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How i get snorunt ?

How do iget snorunt when the shoal cave is high tide?snorunt lives in the place that have nevermelice and hail?

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I know about that all,but,my clock wasn't running what so ever!

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bearzrnyce answered:

You have to wait for the low tide, which allows you access to the lower parts of Shoal Cave. The tide changes every six hours at 3 and 9, but check the clock in your ingame room to make sure what time it is ingame.
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yugi_forever answered:

its in shoal cave (B2F in the Small Ice Room)
the tide will change if you do something
For me .. i went to catch a skiltty , came back to the cave and found it on low tide O.o
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FyrFyter22 answered:

Bearzrnyce is correct, Low tides Start at 9AM and 9PM, unless you are still in the cave, if you are in after 9, just exit and re-enter, and the tide will change
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FyrFyter22 answered:

If your battery Died you are screwed in regards to tides
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