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 SUPER ROBOT TAISEN R (Gameboy Advance)

Super Robot Taisen R story translation guide
Version 1.00
november 10,2002

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All right, this is a rough episode guide from nitake92( on 
SRWG's forum

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Episode 1

 Raul and his friends are testing out the new Excellence engine and frame on the 
moon for the New Earth Federation. The engine was developed by Raul and his male 
friend (forgot name)'s father originally to be use to power a timemachine before 
their death. After showing off the Excellence's Gunner, Striker and CosmoDriver 
frame, Raul hear an ominous voice and your test enemies starts attacking with 
real ammo totalling the base with only Raul and his friend surviving. They send 
out an SOS which is intercepted by the Nadesico B and the RaKairum. As always 
Aestevalis gains energy from the Nadesico and you only have Regz and Jegan from 
the RaKairum to help. Kill the units with replenishable item before they use it 
to gain it. This is especially important since you won't get Healing units until 
at least stage 5 or 7 so they're the only things beside spells that will help. 

Afterward, Raul must choose whose ship they will go with to be deposited 
elsewhere. I chose the POD route.

Episode 2

Raul's friend is an energy researcher and he is very interested in the Boson 
Jump that they use to go to Amaterasu colony. The Nadesico was enrouted to it 
when it recieve Raul's distress call. They've been sent to investigate a ghost 
robot that is wrecking havok here and arrives in the midst of battle where the 
ghost robot have already entered Amaterasu. Ryoko is here and she is deep in ( I 
think,) Cargo 13 or something which isn't suppose to exist. The Nadesico B 
enters and along with the Excellence has to battle automatic defense system. 
Along the way, Raul and the others learned that Ruri was once adopted by an A 
Class Jumper couple who has since died, or did they ? Raul will be stuck with 
the Striker frame and Cosmo Driver Frame, I suggest using Striker for a while 
since it's not in space. After killing them all. POD Akito finally appears and 
hack into the system revealing the Martian BlackBox with Yurika sticking out 
from it. More enemies arrive and the boss (whose name I forgot) will retreat and 
takes his lackey with him so kill him last. Also, his monk honorguard are very 
agile, use concentrate against them. Afterward, Kusanabe, the Martian Succesor's 
leader decide to blow up the colony and the Nadesico B beats a retreat to Earth, 
and Raul learns that it was Akito and Yurika who adopted Ruri after marrying.Of 
course Ryoko is pissed at the way things turned out and having to leave Yurika 
there but she tags along.

Episode 3

Arriving back on Earth, The Nadesico crew met up with Prospecter who says that 
his name is just a nickname They decide to put back the old Nadesico team with 
Nergal's help since the New Federation are being attacked by Martian Successor. 
Raul and his two friends also learn of the Jovian war between Earth and the 
Jovian which later ended in peace. They didn't know this because they spend all 
their time in the lab on the moon every day for decades developing the 
Excellence. They saw Char's broadcast of wanting to push Axis down on Earth and 
his reasons. Ruri has a conversation with Bright who confirm that they can't do 
much against the Martian Successor since they are busy against Char, it's all up 
to the Nadesico team. Many of the New Federation's force are destroyed by the 
Martian Successor. Ruri visits Akito and Yurika's grave to find him there and 
the Martian Succesor's evil ninja shadow (again I forgot their real name) team 
again who decide to take Akito. This is because they are using Yurika's love for 
Akito and her A class Jumper ability to warp their mech all over the place 
destroying the New Federation's force. But the real Akito could destroy her 
machine induced dreams. They attack but Akito and Ruri are saved by Tsukiyomi 
who said that he betrayed his friend, betray the Jupitorian and is now Nergal's 
dog. Of course this leads to a fight which is joined by Raul and the Nadesico B, 
the old Aestevalis team who reunites and Tsukiyomi. Put the Nadesico near the 
grassy square in the city and let the enemies come to you. Once the Boss is 
within range, kill him, don't let him run, and kill him fast otherwise after 
some turn ,Butcher pops up and whathisname decides to attack the Nadesico 
leaving it with 1000 Hp, unable to move and runs anyway. You're better off with 
a Nadesico at full HP and the items from him though still unable to move. 

Of course the Nadesico team especially Ryoko recognizes Butcher and she screams 
as to how Butcher can be alive especially considering the fact that Uchuuta and 
Keiko of Zambot 3 had to sacrifice their life to kill him last time. Butcher 
said that he WAS destroyed but Kaizoku revived him once again. Kill Butcher but 
beware his Map weapon, most of the enemies have low hit rates against the 
Aestevalis anyway.

Afterward, Ryoko and the rest of the Nadesico team wonders whether they should 
contact Kappei or not but since Kappei has his own life to live now after losing 
everybody (like in TV continuity) and with no Zambot 3 around anymore, (the 
component parts probably got destroy in the final battle) they decide not to. 
With the Nadesico B damaged, Uribatake Seiya, the old Nadesico mechanic at 
Nergal unveils the Nadesico C to be used against the Martian Succesor. 

Episode 4

Using the A class jumper ability of Inez Franchez who with Nergal's help faked 
her death, the Nadesico team arrive at the Martian Successor's headquarter for a 
final showdown, Of course they tuned in to Dekim Barton's speech about the 
strength of the New Federation that was founded by Maremia in a coup de at some 
years back first before the battle. Ruri plans to hack into their computer using 
Omoikane to shut their system leaving them powerless except.........


Ruri was not able to even hack into one of their mainframe, and something worse 
is happening, the Martian Succesor have surrounded them with live units, what's 
worse ,the Nadesico C and Omoikane has shut down thus unable to move. When Inez 
decides to bosom jump them out of the jam, a mysterious voice which Raul 
recognize as the one who disrupt their moon test back in Episode 1 rangs out. " 
Oh no you don't you old hag," and an explosion rocks the Nadesico C where Inez 
is, killing her immediately. It's up to the team to play defense and defeat them 
all. Most of the surrounding enemies are no match for the Aestevalis team and 
Akito. Just make sure Raul doesn't die, he will be in the default Striker frame. 
After killing off every enemies, The Nadesico decides to retreat but is 
surrounded again. Ruri decides to surrender to the Martian Succesor when Raul 
pops out of the Nadesico again and demands to know who is behind this, and the 
mysterious stranger, or creature known as Duminus oblige. I don't know what he 
said since I didn't pay attention, but he crippled the Excellence in one shot 
and when Mitsuho (the mechanic) and the other guy trys to use the CosmoStriker 
Frame to haul Raul back into the Nadesico, Duminus attacks the Nadesico, SINKING 
it within two shots. This more or less surprised the Martian Succesor as well 
and while this is happening, the Excellence's time engine goes out of control 
and the last thing Raul hear beside his friends' scream is Ruri saying to Hari " 
I'm sorry" and the Nadesico explodes and Raul and his friend is transported back 
in time. They are discovered by Garrison and Banjou in the Mars colony 5 years 

Episode 5

When Raul wakes up, he is greeted by a decidely different Akito who hasn't been 
experimented on and has his sense rewired. He was the last of the trio to revive 
and is filled in on the year being Space Century 136 instead of 141 where they 
were some hours ago. Raul also got a nice response from Yurika when he remembers 
her as Mrs. Tenkawa and she more or less bugs Akito about them together (yet 
again) The team meet the TV version of the Aestevais team, Ryoko, Hikaru, Izumi 
and of course there's Gai Daigouji, who is pissed that they recognize the other 
but doesn't recognize him. Raul is also introduced to Banjo and the rest and 
they learn that the Nadesico is here on Mars with Daitarn 3 to rescue those in 
the settlement from the Jovian Lizard ( whom Raul knows as just the Jovian Army) 
and from the Mechanoid. The trio decides to check the library for information on 
what's up 5 years ago. 

They learn that Dekim Barton hasn't had his Coup yet and the complete peace 
movement is still going. The Dinosaur Army has resurface with Emperor Gol alive. 
The Earth is being invaded by Boazan, Campbell and also the new Mikene forces 
which defeated Mazinger Z in it's initial assault but was driven back by Great 
Mazinger. Of course there's also the Neo Zeon but not led by Char but by some 
woman named Haman and the Jovian and the Mechanoid.

Sometime after this they found the settlement and met Inez Franchez for the 
first time and she and the others refuse to be moved back but Akito tells them 
of how he escaped the Jovian by suddenly popping to Earth and how he wish he 
could come to save everyone which led them to change their mind. JovianLizard 
attacks which cause Yurika to decide to expand the field to protect Nadesico but 
would kill everyone in the settlement. Of course with the Excellence ( whose 
Striker frame survived only ) and Daitarn 3 not to mention the Aestevais team 
around, they decide not to do that but protect the Nadesico while having the 
settlement people move into Nadesico. After defeating the Jovian Lizard, it 
seems that someone is in the Daimajin you defeated and is making a run for 
safety but he is stopped by Garrison. Afterward Koros and the Mechanoid appears 
to more or less kill you. The Nadesico is at a loss on how to escape when they 
decide to enter the Tulip behind Kolos, Raul, knowing that Akito, Yurika and 
Inez are A class Jumper but most of them don't know that tells them that when 
they go in there, just think of Earth. And after you kill the Mechanoid or just 
get the Nadesico in there, it worked and Raul and his friends consult each 
others and agreed that they'll say that it's a miracle that is accomplished by a 
human heart rather than what it is (an A class Jumper Bosonjumping)

They decide to interrogate the Daimajin pilot which is Tsukumo 

Episode 6 

Interrogating Shiratori, they find out about the Jovian and learn the history of 
how they were colonist who were driven away from Earth and build their culture 
on Gekiganger 3. Gai apologize for fighting a fellow Gekiganger 3 fan and 
invites Shiratori to view all episode of Gekiganger with him, promising to make 
copies of all episodes for him later. Garrison also ask for a copy as well since 
he watched this show as a kid himself. In the midst of the night, Shiratori 
slips away and tries to get out only to meet with Minato, Megumi, Raul and his 
three friends who decides to help him escape, which surprises Shiratori. Raul 
and his friends, however have an ulterior motive, they believe that by doing 
this, it will lead to the first step in the peace established by the Jovian and 
Earth in their time. However the moon base Von Braun where they are heading for 
resupply is attack by the Jovian and Megumi and Minato ask Shiratori to persuade 
the person attacking to stop seeing as how Von Braun is full of civilians. They 
all scramble in the Excellence and meets Tsukiyomi. However with the Nadesico 
coming after them, Tsukiyomi decides that there isn't just civilians here but 
also military weapons and decides to attack. Gai is especially furious at 
Shiratori for deceiving him but since it's a middle of a fight, he can't do 

Change your Aestevalis frames into OG before this because it is in space and the 
wrong frame can prove fatal. As for the Excellence, since it's only frame is 
Striker which is made for Earth use, it is not very powerful in this stage. 
Putting the Excellence next to Tsukiyomi will promptly end this battle as 
Shiratori persuade his friend to stop the attack saying that they decide to free 
him before the attack. Raul recognize Tsukiyomi from when they met in Stage 3 in 
his time. (Of course he wasn't around when the Tsukiyomi in Stage 3 admits to 
betraying his friend, what a shame.)

Afterward the Kalfor army arrives and so does Dendoh from GEARS who oppose them, 
Yurika wonders whether Dendoh is a friend or enemy, she is told by Prospector 
that it is a friend, she then wonders about the Dendoh-like character (would 
someone tell me what he's called ?) with the enemy and ask whether that's a 
friend too? The answer was no. The Unicorn Data Weapon appear and both Dendoh 
and Grill face(temporary name) decides to get it to add it to their weaponry. 
Get Dendoh there first using Kazoku and delaying Grill face with Daitarn. He 
will retreat if his Hp drops below 4000-5000 (not too sure here) so use a 
nekketsu combination attack by the Aestevalis team combined with a support 
attack to kill him. 

Meeting up with Dendoh, the team is contacted by Lady Une and Megumi and Minato 
are reprimanded for their action though they and Raul gets off lightly since the 
action might lead to peace with the Jovian like Raul predicted. Raul learns that 
Lady Une is of the Preventers which is an arm of the complete peace movement by 
Relena Dorian. It coordinates with the Freeden team, GEARS, the Neo Getter Team, 
the Mazinger Team on Earth and AUEGO in space to try to end the fighting. The 
Nadesico is then asked to meet with the others at GEARS headquarter in Japan

At GEARS headquarter, Raul and the other are introduced to Jamill and the GX 
team who rescued Amuro in his Zeta days along with Tifa from a military base. 
They also met the Neo Getter Team (there goes any hope of getting the old team 
in the original Getter). They met Noin of the Preventer who recognizes Beauty 
and Reika of Daitarn 3 from when they were working with the Preventers. They 
also met Dendoh's pilot, Ginga and Hokuto (correct me if I'm wrong on the name) 
who are just school kids and Vega the female masked commander. Dendoh runs on 
two gigantic electric rods which could power Tokyo for two years. This shocks 
Raj ( I think that's his name ) who is an energy researcher (Reminds me of those 
walking robot toys with light up eyes that I used to have as a kid that required 
two AA batteries, Dendoh's just an oversized version of this )

Episode 7

All of the team goes to an Amusement Park runs by a man named Edwin for a bit of 
rest and relaxation. Mitsuho, your mechanic who has never been to an amusement 
park before in her life because the colonies she was born in can't fit one in is 
taken by Raul who is bugged by Beauty and Reika to take her. Of course, Akito is 
bugged by Yurika to take her as well. The amusement park is having a benefit 
show starring the Mazinger team for the children to make them forget the attacks 
by the Mikene and others. Of course this infuriates Ankoku Daishogun but he is 
told by his master, The Mikene Emperor to use this to their advantage because 
the Mazinger will have innocents to protect there. Meanwhile Raj is extremely 
thrilled at having the chance to actually see a Photonic Engine which is used by 
the Mazingers. Mitsuho and Raul talks after seeing a rainbow and it's obvious 
that she likes him but she skips around the issue and talk about how they got 
here, if they die, will they make any impact on history, that sort of thing. 
Raul said that they won't die, they'll return to their own time and assures her 
that the Excellence frame that she create can handle anything. Mitsuho said that 
it's only one frame, they need more. They met up with Akito and Yurika when the 
show starts.

The Mazinger Team appears to the delight of children there but suddenly so does 
Ankoku Daishogun who mocks the idea of the benefit and starts firing on the 
children. Great Mazinger rushed and take the hit for them and while they are 
evacuating, he keeps taking attack and his Hp drops to 10 and Great couldn't 
move. The Nadesico and Freeden arrives and deploys, it is also aided by Mazinger 
Z who is still capable of moving and fighting. Ankoku retreats at around below 
4000 so use support attack by your main character to finish him along with 
Daisharin Rocket Punch. 

After that, Edwin decides to show his hands, he's a Mechanoid, the true purpose 
of the benefit is to capture children to turn them into Mechanoid footsolider 
and also to capture the double Mazinger for Mechanoid use, but the Mikene 
interfere, now he'll complete his plans, but Banjou appear and says that he know 
who Edwin is and had already wrecked Edwin's plan. Banjou is especially furious 
at Edwin who had sold his soul to the Mechanoid and betrayed the dreams of 
children everywhere, and also because as a kid, he once saw Edwin perform his 
magic tricks from the front row and is in awe of him. Edwin HP recovers so 
pounce on him with lots of units.

Afterward, Raul and the other finds out that though Tetsuya did not suffer any 
severe injury, he needs sometime to rest and heal. The Great is also severely 
damaged, especially it's photonic engine which needs to be replaced, so Venus 
Ace volunteer to take Great and Tetsuya back to be repaired, leaving only 
Mazinger Z and the other two to join for now. Mitsuho is a bit traumatize at 
seeing Great damaged and Tetsuya injured, she won't let this happen to Raul and 
decides to recreate the destroyed Excellence frames. Meanwhile Uribatake Seiya 
adds new weaponry to the Aestevais , the Field Lancer to be used against 
Distortion Fields. The kids whom Tetsuya saved comes up toGai and the other to 
ask if he's well and asks to give him flowers, Gai takes the flower from them 
saying that Tetsuya's fine and he'll give the flowers to them. It's this type of 
thanks that really fuels Gai and the others to end this unrest, of course in a 
SRW first, Amuro whines about never getting thanks for his piloting and is 
told ,very nicely, that they don't actually do this for thanks, in other words, 
Shut Up.

Episode 8

Since Raul's group is a collection of many organization and mecha, it is decided 
that they need an all encompassing name for their alliance, and after 8 hours of 
thinking, Round Knight ( or whatever you want) is chosen. GEARS headquarter also 
receive words from the colony that 5 mobile suits are rushing to Earth which 
made Amuro wonder whether it's THOSE five. (and it's not the Wing team)

After that, it seems that the Kaizoku is destroying the city and what's worse, 
Relena Dorian has decided to try and negotiate peace with them. Theories on her 
temporary insanity are abound but what most of the people think is that she 
wants to show that the complete peace movement is not as useless, powerless and 
foolish as detractors says it is. The Round Knight team says while scrambling to 
her rescue that someone must have confuse complete peace with no resistance. 
Zanbot 3 is also enrooted from the King Bial ship to confront Kaizoku and Raul 
more or less remembers what the Ryoko from his timeline said, that two of the 
Zambot's pilots died fighting them.

