Question from mist12

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get bagon?

Tells all.

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From: alastor945 5 years ago

To get a Bagon,you need to go to Meteor Falls.Look for the small pool of water and use surf.You should see a waterfall.Use waterfall.Next,go into the cave opening to go to another area of Meteor Falls.You should see a ladder.Go down and go left.You should see stairs.DON'T go to the stairs.Go left and up until you reach a ladder.You'll see 2 trainers.Ignore them and go up the stairs until you reach another trainer.Battle him and then proceed down the step lookin' things.This is where it gets tricky.There are 2 "paths" you can go down .One takes you back to where you started.The one on the left takes you deeper into the Falls.Stay left until you see a lader.Go down down the stairs and surf upward.You should see a cave opening.Go in and you should see a small cavern with water.Surf across and just look for a Bagon.That can take a bit of time, though,since Bagons are kinda rare.You can also find TM02-Dragon Claw.

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