Feebas/Milotic Guide by Johanass

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Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

Comprehensive Feebas/Milotic Guide
Version 1.2
                .        +HH    $-%.       $H+                  
                      .+X%  .   %,$.       . %XH.               
                    . X+  .   .%,=%..         ,+/               
                   . XH.      .$,-@.          . X               
                    $@%       .$=-X-        .   X               
                  . @H.,     .%--=;+.         . $               
                   .@@..      $-==:$..          X               
                   .@@,.      M-:==H.       . .+/               
                   ,%$..     H-:=:=@.,   .     H.               
                    .H,  .   H==:==#..      . $+                
                     $% .  .%---=:@/#,.      H+                 
                      @  ..$+-,=:=%%+$.     X$      .           
                      +%..X+/-==-%++%$.. ,+X$ .                 
                       .HX++----+$X$$$@@%    ..                 
               .         .XM;;;::/%;HHXX@                       
        --,/    .  -,=   ,H%X###$::;@HXXH.                      
        =,,.+      =,-   .XX$$H.@;;;HXXX@.                      
        ,, .,/    =,. -  .,XX%X,@::;HHH$@                       
        - . .,+   /. ,/  ,-$$$$,@;;;XXHH$                       
         , . ./% +, ..=  .,X$%$,H;:;@@H$+-                      
  ::::   ;  ..,; + .  ,-  ,$%X%XH;:;HHXX$%                      
  =,-,/; ;.    .//.   .+  ,+$$XH@:;;MX@X$H       .              
  =.....//  .   ;/ .  ,/ ..%$XHHH--H$XX$$@                      
   +...,.:;.   .,+. ...M  ,X+X%HM,-@%$X%+H                      
   /,-  .,: ,  ../-. -.M .,X+$+HX--$X%$%%@.    . .              
    /..,..;- ..-=/--,.-M .,%$%%@-,-X$$%$%@.. ,                  
 .  /,. . =/.:=-:=+====M ,$$$%+@.,=H%$$%$H,.   .                
     :,.-.-+=--:,:+;::M  .H%%$XH-,=X%$$%+MXHH$XX  .             
::++/;;..=:=%::::=%:;:M @@@$$%@-,--H%%%$%@;%=:--X$$.  .         
;,-,,-;/,==;$::;:=%:;:#X:H%$$$H-,==X$$%$%+H:+--/+;-HHH..  .     
 $,-,---/+=::X;;:-:$::#:;HX$%+@,--:;M$%%++@=-+/-,=:-::H@.  .    
 .     H##::=-,+==/=M:%%%$%M---,=-=:+@H$HH%$@/:+=+:/=:=;,-,:X   
  .   X-+=MMMM--+=+=#%+%H%X@,-,--:==;#XH@HHX@/;%==X=;=::=,=,=H .
  .  $..;.---$M--==#;$HXX$#,=---::==;@XHHH@XX@;%:=:H=====-,=:#  
  .,X-..;/;-$$ M=,;#XHHXH$X=--=:::==;MXXXH@H$M$$+;=$-=----===:#.
...H:%-%-=;H    M:;$$XXX$M=-=-=::::=;H$X@XHHXH,  XH,--,--==:::# 
 .H:;:$=:=H ..  #;%XXXXHXM==-:=:=;-;;;@X$@XHXX@@X, ,,-===-::::#.
..H;:=%::$.... .#$%$HHX$XM==:=:;:=:;::MXH$HX%XH,-.-=---::=:;::#.
 X;::$-+-X  ,..#$$XXXXHHM:=:-::=:-;::;M$XHX@H$@=,-=,=::==:::::# 
.H::/,,,//%  @@X$XHXXXX$#;=:::;:=/=;;=@$XXXXXX$@===:==:;:=::==# 
.X%+=,. :,-$H;X+%X#HHXXX@;;==:://:/::;/MXXHHXH$M:===;:;=;:=::#  
  X==/.;-+/-$;+@#XXXX#$$@:=;;;;/;/;;;;/M$XXH$%XXM/;;;;;==;:=# . 
   #M:$;/;;##X ,X%@@.X$X.H:=;;:/;;//;;:;@X@M++X@M@;=;;:::##     
     ######     H@..  X . H:=:;=;;:=;;:;;@;;M+/M:=;::=:##       
                 .        .H#:::;=;;;:;:=;==;@%@;:=:###     
                 .         ..X###;=::=:=:==/::@H#### ..         
                            .  .,X##############.          

	         Table of Contents
0) Version History
1) Getting Started
                  -Where are the Rods?
2) Finding Feebas
3) Evolving your new Feebas
4) Pokéblocks
                  -Getting the Berries
5) Breeding Options
6) Move List
		  -TM and HM list
		  -Egg Moves
7) Credits

(NOTE: To jump to a specific part, press Control+F and copy and paste
the heading of what you want to jump straight to it.)