Butcher the Killer has his audience with Relena who tries to negotiate peace 
with him, but after lots of chit chat, Butcher had her and her guard up on the 
Bound Dog's roof forcefully wanting to learn whether a heavy Federation Guard or 
the slim, thin Relena Dorian, who will hit the pavement first if he pushes both 
of them down at the same time.( Any idiots who knows physics can answer that!!) 
While Gaia Saviour tries to reach Relena who is pushed, from out of the blue 
comes Wing Gundam Zero Custom to save her. Once Relena is rescued, the Bound Dog 
is invaded by Duo, Kappei's grandfather and former Getter Pilot Nagare Ryouma. 
After fighting for a while, the trio set off explosion within the Bound Dog and 
confronts Butcher, who wants to kill them but is told by his master Kaizoku to 
beat a retreat. Devil Gundam then appear which confuse Hayato ,Fa and Amuro who 
remembers the Devil Gundam was destroyed. Then Domon and the Shuffle Alliance 
appear saying that somehow the Devil Gundam has been resurrected (Apparently all 
the events of G Gundam happens before this game) Once they defeated them all, 
Relena is berated by Kappei , a kid of all people, for her foolishness, and to 
chose the partner for peace a little better next time. Ryouma, Duo and Heero 
decides to leave saying that there's more work to be done. The Zambot pilots are 
introduced to the RK team and Raul looks at Uchuuta and Keiko intently knowing 
that they are fated to die which cause them to ask why he's looking at them 
funnily. Somehow according to Domon, the Devil had been resurrected by unknown 
forces and the Shuffle alliance had to defeat it again, when asked by Fa about 
Rain, Domon said that Rain is still doing maintenance on the God Gundam back at 
their colony. Meanwhile a mysterious voice talks to someone called Des* who 
turns out to be a cute 7-8 year old blue hair girl to go to Earth and start 
their plans using the Devil Gundams ( that's right, it seems the DG is 
Back at GEARS base,Mitsuho finished the Gunner frame 

Episode 9

At GEARS headquarter, there is talk about Dendoh and the Kalfa army. It seems 
Dendoh is just something the GEARS found from space and the odds of the Kalfa 
originating the Dendoh technology is high but higher is that they also found the 
technology from their own Dendoh knight. There is also talk about how both them 
and Kalfa are trying to find the 6 Data Weapon because of their powers, and how 
the Data Weapon selects it's master and will leave if it's master no longer 
possess the necessary trait or personality that it wants. All this talk about 
Dendoh makes Ginga cocky and he thinks that with the Unicorn drive that Hokuto 
saved, they could defeat Kaizoku, Kalfa, etc. They learn of Kalfa's attack to 
find the new data weapon and Dendoh and the other scrambles. Dendoh face off 
against Altea and his Grill faced Dendoh and on Ginga's insistence, Hokuto fired 
the Unicorn Drill Final Attack which missed and Altea counter attacked. With 
Dendoh injured, the rest of the team scramble but the Data Weapon appeared first, 
the Hyper Whip( a snake) and both Dendoh and it's counterpart tries to save it 
but Ginga is shaken badly by the Final Attack missing and is lacking confidence, 
which is what the Data Weapon needs and the HyperWhip now belongs to Altea who 
promptly used it against Dendoh saying that the Dendoh pilots are too amateurish 
relying just on the Data Weapon's power. After almost finishing off Dendoh, 
Altea fired off his Final Attack but the Excellence jumps in to defend Dendoh 
and gets blown up which makes Mitsuho screams,but Raul survives in his cockpit. 
Having used up all his EN, Altea retreats and Ginga is visibly shocked at losing 
totally and completely to Altea. The lackey seeing Dendoh near death order their 
troops to attack it to gain the Unicorn Drill. After finishing them off, Neo 
Zeon forces along with the Frost Brothers comes out demanding Tifa and Amuro Ray. 
The Frost Brother retreats if you beat them within 2000-3000 HP leaving Rakan 
Dagaran to fend for himself.

Afterward Kappei tries to cheer up Ginga but since they're both antagonistic in 
their relation to each other, they almost end up fighting. Ginga and Hokuto goes 
home depressed. It is also a shock to the others that Vega also goes home to 
make dinner for her kids.( who I'll guess is Hokuto) Meanwhile Uribatake and the 
technician at GEARS look at Mitsuho's plan for the Excellence when she is asleep 
and it seems that she had jotted down ideas for powering up the Aestevalis as 
well but the technology is lacking for now, it's up to Uribatake to create the 
technology. (Note: I'm not sure if this is a result of taking the POD route 
early on, it makes sense storywise for Mitsuho to know the technological know 
how of the Super Aestevalis from their time from going with them.)

Episode 10

There is a meeting of the Mikene, Dinosaur Empire, Boazan and Campbell, they 
have decided to work together and stop fighting amongst themselves for now. Most 
accept the alliance for now planning to betray each other later. The Dinosaur 
Empire decides to go at it against Round Knight first to show it's worth. 
Meanwhile Ginga is depressed big time, he can't get over the fact that he lost 
completely and utterly, what's more is that he lost where it counts, the heart, 
he couldn't get the Data weapon but Altea did. Chibodee comes and try to give 
him a pep talk saying that he's faced fear himself too, when the Devil Gundam 
first appear in Tokyo and he got defeated by it and Master and also other times 
in the ring but he took the experience and faced his fear to go at it again with 
his opponents. The alarm rings, it is the Dinosaur Empire, Hokuto wants to 
scramble, but Ginga doesn't and turn in his device saying that he doesn't want 
anything to do with GEARS and Dendoh anymore, there's other to fight, and 
they're just kids. Hokuto smacked him hard saying that he's scared too.. but.. 
he knows they can't quit. 

On the battlefield, with the battle about to start, Texas Mach comes out to 
rescue everybody and Jack calls Gou a PocketMonkey and a Mountain Monkey, to 
which Gou's level of schooling took a while before he understood that someone 
had just called him names. Of course, with Jack's stereotypical Americanized 
Japanese, Chibodee shouts at him to stop it lest other people get the wrong idea 
about Americans, to which Jack said that it's just minor stuff. Noin also notes 
that not many people call themselves American or Japanese anymore after the 
world was united.

After a while, Gareri appeared and wrecked some building, to which Ginga's mom 
and other civilians are near, Ginga saw this and calls on Dendoh to rescue them. 
This courage entice the new Data Weapon, Leon (lion)something to come out and 
Altea and the rest of Kalfar appear to take the Data weapon. Defeat them all, 
but Altea runs around 4000-5000Hp and the Lion will recognize Ginga as it's 
master. Back at the Mikene base, Bat and Gareri are berated by the others for 
failing dismally and they snarled in their minds "just wait until Emperor Gol is 
revive, then we'll see who's laughing"

Episode 11

Mizuho has completed the Winger frame and it is ready to be used. Meanwhile 
Gremi, Rakan and the Frost Brothers plans their next move, they are joined by 
Wu-fei who is here as an agent of Dekim Barton. The Frost Brothers says that it 
is hard for them to defeat the Round Knight without getting more firepower, so 
they introduce three people that they picked from the Newtype Army that Neo Zeon 
has. However they need to find the Round Knight's base to get Tifa and Amuro and 
their scheming is interrupted by Des* who, more or less sounds like a shy nice 
girl who stutters a bit saying that she would like to help them get the Round 
Knight. They wonder how she got in and saw the bodies of NeoZeon soliders 
everywhere and ask whether they're dead? She said No, if they receive immediate 
hospitalisation. They threaten her but amidst her timidity comes a lot of Devil 
Gundam ready to wreck the place and they give in to her request, knowing full 
well, this isn't an ordinary child. Des* is greeted by a pink haired boy (forgot 
name) who asked whether things went well. Des* asked him whether how long they 
have to do this? To which there isn't much of an answer.

Des* have the Devil Gundam wreck havok on a city, meanwhile Ginga, Hokuto have 
to go to school, this prompt Tifa to wonder what school is like and wants to go, 
Garrod of course decline to go because he's learn a lot more on the street than 
in school, Kouji and Sayaka should also be in school but it got wrecked during 
the fighting so they are on hiatus. Gou said that he has no need for school to 
which Jack replie to Tifa to not be like this mountain monkey. When the call 
come to scramble, the Flyer frame is selected though Raul doesn't have 
experience in flight before but Gai said that he'll teach him along the way and 
that he'll cover him if needed, to which the other Aestevalis pilot said that 
the reverse is probably bound to happen and Gai is just asking to die isn't he, 
to which Gai replys that the Main hero NEVER die.

Taking on the Devil Gundam, the Shuffle Alliance finds that it is piloted by a 
man thought dead, Toho Fuhai, who is in the condition Domon left him in after 
their final battle on Randao Island. Allenby pops up and says to Domon that that 
is the real Toho Fuhai. After defeating him, Ragan and the rest pops up, 
complaining that Des* lure them out true, but she hasn't lead them to their base, 
to which Des* could only meekly apologize. Dendoh pops up too, using their time 
in Lunch Break to come and help. Noin will notice Wufei and wonder why he is 
with the Neo Zeon, Heero will then pop up to take him on. Most of the Neo Zeon 
force are easy to kill even the three new type team folds easily. Afterward Tifa 
decides not to go to school fearing that she is more easily targeted there and 
she doesn't want to cause any damage to a school and their people.

Allenby is introduced to the other and they wonder whether she is a Shuffle 
Alliance or not, Domon says No but Allenby say she is the 6th member of the 
usual 5 member team like in the current trends of Sentai (taskforce) heroes with 
it's 6th member.
Allenby's story is one that people find hard to believe, she was tracking a 
different Devil Gundam to Randao Island where Domon had his final showdown with 
Master and she wonders whether Toho's ghost would be angry at them for letting 
the world still be full of war and damage after his death. She then saw a girl, 
Des*, raised Toho Fuhai from the Dead. If that doesn't creep you out about this 
Alfimy MkII girl, nothing will. Apparently R also stands for Resurrection, maybe 
there's still hope for Musashi after all (heh heh) Allenby passed out from 
seeing this resurrection and when she came to, she tracked him down to where 
they were fighting. Meanwhile Ragan was furious at Des* and had a gun to her 
head to which she meekly points up and they get the point that the Devil Gundam 
will destroy them all if they try to harm her, and she leaves. 

Episode 12

The news that Tetsuya had recovered from his wounds and that the Great was 
repaired had reached the Round Knights and Kouji and the others decide to go 
there to meet him. Banjou, his assistants and Noin also decide to go visit 
because they heard that a man named Shinichiro who worked there had disappeared. 
Shinichiro was an acquaintance of Banjou's assistant and Noin because he was a 
supporter of peace. He had grown tired of the fighting and wishes it to stop so 
that there would be peace. To this end, he manage to contact the Mikene so that 
they could enter peace negotiation. Half amused, the Mikene Emperor said that 
they will consider a meeting if Shinichiro shows his sincerity by allowing 
himself to be transformed into a Sentojuu. 

Meanwhile Tetsuya is wondering why Kouji and the others are here, and with dried 
flowers as well, it was explained that these were the flowers bought for him by 
the kids he defended in Episode 7, they had wanted to give it to Tetsuya but Jun 
already flew them back. Tetsuya then gratefully accepts the flower. Kouji and 
Tetsuya then talked to Dr. Kabuto about his plans for the Mass-produced Great 
and how the Mazingers can be gods and devil depending on the pilot wondering 
whether his plan is such a wise move.

At the Campbell's headquarter, Janera and the others are marvelling at the 
completion of a mysterious object.

When Shinchiro arrives at the Great Mazinger base, he is met and attacked by 
Great and Venus before he was able to convince them that he is who he is. By 
this time the others RK have joined the battle and is waiting to attack but 
Shinchiro began talking about how he had made contact with the Emperor and how 
the Emperor would consider ending the battle with the humans if they would lay 
down their arms and end the wars. Jun said that while Shinichiro's intention are 
good, he went about it in the wrong way, even if people stop fighting, it would 
not be peace because the problem is still there, only when both side want to end 
it and works toward a solution will there be peace he's just been used by the 
Mikene Then the base explode and Mikene underlings invaded which confirms what 
Tetsuya said that Shinichiro was just there to bide times for them. 
AnkokuDaishogun remote controlled Shinichiro's body into attacking and saying 
that he will explode in three minutes. Ankoku tells Shinichiro not to worry, the 
Mikene WILL make peace with the humans, once everyone is their slaves. Shinchiro, 
feeling hatred at being used and not wanting to die a dog's death asked Jun and 
Tetsuya to kill them. Kouji and the rest are scrambled out while Garrison, 
Beauty, Reika and Dr. Kabuto handles the invaders

Along the way, Combattra V appeared and the RK wonder if it is here to help, 
then other Campbell forces appear and they along with Combattra attacked the RK. 
Sensing evil intent from Combattra, the team counterattack and the mysterious 
pilot of Combattra decide that this is enough and next is the Nanbara connection.

After the battle, Tetsuya was furious at Relena because he believes that the 
complete peace movement of her led to Shinichiro's mistaken notion of no war 
equals peace and he had some angry words with her. However the others remind him 
that the polar opposite of this, such as arming every one with weapons will 
probably lead to endless war and create more orphans like Tetsuya and Jun. 

Back at Mikene base, Ankoku Daishogun was furious at the Campbell for 
interfering, they counter with that they were just chasing Combattra V when it 
flew into that area. Ankoku then retorted as to why the devil was Combattra then 
attacking the RK in conjunction with the Campbell and the Campbell not attacking 
Combattra at all in the battle. Walkimedes then counter that the pilots probably 
have brain damages from the methods used to let them learn how to pilot 
Combattra, and as for the other question, he left it with a mysterious chuckle.

Episode 12 part 2

Back at GEARS base, their leader has contacted Bright Noah who confirm that the 
Neil Agama is coming back to Earth in a while, and that he also has to rely on 
kids as pilots like the RK because of understaffing. Meanwhile the teams are 
trying to get a hold of Nambara Connection to see why Combattra was behaving 
strangely when it appear to attack them and found that the Combattra team hasn't 
deployed at all and the Battle Machines are still kept in storage with no 
records of having been used today. They then received news that Combattra V has 
been going on a rampage across the Earth snapping the Eifel tower, melting the 
statue of liberty,etc. The team wonder whether the Combattra team had gone bad 
or mad, what's worse, angry citizens are demanding that the Nambara connection 
destroys Combattler V. Another news from Kappei's grandfather is that they had 
found the Bound Dog recuperating in the sea after the beating it got in Episode 
8, and that it's a good chance to finish them off, if not, Butcher might be back 
to full strength after this. This strikes Raul that it might be the final battle 
against Butcher that Uchuuta and Keiko dies. The team decide to split into two 
with the Nadesico going to Nambara connection to see about the Combattra's 
situation while the Freeden handles the Bound Dog.

I chose to have Raul go with the Freeden.and Raul then admits that he is worried 
about Uchuuta and Keiko to Mitsuho and the others.

Episode 13

Mitsuho explains to everyone why she creates the Excellence frame during their 
trips to fight the Bound Dog, her parents died in a fire accident, the mobile 
suits that was around could not get closer to the building that they were in 
because the generators overheated and she wish that there was a machine that 
could be adapted to deal with any situation to save lives, so she decide to 
create one although it didn't turn out the way she want, what with the 
Excellence being adapted for warfare use back when they came from. But she 
understands that the Excellence is still saving lives by ending this war, and 
she used her original ideas for the frames that can stand high heat and pressure 
to create the Diver Frame for underwater battle for Raul. Meanwhile Eris of 
GEARS is trying hard to find out what type of food or energy that Data Weapon 
likes in order to better find them or lure them to where Dendoh can save them. 
Kid also create the S1 marine adaptation for the Gundam Leopard. Along the way, 
Kalfa underlings saw the Freeden and assumes that they must be after Data Weapon 
and contact Altea to come there. At the battle field, Gai of Neo Getter 3 says 
to leave things to him, and along with the Leopard and Excellence, enters the 
water asking for the others to take care of the flying enemies. (Note, the 
Gundam and Excellence are good underwater, but just that, they don't do that 
much damage to flight enemy and is C on land, and can't change frame in mid 
battle, keep them on sideline after the water battle is finished) After almost 
finishing Butcher, the Bound Dog use it's energy to head towards Space and the 
Freeden just can't pursue it. Then Kalfa forces appear with Altea and Knight 
Orga (finally I got the name) They wonder where the Data weapon is and when they 
know there isn't one got furious. When fighting Dendoh, Altea will note that 
Ginga is a lot more focused and serious. After defeating them, the team return 
to GEARS headquarter to learn that the Combattra who had been on a rampage was a 
fake created to lower people's faith in Combattra. The Nadesico was supposed to 
head back here but it got tipped off about a possible Boazan base, and Voltes V 
had gone there to investigate, so they decide to go back them up. It has been 
awhile since that happen and the Freeden is then asked to resupply quickly and 
go after the Nadesico. 

In space, Butcher is met by a pink haired girl named Deis who was allowed by the 
Kaizoku to come here and he ordered Butcher to cooperate with her. The girl 
nicely smiled and tells Uncle Butcher to head for the moon, and not to worry, 
she'll help him kill all humans. (If I see anymore nice smily people who wants 
to create genocide,I'll scream, God we already suffered through the Inspector 
boss, Princess Monika, the Iglets, Algemil, Alfimy, now we get girls who raised 
the dead and another who wants to create genocide.

Episode 14

Before they could go to the Nadesico's support, Metallic bugs attack a nearby 
town and the Freeden seeing this as more important, goes to stop them. As it 
turns out it is the work of Mechanoids. Both of them had high ambitions, the 
female one want to replace Koros as Don's right hand and the male wants this to 
happen so he could be made the leader of the Mechanoid army. 

Meanwhile Ragan and the others have found out about the attack and knows that 
Amuro Rei will be there so they scramble, Despinis wants to come too but is told 
a big friggin NO, partly probably because she creeps them out and they don't 
trust her.

Once Daifighter and the Freeden arrives at the scene, they don't find the 
metalbug but the normal mechanoid army, Banjou calls for the Commander to reveal 
himself, they do and when Banjou decides to change into Daitarn 3, both it and 
the Freeden is attacked by the metallic bug which invades the interior of both 
machines eating away many vital components and energy line damaging it severly. 
Anticipating something like this, Banjou whips out the Ion Plasma cannon design 
to stop the metallic bug and he spray the energy across the Daifighter killing 
them. In the Freeden's case, Hayato noting that the bug are susceptible to 
Plasma tells Gou to activate the Plasma Energy in Neo Getter at the lowest level 
to destroy the bug with minimal damage to the humans in the Freeden. Gou does it 
saying that he won't take responsibility for what happens next. The Freeden is 
free of the bug and the people, although their cloths are slightly singed from 
the plasma wave that the NeoGeter generate, are fine. Jamill ordered everyone 
out to defend the non-movable Freeden. The Daitarn is stuck in Fighter mode and 
Banjou decide to use one last trump card, having Garrison, Beauty and Reika 
controls the Arms, legs of the Daitarn manually through switches and levers to 
transform and move, of course they don't get the hang of it right away as it 
changes from tank to fighter to tank to fighter again and again. Banjou finally 
decide to give up when one last try by Garrison finally does the trick.

After killing them, the Neo Zeon appears and in battle, the "White Demon" (not 
Amuro but his would be ursurper) finally bit the dust. Wufei questions Raul's 
justice to which Raul answers that his justice is about saving innocent lives 
from those like Wufei who creates war.

Back at the base, the Freeden and the Daitarn will need extensive repairs for 
several days and would not be able to go to the aid of the Nadesico, which is 
just fine since they reported back as having demolished a Boazan base and is 
coming back with both Combattra and Voltes V. Ginga gets a little upset as to 
how the Nadesico seems to be doing fine in their mission but they came up blank 
both time, letting the Kaizoku escapes, letting the Freeden gets severely 
damaged but is told by others that this is the way war is, lose one, win one.

Back at NeoZion base, Ragan is again furious, and Despinis asked what she can do 
to make him better. She is told by the Frost Brother to locate the missing 
Camille Bidan and other Newtype, if she does this well, the others just might 
start trusting her. Despinis complies and leaves.

