FAQ/Walkthrough by Relle

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/11/06 | Printable Version

                                   ,'  `.
                                 ,'      `.
                              ,-'          `-.
                             \                /
                              \              /
                               \            /
       .--.                     \          /
     ,'   |                      |        |.-.    .--.                 .-.
    /     |                      |        ||  \   |  |.   ,'|         (   )
   /    __|           _   _      |        ||   \  | _/ \_/  |.-.  .-.  | |
  |   ,'__ .--.      | \ / |   __|_  .--. ||    \ | \   /   || |  | |  | |
  |   \|  ||  |_   _ |  '  |,-' |  \ |  | ||     \|  \/\|  / | |  | |__| |__
  |    |  ||  | \ / ||     /    |   \|  | ||         |  | |.-| '--' |       |
   \   |  ||  |  '  ||     |  .-|       | ||  |\     |  | || |      |__   __|
    \  |  ||  |     || | | | /  |       | ||  | \    |  | \| | .--. |  | |
  _,'  |  `'  |     || | | | \__|  |\   | ||  |  \   |   \   | |  | |  | |
 |      \     | | | ||_\_/_|    |  | \  | ||  |   \  |   |`._| |  | |  | |
 |     ,'`---'| | | |  \    `.__|__|  \_| ||__|    \_|\__|   |_|  |_|  | |
 |__,-'       |_\_/_|   `.        |       |        ,'   /              | |
                    `.    `.      |       |      ,'   ,'               | |
                      `.    `-.   |       |   ,-'   ,'                 | |
                        `.     `--'       --'    ,'                   \ /
                          `.                    ,'                      '
                            `-.              ,-'   S W O R D C R A F T
                               `--._    _,--'
                                    \  /                S T O R Y
                                    |  |
                                    |  |
                                   (    )


by Relle


Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Updates
3.  Frequently Asked Questions
4.  Walkthrough
  4a. Day 1: Journey to be a Craftlord
  4b. Day 2: A Bad Deal
  4c. Day 3: Razzy Fall Down the Hole
  4d. Day 4: The New Element
  4e. Day 5: Lord of Craftlords
  4f. Day 6: Mystery of the Vortex
  4g. Day 7: Into the Heart of the Volcano
  4h. Day 8: Showdown at the Lighthouse
  4i. Day 9: Solving the Mystery
  4j. Day 10: The Semi-Finals
  4k. Aftermath
5.  Techniques
  5a. Swords
  5b. Axes
  5c. Spears
  5d. Knuckles
  5e. Drills
6.  Acknowledgements
7.  Copyright Info

 1.  Introduction

My infrequent FAQing continues!  This game really took me by surprise.  I wasn't
expecting to burn through it in a few days, and not because it's short (sorta
is, about 20 hours or so to get through the main story) but because it's damned
addicting!  Craft your own weapons, smash the weapons of your opponents and
learn new techniques to craft even better tools!  Gotta love it.  Not to mention
the battle sequences are a page ripped from Tales of Phantasia and made even
better.  But enough of my gushing, on with the FAQ!

 2.  Updates

1.01 - Knuckle technique 30 found, so I'm definitely done.

1.00 - Done.  The only thing I'm missing is knuckle technique 30, and I can
just add it in when I'm doing my inevitable post-1.00 fix-ups.  This has got
to be the fastest full-length RPG walkthrough I've completed.  It took me
maybe 3-4 days and 28 hours of game time to find everything.  Now to wait for
the sequel...

0.90 - All done with the main walkthrough, just gotta hunt down the remaining
techniques in the latter half of the labyrinth.

0.50 - Burning through this pretty quick.  I'm not looking forward to trying to
find the various end-game techniques, though hunting down the proper sidequests
each day is a pain in and of itself.  Ah, well.

0.01 - Just started.  Expect the section numbers and headings to change around
as I work through just how much of the game I'm going to cover (i.e. do I bother
hunting down all the techniques and whatnot).

 3.  Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What's the best weapon type?
A.  Mainly preference.  Here's a quick run-through of the different types:

 * Swords   - Has three types: daggers, swords and greatswords.  Powerful,
              with a three-hit combo that's fairly quick.  Regardless of your
              Guardian Beast, you can always forge the elemental version of a
              sword.  The "basic" weapon, but usually quite good.

