power should be 5700 or so, and cast "Hot Blood" so you
                 can deal 13000 or more damage to kill her. She won't escape as well.
              4) Both Akoku Daishogun and Dragonosarus are easier if you use Mazinger-Z and
                 Great Mazinger to use Synchro-attacks at them. If you deployed Neo-Getta,
                 then convert to Neo-Getta 2 and attack Ankoku Daishogun, then convert to 
                 Neo-Getta 3 to attack Dragonosaurus. With HP down, convert to Neo-Getta 1
                 to serve as a perfect support attacker (execute Double Burning Fire, and
                 have Gou support attack using the Plasma Thunder). If you cast "Hot Blood"
                 and Koji or Tetsuya are in LV 30-something, you can eat up as much as 7100
                 or 6800 damage. Again, remember to cast "Luck" or "Bless" before killing.
                 Ankoku Daishogun will finally appear in his Mikene body once you blow him
                 up in the Demonica. again, he's too easy. He has a total of 20000 HP so
                 halve it, then have Koji cast "Hot Blood" and all the necessary spells.
                 Execute the Enhanced Giant Rocket Punch and you'll amazingly decrease a 
                 whopping 11000 or so damage and kill him instantly in one attack!
              5) Laria will be VERY easy if you followed the advice and deployed both GX
                 and DX. All you need to do is to make sure Garrod is in LV43 and Double
                 Satellite Cannon should have a power of 6750 (GX's Satellite Cannon should
                 have a power of 4900 and DX's Twin Satellite Cannon have 5050 power). Once
                 you met the requirements, simply decrease Laria's HP by 17000 using any 
                 unit of your choosing (she has 30000 HP and you need to decrease her life
                 by using Voltes-V and Combattler-V coupled with your Mazinger units). 
                 When you're done, make sure Garrod casts "Luck", "Hot Blood" and "Lock On".
                 Let Yurika cast "Aid" on him. Execute the Double Satellite Cannon and you
                 will give Laria a one-hit kill of 18000 damage or so. Laria will retreat
                 if her HP drops below 10000 so Chodenji Spin V-No Jigiri is out of the 
                 question since Double Satellite Cannon is much more powerful.

- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Shining Gundam auto-deploys so equip it with items. Be sure to deploy both
                 GX and DX, plus the usual Super Robot pair (Voltes-Combattler and 
                 Daitarn-Zanbot). Bring along at least 2 repair units. You will need them.
              2) Rain will finally sortie in this scenario in the God Gundam. She will
                 exchange units with Domon, so Domon will pilot the God Gundam and Rain will
                 use the Shining Gundam. Fuunsaiki also appears to help you out and will
                 allow Domon to "ride" him. You will gain extra weapons and mobility so
                 take advantage of it and hurt a lot of enemies using it. Devil Aesties will
                 appear later so use them as morale-gainers for both GX and DX. Beware of
                 their Distortion Fields. Use GX and DX's Beam Sabres when attacking them.
              3) Bring GX, DX, Shining Gundam and God Gundam surround N. Aghama. Have 
                 Bright cast "Encourage" twice so these 4 units surrounding him will gain
                 20 morale. With that arranged, you can have your GX/DX pilot kill a lot of
                 enemies to finally reach 140 morale, and enable the Double Satellite 
                 Cannon. As for your Super Robots, take advantage of their tough hides. 
                 When you're attacked, either defend, or counter-attack with weak weapons 
                 and just have your repair units repair them (that's the reason why you
                 should deploy 2 of them).