Episode 14 Part 2

The Nadesico returns to base and introduce the Combattler and Voltes team, 
Shousuke is an old friend of Eris of GEARS back at MIT, and the RK team notes 
that a lot of genius children is gathered here, with Ruri being put forth by the 
Nadesico crew as their candidates in wondering who's the smartest, to which she 
said she herself doesn't care. 

They also mention to the Dendoh team that they found another Data Weapon but 
with no Dendoh there to filesave it, it escapes, this makes Ginga pretty pissed 
about not going with the Nadesico. And Eris is more convinced that they need to 
find a way to lure the Data Weapon to where Dendoh can filesave them.

Gou Kenichi also introduces his father who is captured by the Boazan, Amuro and 
Tifa sense something about him but doesn't say only confirming to each other 
what they feel.

Episode 15

Eris is still annoyed that they can't figure out what type of food or energy 
that would attracts the Data Weapon, finally she just decides to try every known 
food and energy through Meteo, the Gears supercomputer, along with Omoikane's 
help using both the UnicornDrill and the LeoCircle as test subjects knowing full 
well that the amount of types of food and energy on this world is very very big.

Meanwhile , Tetsuya and Kouji are contacted by Dr. Kabuto, he had finished the 
Great Booster and also the Photonic Institute had come up with a new weapon for 
Mazinger Z, the Reinforced Rocket Punch, which can only be fired once but with 
incredible attack power. Both Sayaka and Jun are peeved that there is no 
additional weapons for them further lengthening the gaps between them and the 
Double Mazinger. Boss is also annoyed that those two keeps getting stronger and 
decides to Power-Up the Borot all by himself without having to ask or beg anyone 
at the Photonic institute for new weapons. He concludes that the Borot lacks 
range weaponry to fight back against faraway enemy or flying enemy and decides 
to adapt a spare Atomic Punch from the Great to create the Borot Pressure Punch. 
A lot of the technicians like Uribatake and Kid looks on his plans with 
amusement but since they don't have anything else to do right now, they decide 
to go along and help him power up the Borot. 

Back at Mikene base, Ankoku Daishogun informs the Mikene Emperor that they had 
snared the legendary DragonSaurus, and the Emperor is pleased, telling Ankoku to 
take it out and train it so that it can be a powerful weapon for them and that 
they can show the Dinosaur Empire just who has the strongest Dinosaur Warrior.

Informed of the Mikene's advance, the RK team move to intercept with the battle 
being underwater again and the three marine teams of Leopard, Diver and 
NeoGetter 3 moved in.

At Kalfa Headquarter, it seems that the Kalfa Emperor's pet Ragoll has broken 
out of his cage and is on a rampage heading towards Earth. A contingency of 
Kalfa troops pursues the beast. 

Boss is delighted at the chance to take on the DragonSaurus with his new weapon 
as is Gai Daigouji who is feeling pretty high at the chance to actually battle a 
living giant dragon. However Boss fails to take into account that the Borot 
isn't waterproof and had to pull back when he submerge within the water and 
founds his cockpit flooded. After a while Great and Z will come as reinforcement 
using the speed of the Great Booster to flew them there. After defeating Ankoku 
and Dragonsaurus, Ragoll appears and Dendoh's data weapon comes out from him 
wanting to fight it. The RK team then must defeat it, once it is beaten, the 
pink haired Deis comes out and grabs it returning it to the Kalfa Emperor. 

Boss is smug about his modifications and smirks at Kouji about how HE didn't 
need to have his dad or those in the Photonic Institute design him new weapons 
and Kouji acceed this moment to Boss. Back at Kalfa headquarter, most of the 
people there are talking about Deis and how she brought back the Emperor's pet, 
what's more the Emperor had granted her full reign to come there and for them to 
join forces with the Kaizoku. 

Meanwhile Ankoku Daishogun is still mad at letting the DragonSaurus gets hurt 
badly but is told by the Mikene Emperor that it will be worthwhile later, they 
are interrupted by the pink haired boy who was with Despinis who asked if the 
DragonSaurus is REALLY that powerful, he was told to shut up and to stop 
meddling in Mikene affair by Ankoku who said he doesn't care if he comes highly 
recommended by the Campbell.

Back at Gears headquarter, Eris's test have shown all negative results and she 
wonders what do the Data Weapon feeds on. Also Camille Bidan has finally been 
located at Fort Seven and the Freeden lifts off to take him back with them with 
the Nadesico left behind to help Dendoh in finding the Dataweapon. 

Episode 16

Eris sets out to use the one energy that she forgot to try, the MeteoCube that 
powers the GEARS supercomputer Meteo and both Data Weapons respond positively. 
The plan then is to go to a remote island, unleash the power of the cube which 
will lure the remaining Data Weapon out along with the two Dendoh have, they 
must resave them all, and to make sure that no one will interfere, the Nadesico 
is asked to run interference. Meanwhile, Tsukiyomi berated Tsukumo back at 
Jupiter, he hasn't been his fiery self lately, with the raid on Neo Zeon, etc 
ever since their attack on the moon back in Episode 6, wanting to know where his 
allegiance lies, Tsukiyomi drags him into attacking the Nadesico. When the 
Jovian attacks, Dendoh is asked to remain behind until they've unleashed the 
power of the cube. Tsukumo and Tsukiyomi goes down easily and Tsukumo thanks God 
that it's better this way and he didn't have to hurt Minato but Tsukiyomi is 
convinced that his friend's alligeance is now very shaky and his heart is for 
this earth women. Once the cube's power is unleashed, Altea and the rest of 
Kalfa, following a lead by their three spies on Earth appeared and the 6 Data 
Weapon appeared, 3 of them separated from their owner. Altea doesn't know what's 
going on but he doesn't care, he'll save the Data Weapon, but Hokuto and Ginga 
quickly resaved the Unicorn and the Leo and call for the Dragon and Boar who 
chose them as their master. Altea quickly resaved Viper Whip and all three tried 
to save BullHorn who after a while, recognize Altea as it's master. Though 
disappointed that he didn't get all, Altea decide to destroy Dendoh to get the 
rest. He tells them that it's been a short while since they fought but it's over 
now and he meant to destroy them. Ginga and Hokuto retort back that they'll get 
him first. (Note, Dendoh's DragonFlear Form is the most heavily armoured, stay 
in that form most of the time for better protection)

Afterward, back at their base, Altea seems to be suffering from some old 
memories trying to resurface and the Kalfa Emperor mind controlled him into 
forgetting and have him sent back to his side. Tsukumo and Tsukiyomi also get 
into a fistfight to resolve their difference ( like in Gekigangar) and Tsukumo 
decide to go watch the Gekigangar tapes to see if they'll change his feelings.

The Dendoh team thanks the Nadesico and everyone else for their help in 
gathering the Data Weapon, they wondered why Bullhorn chose Altea, being that 
the Unicorn chose Hokuto for trust, Leo chosing Ginga for bravery, Boar chosing 
Ginga for (I think) perservereance and the desire to follow their dreams ( not 
too sure here) and Dragon chosing Hokuto for love , which made Ginga burst a gut 
laughing at Hokuto.
Vega tells them that what Bull Horn looks for is wisdom which Altea ranks above 
the two.

While travelling back, Voltes V's performance seems to be quite strange 
according to Dr. Gou Kentarou and they decide to stop at Big Falcon for it to be 
repaired. With the beach close-by the team decides to take a break.

Episode 17

The girls are in their swimsuits and the boys are more or less staring hard, 
Hokuto looks at Eris and typical to middleschooler, is teased by Ginga about 
liking her. Uribatake sets up a bad-tasting Ramen shop (according to tradition) 
and Boss offers to rubs suntan lotion on the girl and is promptly rejected by 
everyone, he is told by Tetsuya to give it up. Hikaru is amazed at Mitsuho's 
swimsuit body and tells Raul that he has quite a good catch seeing that she 
heard that because of the lower gravity in the colony, it is easier for women to 
get fat there. Meanwhile, the Voltes is being repaired , and Dr. Gou Kentaro 
talks to (forgot his name) who runs the base after he show Kentaro about the 
power-up for Voltes, the ChoDenji Ball, about how powerful the Boazan are and 
that they don't really stand a chance against them, this puzzled a lot of people 
especially Yurika. Meanwhile, the Boazan,after losing one of their base, decides 
to attack again after getting a message from Gou Kentaro. Gou met up with 
Kenichi and his two brothers having a gun pointed at them telling them to 
surrender and come to Boazan with him, the trio can't believe their father is 
working for the Boazan especially when it was he who built Voltes V, they think 
he's been mind-controlled, whatever, he is rejected and when he aims to shoot, 
Vega and the Shuffle Alliance knocks the gun from him. Kentaro detonate 
explosives he planted inside the base and the Nadesico, it is minor but each 
deployed units suffer some loss of Hp. Voltes is quite damaged but easily fixed. 
While the others deploy, they manage to up to their father and finds out that he 
is a robot sent by the Emperor. This shocks Hainel, who after the battle begins 
to tbink that the Boazan Emperor, Sanchibaru doesn't trust him because he is the 
son of that traitor. Voltes deploy after repair and was furious at Hainel and 
Jangaru for using this dirty trick on them.

During midst battle, Devil Gundam piloted by Toho Fuhai comes looking for Domon 
and in battle, Domon ask whether his former master is piloting the Devil 
willingly, he does not get a response.

After the battle, Yurika and the Heads of GEARS apologize to the Big Falcon 
staff for not catching on to the robotic Gou Kentaro earlier, they had secretly 
marked him but did not anticipate his bomb planting action. Afterward, at GEARS 
headquarter, they are met up by the Freeden who has Camille Vidan with them. 
They also had bad news, the Mikene were sighted, along with a lot of Great 
Mazinger as their forces. Tetsuya is furious when Sayaka concluded that they 
probably learn of it through Shinichiro when they rebuilt him as a Mikene 
Sentouin and invade the base taking copies of the plan Dr.Kabuto has. Camille is 
piloting the Super Gundam which prompts Daigouji Gai to comment on how nice it 
is to have adjective like Super, God, King, in front of their mech name, and 
he'd like to pilot a SuperAestevalis if there is one. Uribatake would also like 
to make one but is told by Prospector that the Aestevalis aren't his to muck 
around with.

Meanwhile Despinis talks to Raria, the boy, about the Devil Gundam, it seems 
that Toho Fuhai, is awakening.

Episode 18

Akito, Raul, Raj and Mitsuho are asked by Prospector to visit a subsidiary of 
Nergal which is studying the Boson Jump, Banjou decides to fly them there in 
Daitarn stating that the reason they are interest in Raul and the other is 
because of the Time Engine of the Excellence and how it can be apply to the 
Boson Jump. Raul knows that Akito is an A-Class Jumper but can't reveal it. 

They are met by Inez Franchez who, after evacuating from Mars had become a 
researcher here, she explains why they need to research Boson Jump that can 
teleport normal people and since Raul seems to know a lot, considering that in 
Episode 5, he told them to Boson Jump, she wants him here. A short explanation 
of Boson Jump occurs where we learn that the Jumper enters another dimension for 
an instant where they can go anywhere, anywhen , they then reenter the normal 
dimension at the same time but at a different place. Inexperienced Jumper might 
jump back in time or into the future and to stop that, they need the notes on 
the Excellence's time engine to stop that from happening. Akito concurs that is 
what happens, when he first jumps from Mars to Earth, he landed several months 
before his Mar colony was attacked, and Inez reveal who she is, Ai chan who 
Akito thought he failed to save, she had jumped also but landed twenty years in 
the past and had grown up. Nevertheless, Akito refuse to be a lab rat and Raj 
refuse to give them the note on the Time Engine. 

Meanwhile, the Jovian like Saburota and his commander are ordered by Kusanabe 
(of this time period) to attack the Lab where Raul are to stop them from 
succeeding in learning how to Boson Jump with people inside. At the Kalfa Empire, 
Ragou has escaped again and is headed for Earth.

It appears near the lab and Daitarn deploys to stop it. Afterward when RK 
arrives, the 4 Data Weapon of Dendoh detach from it to attack Ragou , however 
Ragou manage to attack Unicorn and Leo leaving them wounded , which according to 
Vega is impossible since they are just electrical data, Hokuto and Ginga calls 
them all back and Ragou is taken back by the three commanders of Kalfa. 
Afterward, Jovian forces arrives and tries to enter the lab, Prospector tells RK 
that they must not enter, and though they don't really want to be Nergal's 
bodyguard, the RK team oblige. Fighting Saburota, Raul will note, that how like 
Akito, Saburota is different from the one in his time. Destroy Saburota or his 
superior and they will retreat and send in a kamikaze unit. Akito will then take 
the CC Crystal from Inez and attempt a Boson Jump along with the Kamikaze unit. 
However he is too inexperience and he is bound to be send to another time when 
Raul jumps in with the Excellence, and with it's power, brings Akito back even 
though the stress was too much for the Excellence and it explodes. However Raul 
is safe and Mitsuho says she will repair it later, thankful that Raul is safe. 

Episode 18 Part 2
Time Engine that Raul and Raj's father were working on would have taken 5 years 
to build according to the notes that passed Banjou's hand when their father were 
looking for fundings, and that Raul and Raj's age does not match the age that 
Banjou knew from searching about them. Thus he concludes that Raul and the other 
two are from the future. Raj denies this and the claim of a time machine being 
in existence, and leave, Banjou decides to leave the matter at that. Raul isn't 
too happy that the truth about them seems to have been figured out so easily but 
he's happy to leave the matter as it still stands.

Yurika thanks Raul for saving Akito and Akito owing Raul a favour ask Raul if he 
can do anything in return, Raul says that in the future when Akito marries, he 
must always protect his wife from harm. Akito retort that he and Yurika is not a 
couple when Raul knows better. Meanwhile, the mysterious entity that is the boss 
of Deis, Raria and Despinis have taken a notice of the Excellence and it's time 

Kid tells Roaby and Wich that he is planning on powering up the Airmaster and 
Leopard but doesn't have enough material, he is told by Noin that supplys will 
be coming soon.

Episode 19

The Unicorn and Leo are still injured and GEARS frightfully conclude that 
Ragou's attack was an infliction of a computer virus, the Ragou virus which will 
soon destroy the two. All of Eris's antivirus are proving ineffective, but Ruri 
and Omoikane manage to deliver an antivirus that is stopping the decline but the 
Ragou virus is mutating to overcome it. The only way to stop it is to get a 
sample off Ragou and use it to create an antivirus, and Hokuto and Ginga knowing 
that the two are their friends, asked permission for them to invade Kalfa 
stronghold to get it. Gai and the other think it's a foolhardy move but one 
worth making and decide to tag along. Yurika is ready to ask permission for the 
Nadesico to launch out when she is told that Omoikane must be around if they are 
to even slow the RagouVirus's advance. Without Nadesico, the RK can't go into 
space. Hokuto says that even if Dendoh has to go alone, he's going, he can't 
abandon his friends. Kenichi and Banjou also volunteer Voltes V and Daitarn 3 
which is capable of going to the moon on it's own, the GEARS chief agrees that 
they can't leave Unicorn and Leo to die and he will contact Bright so that the 
Neil Agama will go there to help them. Of course all this is rendered moot when 
Ragou escapes and comes looking to infect the remaining Data Weapon. With good 
fortune on their side, the RK team deploys to get Ragou but the Nadesico is 
still grounded since Omoikane and Ruri are needed to constantly create new 
antivirus to stop the mutating virus. However it is spreading fast and even Ruri 
can't keep up and only 4 minutes remain. 

Hokuto and Ginga tells the Dragon and Boar not to come out lest they get 
infected too and charge in to get Ragou. The three Kalfa commander also comes 
looking to get Ragou back and the battle begins. Once Ragou is defeated, Dendoh 
retreats back to GEARS HQ and have them create the antivirus and administer it. 
Unicorn and Leo are healed and Hokuto and Ginga hear the voice of a blue haired 
girl who appeared to them when they first piloted Dendoh, she tells them to call 
the name of the great bestial God,(which I didn't jot down) and when they did, 
Unicorn and Leo merge to become a new Data Weapon for Dendoh. 

Meanwhile, the three generals are angry that RK had killed their Emperor's pet 
and the only way they can go back to him is to kill them all and take the Data 
Weapon., however Quatro Bahgina , before his asteroid dropping days and persona, 
appears to give the RK team a hand.

Afterward, there is puzzlement as to who the girl was and Hokuto asked Vega 
whether she appear to her when she, and the other guy, who were originally 
chosen to pilot Dendoh. The answer was no. Another mystery is that though the 
DataWeapon are powerful, Kalfa activities seems to have halted to just locating 
them and trying to entrap them, they have stop attacking the Earth, which leads 
the team to believe that there is something hidden within the 6 Data Weapon that 
is worth it for Kalfa. Afteward, Eris, while checking up on the Unicorn and Leo 
came up with the notion that there might be a 7th Data Weapon.

Meanwhile Airmaster and Leopard have been upgraded by Kid to AirMaster Burst and 
Leopard Destroy. Noin notes that the Leopard Destroy reminds her of the 
HeavyArms which is a Gundam of an acquaintance.

Said acquaintance, had knocked out the bodyguard of Relena and order her to come 
with him after her failed negotiation with the NeoZion.

Episode 20

The RK team has had information about a lab for Newtypes like FortSeven being 
full of Enhanced Human and Newtypes, most noteworthy are Four Murasame, Elpy 
Puru and Purutwo. Camille wants to go there and save her, and the team deploys, 
with the Freeden going on ahead first because it can't fly like the Nadesico. 
Amuro wonders whether the legacy that he left behind during the one year war, 
which is his excellence in battle in the Gundam has led to the round up of the 
New type but Jamille tells him that it is probably HIS legacy that has led to it. 
Jamille tells of how he was responsible for the Colony drop during the war, how 
he used the Satellite Cannon to shoot it down but didn't destroy it which is 
responsible for why NewType are wanted by warmonger as weapons of war and why he 
has dedicated himself to saving the Newtypes.

Relena's abduction is reported to Lady Une who is then confronted by a 
mysterious stranger who wants to join the Preventer under the codename Wind.

The 3 Generals of the Kalfa Empire is still angry that Ragou is destroyed and 
the only way they won't be destroy by the Emperor is to attack the RK and kill 
them and take the Data Weapon.

