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Tales of Phantasia GBA Version
Changes since TOP SNES version FAQ
Version 0.1

*****         Section 1: Introduction         *****

This guide was made by a bored college student after four semesters of
Japanese and a bunch of dull (non-Japanese) classes free to play ToP
unnoticed. This guide assumes you have access to a SNES ToP faq, as I'm not
going to make a complete walkthrough here. I'm only pointing out the
additions since ToP SNES. I'd recommend Joaquin Puga's awesome FAQ at:
...for everything else.

Keep in mind, my Japanese knowledge is far from perfect, but I tried really
hard to get the Arcia and Brambard quest details as accurate as possible. If
my Katakana translation or anything else is out of whack, please feel free
to email me and tell me so. (my email address is on the bottom) As you can
see by the credits, I don't know many RL people who know Japanese and play
ToP. ^^;

This FAQ is (c) 2005 Pamela Bowman. This FAQ may not be reproduced in any
way, shape, or form, and so help you god if you try to make money off this.
(without giving me a decent-by-my-definition cut =p ) I'm only authorizing
two websites to display this FAQ: (my website)
If this FAQ is posted on any site other than the above two, please let me
know by emailing me. (my address is on the bottom)

In fact, I'm going to reinforce this with Keo Megura and Ignacio de Lucas'
copyright notice, which I grabbed from Joaquin Puga's FAQ:

This FAQ and everything included within this file cannot be reproduced
in any way, shape or form (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside
from being placed on a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in
it's original, unedited and unaltered format.  This FAQ cannot be used
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it) or promotional purposes.  It cannot be used in any sort of
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written permission of the author, myself.  This FAQ was created and is
owned by me, Pamela Bowman.  All copyrights and trademarks are
acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this

*****         Section 2: Walkthrough          *****

Arcia and Brambard
Apparently the old way to get the Elven Bow is no more. Here's the new way:
This quest really creeped me out. ^^;; It starts off with a change in
dialogue after Brambard repairs your rings. Cless will talk to Brambard
privately, asking him if he could fix Chester's bow. Brambard will tell
Cless to ask the blacksmith. Later, after Arche is caught and kicked out of
the Elves' city, if you try to reenter you will be blocked, and Cless will
ask to speak to Brambard. Brambard appears and allows Cless and Mint to talk
to the blacksmith so long as Klarth and Arche stay behind. (Klarth as an
"incentive" for no one to mess around, I suppose) Cless will learn from the
blacksmith that only Arcia, a half elf who lives in a house to the east of
Ymir forest on the world map, knows how to fix the bow. So, head east.
When you get outside her house, Arche will comment on the creepy lifelike
statues. Cless as always decides to go in anyway, and Arche follows
reluctantly. Knock on the door, and Arcia will greet you and invite you in.
Cless asks her to fix Chester's bow. Arcia agrees, but first wants you to go
to Ymir and come back with Brambard, whom she is in love with. Cless agrees,
but Arcia (I'm guessing to make you keep your word) wants to keep one of you
with her, by turning that person to stone until you return with Brambard.
After the whole "she's nuts" sentiment, Cless agrees and Arcia decides to
take Mint. Cless steps up and tries to take Mint's place, but Arcia won't
go for that. Mint agrees to it and steps into Arcia's little spell, then
Arche jumps into the spell instead, knowing she'd not be able to help with
this one anyway. With Arche as a statue, you have no choice now but to return
to Ymir.
Go to the Elven village, get Brambard, return to Arcia's house. When you
return, Arcia and Brambard will go upstairs to chat in private, while Cless
and company are wondering if Arcia will keep her word, Cless comments that
she surely will. Arcia and Brambard return, squabbling, and Arcia says she
won't fix the bow OR return Arche to normal. Brambard steps in, convinces
Arcia to take Arche's place, and then a vengeful Arcia does so, transferring
Arche's curse to Brambard. Arcia, crying furiously, tells the party to get
out. You've lost Chester's bow! For now...

Arcia and Brambard II
This event can be triggered once you get the Wingpack in the future. Fly
over to Arcia's house, and you'll notice the statues are gone. Knock on the
door, eventually you'll enter. Go to the second floor. It turns out that over
those 150 years, Arcia had time to think. She eventually did fix Chester's
bow, but she also repented by transferring Brambard's stone curse onto
yourself. The important part of this quest: You get the Elven Bow! Obviously,
you must have done the Arcia and Brambard I quest in the past to achieve this.
| Elven Bow             | Weapon              |
| Attack +808	        | Hit +200            |
| No Element                                  |