              4) Despinith and Tith won't escape, so use that to your advantage. Use your
                 Super Robots and damage them using their Synchro-attacks (Double Burning
                 Fire or Double Mazinger Punch are perfect candidates). With Tith having
                 around 9000 HP left, use either Daitarn-3 or Zanbot-3 to kill her using 
                 the S-Combination Attack (their Synchro-attack). As for Despinith whom has
                 bigger HP, again use your Super Robots to decrease her HP to 17000. If
                 Double Satellite Cannon is strong enough, have Garrod cast "Hot Blood"
                 and other necessary spells then attack Despinith using Double Satellite
                 Cannon (the reason why DX should execute it is because its power is a lot
                 stronger). With luck, you could drain 18000 HP or more to kill Despinith
                 in one shot. As for Tohou Fuhai in the Devil Gundam, use GX and DX to do
                 a lot of annoying Support Attacks using their Beam Rifles. Have Domon cast
                 "Hot Blood" and "Concentrate" and cast other spells at him. Execute the
                 Sekiha Tenkyoken and you could drain 10000 or more damage to kill him fast.

- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) This time, make sure you equip items to the whole Shuffle Union (your G
                 Gundam mechs/pilots) before you start the scenario. AS you begin, the
                 Shuffle Union sortie together with Neo-Getta 2. Make the Shuffle Union 
                 cast "Charge" (gain 10 morale) ONLY ONCE then proceed to attack the Death
                 Army. Bring Neo-Getter 2 in and have Sho assist in the damaging, but not 
                 the killing. A few turns later, Gou will appear in the Shin-Getta and
                 Neo-Getta will be gone. Your party arrives as well, so be sure to deploy
                 Fuunsaiki, Shining Gundam, GX, DX and your usual Super Robot pairs.
              2) Since it's running short of soldiers, bring 2 healers or 3 along for the
                 fight. Don't let the Shuffle Union kill most of the Death Army. Also, 
                 remember to position God Gundam, Shining Gundam, GX and DX to surround
                 N. Aghama and have Bright cast "Encourage" twice again so all 4 units 
                 gain 20 morale. Instead of the Shuffle Union, use GX and DX to destroy the
                 Death Army, using the Beam Sabres, not the Beam Rifles. For the Dinosaur
                 Empire, use Shin-Getta to decrease their HP, and use Domon to destroy
                 them and smack them to pieces. Conserve on the Shuffle Union's EN. For 
                 Domon, let God Gundam ride the Fuunsaiki and attack using the Unicorn Head
                 or the kick. For the rest of the Shuffle Union, use melee attacks like
                 punching and slashing. Don't use their signature finishing moves... yet.
              3) The Grand Master Gundams need no special care when killing. However, you 
                 do still have to conserve your EN. If you bring 2 Grand Master Gundams 
                 close enough, decrease their HP to 2000 left. Then, using George in the 
                 Gundam Rose S, cast "Aid" and "Bless" on him and execute the Roses Screener
                 which is the MAP weapon. Doing so will merit you 20000 gold. For the Devil
                 Gundams piloted by the Death Zombies, use GX and DX's rifles to mash it
                 then kill them using your Super Robots. Remember to cast "Luck" before
                 killing them for they will yield a lot of money.
              4) You don't need special strategy in beating Bat Shogun in his Mega Saurus
                 Boa. Just use Shin-Getta and mash him to death. If you want a better,
                 simpler approach, decrease his HP using GX and DX's Beam Rifles then 
                 just execute a Shuffle Domeiken (the Shuffle Union's Synchro-attack). When
                 Laria, Despinith and Master arrive, don't give them an opportunity to snipe
                 you. Instead, bait them and make sure they are near (but not beside) each
                 other, for the hard part is up ahead.