Back on Jupiter, Tsukumo had made up his mind, he is going to go see Minato, he 
tells Tsukiyomi that Nanako San(of Gekiganer) is only a cartoon and he leaves, 
making Tsukiyomi determined to stop him. He met with Kusanabe who more or less 
state that Tsukumo had fallen under the EVIL earthling's mind control and must 
be stopped, he tells Tsukiyomi to take Hokushin with him to stop Tsukumo (yes, 
THAT Hokushin who will later abduct Yurika, the one who gave you headache from 
Episode 2-4 POD route) Tsukiyomi is asked by others whether it's such a good 
idea working with someone like Hokushin, but Hokushin appears and state that 
he's no harm to them, he likes Gekiganger too. (I'll bet, I'm sure he roots for 
the badguys)

Meanwhile the Frost Brothers are getting tested by Dr.Karon who concludes them 
as Category F and not capable of using the Flash System and dismissed. Olbah 
wants to kill her but is told by Shagia to wait for the right moment. Despinis 
tells Ragan and the other that the RK are coming and Dr. Karon has a surprise 
for them. She contact the Freeden and order it to surrender unless they want to 
be blown by the Twin Satellite cannon of the DX, a modified GX which Jamill 
pilot in the One Year War. Jamille decide to surrender and Dr. Karon wants all 
New Type such as Amuro Rei, Camille Vidan, Quatro Bahgina, Tifa Adeille, Jamille 
and even Fa to come to them. The rest can go free. Jamille obliged. Once rounded 
up, Dr. Karon talked to them about what Newtype is meant to be,etc,etc,etc and 
Quatro and the rest talks back,etc,etc,etc (lots of differing philosophy that I 
don't care about)and how they'll be send into outer space to work for Neo Zion. 
Once the Nadesico had caught up with the Freeden, they learn of what happen and 
decide to send in the Shuffle Alliance along with Garrod to rescue the others.

Meanwhile, Jamille and the others are freed by Four Murasame who had been told 
by the Frost Brothers about their plight, and opened her cell. They think it is 
a trap but can't afford not to take the chance. Meanwhile the Nadesico had been 
spotted and Dr.Karon ask Abel, the guy who want to be a Newtype (X) to pilot the 
Double X and 

Episode 20 Part 2

blow them to bit, however the G-Con that operates it was stolen by Four. Once 
Gremi, Wufei and Trowa, who had come on Dekim's order deploy out, Dr. Karon is 
contacted by the Frost Brother who reveal their hatred at being rejected just 
for being a Category F, and how they'll change the world to suit them, and they 
kill Dr. Karon with an explosive. At the Hangar where Double X is stored, they 
confronted Jamille and the other in their mobile suit ready to kill the Newtype 
when in barge Garrod and the Shuffle Alliance. Two hits by Algo and Domon sends 
the Ashutaron flying to Olba's bewilderement and he and Shagia could only mutter 
if they are Newtypes (which type we'll never know) and Chibodee counter that 
they're not but they ARE the Shuffle Alliance. The Double X activates and Four 
takes the prototype of the new grunt mobile suit that Anaheim is developing, the 
Jegan, out.

Noin notes that the HeavyArms is amongst the enemy and wonder why Trowa had also 
turned like Wufei. However, the Deathscythe and the Sandrock appears to aid the 
RK and after the Neo Zion are beaten, Gremi order everyone except Ragan into the 
shuttle to head for space while Ragan will continue the work on Earth.

The Jovian came out and luckily distract the RK. After defeating them, Tsukiyomi 
wants to try again and again until he's rescue his friend from the clutches of 
the EVIL earthling but is greeted by Tsukumo who came back when he heard from 
Kusanabe that the Jovian have decide to hold peace talk with Earth. 

Quatre and Duo leave the RK saying that they have to investigate the 
disappearance of many soldiers who are unhappy with the complete peace movement. 
Meanwhile before leaving, the Frost Brother found Abel and kill him, for their 
own reasons.

Episode 21

Altea is back at the Kalfa headquarter, he finds that the three generals have 
been doing their best to attack Dendoh, however it all ends in failure whether 
they tried separately or together. Meanwhile Hokuto and Ginga are very tired 
from the Kalfa attack which is happening around twice or thrice per day, and the 
attack comes at the worst time, when they're about to eat, when they're about to 
sleep,etc. This is so much that Hokuto is so tired of lying that he wants to 
quit but Vega comes by to his house and talks to him. Hokuto ask if he could 
tell his parent but Vega says no because then the Kalfa, if they learn about 
this through loose lips, might attack them through their loved one, she tells 
Hokuto not to give up and that he should go get some sandwich from his mother 
and she leaves. Hokuto hear a noise afterward and find out that his mother is 
still up and she decide to make some sandwich which makes him wonder how Vega 

Altea said that the Kalfa empire will now be aided by the Kaizoku in luring the 
RK out and the three generals are beginning to hate Altea with all their guts 
since he's always oneupping them and they have had no success to present to the 
Kalfa emperor. The Kaizoku attack and Ginga screams that "Can't the enemies give 
them a day or two off" However since it is a big battle, Dendoh is required, 
like the other unseen battle with the three generals. After defeating Butcher, 
Butcher states that he is just a lure to bring them here and retreats and then 
Altea pops out calling for Vega, his sister. This shocks everybody and he asks 
why his sister would fight for humanity when they are evil and such. Vega states 
that yes, Altea is her brother, but she believes in humanity and that he's wrong. 
Altea retorted back that the humans messed with her memory and Vega states that 
Kalfa mess with his memory and how the Kalfa Emperor destroyed their home planet. 
Of course Altea states the usual spiel of how humanity is bad, how they need to 
be destroy, how they'll wreck everything out in space if not. (The usual stuff 
like from the Inspector, Aerogater, we all know the drill)

However this cause so much doubt in Hokuto and Ginga that their 4 Data Weapon 
cannot sense the quality they need in them anymore and is not bound to them 
anymore. Altea use this chance to Filesave them all and leave with Dies 
capturing Vega also. The 3 General then come out looking to defeat the now 
weakened Dendoh and RK who are also morally demoralized. Defeat them and the 
GEARS team will want to rescue Vega from Kalfa.

Episode 21 Part 2 

Hokuto goes home dejected not knowing what is right, he wonder why his mom isn't 
home. Ginga goes home and ask his mom that in a fight, what if he was mistaken 
in his belief. She gave him an answer but he doesn't seem to understand it (me 
They get called back to GEARS headquarter where it's chief decide to tell them 
everything so that it's better for everyone. 17 years ago, a small blue haired 
girl arrived on Earth with Dendoh, and probably a couple of other things (like 
maybe the Meteo Cube ) from the destroyed planet Alteacia (I'm not sure here 
since I didn't jot it down, if not correct me) The planet was destroyed by the 
Kalfa Empire who is predicted to one day target Earth. Moving in secret, GEARS 
was formed to combat Kalfa with Dendoh as their main force. At the same time, 
the 6 data weapon also came to Earth and scattered themselves. The girl decide 
to defend the Earth from Kalfa and was adopted by a GEARS member whose last name 
was Hokuto's mom's maiden name. The girl grew up, she took on the codename Vega, 
she also married in this 17 years and had a son.. named Hokuto. And if Hokuto 
hasn't put together the clue before then, he has now. Vega is his mommy dearest. 
Of course this hits everyone pretty hard and dumbfounded. Meanwhile Vega and 
Altea catches up on old time back at the Kalfa base and still argues as to who's 
right, who's been brainwashed,etc. Vega mention that she has live amongst the 
Earthling and now thinks of herself as one of them especially with her child 
there. Altea is surprised that he's an uncle but notes that 17 years had pass 
and his little sister would probably have had children. He ask Vega to tell him 
who he is so that he could go get him to save him from the Earthling. Vega's 
reply was that Altea had met him several time already. And to Altea's dread she 
says that her son Hokuto is Dendoh's pilot.

Back on Earth, Hokuto is going crazy as he wants to rush out and rescue his mom. 
He is told by the others to calm down and that they'll go anyway to help her 
because they're friends. However fate takes a hand in that Bright contact them 
saying that Neo Zion plans a colony drop on Earth. They are enrooted towards it 
but is lacking the force to stop them. Jamille suggest that RK deploys in the 
Nadesico, and they rendezvous with the Neil Agama and transfer some of their 
troops there to help out, with the rest going to rescue Vega. Jamille had gotten 
over his fear of the cockpit and regain his NT powers, he decide that from now 
on he'll work as an MS pilot in the GX.

Episode 22

Before leaving Earth, the technicians at GEARS decide to even up the odds a bit 
with Dendoh lacking any DataWeapon by powering up the Celfighter to the 
Celbooster and adds another Hyperdenchi plane. They also asks for weapons from 
the various laboratory to be added to Dendoh such as the beamrifle, the 
Choudenji Yoyo, the Dendoh swords, missiles and etc to form the Full Armor 
Dendoh. Hokuto is determined to save his mother, because he knows that whether 
they're right or wrong, depriving a mother from a child is definitely wrong. 
Ginga decides that since the odds are against them, it's best he fight with a 
clear conscience and finally reveal to his mother that he is a Dendoh pilot. His 
mom said that she knew since the incident in Episode 10 but was waiting for him 
to tell her himself. She is proud of Ginga and tells him to fight his best and 
never to give up in his heart. Morally boosted by his mother's word of 
encouragement, Ginga return to GEARS headquarter and the Nadesico soon lift off 
to meet with the Neil Agama, then heads towards the moon.

Entering Kalfa territory, Altea notes that they are quite full hardy for coming 
here with a weakened force and with no data weapon and order the Kalfa army to 
attack them. FullArmor Dendoh and the rest of RK fights back defeating many and 
Altea decide to come out himself. Hokuto doesn't care if Altea is his uncle, 
kidnap his mom and he'll kick Altea's butt. Altea sends Dendoh's former 
DataWeapon against him destroying the add-on weapon of Full Armor Dendoh. And 
when the deathblow is to be administer by the Unicorn and Leo combined form, 
they hesitate and then refuse to follow Altea's command. The bond has been 
broken because in his current state of mind against Dendoh, Altea has lack 
bravery by not fighting himself and lack of trust of the Kalfa army. These two 
traits are what the Data weapon wants and without it from Altea and sensing them 
back in Hokuto and Ginga, they rejoin Dendoh who filesave them again. However 
Dragon and Boar remains with Altea because he still has the quality they want. 
Defeat Altea and he will retreat and the three general will come out. They have 
had it with Altea and decides to kill him and Dendoh reporting his death as the 
result of the fight with Dendoh. With Vega still in there, Dendoh has to get in 
to rescue her and the rest of the RK tries to stop the three general. After 
defeating them Dendoh enters Kalfa HQ.

Altea is injured but he came back to rescue Vega from the attack of the 3 
General which is causing part of the headquarter to fall apart. Hokuto and Ginga 
also tries to find Vega. Altea reaches Vega first but an explosion occurs and 
Altea use his body to shield Vega and he finally fully remember what really 
happen when the Kalfa Empire attack their planet and brainwashed him. Realizing 
that he has been fighting for a lie, Altea is demoralized and wishes to die 
there. Hokuto and Ginga arrives and Altea finally meet his sister's son face to 
face without his mask. He gave Hokuto and Ginga back their Data Weapon and his 
own, the Viper Whip and Bull Horn saying that he has nothing left to fight for 
anymore and the Data Weapon moves on to recognize it's new master. The explosion 
rocks Kalfa Headquarter and Vega could only call out her brother's name as she 
and Dendoh are parted from him by explosions.

Episode 23

Meanwhile the rest of the RK team wants to go in to help Hokuto and Ginga but 
are told that the explosion would make it too dangerous and that trusting in 
them is also an act of a friend. They are contacted by Bright who told them that 
the Colony Drop was just a feint and that a large number of arm forces known as 
the Marimea forces led by Marimea Kushinada and Dekim Barton have moved towards 
the Federation's President's building. This strikes Raul, Raj and Mitsuho that 
the Coup de at by Dekim Barton which will succeed and lead to the formation of 
the New Federation of their time has begun at last.

Raul asked Mitsuho what happened next from their time and Mitsuho recalled that 
Relena Dorian and the President were executed but no mention was made of the 
Round Knights and she didn't pay much attention to the news. Raul want to know 
what they will do next, and Raj suggest that they cooperate with Dekim Barton 
because it will lead to the New Federation and the Excellence project funding. 
Raul does not want to do this because it would mean betraying the RK . Raj also 
mention that they could just see what happens next first and either go 
underground as freedom fighters or surrender to them and recognize their rule 
like the Nadesico and Rakairum did in their time. However this makes him more 
anxious than ever to get back to their own time and Raul agrees because he does 
not want what happen naturally in history to interfere with his personal life 
and friendship.

Dendoh makes it out of the headquarter and they saw the body of Knight Ogre with 
Altea still alive inside floating in space and they rescue him. Meanwhile the 3 
General and their leader decides to make a last ditch fight against the RK 
because only success here will spare them against their Emperor's wrath. Deis 
comes and tells them that she'll help out only if after the battle, all of them 
becomes her underlings, because unlike Despinis who has the Devil Gundam at her 
command, she has none, she'll ask for some MegaBoost from Butcher and the 3 
General and their Leader grudgingly agrees to the condition seeing as their 
victory alone against RK might not save them from their Emperor's wrath but as 
Deis's underling, they might survive.

The Nadesico is ready to blast off to fight against Dekim but out comes the 
remaining Kalfa forces and Deis and some MegaBoost looking for a fight. Altea 
decides to give Hokuto, Knight Ogre to even up the odds and GEARS technician 
found a way to let Hokuto pilots Ogre alone while Ginga pilots Dendoh alone. 
Vega also decides to fight on behalf of her brother by piloting the new 
HyperDenchi plane.

Episode 23 Part 2

After a lot of fighting, to which I recommend killing Deis first before blowing 
away the Kalfa base. The Nadesico is ready to blast off to help the Rakairum, 
when they are contacted by Bright not to bother, it seems that the Coup is over, 
and Raj knows in his mind what Bright will say next, he think that Bright will 
say that the Coup is a success, probably because a lot of citizens all over 
backed it up, thus not wanting to fight the entire world, the RK will recognize 
Dekim's authority and probably surrender. He couldn't have been more WRONG, the 
Coup ended in defeat when the citizen of the world DOES NOT support what Dekim 
is trying to accomplish and Dekim had to flee in defeat. This shocks Raul, Raj 
and Mitsuho completely seeing as how where they came from, the opposite results 
happen. This is a reaction not unnoted by Banjou.

However the Coup has left the Earth Federation in utter shamble and the RK is 
needed to keep the peace from attacks by enemies like the Mikene and such and 
must return quickly.

Later on Raul, Raj and Mitsuho wondered why history is now different than what 
they know. Raj finally theorize that originally in the timeline, the Coup was a 
success but however, with an addition of an unknown element into the timeline, 
things changed and the opposite occurs. The unknown elements is them when they 
popped into the past. Mitsuho is scared about what this means if they get back 
to the future, and whether if they DO get back. Raj said that they have to find 
a way to get back fast before anymore changes occur.

Episode 24

They hear a voice, it is the Mikene Emperor. Tetsuya demand that he shows 
himself to finally settle the score. However the Emperor says that, with Ankoku 
Daishogun dead, and the Mikene forces devastated, the Mikene no longer has any 
power to attack the surface world ,FOR NOW. Thus he recognize their complete 
victory and he will go away FOR NOW, rebuilding his forces and one day in the 
distant future, he will return. To prevent them from searching him out and 
destroying him, the Emperor explode the Mikene moving island and seal off any 
entrance to his lair.

With the invasion force of Campbell, Kalfa, Mikene in retreat or defeated, the 
RK wonders about the Kaizoku, Mechanoid, Dinosaur Empire, Boazan and the NeoZion. 
Of course it doesn't help that the Kalfa Emperor might send another invasion 
force or come himself, and that more invasion from Campbell might come. However 
Chisuru thinks that maybe next time, the Campbell might come in peace. 

However the enemies that worries them is the boy Raria and the girl Deis who are 
working with their enemies and have some link to them. Wufei and Enil add one 
more name, Despinis who controlled TohoFuhai and the Devil Gundam. They don't 
know much about these three even when they were working with Neo Zion, but from 
Despinis's mouth, they learn that there is someone commanding them.

In an unknown place, this mysterious being calls the three to his attention, and 
they beg that they not be punish for their failure. The mysterious being also 
asked why they have not gathered any information about the Excellence and Deis 
replied that they tried but no records were found of it, it's like one day, the 
Excellence pop into existence.

Deis wants permission from this being, she said that Despinis has the Devil 
Gundam and Death Army as her lackey but she and Raria only have their mech, she 
wants his permission to build an army of these two robots that Raria copied the 
plans from the Mikene and Campbell, the Mass Produced Great Mazinger and Fake 
Combattler V.

Episode 25

Bat Shogun had noticed that the Mikene emperor had sealed himself off and thus 
their agreement is at an end. He is told by Galeli that Emperor Gol is almost 
revived and that soon they can attack. Raria comes by and ask to join forces 
with them. He is promptly rejected by Bat who does not trust Raria.

Raria returns to Deis and Despinis to tell them the bad news, Despinis has a bad 
news of her own as well, TohoFuhai had slipped the leach and has gone missing. 
This surprises the two because they thought he didn't have any consciousness 
andwill left in him anymore, but Despinis says that Toho Fuhai is an 
extraordinary man.

Back at GEARS headquarter, Domon is surprised to hear that there has been a 
contact about his master's location by Rain Mikamura. They are both in Neo 
HongKong and he wants to go there as well. The RK deploys thinking that it might 
be a trap by Despinis but they need more information about them and TohoFuhai's 
current condition.

They met up with Rain and see the battered body of Toho Fuhai sleeping. Domon is 
astonished to see a huge amount of DG Cells on him, because his former master 
never used it when they were enemies. George De Sand then finally figure out how 
Toho Fuhai was resurrected by Despinis. She had used the DG Cells on him to 
revive him, just as with the case of Gentle Chapman who had died in battle with 
Domon but came back to pilot the Grand Gundam as the Devil Gundam's Four 
Heavenly King.

Toho revives and tells Domon that those 3, Despinis, Raria, and Deis did this to 
him, and that contrary to what the RK had seen, those 3 are manufactured life 
forms, and that they work as an agent for a higher power. When asked for the 
name, Toho said that he heard them work for a being called Dyuminus. This 
extremely shocked Raul , Raj and Mitusho and again Banjou took notice. Toho says 
that with his body full of DG Cells, he couldn't stop himself from attacking 
Domon and the others under Despinis's command. He can't be freed from the DG 
either because it's probably what's keeping him alive. Suddenly Despinis, Raria 
and Deis bursted in and quite nicely asked for Toho back. Since they won't give 
him up, they attacked, although only Deis seems the only one eager enough, with 
Despinis and Raria asking whether if it's the right thing to do and slow to act. 
Toho screamed to Domon and the others, not to listen to them, those three are 
just that, manufactured lifeforms whose every move has been calculated, their 
strength is incredible and the personality that they all exhibit is designed to 
make their opponents, especially nice guys with conscience, think that it might 
be better to try and talk to them, wondering if they could be saved from this or 
to feel bad and get demoralized if they fight and beat up these three CUTE, 
ADORABLE,NICE HARMLESS children (notice the sarcasm) Of course all pretense of 
them being harmless gets thrown out the window when one punch from Deis puts a 
hole in a wall or such, leaving the other pilots to leave things up to the 
Shuffle Alliance and those more capable of fighting like Wufei and Ginga. Of 
course these people don't last too long against them and is kept at bay while 
Deis hauls Toho out of his bed, with him cursing that IF he is fully healed, 
he'd give them a spanking and Despinis called the Devil Gundam and throws Toho 
back into it.

