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Lilycove Lottery?

What happens if you win the lottery at the Lilycove Department Store?

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RaikouTGC answered:

X=Digit Does Not Match
M=Digit Does Match

XXMMM=Win Exp Share
XMMMM=Win Max Revive
MMMMM=Win Masterball

The number is read from the Last Digit to the First and after the first Unmacthed Digit the Rest don't count

So if you had MXXXM you get nothing, if you have MXXMM you get PP Up
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RAPdawg530 answered:

If you get .all of the no.s right you can see Marage Island,south of Pacifidlog.
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RaikouTGC answered:

RAPdawg530 Answered: If you get .all of the no.s right you can see Marage Island,south of Pacifidlog.
Wrong, the Mirage Island Numbers are completely Different and have nothing to do with the Trainer ID or Lilycove Lottery

See here for more info on that
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nintendoboy321 answered:

what are the letters you talking about : X & M?
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FyrFyter22 answered:

Its Not hard to Figure out nintendoboy
12345 Winning Number
35345 OT Number of Pokemon
XXMMM In Chart
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