 * Axes     - Big, powerful, but much slower than swords.  One of the two
              weapons most suited to breaking an opponent's weapon.  They
              usually come with a massive agi reduction, so if you don't mind
              moving like a turtle, they're great for overpowering an opponent.

 * Spears   - Spears are one of the two weapons that can strike multiple targets
              in one swing.  Their air attack consists of a "spin," which
              damages anything in range for a reduced amount.  Very useful for
              handling crowds or airborne enemies.

 * Knuckles - Very close-range weapon, you can perform a long string of hits in
              a single combo.  However, as it's close-range, you run the risk
              of retaliation by your opponent.  Pressing Down + A performs an
              uppercut, which can knock small enemies into the air, stunning
              them over and over.  Very cheese.

 * Drills   - Drills combine knuckles with spears.  They can strike multiple
              enemies, but are a close-range weapon.  The Down + A maneuver
              sticks the drill in front of you, and anything touching it will
              receive several hits at once.  Very useful for breaking an
              opponent's weapon, and typically has the highest tech stat of all
              the weapons.

Q.  Does it matter which character I choose?
A.  No.  It changes some dialogue here and there, but the game's the same.

Q.  Does it matter what Guardian Beast I choose?
A.  Yes.  Some guardians can't forge the elemental versions of some weapons.
However, in the long run that doesn't matter, so don't worry if you can't forge
one or two weapons.  Just pick the one you like best.

Q.  Which dialogue option should I pick?
A.  If I don't specify in the guide, it's just flavor text and has no overall
bearing on the game.

Q.  What's the 'tech' stat?
A.  This is your ability with that particular weapon.  A maxed out tech skill
for a particular weapon will cause that weapon to do more damage and take less
of a durability hit when used.

Q.  Is the tech stat based on weapon type or the individual weapon?
A.  Individual weapon.  However, even if you sell or break down a weapon, you
retain your tech stat with that weapon, so if you make another one, your tech
stat will remain the same.

Q.  How do I get an opponent's weapon technique?
A.  You have to break their weapon.  When the battle starts, they'll have a HP
bar and a green bar beneath it showing their weapon durability.  When that hits
zero, their weapon breaks and you automatically win, and receive their weapon
tech.  Not every opponent has one, and not all are worth the effort, so unless
you're a perfectionist, don't feel you need to collect 'em all.

Q.  How do I break my opponent's weapon?
A.  Your opponent loses weapon durability from either hitting you, or you
hitting him while guarding.  However, axes and drills take off more durability
than other weapon types, so take one into battle with that in mind.

Q.  Is Razzy a boy or a girl?
A.  Razzy is a girl, despite the apparent confusion of everyone in the game as
to her gender.

Q.  Who should I take a walk with at night?  Does it matter?
A.  Only on the ninth day.  On that day and that day only, whoever you choose
will determine who stands beside you in the ending of the game.  Every other
day, it's just character development.

Q.  I'm poor!  What's a good way to make money?
A.  Grind in the tower.  Honestly, while it seems like it's hard as hell to
make money in the beginning, very soon you won't even care about buying
anything.  Later in the game, money becomes almost useless unless you burn
through a lot of curative items.

Q.  How can I get a particular elemental material?
A.  About midway in the game there are elemental-type dungeons where most of
the items you pick up are of a particular element.  You can also buy the
breakable items from the shop for quick and dirty materials.

Q.  What does agi do?
A.  Makes you run faster and jump higher.  At higher levels, you can make
flying leaps across half the battle screen.  It doesn't affect your attack
speed directly, but weapons which decrease your agi typically have slower
attack speeds attached to them.

 *** Q.  What's the best stat to level up? ***

A.  This is the big one.  Str affects your damage, def reduces damage taken,
and agi turns you into a ninja.  Personally, I put two points of str for every
one point of agi, and one point of defense for every two of agi.  While that
sounds crazy, the natural stat bonuses you get for defense make up for it, and
once you get decent amounts of agi (in excess of 100, then 150) you should be
fast enough to dodge anything the game can throw at you.  Also, later in the
game you start getting two and three stat points to play with per level, so you
can end up with fairly balanced stats rather quickly if you're unhappy with your
current build.