Domon deployed and Toho asked his former student to kill him seeing that right 
now, he is just an energy source with no free will from it and noting that he 
had already died once on Randao island. Of course, the cute adorable trio hauls 
out the Death Army, Fake Combattler and MP Great to fight them. However Rain 
arrives with the newly overhauled GodGundam and takes over piloting the Shining 
Gundam. Foon Saiki also arrives and lets God ride it. In the midst of the battle, 
unmanned Aestevalis taken over by Jovian mech boson jump out and attack the RK. 
These Aestevalis got named by Hikaru as the DevilAestevalis taking cue from the 
Devil Gundam and Ryoko tells her to stop with the bad naming.Kill the Cute 
Adorable Trio first before killing Toho otherwise they retreat. Toho thanks 
Domon and Domon tells his former master to rest in peace. He swears that he will 
find Dyuminus and destroy him for disturbing his dead master's rest.

Back at the Jovian Camp, Tsukumo demands to know why Jovian mech had taken over 
Aestevalis and attack the RK when the peace process will soon be underway, he is 
told by Kusanabe that it was a mistake, a glitch in programming, and that 
Kusanabe will look into it. Tsukiyomi ask WHY Tsukumo is so defendant towards 
the EVIL earthling. Once Tsukumo is gone, Kusanabe shows his dirty side with 
Hokushin to ask whether the test was successful and that they can now take over 
Aestevalis to use as their forces, he wonder whether the same can be done on 
Mobile Suit to produce Devil Mobile Suit (It seems Hikaru isn't the only one 
with bad naming sense) and is told that they work on different technology and it 
would probably take more time than it is worth.

Domon introduce Rain and Foon Saiki to the RK team which made Mary of Texas Mack 
recall that their new secret weapon is ready.

Meanwhile Raul, Raj and Mitsuho are having another conversation, Raj has figure 
out that alone, the Time Engine can not propel them back to the future, they got 
propelled back because the Time Engine absorbed the energy that came out from 
the destruction of the engine (the one that is also attached to the Y Unit of 
Nadesico) of the Nadesico C from their time. They will need an energy just as 
immense to go home, and what's more, they don't know the conditions of what 
their action in the past did, and even if it remain minorly unchanged, they 
could return back at the scene of the Nadesico C's battle with the Martian 
Successor and Dyuminus, and the Excellence and all of it's frame are no match 
for it. Raj ask Mitsuho to create a completely new frame, one geared towards 
complete battle unlike the other 5 which was started as rescue frame and adapted 
to warfare. Raj wants a frame that is capable of fighting and defeating Dyuminus 
seeing as how it took out the Striker back in Stage 4 with just one shot. 
Mitsuho reluctantly complie and Raul talked to her later about her reluctance to 
fully turn the Excellence into a complete war machine, she state that it is Ok, 
if it will save Raul's life in the battlefield ahead. All of this conversation 
is eavesdropped on by Banjou and Garrison who asked how long Banjou intend to 
keep the eavesdropping going, Banjou's reply was "Until they tell us what they 

Back at Dyuminus's lair, Toho Fuhai revives to the face of the adorable trio, 
and Deis said cheerfully that he'll remain as Devil Gundam's pilot FOREVER, to 
which Toho utters out a curse towards them. 

Episode 26

Dyuminus calls Despinis, Raria and Deis to him, he berates them for spending so 
much effort on getting firepower such as the MP Great and Combattler when they 
should be focused on more important things, such as contacting the Boazan, the 
Kalfa Emperor and his troops and to make final preparation for their plans for 
the Devil Gundam. 

A call from the Saotome Lab by Nagare Ryouma sends Jin Hayato returning to the 
place he spends his earlier years as a Getter Pilot, he is accompanied by Raj 
who is interested in Getter Energy which is mysterious and is said to cause 
evolution. Heero and Duo also accompany the duo. Raj asks why Dr. Saotome used 
this mysterious radiation as the energy source for Getter Robo to which Hayato 
replies, that they didn't know at first what Getter energy really is. The lab 
has been shut down since the Getter Incident some time back in the so-call final 
battle against the Dinosaur Empire by the original Getter Robo.

Gou meets them at the lab saying that he'd like to see why Hayato is in a hurry 
to get there, they found the answer, green blood, the Dinosaur Empire had come 
for Professor Saotome's last creation before the shutdown, Shin Getter Robo.

Ryouma had been here first and had killed many Dinosaur foot solider. They know 
that it won't be long until Shogun Bat who is leading the assault calls for 
giant mech to crush the lab and their only chance is to reactivate Shin Getter. 
Ryouma,Heero and Duo spread out to contain the footsolider while the rest works 
on reactivation.

Meanwhile, Domon and the Shuffle Alliance had heard reports from Noin that 
Despinis and the Death Army had been seen near the Saotome Lab and goes there, 
Shou and Gai is also worried about Hayato and deploy in Neo Getter 2. 

Seeing Shin Getter Robo, the real Getter Robo that is fuelled by Getter energy 
awes Raj but annoys Gou a bit in that the naming seems to say that Neo Getter 
Robo which doesn't operate on Getter energy, is a fake.

Episode 26 Part 2

Bat decide to use mecha and Nion in the prototype Getta (which looks a lot like 
an unfinished Getter Robo G)deploys, but so does the Shuffle union and Neo 
Getter 2 who vows to hold them off. The Death army also comes. Soon the RK team 
arrives and Heero and Duo go back in the ship to get their Gundam. Neo Getter 2 
is attacked and is badly damaged, Gou who sees this in Shin Getter gets angry 
and somehow managed to reactivate Shin Getter pouring out extreme amount of 
Getter Energy in the process. Despinis, Raria and the Devil Gundam arrive, they 
had been waiting for this moment. Domon is shocked to see his former master 
still alive piloting the DG and Raria said that with the DG cells, no matter how 
many time Toho dies, he can be revive, which angers Domon to no end. However 
with the pouring out of the Getter Energy, the Devil Gundams begin to evolve 
into more advanced forms and they could now easily create a number of 
Grandmaster Gundam to use as lackey. Bat Shogun asked if they used the Dinosaur 
Empire to their advantage but Raria said that their original plan, had Shin 
Getter not awaken, is to destroy Shin Getta to release the radiation so that it 
could evolve DG. Gou is furious at them using the Getter energy outpour for 
their own ends and have Shou and Gai climb aboard so that Shin Getter can go 
fight them. 

Killing or making any one of the three (Toho, Raria, and Despinis) to retreat 
will force the other two to retreat. Choose Toho to get him later, the other two 
have crap items anyway.

Afterward, they find Toho on the ground, the DG not needing him anylonger. 
Despinis and Raria talked afterward saying that Toho isn't needed anymore since 
the evolved DG can fuel itself and is even stronger than the one Domon 
originally defeated at the end of G Gundam with Rain.

Though Toho is alive, he is heavily infected with DG cells in it's final stage, 
he would soon become a zombie solider and Domon refuse to believe that. 
Meanwhile Emperor Gol has fully revive, and in a televised broadcast to the 
world, he says that the Earth is for the Dinosaur Empire and that he has gain 
power beyond imagination, to prove his point, he devastated GEARS America, where 
Texas Mach had gone to get their power-up, in one shot.

Episode 27

The Voltes team is called back to the BigFalcon to receive a power-up to fight 
against the Boazan and other invaders. Kenichi and Ippei are uneasy and nervous 
asking the professor and Hitoshi to work faster, knowing that GEARS Japan might 
be targeted next, and is told to calm down otherwise they will mentally wreck 

Meanwhile, Hainel and the remaining Boazan are waiting for reinforcement from 
their planet, the transmission that they got was that they will only receive 
supplies and the REAL Gou Kentaro to power up their Mecha, there will be no new 
soliders or anything else, it seems that they are being left to dry by the 
Boazan Planet. However, before the saucer that can transport them can get here, 
it seems that a Jovian mecha had attacked it destroying the saucer. With no one 
to create new weapons or power up their mecha, and with supplies running low, 
Hainel decide to go for one last ditch battle against RK so that if victorious, 
they can get supplies from the demoralized Earth people. He ask for Katherine to 
prepare their Guardian, the Godol.

Gol finally attacks GEARS Japan, with Galeli noting that previous records show a 
high odds of it being near the amusement park. RK deploys, and is meet by a huge 
number of Dinosaur Mech, also Hainel choose this time to attack as well, noting 
that Voltes isn't there. However reinforcement arrives in the form of Voltes and 
Tsukumo Shiratori in his mech (I think it's the Tenjin or the Daimajin, not 
sure). Tsukumo was the Jovian that attacked the Boazan saucer AND rescued the 
real Gou Kentaro from the Boazan. This angers the Boazan a lot because he had 
put them in this situation. Tsukumo said that he is here as an agent of peace, 
and that the Jovian are considering peace between them and Earth and had sent 
him to get Earth's reply and prepare for negotiation, he will work with the RK 
against other enemies to prove his claim. Although some member of the RK team 
are doubtful, the Voltes team accepts his help seeing that he DID rescue their 
father. The battle against Hainel is pretty long but when Hainel's Skulk go down, 
Hainel wants to deploy in the Godol, but Katherine ask Hainel to flee seeing 
that even though if they do win, they have lost all military forces and the 
remaining Earth military will bring them down easily. Hainel doesn't care and 
deploys anyway and is defeated by Voltes V. However, unbeknown to him, Katherine 
installed a secret escape pod in the Godol which ejected him to safety although 
unconscious. After the battle is over, she is met by Raria who ask her what she 
plans to do, she plans to find a secret place to hide Hainel from the Earth 
people forever, however Raria said that Hainel would only decide on another 
attack and had prepared a shuttle for them to escape out into space. Though 
Katherine wonders why Raria show this act of kindness, she has no choice and 
accepts and leaves for space with Hainel.

On the other side of the battle, NeoTexasMack had returned from GEARS America, 
as luck would have it, they were away testing the weapon when Gol devastated it. 
Riding their new Horse Mecha, they attack Gol claiming revenge for GEARS America. 
If Shin Getter's Hp is in the red, and Gol is destroyed, he will come out in 
giant size to look for a fight and an event will occur, you will lose the chance 
to get the ChouGokin New Z and the money for Gol in exchange for two new weapon 
for the Shin Getter, as Shin Getter evolve into Jin Getter (God Getter)

Episode 27 Part 2

The evolution involve another high output of Getter Energy which cause Toho 
Fuhai to be able to walk out into the street from his bed even though he 
shouldn't be able to. Gou tells Gol that he isn't like the other who fight for 
other people, he doesn't have much love ones, the only person who really cares 
for him is himself, get in his way and he'll crush Gol like the overgrown lizard 
he is. The energy output threatens to evolve the three pilot into pure energy 
and Ryouma and Hayato tells them to concentrate, and they finally evolve Shin 
Getter to Jin Getter, Domon tells them that they have achieved Meikyo Shisui 
(Still Water Clear Mind, the skill Domon needed for Super and Hyper Mode)in 
order to evolve. Gou doesn't really care and more or less defeat Gol in one jab.

Then Jin Getter moves on it's own and goes to where Toho Fuhai is and release 
another burst of Getter energy and to Domon's astonished eyes, the DG Cells are 
destroyed and Toho Fuhai is fully cured and returned to his full health former 

Rain and the others comment on how the Getter Energy really came through for 
them this time. Toho is feeling no side effect of the Getter Ray and George 
comments that the Getter energy act in the same way as what the Old Shuffle 
Union used to cure George and the other three from when THEY were infected with 
DG cells passing on the Shuffle Union legacy to them.

Toho says that when he was bathed in the Getter Energy, he learned everything on 
why the Devil Gundam had revived. Despinis and Dyuminus did nothing to revive it, 
they found out about it and took advantage of the situation. What REALLY revive 
the Devil Gundam was the Getter Energy itself. Ryouma tells Toho to stop bad-
mouthing the energy that saved his life but Toho continues that, alone, the 
Getter Ray that permeates the Earth is too low level to cause any reaction in 
the destroyed DG Cells from Domon's final battle, however an event some times 
ago result in a huge amount of Getter Energy being disperse into the 
atmosphere.Hayato recognize this as the Getter incident where Tomoe Musashi, the 
3rd Original Getter Pilot beside Ryouma and Hayato had self destruct the Getter 
Energy Tank of Getter Robo in an attempt to destroy the Dinosaur Empire. The 
released amount of energy caused the DG cells to become active once more and it 
took time and evolve back into it's present condition found by Dyuminus, and his 
three underlings. They decide to strengthen it by exposing it to another burst 
of Getter Ray and had succeed.
Gou Kentaro is checked out and is confirmed as the real thing. Meanwhile Tsukumo 
have a pleasant reunion with Minato but his sister Yukina, is still very much 
anti-Earth and almost get into a scrap with Ginga.
Saotome goes back to his lab to research the Getter Ray more and wish Hayato 
good luck with the Shin GetterRobo, Ryouma also leave, stating that his battle 
is over, but new threats are still around.

Episode 28

The Nadesico has been retrofitted with the Y-Unit, to which Mitsuho guessed 
correctly what it is even though it's supposed to be a secret, although being 
five years from the future gave her the answer. Meanwhile Domon sees Rain and 
Toho Fuhai together as she goes over the reconstructed Master Gundam with him. 
With it he will be able to fight alongside Domon although Rain stated that the 
original Master Gundam is the Kulon Gundam infected with DG Cell and thus this 
non DG Cell reconstruction is weaker in power to the original .Toho Fuhai says 
that he'll compensate for this power-loss by using his skills and experience.

To commemorate the event, the Miss Nadesico Contest is held, with the winner 
being the new captain. Jamill and Bright are asked to be judges. The contest is 
only open to Nadesico crew which leaves Tonya, Enil and Banjou's assistant a bit 
disappointed seeing as how they think they could win against all of the other 

And though Hokuto want to go see it, he had a previous appointment to spend 
sometime with his Dad. Ginga is also asked about his Dad who is a traveller 
around the world, probably a reporter. Each time he visit a country, he would 
come back emulating their culture, last time it was France but the worst time 
was when Ginga's Dad visited the old Jion Dukedom republic during the War. He 
came back and couldn't stop saying "Zieg Jion" for a while annoying Ginga to the 

Vega is also given news about her brother Altea, although he is on the road to 
physical recovery, someone has stolen Altea's Gear Commander for Knight Ogre.

Suparu and Zero, from the Kalfa Empire had arrived on Earth and is scoping 
around the place looking for Hokuto, the pilot of Knight Ogre who defeated 
Suparu's bigger brother, Altea. Suparu is surprised to see flyers and poster of 
the Miss Nadesico contest around town and ask Zero if being good-looking in a 
swimsuit is really a trait all Captains should have. Zero's reply is that humans 
can REALLY do strange things which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Meanwhile Commander Senoia who wants to replace Coros as Don Sauser's second in 
command also sees the poster and decide to use the situation to her advantage, 
by employing the skill of Commander Nendol, the greatest shapeshifter of the 
Mechanoid army.

Episode 28 Part 2

The contest goes underway and the models comes out in swimsuits. Mitsuho ask 
Raul who is wide eyed whether all men are like this, whether they really like 
seeing swimsuits and swimsuits figure that much. Raul pretty much couldn't 
answer, Mitsuho however, is given an answer by Beauty and Reika who tells her 
that what men like even more is to see and look at their loved one in swimsuit, 
Good things for Tsukumo then, because he definitely sees Minato in a swimsuit 
and goes all flabbergasted, probably in shock, seeing as how female are rare on 
Jupiter, and they don't wear swimsuits like two pieces or thong. Yukina tells 
her brother to wake up and see how EVIL the Earth women are, being so *ty in 
their dresses. Jamilles and Bright are also quite shell-shocked wondering what 
sort of company Nergal is to select a captain of a ship this way, with Bright 
muttering that if his wife Mirai ever hears of this... 

The winner, is Ruri, and as she becomes Captain 5 years earlier than expected, 
leaving Yurika devastated, Nendol and Senoia watches from secret and plans to 
use this to their advantage. Yurika still shocked at losing to Ruri is met by 
Akito who console her, she ask him what should she do next, leave the ship? 
Akito tells her that if so, he'll leave with her, because he loves her and wants 
to be together with her. This more or less gives Yurika the mental boost she 
wants and she hugs Akito saying she loves him when Akito knocked her unconscious 
and takes her to Senoia. Senoia notes that Nendol did a great job on this bimbo 
and "Akito" then says that it will be easier to move around as the former 
captain and becomes Yurika.

"Yurika" meet up with the new Captain Ruri and offers her congratulation. Ruri 
is a little nervous about being the new Captain but "Yurika" tells her to be 
more confident and if not, she'll take over as Captain, and with that " Yurika" 
backhanded Ruri into unconsciousness. As she tries to lift Ruri "Yurika" notes 
that the body of this female is too weak to haul a kid and looks for a strong 
male form to change into.

"Tsurugi Tetsuya" hauls Ruri, in a bag or a box, to Senoia and tells her that 
the Nadesico will soon be theirs, laughing in his mind. Meanwhile the real Akito 
is trying to find Yurika to console her but can't find her anywhere, he sees 
"Ruri" walking down and ask her if she sees Yurika, she said no. 

The other asks what the huge amount of boxes that seems to be send up to the 
Nadesico are for and "Ruri" said that those are hers' and when asked what they 
contain, she said in "Ruri-voice" "That's a secret" Boss ask whether it's a 
present for them and she reply again "That's a secret"

Meanwhile the Real Ruri and Yurika is being held in a warehouse at the dock 
being guarded by Mechanoid solider, they want to get out but is afraid that they 
will be fired on. However help arrives in the form of the human chip identity of 
the deceased three General, they need food and energy and begin to eat the guns 
of the Mechanoid solider and in the confusion, Ruri and Yurika escaped.

