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Monster Gate FAQ
by Anark

	This is a RPG game, but unlike a lot of other RPG games, this one is hard. A
big difference from most RPG games is that every time you enter a new dungeon
you start back a level 1. The only way to build up your character is by
collecting cards that you can bring in to dungeons that will help you.

New game:
	Starts a new game
	Continue where you left off
Vs Battle:
	Battle one to three other people
	Erase data, enter a password.

Starting a new game:
	After selecting new game you are given a difficulty option, easy, normal or
hard. I suggest easy unless you are familiar with games like Rogue. I do not
recommend hard unless you have already played the game before or you are
looking for a major headache. The differences between the difficulty levels are
how fast you level up. On easy you will still be able get experience after you
can kill a monster in one for a bit. On normal you will be able to kill a
monster in one hit about the same time you can no longer get any experience
from them. And on hard you will have to level quite beyond a monster before you
can kill it in one hit.
	After you choose your difficulty level, enter a name, 5 characters max, only
Japanese letters allowed, your name can be blank if you want to not enter a
name. Hit the Ok button when you decide on a name. Next choose a class and

	The beginner has fairly average stats, but gets an extra life. Once per
dungeon if you are killed you will come back to life with maximum hp and mp.

	The fighter has decent hp and mp and good fighting ability, but no special

Magic user:
	The magic user get high mp. Also healing spells heal 25% more life, and when
you consume a spell for mp you get 50% more.

	The gambler has low stats, but gets access to the slot machine when you are
not in a dungeon. This will allow you to accumulate a lot of spells quickly.

	The Ma-jin has high stats and has the special abilities of the magic user, but
for ever turn that passes they loose 1 hp. This class is defiantly a challenge.

	This is a secret class that is not accessible when you start the game (I had
to cheat and never did find out how to get this class) This class has low stats
at first but after 100 steps will turn into a werewolf/cat (depending on
gender) where your stats will greatly improve, but after another 100 steps you
will go back to a human.

After you select your class you will get an intro based on the class you

Dungeon select screen/world select screen:
A confirm/select
B cancel/go back to mode select screen
Up/down/left/right select a dungeon.

In the dungeon:
A attack
B hold to change directions and see monster life
L select magic (press down to consume spell and then a to consume spell)
R easy diagonal movement
Start press Start and turn off to save where you are.
Select + R change size of map
Select + L change map to solid, transparent, hidden

Your first dungeon:
	You now are on the screen to choose your dungeon. There is only one available
now, the intro dungeon, so why don't you press A and select it.
	You will see your character walk into the dungeon. And then you will appear in
a room. All the dungeon in the game are random. As you progress through the
dungeon you will get tips on how to play (in Japanese). See the Controls
section on how to play. After you walk for a couple steps you will see your
first monster a green, um... thing. Do not step by the monster, let it step by
you. You can choose not to move and let it come closer by pressing the A button
(and swinging your weapon at nothing). Now that you are one step away from it,
swing your weapon at it. It will take two hit to kill it. Now go up to the card
you see on the ground and pick it up by walking over it. You just got a potion,
you can use the potion and spend 4 mp to recover 20 hp (25 if you are the magic
user or ma-jin). You don't need it for right now though, so just hang on to it
until you need it. Progress through the corridor until you get to another room.
As soon as you enter the new room you will recover 4 mp and 5 hp. This will
happen every time you enter a room you have never been in before. Kill the
green slime, and then progress to the sleeping yellow slime. When you attack a
sleeping monster they have about a 50% chance of waking up and attacking you
immediately.  Go ahead and kill the yellow slime. You will probably notice
after killing the yellow slime your hp and mp increased, your attack power also
increases, but you don't see that stat. This will happen whenever you kill a
monster that is not trivial to you (if you kill monsters enough the weaker ones
will become trivial and you will not get any exp.) Progress to the next room
and kill another slime. If you try and step next to a monster your character
will pause and an ! will appear above their head warning you that stepping in
will the let the monster have the first strike. There is a possibility that any
monster you kill will drop its card. If you get a card you can cast it and the
monster will help you for 100 steps, until it becomes a card again. Go ahead
and step into the next room. You will see two monsters here, uh-oh. You better
step back into the corridor so you only have to fight one at a time. Note that
you and monsters cannot strike diagonally through the corner of a room (but you
can cast spells that way though. Step back and kill one and then the other one.
Note that each one you kill you will get 1 gold, every time you kill a monster
you get gold and once you exit the level you will be able to keep all the gold
you got. Now you will be in a room with a rock and some ice. Rocks are just
obstacles, but ice you slide across. Only you can slide across ice, monster
cannot, but monster do not get to attack you as your sliding across. But now
the question arises, how do you get into the next room. Well first stand next
to the rock (not diagonally) then press R. when R is pressed you can move
diagonally more easily, but you can only move diagonally. Move around the rock
and then hit R again to turn off the easy diagonal movement. Now head into the
next room. And down the stairs into the next floor. On the next floor there are
more powerful monsters, you can find your way through the next few levels and
eventually to the final goal the gem. Once you find the gem you will be given
two options, the one on the left and the default one is to exit the level, the
other one is to stay in the level. Go ahead and exit the level now. You will
now get to keep the cards and gold you got from the level. And if you had any
monster that you cast you can keep those too. The next level is now available
so press on.