              5) This is the hard part. If you kill Despinith, Tith and Master, the other 2
                 remaining survivors will escape. The same thing if you kill 2 of them. So
                 the trick is to kill all 3 of them in just one shot (using a MAP weapon,
                 obviously). You can kill them all in 2 ways... using DX's Twin Satellite
                 Cannon MAP version or ZZ Gundam's Hi-Mega Cannon. However, it's better to
                 use DX, since it's stronger and has a longer range. To do it, decrease 
                 their HP. Be careful though, they will escape if their HP goes lower than
                 9000. Use the Satellite Cannon of GX to your advantage to decrease Laria's
                 HP first (her Hupocrisis has more HP of 30000). Then decrease her HP to
                 around 10000. For Despinith, use the signature attacks of the Shuffle Union
                 and don't use the Shuffle Domeiken! Use Support Attacks, then use your
                 repair units to heal the highly damaged ones. For Master, use Domon and
                 Rain, and the other Super Robot teams using the Support attack method. If
                 you brought out Daitarn-3 and Zanbot-3, execute the Combination Blade
                 (their synchro-attack). For the Voltes-Combattler duo, execute the bad
                 Chodenji Smash. Don't save your game after your turn. Save your game only
                 before you start your turn, that way you can correct mistakes when you're
                 under a bad situation. At the start of your next turn, simply attack them
                 with weaker attacks to get their HP to 9200 or so, then have Garrod cast
                 "Hot Blood", "Luck" and "Lock On", execute Twin Satellite Cannon MAP, and
                 kill them all 3 in one shot.

- Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Texas Mach gains the Pasture King (a mechanical horse) and auto-sorties in
                 this scenario as well as Shin Getta. Make sure you deploy Combattler-V in
                 this sceneario too. The GX/DX duo is recommended for deployment.
              2) Later, Voltes-V appears in the west side of the map. Tsukumo appears in his
                 Tetsujin to help. Prince Hinell appears together with Zangeal and the rest
                 of the Boazanian Army to help the Dinosaur Empire in the attack. 
              3) Galeli is easy to beat. Just be careful since he could snipe using his
                 electric tentacles (no malicious thoughts!). You can knock his 20000-HP
                 something Megasaurus using Texas Mach alone. Use the Tesujin to your big
                 advantage and attack Galeli with the Gravity Blast. He's a good boss for
                 leveling up some characters (if you wish to level up Akito or Yurika or
                 even Bright, now is your chance). Be ready to repair a lot. The Boazanians
                 have big-HP Beast Fighters that won't succumb to simple attacks.
              4) The Simon and Daimon are easy gemini Beast Fighters. If you have the Febral
                 or GX/DX, use them to kill these 2. Make the Double Satellite Cannon 
                 available. The Febral's Bits can be good sniping weapons that drain HP a 
                 lot quicker than thou. If you're conserving on spells, then use Garrod to
                 kill them both using the Satellite Cannon's MAP version and cast "Luck" 
                 before doing so. As for Zangeal in his Skullrook, as long as you don't put
                 him beside any allies, it's fine (he can support defend a lot). He can
                 easily miss his attacks if you let an agile Gundam or Aesty beside him for
                 targeting. His armor is not very tough, and you can kill him easily without
                 much strategies to use. Just conserve EN and repair any damaged allies.  
              5) Hinell will be easy in his Skullrook. If Shin Getta's HP is still full, 
                 have Gou attack Hinell in the Skullrook and make sure Shin Getta's HP turns
                 red (having VERY LOW critical HP). Afterwards, mash Hinell using any of the
                 agile characters you have, then finish off with Combattler-V (if Hyouma's 
                 level isn't high enough). Once the Skullrook is blown up, Hinell appears in
                 the Guardian Diety Godol. To make matters worse, it's equipped with a HARO!
                 But nevertheless, he's still too easy. Use the same strategy you used with
                 Zangeal and if the Dodge Rate is 30% and the pilot has the 15-SP spell
                 "Concentrate", cast it. The Shinkuken is a very powerful weapon enough to
                 decapitate a Gundam or an Aesty in 2-3 hits. But if you want to finish him
                 off that bad, just use one Double Satellite Cannon Synchro-attack on him
                 and decrease his HP until it reaches 12000 or so. Use Voltes-V to kill him, 
                 executing its Synchro-attack with Combattler-V, the Chodenji Spin V-No
                 Jigiri. If you cast "Hot Blood" before doing it, you can take down even
                 more than 12000 HP, as long as their weapons are upgraded.