 4.  Walkthrough

 4a. Day 1: Journey to be a Craftlord

Ah, a bright new day!  If only you weren't late for school...err, the
tournament.  After the dialogue and naming sequence, go back upstairs and pick
up your ticket, and the water scooter from the first floor.  Head for the
Central Tower, ignoring the various interruptions that occur along the way, and
go up to the second floor.  Enter the door there and speak to everyone nearby
to begin the ceremony.  When it's over, head for the Silver Guild.  Speak to
Bron and follow him to his room.  Talk to him again and it's time to get a
Guardian Beast.  There are a couple different ways to get each beast, but
here's the ones I used:

1, 1, 1 - Zantek
1, 2, 1 - Sugar
2, 1, 1 - Rasho
2, 2, 2 - Kutty

If you're playing as Pratty, I highly recommend Sugar just for the initial
scene between them.  And the continuing bisexual overtones throughout the game.
Sugar's awesome.  I love Sugar.

But enough about that.  Continue on through the scenes till you regain control.
Before visiting the store (it's to the west of the guild, over two bridges) go
to the house behind and to the right of it and talk to the old man there.  Head
for the docks (northwest of that house) and talk to the kid there about his cat,
then return to the old man.  He'll give you a drill technique.  Now hit the item

Talk to the guy behind the counter.  After the scene, return to the guild and
speak to Bron.  When that's done, return to the Central Tower and walk straight
ahead as you enter, then talk to the official to enter the labyrinth properly.
Before you can go too far, you'll run into Sanary.  It doesn't matter what you
answer, you'll receive a matchbox regardless.  Save it.  Now, head deeper into
the labyrinth.  Test out your skills with a hammer.  Continue on till you find
Sanary again.  After the talk, take the iron ore from the chest and leave the

Before returning to the guild, head out onto the water and go to the house in
the southwest corner of Wystern.  Give the matchbox you picked up to the man
inside to get a technique.  Now return to the guild and forge yourself a novice
knife.  You won't be able to forge any of the others till later, but the knife
is sufficient.  Bron will give you a choice of another weapon type to use
afterwards.  I'd recommend either an axe or a drill to use in your upcoming
match if you have the techniques.

When everything's squared away, head back to the labyrinth and fight your way
down to the third floor, collecting materials as you go.  On the third level
you'll fight spellswords.  These monsters can hurt you...a lot.  Try to give
them a quick 1-2 combo and dart out before they slash at you.  They're the only
source of mystic ore, so if you want to forge those other weapons you picked up,
you'll have to kill a few.

Head out once you reach the third level teleporter and you're about level 5-6
or so.  For your first round against Chaves, I'd recommend a drill weapon.  His
weapon is easy to break (and thus acquire his technique) and his weapon is very
useful in the early game.

When you're ready, enter the Central Tower and talk to the official that's
holding station north of the stairs.  Before you say you're ready, make sure
you really are.  Have your Guardian Beast equipped with its learned spells, and
make sure you only have one weapon equipped.


  HP     - 190
  Weapon - 70

This guy is mostly there to teach you how to fight against people in the
tournament.  He does a simple slash attack when you're closing in, and a short-
range stab attack when you're next to him.  If you bring a drill, you're more
likely to break his weapon simply from hitting him than from reducing his HP to
zero.  Either way, dash in (tap right twice quickly) to get inside his swinging
range and just spam the A button.  Don't let up and he'll die quickly.


After the battle is won, it's time for a celebration, and your first moonlit
walk of the game.  Choose whoever you want and move on.

 4b. Day 2: A Bad Deal

If you broke Chaves's weapon in your match, see if you can forge his sword.
While ungainly, it's also staggeringly powerful for this stage in the game.
Anyway, when Bron's done talking, head for the harbor.  Talk to Bron there to
end up in Vance.  Even though you have no directions, the weapon shop is rather
easy to spot...it's the one with the big sword as a sign.  Deliver the package
and either return to the boat or wander around.  There's nothing to do here yet

Upon returning, you'll be approached by a man who wants to buy ten iron sabers
from you.  This is a sidequest, and you can skip it if you don't feel like
farming up the materials.  It's probably a good idea just for leveling purposes,
and you can get a couple weapon techniques from it.

