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Where do you find surskit?

I don't know where to find surskit?

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Mi10tic_Fan answered:

There are three places where you can get Surskit, route 102, route 114 and route 120. Surskit has a one percent of appearing so you have to search for quite some time.

Or, if you're lucky, you might find a broadcast about a surskit swarm at route 114, like what ever happened to me.
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itchymark answered:

You can find surskist where you can find volbeat.
1) surskit is from levels 20-30.
2) I sugest you use a POKEMON whose weakness is not water
3) aron= bad choice, volbeat= good choice
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u_b_tasty answered:

Like Mi10tic_Fan said, Surskit can be found on route 114. I caught mine there during a swarm that was broadcasted on TV. I think you have to defeat the Elite four before a swarm though.
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