Arcia and Brambard III
I don't know when this one is triggered. I just came back to double-check on
Brambard's name when writing this FAQ, after having completed the Morlia
Gallery quest (including the extra 9 levels), the Pirate quest, and the
Elucid quests. If you know what triggers this event, please email me. :)
You'll find Brambard staring out a window. Talk to him and he'll dawdle a
little. Then, two Elven guards will come in and ask him if he's changed his
mind. He'll get out of it (after all, he has guests) ask to speak privately
to you upstairs.
Upstairs, he tells you how much has changed in the last 150 years. He says
that he now wants to bring half elves and elves back together. Arche seems
suspicious, given that Arcia's a half elf. At this point, Brambard professes
his love for Arcia and then Arcia is miraculously restored from her stone
curse. Together they go downstairs, and the group talks amongst themselves.
[Note, here you can go downstairs, and if you go straight upstairs again,
you can talk to Brambard again and go through a buggy repeat of the first
part of the cutscene, lol]
Go downstairs, Brambard tells them that he is firm in his feelings about
half-elves and they split ways for good there. Arcia thanks you, saying she
wouldn't be with Brambard today if not for you. The best part of this quest
is that she upgrades Chester's bow!
| Elven Bow (ultimate)  | Weapon              |
| Attack +1180	        | Hit +200            |
| No Element                                  |
From there, Brambard and Arcia live happily ever after. Awwww. ^^

Childhood Memories and Chester's Training

In the future, you can get a huge amount of experience points for Chester
just by going to inns. In fact, you get around 10-15 levels if you sleep in
Miguel's inn twice. There are other events that revolve around sleeping in
inns as well. Here's the basic rundown:

The first time you sleep in Miguel's inn, you'll get Cless' childhood dream,
where his father, Miguel, shows him various techniques. Miguel apparently
even knows the technique you can only get from Origin, the Jigenzan (teleport)
The second time you sleep in Miguel's inn, you'll get Chester's first training
kick. Chester really took Arche's comment about being weak to heart, so he's
been training secretly at night. He talks to Cless about this, and afterwards
you gain about 10-15 levels, depending on your current exp. Niiiiiice.
If you sleep in Euclid's inn, you'll get a peek at Klarth's younger days.
Unfortunately I completely forgot the details of this and have no usable
saves, sorry. ^^;
Finally, if you sleep in Freezekill's inn, you'll get Chester's second night
training session where he talks to Arche. After this one, Chester gains
another bunch of levels.

Morlia Gallery Changes!
On floor 19, alcove all the way on the left, there's a chest that holds the
new and improved Extinction spell! This one does more damage than Meteor
Storm and most monsters can't avoid it. I don't think its location has
changed since SNES TOP, though.

On floor 20, in the maze with the passages, stalactites and rocks, there is
an alcove to the north of the main room. This has the following items for
| Nintoukikyou  | Weapon                      |
| Attack +550	| Hit +50                     |
| Earth Element                               |
| Kannazugi     | Body Armor                  |
| Defense +60	| Evasion +10                 |
| Defense vs. Wind Element                    |

On floor 21, south of the passage to floor 22, there's another passage
leading to a room with a Ninja. She'll teach Suzu the art of Samedare
(5 month rain?) for the low, low price of 460000 gald! But seriously, if
you've made it this far without running away from everything, that's nothing

On floor 22 in the treasure room, one of the prizes was some trite "you beat
the secret dungeon" type item. It's been replaced with the Nintou Chizakura,
Suzu's ultimate weapon.
| Nintou Chizakura   | Weapon                 |
| Attack: 999	     | Hit: +50               |
| Dark Element                                |

Also in the treasure room lies a REALLY OBVIOUS blue switch. Click it and
you'll gain access to the Dwarven Underground Temple! (ドワーフの神殿地下)
You get nine more levels of this madness, but it's not that difficult. None
of the monsters have changed, not even those annoying Land Urchins. ><

