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Harobots: Robo Hero Battling!!
Created by NeoZeroX

Item Guide
There were 112 items in the game.

Usable Items:
These items are usable in dungeon maps, battle mode.
Life beans: Increase 30 HP
Life Capsule: Increase 100 HP
Life Tank: Increase 200 HP
Hi Life: Increase 400 HP
Ultra Life: Fill up Full HP
Energy beans: Increase 30 EP
Energy Capsule: Increase 100 EP
Energy Tank: Increase 300 EP
Hi Energy: Fill up Full EP
Power beans: Special Gauge +50
Power Capsule: Special Gauge +100
Power Tank: Special Gauge +150
Reset: Cure "Stop" Status
Virus Buster: Cure "Virus" Status
Rotten Buster: Cure "Rotten" Status
Drive Eraser: Cure "Berserk" Status
Rush Oil: Cure "Rush" Status
Cool Down: Cure "Over-Heat" Status
Trouble Cure: Cure "Trouble" Status
Robo checker: ???
Stop Bomb: Give your oppoent "Stop" Status
Virus Bomb: Give your oppoent "Virus" Status
Rotten Bomb: Give your oppoent "Rotten" Status
Fire Bomb: Give your oppoent "Over Heat" Status
Water Bomb: Give your oppoent "Rush" Status
Attack Beans: Give your oppoent 30 damage
Attack Capsule: Give your oppoent 50 damage
Attack Tank: Give your oppoent 80 damage
Hi Attack: Give your oppoent 150 damage
Ultra Attack: Give your oppent 200 damage
Iron Barrier: Increase your Defence during battle
Baruun: ???
Escape: Escape from any Dungeon Area

Support Chips:
These items goes into the chip slot for the Halo for ability Boost.
PEM 45Hz: Speed+2
PEM 75Hz: Speed+4
PEMpro 90Hz: Defense+3
PEMpro 120Hz: Defense+5
X8 75Hz: Attack+2
X8 120Hz: Attack+5
PEM2 160Hz: Speed+7
PEM2 200Hz: Speed+12
AMS 160Hz: Attack+10
AMS 200Hz: Attack+16
PEM3 600Hz: Speed+15
PEM3 900Hz: Speed+20
S-Bird 600Hz: Attack+20
S-Bird 900Hz: Attack+25
PEM4 1GHz: Speed+25
PEM4 2GHz: Speed+30
S Mode: Attack+3
Psycomu-System: Attack+8
Zero System: Attack+14
Inde Power: Attack+25
Runashitaniimu: Defense+2
Kyoogagookin: Defense+5
Zookasookoo: Defense+12
Nano Skin: Defense+24
R-Dash: Speed+2
T-Dash: Speed+5
Star Eraser: Speed+10
V-MAX Equipment: Speed+20
Aura Computer: Attack, Defense, Speed +8
PSY Frame: Attack, Defense, Speed +15
Subea kit: Immune to "Stop" Status
Fire Wall: Immune to "Virus" Status
Breaker: Immune to "Rotten" Status
Ray System: Immune to "Berserk" Status
PolicemanRingeru Station: Immune to "Rush" Status
Anti Heat Shield: Immune to "Over Heat" Status
Didiriimu: ???
Satellite S: Add 5%HP every turn from your Max HP
E Computer: Add 5%EP every Turn from your Max EP
INROO: ???
Hige Censor: ???
Kanfuru Chip: ???
E.Pattrii: ???
Dragoon Energy: ???
Beam Coating: ???
Magnet Coating: ???

Special Itesm:
They are used to upgrade/combine units
Rare Metal: ???
Wing Carrier: Dunbine -> BiruBine
HM Start: Ingredient to make L.Gaim MK2
Fatima: Ingredient to make L.Gaim MK2
Gao Machine: GaiGar -> GaoGaiGar
Neo Gao Machine: GaoFai -> GaoFaiGar
StealthGao2: GaoGaiGar -> Star GaoGaiGar
Tomoro0117: J-der -> King J-Der
Super AI: Dekkaada -> Jei Dekka
Super AI Copy: Ingredient to make Black Maito Gain
HolyWarrior Modifer: Modify DunBine -> SirBine and BiruBine -> 
BlackKnight Modifer: Modify Zwarth -> Zwauth
Assault System: Guardian -> Assault Guardian
RSC Equipment: ScoopDog -> ScoopDog Red Shoulder Custom
Type20 Equipment: ScoopDog -> Dog Turbo Custom
Turbo Sack: Add Turbo Sack to Daguramu and Sorudikku
Missile Pod: Add Missible Pod to Daguramu Turbo Sack
PS Equipment: Modify ScoopDog, BlueDisshuDog, StrikeDog
Tetsu no Modifer: ???
AI [Foron] B: Ingredient for Z. Gaaru
Raijin Medal: Ingredient for RaiJinon
Dagu Commander: Dagu Fire -> Fire Daguon
FlameBreaker: Fire Bird -> Armor Fire Bird
Da.Gaan Jet: Da Gaan -> Da. Gaan X
BigRyuuon: RaiJinon -> God RaiJinon
Ganbaa Suit: Ganbarugai -> Great GunBarugai
Maito Kaiser: Maito Gaan -> Great Maito Gaan
Gold-con: Dran -> Gold Dran
Power Stone: Gold Dran -> Sky Gold Dran
Ide modifier: Ingredient to make Ideon
Gattai Program: Combination for Gouzauraa and JeiDekka
King Loader:  EX Kaiser -> King Ex Kaiser

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