If you don't choose to create the ten iron sabers, just return to the harbor
after speaking with Sanary on the fourth labyrinth floor and tell Nigelle that
you refuse.  Return to your room at the guild and you'll receive your second
match notice.  Just go to the Central Tower and fight the battle to advance the

Otherwise, head into the labyrinth and collect materials down on floors 6-8
until you can make ten iron sabers.  Give them to Nigelle, then attempt to go
to your match.  Sanary will stop you and give you a bit of news.  Return with
her to the harbor.  You'll be sent into a battle.


  HP     - 230
  Weapon - 75

He's tougher than Chaves, but not by much.  He has a longer reach, but it's
easier to get in close and smack him around.  If you can, push him into a corner
and spam drill attacks to get him to guard and break his weapon.  Try not to do
any jumping attacks, his spear will just knock you down.


You'll receive your sabers back, and keep the money to boot!  Return to the
guild and forge Varil's Spear, then go to Middle Wystern (go to the second floor
of the Central Tower and take the south door out).  Head south, then right
across the bridge and enter the first house to the right that's not locked.
Talk to the spear-loving freak and exchange Varil's Spear for a technique.  Now
head back to Lower Wystern and visit the house behind and to the left of the
Silver Guild (the one on the water) to get another technique.

With that out of the way, it's time for your second match!  Bring along a drill
or axe if you plan on breaking Kenon's weapon.


  HP     - 300
  Weapon - 90

His weapon has high durability, so it's advisable to come here with a high
tech stat for whatever weapon you're using.  His is a tough one to break, and
it's best if you don't get hit at all rather than block, as his axe does a lot
of durability damage.  He does a lot of short jumping attacks, and will summon
his Guardian Beast to do a lightning attack.  For the most part, it's unavoid-
able unless you keep at him and don't give him a chance to cast.  Get used to
avoiding his attacks using a backstep (double-tap down) and dashing out of the
way, you'll be doing a lot more of it soon.


Whether you break his weapon or beat him down, win the match to end the second
day.  You'll get to take a walk and meet Varil now, so choose your favorite and
move on.

 4c. Day 3: Razzy Fall Down the Hole

The day starts out well enough, then suddenly it's like an episode of Lassie.
Anyway, if you got the technique for Kenon's Axe, forge one and take it with
you.  Also, if you have at least six mystic ore, forge a sharp dagger (Brom
gives you the technique) and then use the mystic ore to forge a windslasher.
It's more powerful than Chaves's sword and doesn't have the agility hit to it.

Now, go to Middle Wystern and head south over the bridges, then enter the first
house to the left.  Talk to the axe-loving man and give him Kenon's Axe for a
technique.  Now enter the house just northwest of there and give the man there
1000b for another technique.  Now enter the first house to the right of the
axe-lover's and talk to the old man there.  He gives you nothing, but it sets
the stage for a later sidequest.

Prepare for a long trip down into the labyrinth.  Forge whatever weapons you
can and take the teleporter down to the sixth floor, then hustle through 7-10.
Make sure to head into the side rooms (some are secret doors outlined faintly
along the wall, but they're visible) and smash everything in there for

On the 11th floor, you'll find a big hole in the floor.  Don't jump down yet.
Bash the teleporter, save your game, and make sure your weapons have high tech
stats.  Fight around the blue triangle on the previous floor to level them up
if you need to.  When you're ready, hop in.  After talking with the woman,
smack the tiny crack in the floor with your hammer...does this remind anyone
else of Looney Tunes?  Yep, definitely Looney Tunes.  Yosemite Sam, to be

Anyway, rest up in the bed if you need it, then go outside.  That's a big
honking spider, ain't it?


 Yasha Spider
  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

This is your first actual 'boss' battle.  There's no durability bar, and you
can use as many weapons as you can equip...and you'll have to, because these
critters have tons of HP and can wear down any weapon that's not teched out.
As for the technicals, the spider has three attacks: a quick claw, a butt bite
(turns around and its backside opens up to give you a nip) and a web shot from
its mouth.  It'll start doing any one of these as you run up to hit it, so the
most effective way to beat it without taking much damage is to dash up, and
without attacking, either dash or jump away, then immediately dash back after
its attack is finished and get in a few shots.  It won't wind up another attack
right away, so you can get in a good 2-3 hits before having to run and repeat
the process.  And above all, don't forget about the spells your Guardian Beast
can provide for you.  A quick heal mid-battle can mean the difference.