Dwarven Underground Temple
I'm only going to do a brief walkthrough, as it's really just the same old
walk-around-everywhere-and-get-all-the-chests deal except for a few areas.
I'll point out all the important parts to complete the dungeon.
First and second floors are a no brainer. ***HOWEVER, A VERY IMPORTANT
TECHNIQUE FOR SUZU IS ON THE SECOND FLOOR!*** After you get to the second
floor and reach a fork, follow the rightmost path to the treasure chest. It
contains Suzu's most powerful and awesome skill, Jiraiya. It summons this
giant toad who breathes fire. It can be activated instantly sometimes, it
stops spells, and it's the only way I know of that Pluto can be hurt once he
turns invisible.
Third floor gets a little more challenging. There are statues here similar
to the knights who toss you around on floor 18. The important difference is
that you can rotate them clockwise with your Sorcerer's Ring. By the way,
this ring can be equipped to an inactive party member and still work. You
have to make them face the pits so they toss you across. There are also
slightly off-color sections of the wall which you can walk through. As you
wander around, look carefully! When you get to the second set of statues,
there's a hidden path in the wall directly left and right of the lower statue.
Here you'll find the important Lapis Lazuli ring, which you need to contract
with Pluto. The left path leads to the fourth floor.
On the fourth floor, you have to pull all four levers in the far corners of
this floor to be able to pass the symbol next to the path to the fifth floor.
The lever on the top-left is guarded by a Hellmaster and two ghost-like
On the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors, which tie into each other, you must
first take the bottom-right staircase to the sixth floor and leave behind
Arche and Suzu when you get to the switches. Suzu is the last option, and
Arche's name is spelled アーチェ. If you can't read Japanese nor have Shift-JIS
installed on your web browser, just keep trying party members until you find
Arche. Then go back up, take the bottom-left staircase down, and when you pass
the symbol on the bottom of the seventh floor, (which will repel you if you
haven't left party members on the switches) Suzu will jump down and Arche
will fly down. Any other party members left up there get stuck.
Eighth and ninth floors are no brainers. On the ninth floor is Pluto, the
ultimate summon and lord of the underworld. He will only fight you either if
you have Klarth and the Lapis Lazuli.
| Pluto - Lord of the Underworld              |
| HP: 45000    | TP: 3000                     |
| Weak against light!                         |
| Spells: Black Hole, Earthquake              |
| Specials: Throws homing-flames at party.^^; |
|	    Hands come out from underground.  |
|           Disappears and moves around.      |
|           Fast spell casting.               |
Party I used: Cless, Mint, Arche, Suzu
Recommended party: Chester, Mint, Arche, Suzu
Recommended equipment:
Reflect Rings on all, Misty Symbol on all spellcasters.

Pluto is a real pain. He's surrounded by four flames that make approaching
him in melee combat almost impossible. Make sure to have Suzu with her
Jiraiya technique (third row third column) all ready. Make sure Mint is
keeping her healthy and alive, as Pluto's flames can kill Suzu if she runs
straight at him. Have Suzu just use Jiraiya over and over against Pluto while
keeping him busy with Cless. If Cless has gold armor on, he can eventually
push through the flames and (if lucky)swing at Pluto closeby. Teleport also
works. However, most of Cless' techniques will be screwed up by the flames.
Chester is useful here too, as his techniques are quick and can keep Pluto
from casting spells.
Late in the battle, Pluto may disappear and stay gone. I don't know if this
is a bug or not, I just know it hasn't happened in every battle. If this
happens, No spells, arrows, or swords that I know of can penetrate this
technique except Suzu's Jiraiya. So just keep casting Jiraiya over and over
while keeping Mint busy with heals and Pluto will eventually fall.

After defeating Pluto, you get to keep him! Klarth contracts with him, and
he's pretty awesome in battle. He can do upwards of 20000 damage in a single
summon by tossing those homing-flames around at enemies. (bottom row first
column) Klarth is officially no longer the throwaway character of ToP!
Go north and you'll find two nice treasures, the ultimately charged up
Gungnir and Moukorengekiha technique, which ironically doesn't work well with
the Gungnir, as it's a slashing attack.
| Gungnir(ultimate)  | Weapon                 |
| Slashing +800	     | Piercing +1640         |
| No Element                                  |
Personally, I'd stick with the balanced 1400/1400 Excalibur.

Suzu's Training (coming of age?)

Go back to the Ninja village and sooner or later you can trigger an event
with Suzu's grandfather. Answer yes to all the questions and you'll advance
to Suzu's training dungeon. She'll have to go through it alone.
Head down and you'll end up in a battle with a ninja named Kosuke.
(HP: 5000, TP: 0, typical ninja moves) Go down further and you'll get a
tougher battle with Jinpachi. (HP: 10000, TP: 0) Another level down is Juuzou.
(HP: 20000, TP: 0) Fourth battle is against Saizou, yet another ninja.
(HP: 30000, TP: 0) The final battle is against Sasuke(HP: 50000, TP: 0), who
has a slightly different icon and Suzu seems to bother to talk more to. (not
that I have a clue what they're saying ;))
Finally, after all the ninja battles, Suzu gets to the treasures, which
includes a letter from her father, which roughly is a typical "be at ease"
letter. In the other chest is the Nintou Kuroyuri, or black lily ninja sword.
| Nintou Kuroyuri    | Weapon                 |
| Attack: 750	     | Hit: +40               |
| Dark Element                                |
Suzu also wins the title of "Shinobi" and a decent amount of exp.

