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How do I evolve golbat into crobat?

I understand that you need to build the friendship meter. but i cant figure out how to do that. My pichu is a level 40 and is still IMPISH natured.

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TheTurophile answered:

Probably the most obvious way is to put it in your party and walk around with it. The more steps you take with it in your party, the more the Happiness level rises (although walking by itself it a very slow method). Time spent in the party does NOT add to the Happiness rating.
Win battles with it (especially with the Elite Four), but DON'T let it faint.
Feed it Vitamins (Protein, Carbos, etc.), Rare Candies, and Pokeblocks, but NOT Roots(things that say "It tastes bitter" in the description).
Equip it with the Soothe Bell to make Happiness level progression go faster.
Take it to Contests and win them.
Check the Happiness Rater in Verdanturf every now and then to see if it is ready to evolve.

It may take a while, but it's worth it. Crobat pwns all the nubs!

As a side note, Nature affects stat growth, not Happiness. If your Pichu is Impish, it will always be Impish because that is its personality. The Defense stat of Impish Pokemon will grow quicker than usual, while the Special Attack stat will grow slower than usual. Also, your Impish Pichu will prefer Sour Pokeblocks, and dislike Dry ones.
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blaze_fire12 answered:

You will have to keep giving it Proteins, or other items of that nature. Keep checking the friendship lady in Verandturf to see the level. Once it says that it can't leove you anymore, level up the Golbat/other friendship pokemon.
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hobbit86 answered:

1) The nature has NOTHING to do with friendship.
2) Don't let it faint. Since your pichu is level 40 and still hasn't evolved, my guess would be that you've let it faint several times.
3) Feed it vitamins
4) And as stated before, check with the lady in Verdanturf to see what it's friendship level is.
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DARK_CLAW answered:

Friendship is a pain, my golbat didnt evolve until Lv 70

but keeping it in your party for a year helped my Chancy level up from friendship XD

oh and never give them roots and such because they supposedly taste nasty
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GGPOKEMAN answered:

Give the golbat items like calcium,HP up and you should also give it the soothe bell and run around with it.If you want to raise it you can but it is not recommended.

this is my best method i use it for all my pokemon that i want to be freinds with it works 100% of the time
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__Fierce_Link__ answered:

Oh yes, this imposing question. Well a way to do it is by "Training" it. Not by the usual leveling up. You have to train it by fighting other pokemon with it. Keep this up until his or her level on attack grows to like, 150 or somthing. Then one battle, it will evolve.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

You have to raise the friendship level. Give it tons of proteins and those vitamins, feed it pokeblocks, give it sweet berries(or other berries, this is optional), and TRY not to let the pichu faint. Friendship to form with your pokemon takes a long time and is a pain, so be patient. Go to the ldy n vendaturf town and wen she says yur pichu cant lve u anymore, its the time to evolve. (The sme gos for golbat, igglybuff, espeon, umbreon, and tons of others.) I dont knw about the sooth bell though.
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pokeson answered:

You must raise golbat's happines. go to vedvanturf lady's house in down left to check it will evolve when it likes you very much or adores you,then just level up it^^
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