After that's done, follow Razzy around and watch the scenes till you're left by
your lonesome.  Make your way out of there to the 11th floor, then take the
teleporter up.  At this point you should be around level 14-15 or so, and have
either an axe or a drill ready and with a high tech stat if you want to break
your opponent's weapon.  Otherwise, just bring your favorite toy and get ready.


  HP     - 500
  Weapon - 70

Razzy is a knuckle user, which means if she makes even one shot connect, it'll
string into a combo that'll knock you off your feet and take off a lot of life.
Initially, you should just dash forward until she jumps over you, then
immediately turn around and attack.  Get in a couple shots, then run/jump away
and dash toward her again to make her jump and repeat.  Breaking her weapon is
pretty tough, mostly because if you bring a strong weapon, you may end up
killing her first through accidental hits.  Try blocking right before her
attacks if she falls below 150 HP or so if you really want her technique.


Afterwards, the day isn't over immediately.  Head up to the third floor and
talk to the guard.  Notice how the blue carpet runs right up against the wall
to the right?  Looney Tunes again.  Walk through the secret door and sneak your
way past the pathing guards to reach the stairs in the northwest corner.  After
the scene, it's time for a walk, and the day's done.

 4d. Day 4: The New Element

After the scenes and the new technique from Brom, head into the labyrinth.  Go
to the 12th floor and examine the locked door.  Return to the surface and you'll
be sent after Craftlord Sakuro to proceed deeper into the labyrinth.  But first,
if you got Razzy's technique, forge her knuckles and go to the raised house on
the east side of Lower Wystern.  Give the knuckles to Razzy's fan club in
exchange for a technique.

Now head for Middle Wystern.  Remember the house with the old man whose son was
away?  Well, he's back now, and he'll give you a technique.  Sakuro's place is
north of there, the only raised house in Middle Wystern.  Talk to him and
accept his training.  Now visit the spear lover and the axe lover's wife (one
is south of Sakuro's place, the other is west of that house) and return the
menu items to Sakuro for a technique in return.  Well, hurry and forge it!

Best.  Weapon.  Ever.  Take it back to Sakuro and you'll be sent on another
errand.  Return to Lower Wystern and go to the Indian place that's along the
path to the harbor.  Talk to the man in white to receive the spice set, then
depending on what you say, you'll be charged for it.  Pick "Pata nahin" to
receive it for free.  Go back to Sakuro again and...make some curry?  Okay...

Either pay attention to what Sakuro says about it, or do what I did and just
select everything in order from top to bottom.  It doesn't matter whether you
get it right, trust me.  Afterwards, go to the Central Tower and just walk
straight ahead to find Sakuro.  After a scene, you'll receive the key to unlock
the door on the 12th floor.

Back to the labyrinth!  Go back to the 12th floor and unlock the door to get
even further into that mess of monsters.  Fight your way down to the 18th floor,
smashing barrels and chests all the way.  Bop the teleporter and explore around.
There are two rooms with chests, both of which contain the core parts you need,
but the rest of it is a dead end.  Return to the teleporter and get yourself
out of there once you're level 17-18 or so.  Head back to your workshop and
forge yourself a new blade out of the core parts and other items you've gotten,
then train up your favorite weapon (drill is still great for breaking here)
and head for your next match.


  HP     - 650
  Weapon - 95

Ariel is actually easier than Razzy.  She's not as aggressive.  However, she
can drill you (har har) similar to Razzy's combos that will take off a lot of
life, so be quick on the block button if you're in close.  She'll do the same
kind of jumping attacks, but her actual attack has a delay, so if you're quick,
you can hit her in midair and knock her down.  If you're using a drill or any
other kind of fast weapon, get in close and just spam through her guard, but
don't stay too close for too long, or she'll wind up a combo that'll zap a lot
of life away.  If you're using a slower weapon, help yourself out by sending in
your Guardian Beast with some attack spells when she's low on life to finish
her off, or she'll summon Mariel to heal her.  Cheap move...


And that's the day, folks!  Take a walk and whatnot.  You can now choose to
visit Sakuro in the Central Tower.

 4e. Day 5: Lord of Craftlords

After the scene, forge Ariel's Drill if you have the materials.  Take it to the
house in the southwest corner of Lower Wystern and give it to the woman for a
technique.  Now go to the harbor and talk to the guy there.  Return to the
cat-lover's house (the one behind and to the right of the item shop) and talk
to the man there to receive a technique after telling him how to get rid of
those cats.