*****         Section 3: Suzu (incomplete)    *****

In the GBA version of ToP, after you complete the Suzu sidequest, when you
return to the Ninja's village, Suzu will join your party. She's a useful
party member, hardly say much though. She has the following techniques:

Utsushimi: Suzu makes images of herself, evasion up. Suzu comes with this
Shiranui: Rush past the enemy with a powerful slash. Suzu comes with this
Ijinaodoshi: Suzu jumps high into the air, and spin-slashes the enemy.
Learned at level ??.
Bagakure: Leaves fly around, and the party escapes. Learned at level ??.
Manjushage: Toss three fireballs at the enemy. Learned from scroll in the
dungeon east of Olive Village.
6 here
7 here
Samedare: Learned in Morlia Gallery for the low price of 460000 gald.
Six-strike martial arts move.
Jiraiya: Learn it from a chest in the Dwarven Underground Temple. Summon a
toad that breathes fire!

*****   Section 4: World's Wonderful Tastes   *****

Cooking has been added to the game, and you can get recipes from the following

I'm leaving this section blank for now because there's already a FAQ on this.

*****         Section 5: Cards                *****

There are trading goods, cards which you can find all over the world. I have
no clue yet what exactly they do. Anyway, you can find them in the following

Miguel: Get the (c) Black Card from the robed lady
Euclid: One of the kids on the third floor has a (c) White Card.
	Another kid has a (c) Brown Card she'll trade for a Black Card
	You can go back and get the Black Card from Miguel again.
Venetia: You have to trade a melon and konbu for a (c) Green Card.
	 Melon can be purchased in Elven village for 3k.
         Konbu is item #7 in the the grocer where the guy w/ the Green Card
	 Teach Chelsea to play the piano for a (c) henseiki
Oasis #3: You can get D Sculpture (Dのちょうぞう)
Freezekill: (c) Blue Card can be purchased in the  for 50000 gald.
Secret Island: (c) L Scuplture (Lのちょうぞう) if you buy the Gamepad.
Ninja Village: (c) Red Card if you talk to the girl southeast in town with
               the "Champion" title on Cless.

*****         Section 6: Miscellany           *****

In Miguel, in the drawer in Chester's old house lies a technique for Cless.

In Miguel, you can battle the leader of the dojo in five rounds of combat.
You win a technique for Cless for your troubles.

If you climb the mountain between Miguel and future Euclid, Chester yells out
telling Daos to come out and show himself. This wins him the title あつい男
which is essentially hothead. ^^;

In future Euclid, a lost little crying girl is there now. Take her S.L.O.W.L.Y
to the around the path to the castle and she'll meet up with her sister and
thank you. Her sister will give you a teacup. It can be sold for a pretty
decent price, but is it worth the nuisance? You decide.

After awhile, if you return to Miguel and cross the bridge, Chester talks
about the past, how Miguel is so much like Tortiose, how he wishes Amy could
be here with him. Then he and Cless talk about restoring the town once they
get back. Afterwards, Chester gains the title たくましいやつ (strong guy)
from Cless.

In future Venetia, the Mayor's daughter, Chelsea will be furiously practicing
on the piano. Cless comments quietly that she sucks at it, and Chelsea notices
and quips back asking Cless to help. Realizing he should of kept his mouth
shut, Cless gets embarassed and Chelsea asks Mint to help her instead. Mint
does so, and Chelsea gets a little better. Leave town and reenter, Mint
decides to help again, Chelsea plays a better song. Leave town and reenter,
this time you have to talk directly to Chelsea to make her improve. The
fourth time you do this, Chelsea will thank Mint, saying because of her she's
gotten better again. Same thing with the fifth, but by then Chelsea's skill
will max out. The sixth time around, a crowd will gather around her and if
you talk to the lady on the left, Chelsea will play a neat piano(ish)
rendition of the ToP theme. Chelsea will thank Mint once more, and Mint will
win the title Piano Teacher!

In future Olive Village, after you get Suzu, talk to the cook outside the
grocery store to try a special spiced curry. Suzu will get suspicious, but
the cook convinces her it's good. She tries it, and completely flips, falling
into the oasis. Everyone asks her if she's alright, she says she's fine.
(maybe) She earns the title, "あまとう", or sweets lover.

Go to Alvanista Castle, girl in red who calls herself Yukari Yoshida by the
staircase will sing the theme song and then leave. A tribute to the original

If you return to Undine's cave in the future, you will get a little cutscene
(if you answer Yes to the question) where Arche will stage a little picnic.
We learn that Arche isn't exactly the greatest cook. After almost suffering
from food poisoning, Chester gives Arche the title "XXりょうり", or XXCook. ^^;

*****          Section 7: Final Words         *****

I hope you guys found this FAQ helpful. It's far from complete, and I welcome
suggestions and criticism at:
sarysa2 + at sign + (yes, I'm that paranoid about email gathering

Naturally anyone who helps me out here will be in the credits section, which
doesn't exist yet. :)