Question from person000001

Where can I find hm dive?

Im stuk becase i cant find it

Accepted Answer

coolistmo answered:

Go to mossdeep city & go to the house with four flowers near it(to the left) and go in the house talk to that guy with gray hair(Steven) and get dive from him but you will have to defeat those physic girls(gym leaders) in order to use it
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RaikouTGC answered:

Talk to Steven in his homw in Mossdeep City
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MarioBro8170 answered:

In Mossdeep to the house on the top left. Steven shuld give you HM Dive
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Love_Struct8 answered:

Talk to Steven in Mossdeep. His house is at the top left of the Pokemon Center.
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lolol96 answered:

When you arrive at mossdeep city for the first time go to the top left house and steven will talk to you he will give you hm dive.
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