When you're ready to proceed, forge the sword Brom taught you.  Agree to go
with him (you can't leave otherwise) and watch the scenes.  Afterwards, go to
Upper Wystern (exit from the third floor of the Central Tower) and head into
the door to the left of the tower door.  The man inside will send you on a
little quest: find him some dragon fang ore.  It's deep inside the labyrinth,
but the 18th floor is a dead-end...what to do...

Enter the labyrinth and warp to the 11th floor.  Go down to the 12th floor and,
instead of entering the door leading to the 13th floor, go left and open the
door there for a quick scene.  Afterwards, go through the next door and trudge
down the many stairs till you reach the 19th floor.  Fight your way down, and
when you reach the blue recovery triangle, train up your weapons so your tech
stats are decent.  You should be around level 20 or so by now, though if you're
a bit lower, you'll probably be fine as long as you've got a good weapon.
Continue on till you reach the 23rd floor, where you'll encounter a very large
Summon Creature.  


 Heavy Metal
  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

This little critter has three basic attacks: he'll do a long jab with one claw
if you're right up next to him, a quick combo where he stabs the ground if
you're in sword range but not quite pressed against him.  His third attack has
him pulling himself up off-screen and stabbing at you with his claws from above,
which can be difficult to dodge.  The best way to go about this is to cause him
to do his stab combo on the ground.  Run up, stop just in time to be at the
very edge of attack range with a sword (or whatever weapon you're using), take
a couple swings and get the hell away from him.  Rinse, repeat.  If he cables
himself up to the ceiling, just avoid his jabs as best you can and wait for
him to land.


Your reward is the dragon fang ore.  Unfortunately, there's no teleporter, so
you'll have to walk all the way back to the 11th floor to warp out.  There will
be a scene along the way, but nothing else of import.  Head back to the third
floor, but the old man's house is empty.  Go outside and head south to find
him...and several friends.

You'll do battle with one of the soldier-boys.  Feel free to just beat the crap
out of him rather than break his weapon.  You can, but doing so only gets you a
medkit, not a new weapon technique.  Kill him off and watch the scenes to end
the day.

 4f. Day 6: Mystery of the Vortex

As soon as you wake up, Razzy comes in and it's Lassie all over again.  What's
that, girl?  Trouble at the harbor?  Let's go!

After the scene, visit Brom to get the ship key, and your new sword technique.
On this day, you can get an elemental technique by trading a murder pole spear
with the spear-loving lady.  Forge one if you've got the recipe (if you haven't
been keeping up with spears, it could be a while) and head into Middle Wystern
to get the technique.  Now go back to Lower Wystern and enter the elevated
house just northwest of the guild.  Make sure you only have swords equipped
(it can be done with just one) and talk to him for another elemental technique.

Now go back to the harbor and board your new boat.  Examine the ship's wheel to
get a move on.  If you're playing as Pratty with Sugar as your Guardian Beast,
this will be another of those wonderful bisexual moments.

Err...right.  Anyway.  Boss fight.


 Giant Serpent
  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

You can take this guy down similar to Heavy Metal.  Run in, get a couple quick
attacks and dash/jump out.  He'll do a claw swipe which doubles as a short-range
wave attack, a windmill attack, but mostly he'll dash about the screen in an
X pattern after being hit.  This makes him really easy, as you can run into
sword range, slash out a combo, and back out as he does his X-dash and just
wait for him to appear again.  As long as you're outside the X, you can stand
there and nothing will hit you.  All in all, a weak fish.


Pratty's such a tease.  If you can, bring along lightning-attuned weapons like
Ariel's Drill or Spark Gladius.  Head onto the main part of the island.  At
this point there are two routes to take.  The one to the right leads directly
to the boss of this place, which is much, much stronger than anything you've
fought before.  Unless you're around level 25-27 with very good tech stats on
all your weapons, odds are you're not ready.  So skip the cave entrance and
instead head as far left as you can go, then go down through a small path in
the woods.  You'll meet up with the others and have a quick scene.  Walk along
the path shown and enter the first house you see for another scene, then
continue along the path and stay to the northern edge of the village to avoid
being spotted.  Enter the Marine Dungeon by the opening in the northwest corner
of the village.

