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Where is wallace the eighth gym leader?

I have been going to the gym in sootopolis or something like that and when i try to enter the gym it says it is closed any 1 help me please

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daxil101 answered:

You must go to kyogre's cave and awaken it,then battle it in the cave of origin and then finally onto the cave.
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Espymaster answered:

Sootopolis City. You can't go into the gym until you find the Seafloor cavern using Dive and clear it. After that you go to Sootopolis and battle Kyogre, and then you an go in.
I had the same problem when I first beat the game >_<
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pokemon022799 answered:

In sootopolis city. But you cannot go there until you find the sea floor cavern in route 128. Use Dive there and you need to find a cave, go in to that cave and you will see the stolen submarine of capt. stern Then use Dive in front of the submarine. You are now in the sea floor cavern. Find Archie the leader of team aqua and battle him. once you defeat him, go to Sootopolis city. Go to the Cave Of Origin and Talk to Steven and he will take you to Wallace and Wallace Will take you to The Entrance of the Cave Of Origin then find kyogre at level 45 and you need yo Catch it. Then go to the gym, enter and win there. The Cave Of Origin is in the top of the town.
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Espymaster answered:

Actually you don't need to catch Kyogre, you an defeat it if you want, but I highly reccomend you at least try to catch, for it is rare and powerful.
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