Question from SarahSapphire2

How do I get into the team aqua hideout?

I really need to get some masterballs. I always run into Latias and every time I see it, her health is yellow. I'm scared it might faint. I NEED TO GET INTO THE HIDEOUT! AND FAAAAST! Thanks (: Sarah Sapphire Pokemon

Accepted Answer

Colonel_Mustang answered:

If you're already seeing Latias, then you can't get the Masterball. This is because you've gotten passed the Team Aqua Hideout, and can't go back in because you've pretty much destroyed them already.

However, if you're lucky, you could get a Masterball from the Lottery at Lilycove Dpt. Store. Otherwise, trade from another game, restart your game and go through the Aqua hideout carefully, or cheat (risky).
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