Episode 28 Part 3

"Ruri" contacted Senoia saying everything is a Go and she then tells Omoikane to 
lift off and Omoikane respond. She broadcasted to everyone that the Nadesico 
will now leave for Mars. This astonish the other people and they tell "Ruri" 
that she can't do that on a whim even if she is the new captain. "Ruri"'s reply 
is "So what, This ship is the Mechanoid's property now", which pretty much tells 
them that it's not Ruri speaking no matter how much she sounds and looks like 
her. They demand to know who she is to which the reply is

"Sometime I am Hoshino Ruri" says "Ruri"
"And sometimes I am Tenkawa Akito" and "Ruri" becomes "Akito"
"And on other occasion I am Tsurugi Tetsuya" and he changes into "Tetsuya"
" Lastly , I have also been known to be Misumaru Yurika" and "Tetsuya"change 
into "Yurika"

"But my real self is Commander Nendol of the Mechanoid Army" as "Yurika" finally 
change into Nendol

Prospector can't believe it, how could a master of disguise fooled Omoikane and 
the various protocol, to which Nendol said not to mock the Mechanoid's 
technology for disguise, not only can he change his voice and shape to look 
exactly like anyone, he can mimic speech patterns so that he talks the way his 
disguise usually talks, but the change is down into DNA level, he literally 
becomes "Yurika, Ruri,Tetsuya and Akito" and he changes into "Ruri" again to 
prove his point saying "See?" and tells Omoikane to go up full speed and tells 
the Mechanoid solider in the boxes to contain the Nadesico crew and Banjou who 
is aboard. The Neil Agama blast off to stop Nadesico from leaving but can't 
attack it. Senoia sees an opportunity and tells "Ruri" to command Nadesico to 
attack Neil Agama and the other RK before leaving for Mars to add the Nadesico 
and the Aestevalis to their arsenal, and the pilot to be converted to Mechanoid 

Meanwhile Subaru and Zero has found the three human chip of the deceased 3 
generals of Kalfa. It's rare that their extension survived while the original is 
dead but the death cause the three human chip to lose all memories of the 
original and they are acting as though they are brain damaged. Zero tells Subaru 
that they'll probably be scrapped because there is no use for them anymore, but 
Subaru tells them that he'll keep them around as lackeys to which Zero relent.

Vega contacted Hokuto who is out with his father to come at once. Once Hokuto 
arrives at the battle scene, he calls Knight Ogre who came but suddenly left as 
if called by someone else leaving Hokuto puzzled and then he gave chase to where 
Ogre went, leaving the battlefield.

Akito sees the Real Ruri and Yurika near the dock and the others have him 
deployed to bring them back to the Nadesico seeing as how only Ruri can stop 
"Ruri" from commanding Omoikane. Senoia sees this and order all unit to kill 
Akito who snatched Ruri and Yurika from the Dock. Bright ordered all units to 
help Akito and to resupply him because he is out of Nadesico range.

Once Ruri enters the bridge and Banjou more or less kicked Nendol who had 
changed back from being "Ruri" out, Nendol becomes a Megaborg to fight Banjou 
who deploys in Daitarn. The old commander from Episode 14 also comes out looking 
to redeem himself. Kalfa forces also appear to attack them all. Yurika and Ruri 
are furious at Nendol for impersonating them to do such devious work,(Frankly I 
think Yurika is also angry at being given her heart's desire and then betrayed 
by "Akito"" and Ruri tells Omoikane "Get him!!"

Episode 28 Part 4

After battle, Ruri decides to give up the position of Captain and the 2nd place 
winner Yurika takes back her position. Elsewhere, Hokuto finds Knight Ogre 
alongside Suparu and Zero, Suparu greets Hokuto and tells him that he is the 
real pilot of Ogre and Hokuto is knocked out. When Ginga and the other went 
looking for Hokuto, they only found his belongings scattered across the area 
where he was and they fear that he had been abducted by Kalfa.

Kalfa forces have arrived once more to invade Earth and many GEARS division 
across Earth is destroyed. One of them, GEARS Russia seems to have been 
destroyed by one man, who strikes Toho Fuhai's attention. Vega says that it is 
Zero, the Kalfa Emperor's right hand man. Suddenly, they are contacted by Para, 
who wants Bright and anyone available to come back to Space. Para is part of a 
group that helps AUEGO out in space, however she is the only survivor because a 
mysterious Gundam with a Satellite Cannon has attacked killing everyone but her. 
Also Neo Zion forces have begun a new plan. Bright decides to take some forces 
with him to stop them, however Ginga who is worried about Hokuto stays behind 
and Toho Fuhai also decide to stay behind, saying that Domon shouldn't be 
walking in his shadow, and he is slightly worried at the destruction of GEARS 
Russia by Zero.

Meanwhile, Hokuto awakens and asked Suparu what happened, and then he says "Oh, 
so I was knocked unconscious fighting Dendoh again?" "Don't worry, next time I 
will destroy Dendoh" Yup it's fake memory and mind manipulation time again.

Episode 29

Vega asks her brother Altea what would most likely happen to Hokuto if he had 
been captured by Kalfa forces. Altea answers that most likely, he will be given 
false memory as a pilot of Knight Ogre for Kalfa to come and attack GEARS and 
Dendoh, Altea asks Ginga whether he can bring himself to strike down his friend 
if necessary to save him and Ginga couldn't really answer. Vega asks whether it 
is possible to reverse the process, Altea says yes, because he is living proof, 
however they must find Hokuto fast because the longer it takes, the more he will 
accept the fake memory as real., Vega prays that they could find Hokuto soon, 
she does not relish having to fight her son.

Meanwhile the Zambot 3 has been given a new weapon, the Ion cannon that was 
attached to their mothership, the King Biel, since the King Biel was originally 
a space ark, it was not meant for fighting and Kappei's grandpa felt that with 
the work of the RK and the enemies they face, it is better if the weapon is 
given to the Zambot. GEARS technician rush to install it and makes sure that the 
Zambot's own Ion engine can give off the necessary output to make the weapon 
devastating and still have enough energy to do other attack, not wanting it to 
be like Dendoh's One Shot Final Attack and the batteries are dead and need to be 

At Kalfa, Hokuto and Suparu are having a meal, which looks like little ball of 
candy but have no taste, Hokuto thinks that he's eaten better than this before 
although when he doesn't know since he's been living on Kalfa for his entire 
life. Hokuto also calls Suparu "Ginga" sometime during their conversation and 
doesn't know why except that the name is familiar. Suparu asks Zero why Hokuto 
seems to be remembering and Zero says that it is harder to reprogram human than 
other races, and that they should use him to destroy Dendoh fast.

Hokuto comes back to Earth transmitting a challenge to Dendoh saying that if 
Dendoh doesn't come, he'll burn the town (Nice, burn your own room too while 
you're at it) Ginga accepts and RK meets the Knight Ogre who has his faceplate 
down and a lot more HP,EN than when you have it (It's like fighting Altea again) 
Ginga tells the other to hands off Hokuto. (Note, let Hokuto comes to you, make 
sure Ogre and Dendoh fight on your turn, make sure you have healers or those 
with trust spell to heal them, otherwise, one shot is all it take to down them 
and make you spend your money unnecessarily)

When Hokuto and Ginga meets, they went at it, both using their Final attack to 
create a double knockout, both are still alive and they starts calling each 
others names, which more or less have them going at it personally, when Dendoh 
goes next to Ogre and open his cockpit and Ogre open his cockpit and the two 
boys gets into a scrap. Though some of the RK want to stop this, Gai and Kenichi 
tells the others that let them be, they understand each other better with their 
fist,much like the relationship between Kenichi and Ippei, and the Shuffle 
Alliance with each others. Of course during all this, Zero is watching and order 
hidden Kalfa forces to attack the defenceless Dendoh and for Hokuto to kill 
Ginga. Hokuto's pendant which the Kalfa force puts on him starts to glow and 
Vega tells Ginga that the pendant is what that is giving and reinforcing 
Hokuto's false memory. Because humans are different than Altecusian like Altea, 
they had to resort to different means and Ginga tore the pendant 

Episode 29 Part 2

off, when a Kalfa unit gets close to Dendoh, Hokuto says he knows what to do and 
blasted the Kalfa, Hokuto's real memory has return and Suparu says that this 
isn't happening, it seems he had form some sort of friendship with Hokuto during 
the brief time Hokuto was on their side and Zero had to haul him away. Butcher 
comes out to reinforce the Kalfa and Kappei says that he'll test the Ion 
Cannon's power on Butcher.

Once the battle is over and Hokuto meets the others, he apologize like a machine 
gun for giving them so much grief, for threatening to destroy the town and etc 
but he is forgiven and Ginga and Hokuto goes away together from the deck as best 
friends once more. One GOOD thing that did come out from this mess is that 
Knight Ogre, though not as powerful as when it was an enemy, has been fully 
powered up by Kalfa, stats wise and weaponwise making it your overall heaviest 
hitter. (Finally, those evil organizations finally did us something good beside 
copying robots like Great and Combattler) 

Meanwhile, Suparu is still lamenting over the loss of Hokuto and he says that 
he'll attack himself and defeat them all. Zero says that the loss of Hokuto so 
soon was unforeseen, but they have gotten what they wanted from searching his 
memories before he is given the false memory, the location of GEARS Japan.

Episode 30

Mitsuho has almost finished the Lightning frame, she says that the name 
Lightning comes from the fact that the flow of time is like lightning, fast and 

Meanwhile, the talks about the Data Weapon is going on at GEARS, Vega and Altea 
states the legend of the Data weapon on Altecrus where they are from states that 
whomever gets all the Data Weapon will have enough power to be King of the 
Universe. This is what led the Kalfa Emperor to attack Altecrus, to get the Data 
Weapon. The RK teams then wonder if that makes Hokuto and Ginga, King of the 
Universe, but they don't think so because Dendoh and Ogre could be defeated 
given the right strategy. They wondered whether if the 6 Data Weapons were meant 
to be put on just one GearsFighter not shared between the two, but Altea states 
that if so, when he got all 6 before his memory return, he would have been King 
of the Universe, but there was nothing different. Thus they think that there is 
a 7th Data Weapon, One that is different from the rest and does not respond to 
the Meteo Operation when all six were brought together when the power of the 
Meteo Cube was opened. Eris had thought about that but couldn't confirm her 
suspicion about the 7th . Changing the subject, Altea is asked by Vega if it is 
possible using Kalfa technology to learn of a person's prior memory before 
giving them false memory, Altea answers that it is possible, and Vega suddenly 
realize that Kalfa now knows the location of GEARS Japan which is a secret. She 
barely acknowledge the thought when the alarm rang and Kalfa forces invade, all 
defense were overcame in a hurry and Kalfa solider along with Deis and Zero 
invade the Headquarter.

Deis founds Raj and Mitsuho and knocks them unconscious, she then hauls them 
away and totalled the Excellence's almost completed Lightning Frame. Meanwhile 
Zero is met by Altea and Vega who plans to get revenge for their home planet. 
Altea's body had recovered pretty well and he is capable of fighting, they go at 
it but are no match for Zero. Zero mocked them saying that two ghosts of the 
past can't defeat him, she should know better, Queen Vega, thus reminding her 
that she would have been Queen of the planet Altecrus had it not been destroyed. 
Zero then turns to face his true opponent who had arrived, Toho Fuhai. Zero 
states that here seems to be another ghost who shouldn't be here. Toho's answer 
is that it's because of people like Zero, Deis, Raria and Despinis that he 
couldn't die in peace. Toho and Zero goes at it and Toho hits Zero with the Juu 
Ni OuHou Hai Daisharin.

Meanwhile outside, Raria, Butcher and Suparu are in their mech and the Nadesico 
launches to stop them. Kill Raria first before Suparu otherwise he'll retreat. 
Suparu doesn't care for Dendoh and heads for Ogre piloted by Hokuto saying that 
they REALLY are meant to be enemies, he says this half-heartedly, and when he 
goes down, Zero appears and says that his use is at an end, and that humans like 
Suparu just can't be counted on and abandons him, but Suparu is saved by Ginga 
and Hokuto.

It was then that the GEARS headquarter exploded and everyone in there is 
presumed dead, Raul cries for Mitsuho and Raj. However, Deis appears saying that 
she's got what she wanted and shows the captured Mitsuho and Raj to Raul who 
screams to Deis to give them back but she says that Dyuminus wants them and 
leaves with them calling on the Devil Gundam to take care of RK, Zero plans to 
leave too but Toho Fuhai appears in the Master Gundam saying that they're not 
finished yet!!.

Zero is a very tough opponent who doesn't give you much(cheapskate) and he can 
use aftervision so be careful. 

After the battle, a rumble comes from beneath the ruins of GEARS Headquarter, it 
is a huge spaceship called Meteo and all the GEARS personnel are alive and well, 
GEARS was built on top of the ship which brought Vega and Dendoh to Earth. 
However it lacks the power for travel seeing as the remaining Meteo Cube which 
fuels it is reserved for the super computer Meteo. Inside, the RK team sees on 
the long-range radar that the Neil Agama has stop at the moon for resupply, they 
also sees the Bound Dog, travelling slowly and badly and notes that the engine 
must have been severely damaged in the battle just a few minutes ago.

Meanwhile, Raul is very demoralized seeing his friend and possible lover 
kidnapped and is told by Noin that he's not doing them any good staying like 
this and that Deis kidnaps them for a reason so the odds of them still being 
alive to be rescued are huge if they play their cards right, he looks at the 
destroyed Lightning frame and vows to get them back.

At Dyuminus lair, Mitsuho awakens to find herself alone with Dyuminus, Dyuminus 
has a proposition for her, if she'll recreate the Excellence Frame especially to 
be used with the Time Engine for him, he'll let them live, he needs the 
Excellence Frame and the Time Engine to gain the power to go anywhere in time. 
Dyuminus states that Raj had already agreed to the deal and wants Mitsuho's 
answer who does not answer back.

Meanwhile, it is agreed that the Nadesico will go to finish off Butcher for good, 
and Kappei vows that no matter what, they will stop Kaizoku and Uchuuta and 
Keiko agrees stating that even if it means having to trade it with their own 
lives. This reminds Raul that from overheared conversation from his time, 
Uchuuta and Keiko are fated to die in this battle.

Episode 31

The three human chips of the 3 deceased Kalfa General henceforth known as the 3 
underlings, did not go back with the Kalfa forces, Suparu had saved them from 
being scrapped and they can't go back because with Suparu abandoned by Kalfa, 
they'd be destroy if they go back, they decide to come to RK and begs them to 
let them live and work for Suparu. Though many of the RK members are hesitant 
towards this and wondering if it's a trap, Yurika recognizes the three as the 
one who save them from the Mechanoid trap and without them, the Nadesico would 
be Mechanoid property by now so she vouchs for them. Altea states that it is 
rare for chips to live when the main body died, but because of that, these 3 
have become harmless. The 3 Underlings however still cringe when they hear the 
name Altea and he laughs that their fear of him must comes from when he was 
still working with them for Kalfa. Since the three aren't human, they are sent 
on repair mission outside in space without spacesuit which made them useful. 
Suparu however, had not been doing well, he just lies in bed shell shocked, his 
whole life had been with Kalfa and he doesn't know what else to do. Hokuto tries 
to cheer him up by bringing him his mom's dumpling and Akito's food. Suparu asks 
if this is food and Hokuto tells everyone of the tasteless candylooking food 
they had to eat at Kalfa. Suparu eats and starts crying having never taste 
anything this good before. The other looks at him and they mutter to themselves 
that the food here, though good, is pretty repetitious, especially Akito's food, 
when days after days, they get the same 2-3 things over and over , they wish 
that there was something new on the Menu. This prompts Yurika to says that this 
time, SHE"ll cook, and the others responds, that that might not be such a good 
thing, especially when they're about to go into a hazardous mission in awhile 
and needs to be 100% Ok.

Meanwhile Butcher, with Deis watching, is trying to repair his engine with 
absolutely no success, he is contacted by the Kaizoku God that the RK is coming 
and for Butcher to unseal the Twin Guardians of Kaizoku. Back at the Nadesico, 
Prospecter is trying to make rooms for new mech that will be coming in after the 
battle, which is the power-up for the Aestevalis and he needs all junk thrown 
away which includes the destroyed Lightning Frame, Raul is absolutely against 
this saying that he'll fix the frame himself but Prospecter says that it might 
not be possible without the blueprint.

The three human chips of the 3 deceased Kalfa General henceforth known as the 3 
underlings, did not go back with the Kalfa forces, Suparu had saved them from 
being scrapped and they can't go back because with Suparu abandoned by Kalfa, 
they'd be destroy if they go back, they decide to come to RK and begs them to 
let them live and work for Suparu. Though many of the RK members are hesitant 
towards this and wondering if it's a trap, Yurika recognizes the three as the 
one who save them from the Mechanoid trap and without them, the Nadesico would 
be Mechanoid property by now so she vouchs for them. Altea states that it is 
rare for chips to live when the main body died, but because of that, these 3 
have become harmless. The 3 Underlings however still cringe when they hear the 
name Altea and he laughs that their fear of him must comes from when he was 
still working with them for Kalfa. Since the three aren't human, they are sent 
on repair mission outside in space without spacesuit which made them useful. 
Suparu however, had not been doing well, he just lies in bed shell shocked, his 
whole life had been with Kalfa and he doesn't know what else to do. Hokuto tries 
to cheer him up by bringing him his mom's dumpling and Akito's food. Suparu asks 
if this is food and Hokuto tells everyone of the tasteless candylooking food 
they had to eat at Kalfa. Suparu eats and starts crying having never taste 
anything this good before. The other looks at him and they mutter to themselves 
that the food here, though good, is pretty repetitious, especially Akito's food, 
when days after days, they get the same 2-3 things over and over , they wish 
that there was something new on the Menu. This prompts Yurika to says that this 
time, SHE"ll cook, and the others responds, that that might not be such a good 
thing, especially when they're about to go into a hazardous mission in awhile 
and needs to be 100% Ok.

Meanwhile Butcher, with Deis watching, is trying to repair his engine with 
absolutely no success, he is contacted by the Kaizoku God that the RK is coming 
and for Butcher to unseal the Twin Guardians of Kaizoku. Back at the Nadesico, 
Prospecter is trying to make rooms for new mech that will be coming in after the 
battle, which is the power-up for the Aestevalis and he needs all junk thrown 
away which includes the destroyed Lightning Frame, Raul is absolutely against 
this saying that he'll fix the frame himself but Prospecter says that it might 
not be possible without the blueprint.

Episode 31 Part 2

The battle commence and Butcher falls down easily and Raul wonder whether 
history has change again like with the failed Coup that was supposed to succeed. 
However, Raul realize something, Butcher had prayed to the Kaizoku God before he 
is destroyed as if it was a living being and he asked Ruri to scan the area for 
traces of energy. This uncovers the Kaizoku God and Raria and Deis in hiding. 
Raul doesn't care anymore whether history meant for Uchuuta and Keiko to die, 
they're his friends and he will save them, along with others, and the Excellence 
gains a morale boost. The Kaizoku God reveal itself to be a Computer Doll 
programmed to exterminate evil and it had deemed humanity evil. And again, we 
get philosophical for a while on humanity's existence and their relation to the 
universe which more or less ends in a brawl. Raul demands to know where Mitsuho 
and Raj are but got no replies from Raria and Deis. 