Mode screen:
To access this screen press B at the dungeon select screen. And the following
options are available (you may have to finish levels to activate them):

Dungeon access (picture of a cave): Go the dungeon select screen.

World select (picture of a castle): Try and conquer the world (see the section
on this)

Time trials (picture of people): Replay dungeons and try to beet your best

Slot machine (picture of a slot machine): If you play the gambler class you can
spend your hard earned money trying to get more money and more cards.

Change class (picture of a black image and three arrows going to other
classes): If you play the beginner you can change your class once. (The story
will not change though)

Card stock (picture of 2 cards): See your collection of cards

Dungeon access: There are 20 levels here plus one special level. After you beat
one the next one will become available, harder dungeons will mean more money at
the end. And after you beet them all you get a special card based on the class
you played.

World select: After you beet enough of the normal dungeons you will get access
to the world select. After beating the first level you will be able to play
levels adjacent to them. When you beet a level (not the fort level) you can
garrison it with monsters and try to protect it from the enemy (once you place
a monster in a castle you cannot get it back). After a while you will notice
skulls on the map, these represent the enemy forces, and will try and take over
castles you have taken over. After a certain amount of time they will siege a
castle and you will be unable to add troops to it. Latter they will try and
conquer it. If you win you will get extra gold and perhaps some bonus cards, if
you loose they will add their own troops to the places and you will not only
have to redefeat the castle but it will be harder with the troops (very
powerful monsters) in the castle. Once you beet all the castles the final one
will be available to try and defeat. It will have a King level monster guarding
the crystal so be careful (you don't have to kill it though). After you do that
then there are only 3 more continents to beat. Good luck. The prize for beating
them all is that you can start a new game as a different class and keep all
your cards, your timed level access, and your slot machine (if you played a

Time trials: You can go though any level you've beaten (expect the special
rainbow levels and the fort levels). Also there are a few extra "island" levels
to beat and after you finish the world mode you can play 3 really hard levels.
And after beat those you can play the special rainbow level whenever you want.

Slot machine: Bet 1,2,3,4,5,10, or 15 gold coins to get money and cards, line
up the special cards to get monster and special rare cards.

Card stock: see all the cards you have gotten, you can get up to 100 of any one
card. If you have upgraded monsters you can press up to select them.

Monster guide from lest to most powerful:
Blob (green)
Blob (yellow)
Bird will try and get first strike
Big Blob
Baby dragon - can use projectiles
Wizzard - can use projectiles
Guy with Lantern - can heal self and others
Zombie - will come back to life after killed (annoying)
Plant - power increases when in a room (not corridor)
Plastic guy - immune to most magic and projectiles attacks
Green dragon - projectile attack
Armored thing - high defense, low attack
Grim reaper
Arc wizard - can heal self and others
Beholder - can use projectiles
Drill - will stay under ground and randomly pop up.
Dude with 6 swords
Gold Dragon - can use projectiles
Dark hero - very high hp (dark version of one of the classes)


Projectile damage =  normal melee damage divided by steps away from you.

You can upgrade monsters by taking two of them (same kind) to a witch and
paying money to combine them.

In the final world dungeon you have to fight yourself before you can get the
final prize.

If a dungon says that there is no backtracking (no steps symbol) monster cannot
follow you to the next floor.

In world mode you may see that a certain kind of card is not allowed. This is
because one of the monsters guarding the castle is a special kind of monster
that will run away from you and prevents you from taking in some cards. If you
kill these monsters you can get a lot of money or a rare card.

Turning the game off and then back on (while not pressing start first) will
cause you to start the floor over again just in case you made a mistake.

I have no information about the password system or verses battles.

Copyright by Artemus Harper
email: subanark@hotmail.com
You may post this guide in its entirety, unmodified, anywhere you want or use
it for any personal reason.