On the first floor, snag the chest on the small island first, then go around
to the south side of the pool and smack the dark part of the ground with your
hammer to open the way downstairs.  On the third floor, you'll be presented
with a choice: rescue Razzy or Sanary.  I highly, highly recommend Sanary.
Trust me on this.

If you choose Razzy - Go along the southern path till you run into Razzy, who
will be accosted by an Evil Fish.  It's the same as the Giant Serpent above, so
defeat it in the same way.

If you choose Sanary - Follow the western path and you'll soon run into Sanary
and a group of soldiers.  Choose to wait whenever the option is presented for
maximum effect.  After the scene, you'll fight a Grudge Fish, which is exactly
the same as the Evil Fish and Giant Serpent.  Kill it, enjoy a laugh at Sanary's
expense, and follow her down the latter.

Regardless of which path you choose (Sanary!) you'll end up in the same place
with everyone else.  Head right and down the stairs to the B5F.  Here, go
around the pool of water to the left and whack the discolored spot to open the
way on B6F.  Save your game, head down and take a break at the recovery
triangle.  Make sure all your weapons are at max tech for the upcoming fight,
and it wouldn't hurt to be level 25-27 or higher.  When you're ready, go down
to the final floor and follow the only route to the Summon Creature.


 King Crabber
  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

This guy is...tough if you're unprepared.  Your main challenge will be keeping
your weapons intact for this.  While you can continue to fight after breaking
all your weapons, you'll only have your hammer, and you'll be out all the
materials you used to forge them.

The trick to beating this guy is by watching his eyestalks.  How they retract
will tell you what he's about to do.

* Lowering both at the same time will cause claws to come out from both sides
one after the other.  Stand in the middle.

* Lowering both, but with one eyestalk going down first.  A claw will come out
on the side of that eyestalk, then another one will shoot out from the opposite
direction on top of the screen.  Dash to the opposite side of the eyestalk that
lowered first (i.e. left eyestalk lowers first, get to the very right side of
the battle screen).

* Only one eyestalk lowering will cause a claw to shoot out from that side.
Get to the opposite side as fast as possible.

* Both eyestalks glow green produces a whirlwind attack.  Get away from the

If you have Ariel's drill with at least 100 in tech, this will be a cakewalk.
Stand in between the eyestalks and press down and hold the A button to do a
drill combo, then react accordingly depending on how the eyestalks move.  Most
of the time, they'll either lower one after the other or glow green, so be
prepared to dash out of the way of whatever's coming.

If you don't have very high tech skill, make the most of your Guardian beast.
Use attack magic, and make sure Weapon Shield is equipped.  It will let you
attack for a time without losing any durability.


After the battle, you'll have the run of Rugista Island.  If you want to farm
up more blue forging materials, you can run back into the Marine Dungeon and
come out to rest on your ship.  To progress the game, go to the mayor's house
and choose to wait.

Watch the various scenes, then you'll be back in Wystern.  Return to the guild
if you want and talk to Brom if you need any new techniques, then go back home
and watch the scene to end the day.

 4g. Day 7: Into the Heart of the Volcano

Earthquakes and volcanos...can't be good.  Off the bat you'll have to see
Rondeau, but first, sidequests!  Head up to Middle Wystern and talk to the
axe-lover's wife.  Listen to her gripe.  That's it, you'll come back later.
Now go to the house directly east of there and talk to the old man and woman.
Since you spoke to her son, she'll give you a technique.  Now go to the house
south and a little left of the Gold Guild and buy a technique for 5000b from
the man inside.

Time to visit Rondeau.  Go up to his place and watch the scene.  Afterwards,
before you go back to Brom, talk to the guy in green just outside Rondeau's
home.  He wants you to deliver a message to the six guys scattered around
Upper Wystern.  Run around and talk to them all (none are hidden) and receive
some spiked shoes.  They're pretty good if you're an agi build.

Return to Brom to get permission to use the boat, and a new sword build.  If
you have the materials for it, craft it, then make a water gem sword.  You'll
be needing it soon.  Craft whatever else you can/want and head for the harbor.
Talk with Ureksa and continue along till BAM!

Right.  After the scene, head up.  Take the rightmost path and go through the
glowing portal.  In the northeast corner of this small chamber, you'll find...
Chaves???  How random.  He'll want to fight you.  He's exactly the same as he
was during your match, just with more HP.  Kill him the same way.  When you're
done, go back outside and take the left path through the portal to reach the
actual interior of the volcano.