              6) King Gol is easy in his flying fortress. Snipe him using GX/DX (of course
                 that means you have to use Double Satellite Cannon), then grind him some 
                 more using your Super Robots. With a few remaining HP, use Shin-Getta to
                 kill him. Once you destroyed Gol's Flying Fortress, he will appear in his
                 Giant form. But here's the fun part. If Shin Getta's HP is RED/very low,
                 an event will trigger. No spoilers this time, but Shin Getta will get 2
                 new powerful attacks, and you'll get to convince Master Asia to join you!
                 Of course, when the scene takes place, you won't get more money. But who
                 cares, you already got more money by beating Hinell and the others anyway.

- Winning Condition: Fiona reaches Y-Nadesico.
- Losing Condition: Y-Nadesico OR Fiona is destroyed OR all allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Before you begin the scenario, equip good items on Daitarn-3 and Excellance
                 for better effect. The Y-Nadesico will be controlled by its AI Omoikane
                 and your mission objective is to make Fiona go beside Y-Nadesico. There's
                 no time limit but you'll be surrounded with lots of Meganoids. When you
                 reach beside Y-Nadesico, Daitarn-3 will sortie from it and so will other
                 more Meganoids in the form of Commanders Zenoia, Nendol and Beltry.
              2) Some Galfa army enemies will appear as neutrals to attack you, but not to
                 worry. If you have God Gundam, Shining Gundam and Master Gundam with good
                 ol' Fuunsaiki, they won't be much of a problem. Just make sure that you 
                 kill the Jams quick. If targets are in sight, they will execute their bad
                 missile map weapons instead of normal attacks. In case you wanna know, the
                 Jams are those enemies with 9000 or so HP.
              3) The Nibelgens are the 3-turreted tanks that can snipe their targets ALL 
                 THE TIME. Don't even bother casting "Luck" before killing them... they may
                 be big but they yield only a little money. The other Meganoids are easy to
                 beat... just beat them up without much effort.
              4) Commander Zenoia, Nendol and Beltry are all easy and require only 1 simple
                 strategy: snipe them. Use GX/DX to your advantage, or Wing 0 Custom if
                 desired. After their HP is drained baaaaaaaaaad, use Daitarn-3 to kill 
                 them, using Sun Attack or S-Combination Attack. They won't escape so it's 
                 also a good opportunity to let your other characters level up if Banjou's
                 LV is high enough (Yurika may be used to level up since she's in the new
                 Y-Nadesico now). If you put Karis, Roybea or Witz, perhaps Enile in GX
                 then by all means boost their levels. It won't be much of a problem. As
                 mentioned before, if you bring out Domon, Rain and Master, the scenario
                 will be 10 times easier and the killing strategies may reduce to "just
                 bash them at will". Remember to cast "Luck" before killing them.


After this scenario, you will be given 2 options to choose from. Choose the SECOND OPTION.
The next 2 scenarios of this guide will cover them promptly.

SCENARIO 29 (Space Route)
- Winning Condition: Reach the Colony Laser within 6 turns ANDE destroy all enemies.
- Losing Condition: Fail to reach Colony Laser within 6 turns OR all allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) DX auto-deploys and Perla joins you in her G-Falcon. Deploy Jamil, Rue (Z),
                 Judo (ZZ) and Puru (Quebeley mk II). As you start the scenario, do
                 combine G-Falcon and DX (but you must move G-Falcon to DX, not the other
                 way around). Once they're combined, have Perla cast "Accelerate" and 
                 "Charge" and quickly move down fast. If Garrod's LV is high and DX was
                 greatly upgraded, DX would be almost untouchable (Gremi would have a hit
                 rate of only 33%). Every turn just move in to the Colony Laser and you'll
                 get there on your 4th or so turn without any worries. 
              2) When DX reaches the Colony Laser, a scene will take place and the Frost
                 Brothers together with some Death Army Zombies in Grand Master Gundams
                 will appear. Ignore the Frost Brothers for now. Your hit rate will most
                 likely by 18% or 20% so don't even bother counter-attacking when they
                 attack Garrod. Just select to defend (but not dodge). Wait until the whole
                 party comes nearer before you start killing them off one by one.
