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Where can I find regice regirock and or registeel?

I want them so mutch HELP ME and if you know what level are they PLEASE TELL ME!

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I have been looking for hours

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Ihave been looking for hours

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Where is the resting place??

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From: metabee14 5 years ago

Read the Regi Pokemon FAQ here on Gamefaqs, it covers everthing you want to know and provides a detailed explanation.
All three are level 40 when you fight them.

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^Everything you asked and more

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First you will need Dig, almost all the HM's, plus a Relicanth(found underwater around Sootopolis) and a Wailord(evolve from Wailmer). Swim left of Pacifidlog and ride the low currents until you find an area where you can Dive. (Make sure you have Relicanth and Wailord in your party.) Do so and swim down until you find a message on the wall written in brail. It says "Go up here." Come up from your dive and you will be in a cavern. Ignore all the messages on the stones and go to the back wall message that translates to "Dig here." After you dig a door opens. Go in and then straight to the back where it says "First comes Relicanth, Last comes Wailord." Put Relicanth in the front of your party and Wailord in the back, then read the message again. There will be a small earthquake type thing and entrances will appear in the ruins across Hoenn. If you don't know, they are in these places:
1. Regice- "Island Cave" on the path between Dewford and Petalburg.
2. Regirock- "Desert Ruins" at the bottom of the desert.
3. Registeel- "Ancient Tomb" on the path between Fortree and Lilycove.

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