+++++***********----------0) Version History----------***********+++++

01/26/04        version 1.2
        Updated some things, fixed a typo, not too much done, however it's
now a final version as far as I can tell.

04/27/03        version 1.1

        I updated the list of credits, did a little editing for continuity
and clarification. Added berry phrase for Pamtre berries, corrected the
erroneous egg move statement.

04/03/03        version 1.0

        This is my first FAQ, I've written mini-faq's for friends but 
never something to submit. I figured I would put in everything I know
about this specific topic and then take out the useless stuff. Well
here's what's left! I hope you find it useful. Enjoy version 1.0!

+++++***********----------1) Getting Started----------***********+++++

     Well, first off you need a fishing rod. Any of the three will work
fine, old rod, good rod, or super rod will work for you. The old rod is
what I suggest because then you won’t have to waste as much time on the
many other Pokémon you find by fishing. You will also need a Pokémon
with Surf, if you for some reason got rid of your old HM slave with Surf
on it, or for some reason don’t have a Pokémon  with Surf, you have to
teach it to one, no way around it. Just get any water type and teach it

?????    Where are the rods    ??????
The old rod is found in Dewford town near the dock where you first enter the

The good rod is found when you go on the west side of the lake on route 118.
You can either a.) go to Mauville city and use surf to get across the river,
or alternately you can go around Mt. Pyre and past the berry master from
Lilycove city. However the second route will make you wait much longer and 
the first is recommended greatly. You have to walk that way while furthering
the story anyway.

The Super rod, which is overlooked by many, is actually right on Mossdeep
Island. If you go all the way to the right and go up the stairs you will
see a white rock in front of you. From there follow the path up and you
will see a house. Go in the house and talk to the guy, he will give you
the super rod.

+++++***********---------- 2) Finding Feebas----------***********+++++

This is the hardest part. To find Feebas you have to go to Route 119, the
route directly west of Fortree city. Now here’s the kicker, you need to 
fish for Feebas, however he only appears in 6 out of approximately 400 
squares. Now it wouldn’t be so bad, but the 6 squares are randomly reset 
every time you change the “popular phrase” in Dewford town. Again it 
wouldn’t be so bad if you could just set the phrase to what someone else 
has and then fish in the spot the other person was to get it. But alas, 
this won’t work. When you change the phrase the 6 squares are randomized 

The best method I have found is to start in the lower right corner of 
Route 119 and then move left all the way, up one row, then right all the 
way like so, following the arrows. go up, then right, then up then left:


Start here []

So you will be sure to hit every tile. I suggest that you fish in each 
tile 5 times. More is a little bit of overkill, and less just has enough 
to let Feebas slip through.

If you are turned off of getting Feebas yet, your in luck, there is a 
small silver lining to this cloud. When you do find a tile with Feebas, 
you will be sure to find a lot of them. In the squares where he appears 
he has an approximate encounter rating of around 60-80%. So you will see 
him many times. I would recommend grabbing a few, and making sure you get 
at least one female, that way you can always breed more instead of going 
through this hell trying to get another.

****NOTE: The tile your fishing in will be the tile that your facing, not 
          the tile that your on.

+++++***********---------- 3) Evolving Feebas----------***********+++++

Finally the good part, because now you are stuck with an ugly fish. Well
to evolve it once again isn’t easy. You need to feed it Blue or Indigo 
Pokéblocks to get his beauty rating to 170. Now here’s the tricky part, 
you can only feed a Pokémon 12 Pokéblocks before it won’t eat anymore. 
Therefore you need high quality Pokéblocks to feed your Feebas.

+++++***********---------- 4) Pokéblocks ----------***********+++++

The Pokéblocks will raise various stats, mainly used in the contest part
of the game, which I will not be going into detail about. I suggest looking
at the gamefaqs.com Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Message board for help, or look 
into a FAQ on the same site for help in the contest portion of the game.

Back to the subject at hand, The Pokéblocks we want will make either blue 
or indigo blocks; these will increase Feebas’ beauty. Like I said before we 
need to get the beauty rating of Feebas up to 170 before it will evolve. Now 
since there is no numerical representation on the summary function of the 
party screen, for simplicity we can easily assume that 170 is extremely close 
to max.

****NOTE: Some Pokémon only like certain colored blocks, this is determined 
          by their personality. I highly recommend checking your Feebas’
          personality before trying to feed it Pokéblocks, if it is Impish, 
          Careful, or Adamant, don’t even bother trying to evolve him. He will
          only evolve with very high quality berries because those personalities
          hate DRY blocks, which is what the indigo and blue blocks are. Any
          other personality will be ok to evolve with. Some people swear by 
          using only Rash, Quiet, Modest, or Mild, since they love Dry blocks,
          however any other personality will work also. However with one of
          the four just listed you can use lower level Pokéblocks.