After finishing Kaizoku God, he die giving Kappei a demoralization akin to the 
same thing Altea once gave to Hokuto and Ginga. (Same Old Same Old Humans are 
Evil, must be destroyed before spread out to universe spiel)

Kappei is consoled by Quattre and Toho Fuhai who says that they too once ask 
themselves about humanity and the war they wages on each others and its impact 
on the univese, the Earth and the answers they came up with was that humans must 
be destroyed from existence. However, as Domon taught him, humans are a part of 
Earth, are a part of the universe and those answers are too simplistic and would 
not solve anything. Humanity has always been a creature of conflict, one result 
of that is war but that is the easy way out, another answer is peace, which can 
only be create when both side fights the urge to kill within themselves and 
resolve conflict peacefully. The total peace movement is one result of that and 
whether it is right or wrong remains to be seen. What is certain is that the 
Kaizoku's method of thinking is too simplistic and will only lead to a peace 
that is accomplished when everything beside them is destroyed.

Suparu talks to Hokuto, he says that he will try, he doesn't know what he will 
try but it's certain he's found a will to live and move beyond Kalfa. Altea 
acknowledge him as his younger brother and he greets his bigger sister for the 
first time which made Ginga realize that technically, Suparu is Hokuto's uncle 
and when Hokuto realize this, he was shocked. Akito serves Suparu and the others 
who complained about lack of new food on the menu, his newly created Tenkawa 
Special Ramen that he took a lot of time to perfected, this made Raul realize 
that nothing from his timeline can be apply to this timeline anymore since in 
his time, Raul learn that Akito did not perfected the Tenkawa Special Ramen 
until after he was married to Yurika.

Meanwhile, the RK had returned to Earth and meet up with the Neil Agama, who 
introduce Para to them, they had succeed in stopping Haman and had talk to 
D.O.M.E., they had also fought Dyuminus who had appeared and Raul asked whether 
Mitsuho and Raj were there but was told that they didn't know that the two were 

Episode 31 Part 3

New Powerup for the Aestevalis arrives, which is the Aestevalis used in the 
first 4 stages. Gai is ecstatic and says that it's in a hero's destiny to get a 
power up to his mech and is put down by others that he is not the hero. Anyway, 
Gai claims the Super Aestevalis for himself fulfilling a dream of having an 
adjective in front of his mech's name. For Akito, there is the armoured version 
of his Aestevalis called the Black Serena, which can Boson Jump and also 
recovers EN so that it can operate outside Nadesico's range. Akito is told by 
Inez that he can Boson Jump if he tries and the machine will stop him from being 
lost in the timestream.

From Anaheim electronics, comes the Ra Kairum for Bright, Nu Gundam for Amuro, 
Sazabi for Quatro, Full Armor ZZ for Judo and Prospector notes that Anaheim sure 
doesn't miss a beat keeping up with Nergal.

This surprises Raul in that these mechs were in his time, the latest in 
technology and it shouldn't be possible for technology to advance this fast to 
create them five years earlier. Then Kid, Uribatake shows him the copy that they 
made from Mitsuho's note when she was asleep designing the Gunner frame some 
times ago. Raul recognize that Mitsuho had jotted down the design of the mecha, 
like the Black Serena and more from the Excellence's computer from their time to 
be used for creating the various Excellence frame. This note, and the one on the 
Excellence's is in turn copied by Kid and the other and send to Nergal and 
Anaheim which pretty much gave them the next 5 years' technologies in one swoop 
and fate probably took a hand in creating the exact same mech for almost exactly 
the same pilot (Gai not withstanding) Raul wonders what Mitsuho will say when 
she learns of this development.

Episode 32

At last, the peace talk between the Jovian and the Earth Government is going to 
take place. Tsukumo meets with the Earth President to finalize preparations. The 
Earth president says that with the way the War between the two forces had gone, 
complete peace might not be possible to achieve initially so first, they will 
agree to a cease-fire and more talks can begin from there. Relena Dorian is 
chosen as the Earth's representative to sign the cease-fire, and the RK team 
blasts off into space. Meanwhile Raul and the other mechanics have finished 
completion of the Lightning Frame. Raul noted that the Lightning frame that 
Mitsuho designed originally was held back by her reluctance to create a frame 
for fighting. The Lightning is based on her old rescue frame, the first one that 
she worked on, which is an All Mighty Frame which is capable of going anywhere, 
water, land, air,space. And Raul promise to himself that he will rescue them and 
that the war-like Lightning Frame can not be Mitsuho's last legacy. Tsukumo and 
Minato spends sometime alone together and later when Tsukumo met Akito, he says 
to Akito that once both side have made peace with each other and all the other 
invaders have been repelled, he wants to propose to Minato who overheard and 
accepts the proposal.

Arriving at the meeting place, the Newtypes senses an evil intention and a 
desire to kill coming from it and says that it is dangerous to go in there. The 
Shuffle Alliance +Allenby and Toho Fuhai along with Daitarn 3 decides to go 
along to provide extra protection.

Tsukumo is surprised to see Kusanabe and only military personnel at the peace 
talk and when Relena reads the peace agreement that the Jovian had drawn up, she 
was shocked, if they agree to it, it would be as if they surrender to the Jovian 
under terms of complete surrender without conditions from the Earth. Tsukumo is 
shocked that Kusanabe produce this document and expects the Earth to agree to it 
and Kusanabe whips out a pistol proclaiming that there is only one justice and 
that the EVIL earth empire will fall before the righteous might of the Jovian 
and shoots Tsukumo. The bullet is intercepted by Domon who snatched it out of 
midair before it hits him. (The Shuffle Alliance is getting more and more 
inhuman everyday!!) Tsukumo is barely recovering from the shock and decides to 
get the others out of here while he tries to distract them, he is confronted by 
Tsukiyomi who has a gun aimed at him, Tsukiyomi blames all this on Tsukumo who 
has abandoned the fictional Nanakosan and intends to shoot him but George whips 
a rose at him knocking the gun from him. Tsukumo is told by the others that he 
has to live to be a witness to this and to show the Earth that not all Jovian 
wants war. 

Hokushin enters the battle with his cronies intent on killing them, but is met 
by Toho Fuhai and Domon who use the ShoKyuu Haoh DenEh Dan (the previous Map 
move of God and Master) at them knocking them away while Banjoh calls the 
Daitarn 3 to take everyone back to the Rakairum and Nadesico. Kusanabe proclaims 
that the Earthling never wants peace and that they fire the first shot( which is 
a complete lie) and this incites the Jovian military and they deploy along with 
the Frost Brother who have allied themselves with the Jovian. Garrod is stunned 
to see theme alive and ask why they want war and they tell him that the Earth 
has rejected them and now they must pay the price.

Episode 32 Part 2

Though Tsukumo tries to talk to his friends, they won't listen to him claiming 
that he betrayed them for an Earth woman. After finishing all of them off, the 
adorable trio comes to help the Jovian but it is then that Excellence Lightning 
makes its majestic debut. Raul demands to know from them where Mitsuho and Raj 
are kept and the other two says that they can't tell him, but Deis says that if 
he wants to know, he'll have to beat it out of her and attacks the Lightning 
claiming that it is a piece of junk that she wrecked before. This time, the 
Lightning is not a still frame in a base to be destroyed and it avoided the 
attack hitting back crippling Deis's mecha in one shot. Raul asks them once more, 
tell him where the two are being kept or he'll destroy them all. Deis is shocked 
at this utter defeat and begins to cry and Raria and Despinis catches her and 
retreat but tells Raul that the two are being kept on the Kalfa home planet as 
per his agreement with Deis and they leave.

Kusanabe is furious at the trio for not being to do anything when he is informed 
by Hokushin that the new models have been completed and he will deploy to 
destroy the RK. The new models are the mech Hokushin pilots in the future along 
with the DevilAestevalis. Tsukumo is surprised at the new model not looking 
anything like Gekigangar based Jovian mech but is told that the Jovian probably 
use the data from the Aestevalis that they took over and remade as Devil 
Aestevalis to create them. 

Beat them all and Bright orders the RK to retreat from the place. Tsukumo could 
only bow his head in apology to Relena for the way things turned out but is told 
by her that it's not his fault and that there can always be newer peace meeting 
but only if he lives to instigate them when the time is right. Everyone is 
looking at the Lightning frame complimenting Raul and the Mechanic for a job 
well done, Raul now knows where the two are and asks Altea and Vega where the 
Kalfa planet is and is told that it resides far away from Earth and that it is 
impossible for them to go rescue the two right now with the war between the 
Jovian and Earth forcefully reignited and that it is hopeless to divide their 
forces to both fight the Jovian and the Kalfa because all of them are needed. 
Raul has to content himself with knowing where they are. Elsewhere, Deis is 
crying like a baby having to be conforted by Raria and Despinis at losing BIG-
time to the Lightning.

Meanwhile Tsukumo and the others are talking, Tsukumo says that the original 
reason that the Jovian decides to ask for peace with Earth is because their 
supplys are running low and they probably will be wiped out completely if a full 
blown war last a long time. This annoys some people who says that it's a bit 
unfair of the Jovian to want peace when losing and not wanting it when they are 
winning. Nevertheless, Tsukumo confirms that he is not the sole Jovian who wants 
peace, there had been others who pressure the Jovian military for it and the 
military along with Kusanabe used it to dupe the remaining Jovian to remain at 
war with Earth. Tsukumo wonders why they did it because the Jovian are in no 
winning position when the possibility of a new technology that might turn the 
war against Earth falling into Jovian hand is mentioned and Tsukumo then tells 
Bright to head for Mars right away. He knows that Kusanabe and the others have 
found the Boson Jump BlackBox.

Episode 33

Arriving on Mars, Tsukumo tells them that the Jovian technology originally comes 
from the ruins of Mars and that they realize that the Boson Jump that they used 
have a BlackBox somewhere which regulates all Boson Jump and had been trying to 
find it. With it they can control the Boson Jump and use it to go anywhere 
instantaneously, which would mean a HUGE advantage over the enemy. Tsukumo 
reasons that Kusanabe had probably found it's location and therefore is certain 
of winning against the Earth that he decides to scrap the peace talk with Earth.

Back at the Jovian base, Kusanabe is told of the RK heading towards Mars and 
realize that they know about the Blackbox. Saburota says that Tsukumo probably 
betrayed them and told the Earthling everything. The Frost Brother doesn't know 
what the BlackBox is but if any weapon is greater than their Satellite Launcher, 
they want it either destroyed, or theirs and they begin to make plans. 

Finding the site, they see an escaped Mechanoid plane SOSing them and when they 
rescue the pilot, Banjou finds that it is his father's friend who is responsible 
for the process that transforms ordinary human into Mechanoid Cyborg Solider. 
Banjou hates him for what he did when the professor said that the reason he 
created the process in the first place was because he did not believe that 
normal human can survive outside of Earth on other planets and that they cannot 
wait to become Newtypes. Banjou decide that killing this man won't solve a thing, 
and won't bring back anyone who had been hurt by his technology and walks away 
angry. The Professor have one news for them, Koros had found the Boson Jump 
Black Box and is finding a way to utilize it.

The RK can not let the Mechanoid have the technology and Daitarn 3 deploys to 
fight the Mechanoid along with the rest of the RK to meet the previous Commander 
and Koros, Mechanoid mech BosonJump out and Koros tells the RK not to 
underestimate Mechanoid technology. Beat the Commander's vehicle and they come 
out to fight in their Megaborg form, Beat them all and destroy Koros and Don 
Sauser pops up wanting revenge on the RK for destroying Koros. Banjou fights him 
and he is even more enormous than Daitarn and Banjou wonders whether he can beat 
him when he hears a mysterious voice saying that Don Sauser only temporarily 
awaken because of Koros's death and he will soon return to slumber. Banjou tells 
the voice to shut up and that he won't take the voice's help, calling the voice, 
Dad. (I think the voice is just Banjou's subconscious, or an aspect of Banjou's 
Dad that is left on Don but I don't really know) Banjou then defeated Don Sauser 
putting his ghost to rest. Later, the escaped professor decides to leave to 
spend out the rest of his life alone leaving Banjou and the others to deal with 
everything that had happened because of the Mechanoid claiming that he is tired. 
Banjou curses him and his father for being selfish by dying and leaving messes 
for other people to clean. 

The RK team investigate the Blackbox and although Uribatake and Prospector wants 
to take this back to Nergal to research it, the rest of the team wants to 
destroy it even though it would mean no one would be able to Boson Jump 
afterward. However it proves to have a barrier that is impenetrable to their 
weapon and plans are made to dig it up and transport it back to Earth so that it 
can be used as a bargaining chip against the Jovian.

Episode 34

We see a scene of Dyuminus talking to an unknown person, it is clear that he is 
Dyuminus's creator. The creator tells him that Dyuminus is a mistake that should 
never has exist , he is an error, a Dyuminus. And Dyuminus ask why he is an 
Why should he not exist, he wants to exist, what is he, he ask his creator to 
tell him and the Creator tells him the same thing, that he is an error that must 
be erased, and Dyuminus asked again why he is an error and his Creator tries to 
kill him and Dyuminus retaliate asking again why he is an error, a failed 
product and in the process, accidentially killing his creator.

Duminus wakes up, it's been the same nightmare again, of his Birth, all those 
years ago. He asked himself, why did his creator not accept him, why did he call 
Dyuminus an error, what is he? And if he IS an error,what was his creator trying 
to create? But soon, he will have those answers, with the Excellence's Time 
Engine that his two hostages are building, he plans to go back in time to ask 
his creator once more, what is he? And what is his purpose?

This bout of nightmare worries Raria and Despinis and they asked Mitsuho and Raj 
who are working on the Time Engine to explain. Mitsuho says that in building 
something, many trials and test have to be done, over and over, each one 
produces errors and failed products which it's inventor used to learn where 
things went wrong to create a better finished result product and that the error 
are probably destroyed or reuse. They thanks her for her answer and she talks to 
Raj, they are in agreement that they cannot let Dyuminus use the TimeEngine to 
go back in time and Raj plans to sabotage the engine they are building, and he 
tells Mitsuho to try and modify the Excellence Frame that they have recreate for 
testing the Time Engine so that it could move and get them away. Raj says to 
Mitsuho that he had heard from the trio that Raul had rebuilt her Lightning 
Frame and that Raul will come rescue them and they have to keep trying to stay 

The Jovian have arrived to take back the BlackBox and it would be a while before 
it can be digged up. Algo decides to talk with the commander and tells them to 
withdraw, otherwise they will destroy the BlackBox. Though he is told that by 
doing that, all Jovian forces will attack killing them, Algo says that while 
they may die, the Jovian could not possibly survive a full scale war against 
Earth without the use of BosonJumping and the Jovian decides to retreat giving 
them more time. Algo says that his time as a space pirate helps when it comes to 
Mexican style face-off.

Kusanabe berates (I keep forgetting his name, the stout Jovian who is a Musashi 
archetype and Saburota's superior) for withdrawing but he says that they don't 
know if the RK could really destroy the BlackBox and that without the Jovian 
threat of attack, they would more likely dig it up to take back to Earth and 
that it is better to attack then. It is then that Despinis arrives and offers to 

The Jovian attack once more and Tsukumo deploys and ask his fellow Jovian that 
they are being misled and that the Earthling really wants peace. Saburota 
berates him for abandoning Gekiganga for a woman and Tsukumo counters that 
Gekiganga is the greatest piece of work he has ever seen that teaches them love, 
friendship, and a 
nekketsu way of life, but that it is something that their forefathers brought 
when they were driven from Earth. Tsukumo believes that they should grow beyond 
Gekiganga, because by limiting their life to the experience in the show that see 
things as black and white, they limit themselves, and that the value that the 
show promotes is not one of igniting war and taking lives of other. This stirs 
Tsukiyomi and the other a bit but Hokushin arrives and berated them for falling 
for an enemy ploy to buy time while they dig up the Black Box. The Jovian then 
turns a blind ear to Tsukumo and commence attack. The ground shakes and the 
Devil Gundam and Despinis appears, with the BlackBox in tow, they both attack 
the Nadesico, crippling it. The Rakairum then appears from below apologizing for 
letting the Devil Gundam take the BlackBox. Despinis and the DG leave but she 
left the Jovian some other DG to help. Bright orders all units to deploy to help 
the Nadesico. 

When fighting, Tsukumo confronts his friends once more, none of them is willing 
to listen to him, Tsukiyomi is also angry at Tsukumo saying that the value of 
Gekiganga is the most important thing to him, even beyond life. 

After a while, they noticed that Jovian mech are BosonJumping out of a Tulip and 
that they need to wreck the one behind the Devil Gundams to stop it. Do it or 
kill them all and the RK decides to return to Earth to plan their next move. 
However, they find out that the Nadesico had been damaged beyond repairs and 
that they would have to leave it on Mars. Yurika is saddened by this and ask 
whether it really can't be repair, when told no, she sadly agrees to board the 
Rakairum and all transfers are made to it, along with the essence of Omoikane in 
a disk, and it blast off returning to Earth leaving the Nadesico ruins behind.

Back at the Jovian base, havok has erupted, Despinis has taken the BlackBox from 
the Martian Ruins, but had never stopped along the way to give it to the Jovian 
(never trust a girl who has a monster at her beckon, Kusanabe, that'll teach you) 
and their defeat at Earth's hand lies imminient. The Frost Brother had also 
betrayed them and left with Despinis. Tsukiyomi sees that Kusanabe won't give in 
to the Earth and he thinks long and hard before confronting Saburota's superior 
telling him what really happened at the failed peace talk.

Episode 35

The RK team had returned to Earth only to find the various professors of the 
Super Robot Lab gathered at the Meteo spaceship. It's not good news, the Kalfa 
Planet have begun to move out of orbit and is heading straight for Earth (It's 
Impact time again) and the only way to stop them is to finally go take out the 
Kalfa Emperor before it reaches Earth and the only way to do that is to use the 
Meteo ship to reach the planet. The Kalfa Planet was originally Altekrus, the 
planet which Vega and Altea originates from, Kalfa was a computer designed to 
protect their planet but it declared itself Emperor after a mysterious 
circumstance and begin destroying and persecuting the people of Altekrus 
resulting in Altea being brainwashed and Vega escaping to Earth.

In order to enter the main planet, they must destroy the barrier shield that 
protects it on one of it's moons, this will allow them enough time to enter the 
planet before back-up system operates. Daigouji Gai notes that it's finally the 
climax , invading an enemy stronghold and can't wait to go there, but the others 
are wondering how the Aestevalis are going to operate without the Gravity energy 
from Nadesico. This is solved when Prospector and Uribatake unveils the 
Nadesico- C which is made by plans taken from Mitsuho's data (which in turn was 
create from watching the actual ship in operation in their timeline)

Before leaving, the GEARS mechanic decide to return Dendoh to it's two-seaters 
composition noting that it is better to have all 6 Data Weapon in one unit and 
Hokuto asked who will pilot Ogre, is it Subaru? The pilot is none other than 
Ogre's original pilot Altea, who had recovered and plans to fight to pay back 
for his crime when he unintentionally is Kalfa's slave and Ogre's Gear Commander 
shines welcoming him back. 