              3) Gremi is easy to beat in the Queen Mantha. Simply deplete his HP using
                 Domon and Garrod (perhaps Jamil if you got the Febral and he's piloting it)
                 then kill Gremi using Judo or any other character that you wish to level
                 up (using Rue to kill him is highly recommended). If you use Judo or Rue 
                 to kill him, use these lovers' Synchro-attack, the Double Mega Launcher.
                 That way you have a high hit rate and you get a powerful attack.
              4) With Gremi dead, have Puru and Judo attack Puru2. Once these 2 have done
                 their attack phases, have Judo convince Puru2 in your next turn. A scene
                 will take place and the Psycho Gundam mk II will blow up. You will get her.
              5) Rakan, Iria and Kara are too easy in their Mobile Suits. You don't need
                 much strategies. Heck, Enile alone in the Jenice Custom can take on Iria 
                 or Rakan alone. As for Kara in her Geymalk, just blast her using Quebeley
                 mk II and Febral using Funnels/Bits and she'll die in no time.
              6) Make sure Jamil attacks Lancerow and kills him at the same time. You will
                 need to do this if you want to convince Lancerow later.
              7) The Frost Brothers are a bit challenging to beat. First off, if Olba goes
                 beside Shagia, attack Shagia first. Olba will support defend around 4 times
                 or so. Afterwards, attack Olba and Shagia will support defend 2 times. When
                 all support defends are used up, attack them directly, but not too much
                 because they'll escape if HP goes lower than 5500. When they reach that 
                 said amount of HP, kill them together using a MAP weapon like the Satellite
                 Cannon or ZZ Gundam's Hi-Mega Cannon.

SCENARIO 30 (Space Route)
- Winning Condition: All enemies are defeated.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Make sure you deploy Jamil (whether in GX or not). If he's in the Febral,
                 then put someone in the GX and deploy him/her. Install good items on Z
                 Gundam and deploy Rue in it, since Judo auto-deploys in the ZZ Gundam, as
                 well as Garrod and Perla in the DX and G-Falcon respectively. When you
                 start, surround Ra-Kailum with GX, DX, God Gundam and Shining Gundam. Have
                 Bright cast "Encourage" twice so that these 4 units gain 120 morale easily.
              2) The Frost Brothers will be a lot easier, but make sure you dodge once they
                 start shooting the Satellite Launcher (their own version of the Satellite
                 Cannon). Unlike GX and DX, the Satellite Launcher costs 100 EN to execute
                 so the Frost Brothers can execute it thrice. Expect them to attack using it
                 twice in a row. If they do, defend. If someone is support defending you,
                 choose to dodge (but keep support defense on). Once they run out of EN, 
                 the worst is over. They won't escape, so if you want to defeat them, all
                 you have to do is attack GUNDAM ASHTARON HC (Olba Frost). Shagia will
                 support defend his younger brother twice. Once his support defends are 
                 used up, attack Olba using DX and GX, executing their Satellite Cannons 
                 (don't cast "Hot Blood", just "Concentrate" or "Lock On"!). Afterwards kill
                 off Olba using anyone as long as you cast "Luck" and "Great Effort" or
                 "Bless" and "Aid". Be sure to increase Jamil's Level if that's the case.
                 With Olba down, just smash Shagia to bits with any character you wish. He
                 is not so tough without his younger brother around.
              3) Despinith is also easy in her own unit. This time you have to be careful
                 for she will escape if her HP drops down to lower than 8500. But even so,
                 just decrease her life to 12000 and just execute a Double Satellite Cannon
                 while casting "Hot Blood" and she's down in one shot. Of course, assuming
                 that Double Satellite Cannon has a power of 7150 (you have to make sure
                 that DX and GX's Satellite Cannons are upgraded to more than 5000 power).
              4) With all enemies defeated, Lancerow appears with Zaidil and Haman. If you
                 followed the directions earlier, have Jamil attack Lancerow with a weak
                 weapon, then on your next turn, use Jamil to finally convince him. Lancerow
                 will revert to your side in his customized Clouder.
