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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i Trade?

Ok. I have Sapphire but no Gameboy Advance. I'm playing this game on the DS. I really want a treeko and mudkip and other pokemon too. My friend has the fire red on his DS too. Is there any way to trade with him or any body else?

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I've had this question on too long!!! I need mor real and good answers!! not that these are bad, I highly apreciat them, but I wan to be 1,000,000% sure I know the answer

Accepted Answer

From: Colonel_Mustang 5 years ago

OK, the answer (to be more specific) is no. You need 2 GBAs and a GBA link cable to be able to trade those pokemon. You cannot do this with two ds's.

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Sadly, no. Sorry man, your outta luck.

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ok. since u make it sound like a ds. Have u beaten the elite 4? if u have then make sure there are six pokemon in the pc(no hm moves) and got to the menu on the ds game and itll say migrate from blah blah blah and go to the pal park and catch em

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The DS does not support any Multiplayer Functions of ANY GBA Game

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The answer is as Raikou said. What more information do you need? :)

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