To make these blocks you need certain berries, you can use low level and low 
quality berries, however you do run the risk of not being able to evolve
Feebas. Here is a list compiled by the user jimmycrakcorn:

Group "C" (levels ~11)
Chesto Berry - Blue
Oran Berry - Indigo
Lum Berry - Indigo
Bluk Berry - Indigo
Weaper Berry - Indigo

Group "B" (levels ~23)
Wiki Berry - Indigo
Kelpsy Berry - Indigo
Hondew Berry - Indigo
Cornn Berry - Indigo

Group "A" (levels ~45)
Pamtre Berry

In this list it separates them into 3 classes, A, B, and C. C would be all 
the berries that are NOT recommended to use for making Pokéblocks to evolve 
Feebas with. However B is a very viable choice, and when these blocks are 
fed to Feebas it should be almost guaranteed to evolve. Also finally you 
find the Group A berries, or rather berry. You can feed this to Feebas and 
not even have to feed him 12 to max out beauty. The preferred berries usually 
used are Cornn, Hondew, and Kelpsy. There have also been reports of a few 
people using Wikki berries, but those reports are less prolific.

?????    Getting the Berries    ??????

You can get the group "B" berries around the Hoenn region, however a popular
spot to go is the "Berry Master." The berry master lives on Route 23. If you
go to Lilycove and exit to the left, follow the path to the safari zone, next
surf south, past Mt. Pyre, and below Mt. Pyre you will be on Route 23. Follow
this route and you will end up at the house of the "Berry Master." Inside talk
to the gentleman and he will give you 2 rare berries, you can save before you
talk to him, and just reset and keep trying until he gives you the desired
berry(s). Another option you have here is talking to his wife. If you tell
the "Berry Master's Wife" the phrase "CHALLENGE CONTEST" then she will give
you one Pamtre berry, the only 'A' class berry. You only get one however,
and telling her the phrase again will not get you another. Make sure you
plant it and grow more, and that way you can make sure to always have at
least one. 

****NOTE: To get the word "CONTEST" in your vocabulary you have to beat the
          Elite Four.

When you do get your berries and are ready to make Pokéblocks, make sure you 
have the Pokéblock case. This can be found in the contest hall in Slateport. 
Talk to the little girl on the left when you enter and she says she has 2 
cases, and gives you one.

Now that you have the case and the berries, head over to Lilycove city and 
go to the contest hall there. I choose this hall because that you can try 
to mix berries with 3 other people at the Pokéblock blender. Once your there,
walk over to the berry blender and choose the berry you want to blend into a 
Pokéblock. You will then be put into a mini-game where you have to hit the 
(A) button right when the arrow is pointing at your pointer. If you miss a 
blue X appears, but if you hit, a red O appears, and finally if you get a 
bull’s-eye a red O with an X in it appears.

The more O’s and O’s with X’s you get the better. You will get a higher level 
Pokéblock, a level 23 Pokéblock is good for Feebas’ evolution. Also a lower 
Feel rating is better; usually you can get around a Feel rating of 11.

After feeding your Feebas the 12 indigo or blue Pokéblocks, he should hopefully 
have a high enough rating to evolve him. Now here is where it’s finally easy, 
to evolve him once his beauty is high enough, you just have to level him in
battle. After he goes up in level he will evolve. You could even use a rare
candy if you wish. He will still evolve either way, as long as you have his
beauty high enough.

+++++***********----------  5) Breeding Options ----------***********+++++

Some people have decided they want an extra edge with their Feebas/Milotic, 
so what they do is breed it to have specific moves when it hatches. One example 
is breeding a female Feebas or Milotic with a male Corsola to breed over the
move Mirror Coat. While it is a very good move in Player vs. Player, you might
not see it used quite as much against the computer AI.

******SIDE NOTE: To get a Corsola, you will need to fish just south of 
                 Evergrande city, either above or below the waterfall,
                 however the Super rod is required for Corsola. Once you have a
                 Corsola then you must first, make sure it’s male, and second, 
                 level it up to level 39 to make it learn Mirror Coat.

To then breed the move over, you need to put the female Feebas or Milotic, 
and male Corsola in the daycare next to Mauville. Leave and walk around for 
a while and come back, hopefully the old man outside the day care will be 
standing outside the fence, talk to him and he will give you an egg that your 
Feebas or Milotic laid. Next, you can take your Feebas/Milotic and Corsola 
out of daycare if you want. Now if you took out your 2 Pokémon, you can bring 
them back to the pc in the pokecenter, they aren’t needed right now. However 
keep the egg in your party and walk around. I suggest using the Mach bike and 
riding around the town. Eventually the egg will hatch and you will have a
Feebas with the move Mirror Coat. It will also be level 5, so you can train 
a somewhat better Pokémon. Refer to the advanced trainers guide on Gamefaqs.com 
for information on how to train a better Pokémon.