              5) Zaidil is too easy in the Sadaran (apparently his own mothership is not
                 introduced in this game). Take care since he will escape if his HP drops to
                 lower than 4500. But that won't be much of a problem. If you have Z Gundam
                 deployed as instructed, all you need it just decrease his life to 6000 
                 using any unit you desire (he won't dodge since his dodge rating is low).
                 With 6000 HP left, have Rue cast "Hot Blood" and "Bless" on herself, and 
                 let Fa cast "Aid" on her. Bring Judo in the ZZ Gundam beside her, and use
                 her to attack Zaidil using the Double Mega Launcher (ZZ and Z Synchro
                 attack). That will take him down quick.
              6) Haman is too easy in the Quebeley. In fact, easy is just an understatement.
                 As long as you saved Garrod's spells earlier as instructed, the key spells
                 you need to cast is both "Lock On" and "Hot Blood". Execute the Double
                 Satellite Cannon (GX-DX Synchro-attack) and you'll kill her in just one 
                 attack. Just remember to cast "Bless" and "Aid" on Garrod as possible.
              7) Iria, Kara, Rakan and Mashuma are all easy in their Mobile Suits. You don't
                 need special strategies to kill them. Using Enile in ther Jenice Custom is
                 enough to use as frontline unit against them. Just remember to cast "Luck"
                 and "Bless" when you kill Kara in her Geymalk. She yields mroe money.

SCENARIO 31 (Space Route)
- Winning Condition: All enemies are defeated.
- Losing Condition: All allies are killed.
- Strategies: 1) Domon shall auto-deploy in the God Gundam, so it's best you deploy Master
                 Gundam and Shining Gundam along. Also, don't forget to bring GX and DX. If
                 you followed all the space routes, you would have received the G-Bits by
                 now and it will make the fights a whole lot easier. If you have Lancerow,
                 put him in the Febral if you have it, then bring Jamil to the GX. Daitarn
                 will auto-deploy, so make sure you deploy Zanbot-3 as well.
              2) Destroy the Final-Formed Devil Gundam located in the base terrain. If you
                 do, Diuminus will appear and Fiona will deploy in the Excellance Eternal.
                 You really don't need much strategies to beat the Devil Gundams... they 
                 are all piloted by the Death Army Zombies (hence they're all dumbasses).
                 Take note: The Frost Brothers' Gundams are equipped with Propellant Tanks
                 so that means they can snipe you with the Satellite Launcher many times.
                 keep yourself out of distance and wait for them to come close. Don't give
                 them a chance to snipe you.
              3) Once you deploy all your necessary characters, surround Ra-Kailum using
                 GX, DX, God Gundam and Master Gundam. Have Bright cast "Encourage" twice
                 to give them 20 more morale. God Gundam will go Hyper Mode and Master 
                 Gundam will go Super Mode. By priority, kill them enemy G-Bits (actually
                 they are D.O.M.E. Bits, but no one gives a damn anyway) using both GX
                 and DX. Once you gain 140 morale, you can give the kills to Domon and 
                 Master, AND RAIN for the taking.
              4) Defeating the Frost Brothers has never been this easy. All you have to do
                 is target Olba's Gundam Ashtaron HC using Domon and Master. Use the strong
                 attacks if possible (Darkness God Finger or KouKyu Sekiha Tenkyoken).
                 With Shagia's HP down a lot to 10000 or less, and his Support Defend used
                 up, bring in Jamil in the GX. Have him cast "Hot Blood", "Concentrate"
                 and "Direct Hit". Execute the G-Bit Satellite Cannon on SHAGIA. Since you
                 cast "Direct Hit", Olba won't support defend him. If you upgraded GX's
                 weapons, G-Bit Satellite Cannon should have a power of 5900. Doing this,
                 you'll kill Shagia in an instant. With Olba left, it's up to you on how 
                 you want to kill him... you can use DX to your advantage if you want.


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