Meanwhile, Relena is talking to the Earth's President telling of what happen 
with the Jovian and apologizing for what happen stating that Tsukumo is not to 
blame and she will work for peace with the Jovian once the time is right. That 
time might be coming faster than expected when the Earth President shows her a 
newer message from a faction of the Jovian asking for another peace talk.

The Meteo left and Nagare Ryouma watches from afar saying " Musashi, there goes 
our successor, off to fight the battle for the planet's future" (GOD, if only 
the original story had Ryouma in a Getter 1 to help them, then he'd be there to 
help them in this game)
As the Meteo reach the Kalfa planet, and it lets out the RaKairum and Nadesico C, 
they are met by the Adorable Trio and the mechas built from the plans they have 
swiped,Devil Aestevalis, Fake Combattler, MP Great. They are also met up by the 
Frost Brothers who said that they have all the winning cards now, and they will 
destroy the Earth and all for declaring that they are a failure product. What's 
worse is that Zero appeared and he says that he is IMMORTAL and he won't let 
them pass.

Episode 35 Part 2

However help arrives in the form of Tsukiyomi piloting the new Altromecia. He 
tellst the RK that he is here to help saying that the Jovian's Coup against 
Kusanabe had occurred through those who learned of what had really happened and 
that Saburota, his superior are back at their home planet stirring up forces to 
take Kusanabe down and that they had sent him here to help them as a sign of 
good will to show them that THIS time, there really will be a peace talk between 
the two forces. Tsukumo thanks Tsukiyomi for the assist though the others RK are 
a bit angry at him for being a party to the original fiasco, for keeping it a 
secret so that Kusanabe could further his ambition and for not spilling the bean 
earlier, nevertheless, they accept his help and say that they will talk to 
Relena and the Earth President later to support the rebellion and to hold peace 
talk with them. 

This is going to be one heck of a battle as Raria and Deis along with the Frost 
comes at you along with the Immortal man who keeps coming back and doesn't have 
a penny on him (what are you, broke?)

The Frost Brother bit it hard here, and they die screaming why this has happen 
to someone like THEM ( couldn't have happened to a nicer guy) After knocking 
Zero's Hp to 0 for about 3 times and he keeps coming back, things are looking 
pretty bleak , but Hokuto and Ginga just wouldn't give up, they'll find a way 
somehow to beat him, Altea isn't giving up either and neither is Tsukumo and 
Tsukiyomi who are fighting for a brighter future for the Jovian, the RK team, 
though tired, is still willing to go another few round with Zero, for the sake 
of their planet's tomorrow, they won't give up hope. And then, the body of Vega 
when she was a child appear stating that those who gather all 7 Data Weapon will 
have power to be King of the Universe, and that limitless power is based on Hope. 
Vega suddenly realize that the child who looked like her younger self, IS the 
7th Data weapon, it wants Hope to bond to the Gear Fighter, but since Hope is 
something that can move a battalion to fight even when the situation is dire, 
just one person's hope is not enough, that's why there is two seats in Dendoh, 
that's why there is two Gears Fighter, the hope for the same thing had to come 
from more than one person, it had to come from all of the people who are hoping 
for a better tomorrow, to change the way things are now and the Phoenix reveals 
it's true form and it is saved by Hokuto, Ginga and Altea giving Dendoh and Ogre 
new weapon and limitless energy.

That's nice and fine, except Zero really IS immortal, so once Vega reaches the 
Kalfa moon and along with Subaru destroy the generator for the force field, Both 
Dendoh, Ogre and Vega in her plane enters the Kalfa planet and Zero have to go 
after them. The RK team follows suit but is stopped by Despinis and the DG. 
Bright orders them to destroy these three and follow Dendoh in quickly before 
the Back-Up Barrier comes back on-line. Entering the planet, they are shocked to 
find that the Kalfa Planet for the Kalfa Mechanical Empire is a place of nature, 
with greenery everywhere, a place where Nature had reigned, this enraptures 
TohoFuhai as this is the state that he wants Earth to be in. Raul decides to go 
scout ahead to look for ways to break in and find Raj and Mitsuho, he is 
accompanied by the Neo Getter Team. 

Episode 36, 

Dyuminus is still wondering to himself, what is his purpose, why is he created, 
what is he? In the years that have followed since he had accidentially kill his 
creator in defense, he had wandered the cosmos meeting up with other mechanical 
life form like the Kalfa Emperor and Kaizoku, he had grown strong too, he had 
become a creator himself creating Raria, Despinis and Deis, but through it all, 
he keeps coming back to the same questions. But soon he would have the power to 
go across time, and he would finally get his answer, WHAT IS HE??

Raj and Mitsuho have waited and they decided to use the Test-Excellence's frame 
to escaped, they are found by Zero who crippled it, he had allowed them to live 
because Dyuminus requested it to the Kalfa emperor but now he will kill them, he 
is suddenly called on a parameter breach and realize that it must be the RK who 
he had lost while reentering Kalfa planet orbit and leaves them thinking that 
they probably won't be much trouble even if he let the two live.

Meanwhile Hokuto had spotted a little child, who possibly couldn't be here on a 
planet ruled by those intent on wiping out organic lifeform and they went to 
investigate, they find a hidden settlement of Altekrusian which have hidden 
itself away from Kalfa. Hokuto is mistaken for Altea but the person suddenly 
realize that it isn't Altea. Altea comes and asked who the person is, the person 
is the former chief priest of Altekrus, Alko. After Kalfa decides to become 
Emperor and wiped out the Altekrusian who resisted him, he and many others have 
escaped and live in hiding. This was successful because the Kalfa Emperor did 
not paid much attention to the home planet after that, but going after other 
planets in the universe so they are still alive. 

One piece of important news that Alko tells the RK is that Kalfa, originally a 
computer designed to protect Altekrus, started to call itself Emperor after it 
met with Dyuminus. Dyuminus had been gone for years but had suddenly returned. 
Vega and the other notes that Kalfa is a computer, it is possible that Dyuminus 
somehow changed it's programming. This angers Domon because a lot of the trouble 
that they had encountered, such as the Devil Gundam's resurrection, had all been 
because of it and now they learn that Dyuminus is also behind the Kalfa 
Emperor's reign of terror and realize that his work goes beyond the trouble on 
Earth alone. (I'm wondering if the Kaizoku also result from Dyuminus in this 
time-line, it's very possible)

Vega introduces Hokuto, her son, to Alko and state that they have come to defeat 
the Kalfa Emperor, the 7 data weapon have been collect and had lend them their 
strength along with the RK team from Earth. Alko is stunned at Vega's word but 
still does not believe that the Kalfa emperor can be beaten. Vega tells him that 
the Phoenix lives on hope and that he and the remaining Altekrusian shouldn't 
lose it and is seconded by Subaru. Subaru is then confronted by a woman who 
asked whether he has a mark on his body (don't remember where). It seems that 
she lost her son some years ago when he was a baby to a Kalfa attack, the boy 
had the same hair colour as Subaru and would be the same age as him. Subaru said 
that he does have the marking and the RK team suddenly realize that she is 
Subaru's mother.

Episode 36 Part 2

The silence is broken by an alarm, the Excellence and the Shin Getter have been 
found and the final battle against Kalfa is about to start. Suparu tells Alko 
not to give up hope and is supported by his mom who intend to spread hope to the 

Zero finds the Excellence and Shin Getter who had tried to tunnel in to the 
Kalfa Palace but encounter a forcefield protecting it. Soon the place is swamped 
by the Adorable trio and their army along with Kalfa Army.

The RK team arrives and the battle against Kalfa begins. After the trio and 
their army are taken care of . Zero is left standing and he is determined to 
beat them, and combines with his mecha. Hokuto and Ginga hears the voice of the 
Phoenix and is told that Zero is a part of the Kalfa Emperor and that they 
coexist together, as long as one of them is alive, the other can be reborn. The 
only way to totally destroy them is to kill them at the same time (or turn) and 
Hokuto then calls upon the Phoenix's power to destroy the Barrier to get to the 
Kalfa Emperor who soon appear as a multi headed cyber dog. (LOOK, the Emperor 
has no cloth, and no money too!!,) 

Defeating them both in the same turn and he will die cursing the RK and humans, 
while Alko and the others looks and utter that it is a miracle.

Then out pops Dyuminus, he state to the RK that he has finally gotten the power 
that he wants, the ability to travel through time from the Time Engine , and 
that this is goodbye to the RK, he will go meet his creator to learn his purpose 
and what he is. GOODBYE Dyuminus, as the Time engine roars to life and explodes 
seriously seriously hurting him. Raj and Mitsuho is seen by Raul and he picks 
them up to go to the Rakairum, Mitsuho then learned that the technology of 5 
years later is being used now thanks to her notes. Deis recognize this as 
sabotage from the two and vows to get them but Dyuminus comes first and they 
take Dyuminus away with the RK team in hot pursuit .

Episode 37

Raj explains that the Time Engine could not alone create a time warp and that it 
was through the explosion of the Nadesico C in their timeline that made it occur, 
if it is used alone, the overheat of it will result in an explosion, Raj made 
sure that the explosion was bigger than normal to kill Dyuminus but it seems to 
only left him really injured. Nevertheless, he figure that if Dyuminus were to 
explode, they can probably harness the power of the explosion into the Lightning 
and travel home, although the Lightning might explode afterward. The problem is 
what to do with the other 5 frames, they can't leave it here to contaminate 
history even more and Banjou, Garrison and Inez comes out telling them that 
they'll destroy the frames for them. These three have figured it out but had 
kept quiet to the others.

Meanwhile Dyuminus is dying and Deis, Despinis and Raria wonders what they can 
do to save their creator, Deis hits on an idea but it will require a very big 
sacrifice on their part, Raria objects to it and says for the two to run and 
he'll try to get Dyuminus to safety and beat off the RK. They won't have any 
word of it and say that they are born of Dyuminus and if they have to sacrifice 
everything to save their creator, it is worth it. Dyuminus tries to object but 
the decision is made and he tells them that until he can rebuild their 
personality, they would be nothing more than empty husk, and he ask what he can 
give them when he rebuild them Despinis wants to be kinder and more gentle, 
Raria wants to be more like a man and Deis, Deis wants a older, bustier body 
like Enil or the DOA Beach VolleyBall Girls.

As the RK enters the final battle,they met Raria and the others who then 
sacrifice their life energy, their personality and everything else they have to 
revive Dyuminus. What remains of them is empty husks that is still determine to 
protect Dyuminus. (Well, this is a first that we've had to battle a kind and 
loving family, homicidal to others, they may be)

The RK team tells Dyuminus to give it up, but Dyuminus is determined to succeed 
because his children had already sacrifice themselves for him, He states that he 
will get his answer, WHAT IS HE? , because even though the Time Engine that 
Mitsuho and Raj built for him is no more, there is still One other Time Engine 
left. Dyuminus screams "EXCELLLENCE!!, I WILL have your Time Engine!!!!" "With 
it, I will go across time and get my answer!!" This stuns the other members and 
they ask Dyuminus what he is shouting about and Dyuminus answers that the 
Excellence is in reality, a Time Machine. This more or less stuns the others and 
then the Excellence makes it majestic debut for it's final battle with all three 

Episode 37 Part 2

All of Dyuminus's army has SuperRepair Kit and they will use it, now it's ok for 
MP Great, DevilAestevalis because they go down easy, the various DG, the former 
Adorable Trio and Dyuminus is another thing with their huge HP, so choose to 
kill them all carefully. Dyuminus also has a large number of support defense for 
his children so use MAP weapon to soften them all up, and concentrate on one or 
two per turn. If Dyuminus dies before them, he'll come back at full strength. 
Once the Trio are disposed of, and Dyuminus bites it, he states that if he 
cannot exist in this form, then he will change to another form to exist and he 
morphs into his 2nd form. Beat him and he will change into a third form, all the 
while he will scream out his question, why does he exist, why does others not 
accept his existence and why does he hate those like family who accepts their 
children. Vega says that it is normal for a mother, a parent to accept their 
children. But Dyuminus says that that wasn't so with his creator, and it wasn't 
so with the others he had met, so he kill kill kill kill them all, those who 
will not accept his existence, those that resist him, so that things will change 
to suit him. The RK team feels for Dyuminus who seems to be in his own personal 
torment but then they realize that because of him, billions have died and in the 
end, Dyuminus IS a failed product. Kill Dyuminus and he morphs into his 3rd and 
last form. Dyuminus whimper as he is dying, is he to die not knowing what he is?

Mitsuho answers him that she might have an inkling on what Dyuminus is based on 
the short time she is around him and the behaviour that he exhibit during the 
battle. His loathing for other who found acceptance between each others, His 
hatred and anger toward those who threaten him and would not accept him, his 
desire to know, his desire to exist and the extermination of those who intend 
him harm, they all point to one race, Dyuminus IS A HUMAN. Mitsuho theorized. He 
exhibit all quality of humanity, both good and bad. They may never actually know 
what his creator intend to create, whatever it is, it is based on humanity. And 
Dyuminus dies, realizing what he is, a human, and the RK team decides to 
withdraw seeing that the energy in Dyuminus is going critical, all except the 
Excellence which remains, intending on harnessing the explosion. 

Bright asks what they are doing but are told by Banjou to let them do it and in 
the midst of the explosion, the Excellence disappear, leaving Banjou, Garrison 
and Inez to tell the rest of the team a story they wouldn't easily believe. 
Suparu decides later to remain on Altekrus to begin it's revival. Vega says that 
they'll have to go back to Earth to begin peace talk with the Jovian although 
the Coup is probably over and they didn't participate in it though she believe 
that it end in victory for the rebellion and asks for the Boson Jump Black Box 
to be kept here seeing that it is the safest place from the Jovian like Kusanabe 
or any other faction that might want to use it for selfish uses.


5 years later....

At the scene of the final battle against the Martian Successor, the Excellence 
Lightning appears once more, Raul, Raj, and Mitsuho have finally arrived in 
their own time, however the Excellence could not withstand the pressure of time 
travel and even though Raj wants to save the Time Engine, they all had to bail 
leaving them without anything. They see that they are back where they started, 
but there are no more Martian Successor, no sign of the Boson JumpBlack Box. 
Suddenly they see it, the Nadesico C, with Saburota, Ruri and Haley arriving and 
Saburota asks if those are the three that were involved five years ago in the 
Dyuminus incident and Ruri says yes.

After being rescued by them, they are shocked to discover that Saburota is now 
the Captain of the Nadesico C with Ruri only being a passenger who came here to 
welcome them back. With Akito and Yurika having never been kidnapped because the 
Jovian Coup was a complete success, both Akito, Yurika, Megumi soon quit the 
Round Knight soon after the final battle and Ruri went along with them and Akito 
soon open his Ramen Shop and it is still going strong. ( So I guess Kusanabe, 
Hokushin have been firmly defeated, imprisoned or executed, anyway with the 
BlackBox on Altekrus, they probably can't get it even if they are still at large) 
No mention was made of other Jovian like Tsukiyomi, or Tsukumo and Minato, but I 
like to believe that they got married and along with Yukina live a happy life 
soon after.

Captain Saburota says that he will soon have to go to meet Campbell Ambassador 
and the three learn that in the 5 years since then, new Campbell force have come 
looking for peace with Earth. (I'm not sure if the same was with the Boazan, but 
I'd like to think so, that Voltes V and Hainel met up and liberated it from 
Emperor ZanZibal) and he said that he's seen picture of Katherine and Queen 
Janerra as an example of Boazan and Campbell woman and he prefers those like 
Katherine more than Janerra. This leaves him to be berated by Haley.
Garrison welcomes them back and tells them that the King Bial along with the 
Zambot team and Banjou will soon come back to Earth, they had left( probably 
along with Combattler and Voltes) to finalize things with the Campbell.

Prospector and Uribatake comes looking for Raj saying that they have a 
proposition for him, they want to offer him fundings for his Time Engine project 
and Mitsuho asked whether that includes the Excellence. Sadly she is told that 
the Excellence technology is 5 years behind, which results from her bringing 
future technology into the past resulting in even more advanced technology when 
they came back. Mitsuho is stunned to find out that the Excellence technology 
that she had worked so hard on is outdated and begins to cry knowing that SHE is 
outdated as well, Raul comfort her saying that he'll stand by her, he won't 
leave her, and what's 5 years worth of technology anyhow, she can catch up and 
one day, they will build the Excellence again.

Raj talks to Garrison who asked him whether it was such a good idea to reject 
Nergal's offer, but he says that he, Raul and Mitsuho are a team and to leave 
the two of them behind is something that he just won't do, with that in mind, he 
has a proposition for Garrison and Banjou.

1 year later..

Since then, Raul and Mitsuho have set up a small repair shop, they have had 
contacts with Duo who had returned to his old job as a junksman and repair 
things for him. It was hard at first, with them being on the opposite end of 
being 5 years behind the time in technology but Mitsuho had proven herself a 
quick learner and she has mastered many of the new tech even though some still 
puzzled her. And one day when they are alone, Raul is comforting Mitsuho who 
wonders if she'll ever pick up all the new tech and create some new tech of her 
own, and the mood was right and their lips come closer to each other, Raj comes 
in and interrupts, really killing the mood.

He has a proposition for them, in the one year since their return, he had 
proposed to Banjou and the Earth Government to create a rescue squad, capable of 
dealing with natural disaster, which is what the Excellence was originally 
created for by Mitsuho, and he wants the two to join up, and together they will 
create a new Excellence to be used as it was meant to be, a rescue machine. The 
two accepts and with it, Super Robot Wars Reversal comes to an end.

Thankyou for reading, See you next war!!


nitake92( who do the translation on SRWG forum,
take his comments:
This game in my opinion has a very good story

i.e. using G Gundam team after their TV story, mixing the TV Nadesico crew with 
their movie mech.
Haman and the other bosses aren't that hard to kill, especially MS bosses, God I 
hate how high their Hp were in Impact. It's impossible to kill using Real Robots

Some things that did bug me is that 

a. there weren't much of a focus on Mazinger(but that's personal)
b. Ryouma isn't a secret pilot and didn't do much (again that's personal)
c. The game feels quite easy in some stages
d, The game has bugs, (of two character being in the same position and later the 
character can not be selected because they are one with the background)
e. That you didn't get to use the movie character as much as I feel you should, 
I.e. Movie Nadesico and New Gundam. I mean, yes, they were all you have for four 
stages but still there should have been more, I wanted to use Captain Ruri, 
Saburota a little more.

I guess that's it. I don't think I'll do the Neo Zion Gundam X route because 
I've just become quite busy these days,(working to save for OG and G Gen Neo) so 
if anyone want to do them, be my guest
the super robot wars genesis's forum(