Question from jeffabapo

Where can I find HM strength?

I`m new so could you please tell me where to find HM strength.

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pokemon022799 answered:

Know the people who cannot see each other because of the rocks? Use Rock Smash on them and the Guy will give you Strength as a thanks. (In Rusturf Tunnel).
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SmokeRulz answered:

It's in Rusturf Tunnel. Use Rock Smash to break those rocks seperating the two people to reunite them. The man will then give you Strength.
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chrisj654321 answered:

It's in rustford tunnel use rock smash on the boulder next to the karate guy or wallys sister and hells be like tanks now I can see my girlfriend take this as a reward.
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RandomWafflez77 answered:

See the above answers. Everyone viewing this question, please vote up an answer and clost this question, please. Okay, thanks.
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