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What can I do to catch Latias?

Help!! I've already beaten the elite four, I've already seen her once, and she scared me and I accidentally hit "run" out of habit and now I cant catch up to her and it is driving me CRAAAZZY!!! Help me pleeeaaaseee!!

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superman12omz answered:

Train a wabafet that can be caught in the safari zone. Train it to lv.45. When latias appears unless you run she will not escape. Take many super potions/full restores and then catch her or him
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Weavilefan2000 answered:

Run Around hoenn in patches of grass around Lilycove city or Fortree city but you must watch the t.v
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shadowforce1001 answered:

You have to do scary face teqnique or any other way to trap it and if you have a sceptile, teach it false swipe and get it down to one hp and then throw all the pokeballs you can
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jj_darkrai answered:

When you see latias use shotgun so it wont escape then use pokeball
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bryce264 answered:

Do not worry, young one. impatient, you are. use pokedex area, you must. check the area, which changes when you fight, go in buildings, or change routes. when in area with latias(or latios), use repels you must. find it easily you will. Hope this helps, I do.
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baseown answered:

Just keep on going around the whole hoen region execpt for caves,buildings and fight so get a lv 45-60 pokemon.latias should be lv just get trapinch then with it affect it will trap latias with it affect then use another pokemon lv 45+ and lv 60 under they msut have a move that can paralyze,freeze,sleep move,i would recomend sleep and if it wakes up use a sleep move again.then use tranpinch 2 attack it and then lower it 2 red hp then keep using ultra ball or just use master ball when u see it
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RAPdawg530 answered:

Use the Master Ball.
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RAPdawg530 answered:

And do not fly where she is,she will just go away.
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itchymark answered:

you should use a POKEMON with shadow tag and when latias is weak, you have bought to catch him either 60 great balls, 50 ultra balls, or 40 timer balls
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rawcake answered:

I just saved my masterball for it, i used ultra balls on all the regi's, and kyogre, and after a while of running around i just ran into it and threw my masterball
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Love_Struct8 answered:

Train any weak pokemon on tall grasses in any city. Then when Latias comes, throw a Master Ball at her. Or you may locate Latias with your Pokedex.
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elconoM answered:

Stock your satchel/backpack with Poke Ball variety.
Swellow with Endeavor (speed reasons) and Wobbuffet (Shadow Tag). Give Wobbuffet a Leftovers. Better to evolve from a Wynaut using Lax Incense, or not.

Find a route that "elbows" in a sort of capital letter such as L. Good example is west from Lilycove. Right where so-and-so girl gives berries are some rocks. Check Pokedex to set it at Latias. If in your route, enter grass. You can experiment with Repel type items. To increase your chances, decrease "wait" time.

Swellow first in party for the tracking of Latias. A high level Swellow can help in the early encounters. Battle Sharpedo with contact moves to drop its health or attack Swellow yourself in a Double Battle (Reporters for example, False Swipe for Swellow). Just Endeavor the Latias that time.
Try again with a Wobbuffet at party first out. Shadow Tag prevents the run away. And go throw crazy with those Poke Balls.

Alternatively, one could trade for a Latias on temporary terms then proceed to the capture using Repeat Balls.
Does wonders for the Regi.
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Micraias answered:

Nothing. you have to hope he shows up, I got my walking in the tall grass on Route 119.
remember to have an empty slot there. Hint: it appears at level 40
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