ArtistDavid Gil
ArtistIan Kelleher
ArtistDouglas Yellin
Co-Executive ProducerNeil Steinberg
Co-Executive ProducerJill Zimmerman
Creative ServicesScott Jenkins
Creative ServicesLisa Koch
Creative ServicesMarina Rujevic
Creator / Co-Executive ProducerTonya Hurley
DesignJason Screiber
DesignDoug Yellin
Executive Fashion DesignerJudy Swartz
Executive ProducerMary-Kate Olsen
Executive ProducerAshley Olsen
Executive ProducerRobert Thorne
Music and SoundDavid Moxon
Music SupervisorTracy Hurley
Music SupervisorMichael Pagnotta
ProducerEric Hendrickson
Product DevelopmentBrett Gow
ProductionBilly Pidgeon
ProductionJason Screiber
ProgrammerStuart Jeff
ProgrammerDavid Moxon
ProgrammerYury Pavlotsky
ProgrammerJon Simantov
Project LeadsJason Brown
Project LeadsEric Lawrence


Data and credits for this game contributed by Lisanne, Cosmic!, PZT, odino, and Bass_X0.