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The best team to deafet the Elite4 and the champion ?

What is the best team to deafet the Elite4 and the Champion ?
PS : i dont use legendary pokemon , they're weak ..

will my team is :
Sceptile (grass) Lv 56
Mantecric (Electric) Lv 34
Torkoal (Fire) Lv 17
Walrein (water) Lv 44
Gardevoir (Psychic) Lv 31
i know their weak .. but im leveling them up at the moment .. and 1 more thing : Where is the best place to train a pokemon to Lv 60 ? and if i level up all my pokemon to Lv 60 will i deafet the champion ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

And by the way .. i have a graveler too .. lv 35

Their skills are :
Sceptile : Aerial Ace - Quick Attack - Leaf Blade - Detect
Manectric : Spark - Quick Attack - Roar - Shock wave (i'll buy thunder and delete roar)
Torkaol : Ember-Overheat-Curse-Smokescreen
Walrein : Dive - Surf - Ice Ball - Aruora Beam
Graveler : Tackle - Rock throw - Rock smash - Strength
Gardevoir : Thief -Thunderbolt-Psychic-Calm mind (i know their weak moves .. but she didnt learn any other attack skills)

yugi_forever provided additional details:

will i dont use kyorge .. hes kinda weak and hes skills have a small amount of PP (espicually hydro pump)

i have TM Earthquake m facade and overheat .. sholde i teach them to torkoal ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

no he didnt learn it yet .. i have the TM overheat

yugi_forever provided additional details:

by the way .. sholde i delete aurora bea, and teach Walrein water pulse ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

oh .. BTW i need the pokeblock case to enter the safari zone and catch vulpix .. any idea how i get it x.x ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

I dont raise legendary pokemon .. i personally tried to raise kyogre but hes weak :\

And thanks for the answers though ^^ .. btw i saw ur quistion and its full of lv 100 .. it'll take 08`732372 years so i lvl them all to 100 >.<

yugi_forever provided additional details:

I'll raise vulpix .. so my team wil be :


Is that good o.o .. ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

BTW i catched picachu , doduo , giarafarig , phanpy , ryhdron , natu , xatu and pinsir

sholde i add any of them to my team ?

yugi_forever provided additional details:

He is relaxed

yugi_forever provided additional details:

thanks finalfantasy68 for the help.. but 1 more thing .. i already used hidden power for abra :\
and BTW can i have ur email ? cuz i have alot of quistions about sapphire >_>;

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finalfantasy68 answered:

by the way, I love your username!!!!!!! =^_^=
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finalfantasy68 answered:

Wow. I feel sorry for you kid. In my opinion it's going to take a LOT to fix this team. I'll try my best to give you the best advice possible.

1. I think your sceptile is good but the moves suck. I honestly don't know how to help you on that. take your sceptile to the elite 4 cave. best place to level up.

2. have manetric learn thunderbolt. get rid of shock wave or spark. Do not raise this pokemon in the elite4 cave. I don't think it will last two seconds. My best option for this would be to replace him with magneton. much stronger and can learn better moves.

3. yeah, good o'l torkoal. I love torkoal but i think should replace him with vulpix level him up until he knows flamethrower and envolve it into ninetails. (use a fire stone.)

4. Walrein- earthquake,ice beam, surf, waterfall/rest.

5. Your Gardevoir is awesome. just get rid of thief for flamethrower.

6. Get rid of rock smash. Leave it blank. Just level graveler up more and it will learn better moves like magnitude or earthquake.

(P.S.) If there's one legendary you should raise, it's kyogre. I have a Lv.80 kyogre and here are it's stats:
HP: 259
Attack: 177
defense: 170
sp. attack: 268
sp.def: 252
speed: 168

And it's moves are:
surf, ice beam, double edge, and water spout. Pretty accurate moves and water spout is the only low pp and is stronger than hydro pump.
kyogre's drizzle really helps out.

Advice: work hard and level up those pokemon! =^_^=

Hope this helps. Beat the champion to oblivion!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, I know I'm scary. heard it all before. >_>
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finalfantasy68 answered:

um..... 1. you don't need the pokeblock case to go inside 2. you can go catch a vulpix at Mt. Pyre 3. you can get the pokeblock case at verdanturf town at the contest hall.

Personally, don't teach anybody water pulse. surf is much better. (not trying to offend pokepoke35) I have beaten steven and all it takes is a good fire and water pokemon (I think there's a little more on the types though. It's been SO long.) if you want, you can see my team and see if you can get any ideas because the team you'll see is the one that beat the elite4 in one try. only difference now is that they are higher levels. My team is right above your question. it's called, "Rate my team?!!!!!!!" under strategy. it may or may not help you but I think it's worth a shot. I'm trying to help and it isn't easy
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finalfantasy68 answered:

huh...... I've just notice this but me and pokepoke35 are the only ones giving you feed back. It's kind of wierd because people usually answer these type of questions.

Quick question, are you going to raise a kyogre/vulpix? I'm totally lost on that.

For pokepoke35: do you think my advice will help this dude? I'm not 100% sure. I'm not saying your advice is bad or anything but I have only been playing pokemon for 3yrs.( Everbody else is like, 5-10yrs.)
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finalfantasy68 answered:

yes. this team is good. just level up like crazy and you'll do fine. It will not take you forever to level them up to 100. It just takes patients. One more thing did you read the comment from chaocross when you look at my post? (it's my top voted answer now) It made my day. Good luck and thanks for taking my advice! Hope it helps! =^_^=
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finalfantasy68 answered:

with the team you have right now, no. But when your able to trade (have to beat the Elite4) I would reccomened getting larvitar and envolve it to tyranitar from FR/LG which makes a great replacement for graveler. If you want it sooner then that, the only way is to get a game shark and use the pokemon modifier. by the way, what is your septile's nature? If you tell me that, I can come up with a great moveset for it.
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finalfantasy68 answered:

crap. I was hoping it was timid. I'm going to do research so I'll come back in as soon as possible!
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finalfantasy68 answered:

YEAH!!!!! that was done sooner than expected......
well, here's a moveset:
Dragon claw
leaf blade
aerial ace
hidden power/toxic ( I prefer toxic)
Hope you like it! ^_^
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finalfantasy68 answered:

YEAH!!!!! I have my own email address!!!!!!
Now it's
yay, when my dad heard about the situation,he let me create my own so use this one instead!!!!!!!
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finalfantasy68 answered:

Hidden power should have not been used on abra. To buy another hidden power, go to the Lilycove department store. If it's not there, it should be at Slateport.
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loginplz answered:

The best place is the elite four give a pokemon a exp share and go as far into the elite four
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RAPdawg530 answered:

Use Kyogre.Teach him Ice Beam,Thunder Bolt,Rest and Hydro Pump.and give hiim a chesto berry for rest
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