+++++***********---------- 7) Move list ----------***********+++++

Feebas’ Level up moves:

Splash          – Normal type  – lvl 1
Tackle 		– Normal type  – lvl 15
Flail  	        – Normal type  – lvl 30

Now for those paying attention, this means don’t waste time leveling 
Feebas, just try and evolve it right away!!!

Milotic’s Level up moves:

Water Gun       – Water type   – lvl 1
Wrap            – Normal type  – lvl 5
Water Sport     – Water type   – lvl 10
Refresh         – Normal type  – lvl 15
Water Pulse     – Water type   – lvl 20
Twister         – Dragon Type  – lvl 25
Recover         – Normal Type  – lvl 30
Rain Dance      – Water type   – lvl 35
Hydro Pump      – Water Type   – lvl 40
Attract         – Normal type  – lvl 45
Safeguard       – Normal type  – lvl 50

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  TM and HM list &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  

TM 					Feebas				Milotic
Water Pulse                                X                               X
Toxic                                      X                               X
Hail                                       X                               X
Hidden Power                               X                               X
Ice Beam                                   X                               X
Blizzard                                   X                               X
Hyper Beam                                                                 X
Protect                                    X                               X
Rain Dance                                 X                               X
Safeguard                                                                  X
Frustration                                X                               X
Iron Tail                                                                  X
Return	                                   X                               X
Double Team                                X                               X
Façade	                                   X                               X
Secret Power                               X                               X
Rest                                       X                               X
Attract                                    X                               X

Surf                                       X                               X
Waterfall                                  X                               X
Dive                                       X                               X

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  EGG MOVES  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  

Now, lastly for the egg moves that can be taught to it by breeding 
Feebas or Milotic with a Pokémon in its egg class which is Dragon 
and water 1. 

	Mirror Coat
	Mud Sport
	Light Screen
	Confuse Ray

The Pokémon in it’s egg type are: (organized by evolution)

Relicanth (Water 1)
Corsola (Water 1)
Corphish – Crawdaunt (Water 1)
Feebas – Milotic (Water 1)
Psyduck – Golduck (Water 1)
Spheal – Sealo – Walrein (Water 1)
Clamperl – Huntail – Gorebyss (Water 1)
Horsea – Seadra – Kingdra (Water 1)
Wingull – Pelipper (Water 1)
Lotad – Lombre – Ludicolo (Water 1)
Surskit – Masquerain (Water 1)
Azurill – Marill – Azumarill (Water 1)

Seviper (Dragon)
Swablu – Altaria (Dragon)
Bagon – Shelgon – Salamence (Dragon)
Treeko – Grovyle – Sceptile (Dragon)

A sample move set for Milotic:

Rain Dance or Mirror Coat or Ice Beam

+++++***********---------- 7) Credits ----------***********+++++

This FAQ was compiled together by me, Johanass, and the research 
done by myself and many more people on the Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire 
Message boards. I owe a credit to everyone posting especially in 
JimmyCrackCorn's Milotic thread, and also lulumarie for correcting
the berry table for the Wikki Berries placement in the "B" category.
If you would like to add something, question something, or ask
for something to be added, please contact me at dimmesdale@netzero.net
Please put Milotic Guide question, or something near that in the
subject or your email might accidentaly get deleted as spam.

:::NOTE::: FOR EVERYONE EMAILING ME: Read my FAQ, I will not answer
           any question that is painstakingly described in my FAQ
           For example, a popular email to me is:"How do I get a
           Feebas?" These will be ignored, along with "Which rod
           should I use?" Both questions are in the FAQ if you just
           took a minute and read it. Otherwise, I will happily
           respond. =)  

           Also, if Milotic or Feebas does not appear in the
           subject line of the email, or if the email is blank,
           the email will also be deleted as spam. I get close to
           150 spam messages a day, I don't have a surplus of time
           to weed through them. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

I will happily respond to all emails I can. 

This Document is Copyright 2003 by Johanass (Chris Lefevre)

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire and all related marks are copyrighted and 
trademarked by their respective owners. I am not affiliated with 
them in any way. 

This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as it remains unchanged 
as I have posted it, in part or in full. You also must email me 
telling me that you wish to post it on another site. You may not 
charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.  

You may save this FAQ and also print it out if you wish.

Thanks to all who helped with the filling in the few blanks I had, 
anyone who would wish to further contribute to this FAQ is welcome 
to do so, and you will be noted in the FAQ.