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Where can I find water stone? I need one.

I really want this stone to elvolve lombre into bellossom.

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alastor945 answered:

1: Lombre evolves into Ludicolo,not Bellosom.Gloom evolves into Bellosom by using a sun stone.

2: You can find a water stone in the Abandoned Ship around route 108.You have to dive to get to the area where the water stone.You can also find the Scanner here.Or you can fight a wild Clamperl and take the item it's holding by using the attack Theif.Clamperls hold an item called a Blue/Red/Yellow/Green Shard.If you give these to a person around Mossdeep City ,he will trade you for a Stone,depending on what color shard you have.
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darkster8 answered:

You can't evolve lombre into bellossom it does not make sense
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darkster8 answered:

You have to go to moss whatever city then go left to a house where u have to find shards if u find a blue shard u get the water stone to evolve any water type or eevee.
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jj_darkrai answered:

Get a stone then pour water on it now you got a water stone
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