Question from Taichee

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past a level and replay it again to keep the kills?

I have been told in a guide that it is possible to replay the stage to get additional kill points for mobile suit users. However I do not know how. Can someone enlighten me?

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From: LVUER 5 years ago

In any SRW games, if you get a game over in any and choose retry, you retain all exp, money, and kill. So if you find a stage that have lots of high exp enemies and money, probably its a good time to do some harvesting.

Just kill enemies you like, use any double exp/money skill (combined with Mercy for leveling low level units). Spare some enemies to let them kill you. Then command your entire units into your mothership and let your mothership become a sitting duck. BAM, game over.

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Get a Game Over and don't reset.

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