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Is there a national pokedex in the game?

If so, how to get it.

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Jelloratbob answered:

Yes. Get a Firered or Leafgreen game with the trading machine on 1 island working or a Pokemon XD or Collesium game that completed story mode. Then trade a pokemon not Native to Hoenn to Sapphire and Presto! You get the national pokedex.
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pokeson answered:

Yes,there is.u must trade a pokemon from leaf green or fire red.<see at the gamefaqs cheat>
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RAPdawg530 answered:

You have to trade from Firered and Leafgreen and Ruby(Ruby for Groudon,Latios and Anoroth then evolve him.)When you get every single pokmon in the game,talk to the game disgner in the Lilycove Motel(the Motel when you enter you see a guy who is watching TV.)When he sees that you have finished your pokedex he will give you the national pokedex.
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RAPdawg530 answered:

And if you Picked the fossil Anorith is from,then get Lileep and evolve him.
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