Head down to B2F for a scene.  You can use the bed in the workshop, despite it
being inside an active volcano.  Down in B3F there will be a few teleporters
strung around to make your life miserable.  The left leads to a chest, the
right will take you to B4F.  Hop through the teleporters till there's a split.
The left will be barrels, the right the correct path.  Same with the next
split.  Walk along till you hit another scene.  When that's done, just follow
Hayate to get yourself into a fight.


  HP     - 1050
  Weapon - 105

This guy fights similar to Varil.  He has a long reach, but it's easy to get
inside and smack away at him.  The big difference is he'll use his Guardian
Beast to knock you around, but you should be able to heal through any missteps.
Breaking his weapon is pretty simple.  Bring a drill, run and jump over his
spear.  Hit him in the air as you're coming down, then immediately go into a
Down + A combo.   as bringing a drill, dashing up next to him
and using the Down + A combo.  Granted, it's not always this easy, but if
you're not grossly underleveled, you should have no trouble.


When that's done, go down to B6F.  Both teleporters lead to the same place, so
choose either one.  When you get to the blue recovery triangle, make sure your
weapons have decent tech stats.  Being level 30 wouldn't hurt either.  Go down
to B7F.  When the teleporters split, the left leads to a chest and the right
leads to...what the hell is that?!


  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

Okay, this bad boy's not nearly as horrible as he looks.  Just watch his head.
If he pulls it either to the left or right out of screen, he's about to do a
tail swipe, in which case run to the other side fast.  If he pulls it up out
of screen, he's just switching sides.  If he raises his head a little, he's
about to do a flame breath that blankets half the battleground, but he
typically only does that if you're attacking from the front.  If he does, just
run underneath him.  If he raises his head a little and you're beneath him, he's
about to pelt you with stones.

The best way to fight him is to get about halfway between his head and where
his neck drops off screen and hit him a few times.  If you're in the right spot,
he'll counter with a hail of stones (there are two waves, you can guard through
both) and then let you attack him some more.  He'll keep doing this a lot.  The
only trouble is, even if your tech stats are maxed, you'll lose a lot of
durability.  Use enchant weapon, weapon shield, all that good stuff and try to
take as much HP off him before he switches sides or the effects wear off.


Afterwards, there will be a few scenes, and you'll be back in Wystern.  Return
to your home and talk to Amariss.  When you're done there, go to the guild hall
to end the day.

 4h. Day 8: Showdown at the Lighthouse

Start the day (after the scenes) by crafting Ureksa's spear if you broke his
weapon yesterday.  Take it to the spear-loving woman in Middle Wystern for a
technique.  Talk to the axe-lover's wife afterward and listen to her complain
again.  Now go back to Lower Wystern and talk to the blue-haired boy in the
Silver Guild (he's hiding in a bed in Brom's room).  Now visit Razzy's fan
club's house (the one on the water behind the Silver Guild) and tell the father
where his missing son is for another technique.

Now head for the harbor and talk to Razzy on the boat.  When you land in Vance,
visit the weapon shop, then head to the house on the west side of town for a
peek at a naked woman...okay, not really.  Watch the scene, then go back to the
boat and return to Wystern when you're ready.  Take the payment to Brom and
you'll finally get a new sword technique.  The crystal sword, in a word, sucks.
The durability is crap.  However, the elemental version is pretty good.  If
you don't have the mystic ore after forging Ureksa's spear, feel free to head
down into the labyrinth for more.  You can now reach the 28th floor unhindered,
although the door there is locked.  Head out when you feel you're ready.  Don't
forge another of Ureksa's spears if you have the extra materials, it won't be
much help soon.

When all's said and done, go to Sakuro's house to advance the game.  Obviously
this is not the kind of game where you can do nothing, so head for the harbor
after the scene.  Once in Vance, visit Rumari, then go left to the lighthouse.
Shock!  Drama!  Hostage situation!

Head into the lighthouse and start making your way up.  Once you reach the 5th
floor, head for the stairs to the 6th and you'll be stopped.  Fortunately, they
automatically bring you up to the 8th floor, so watch the scene and save, then
follow everyone through the secret door.  Restore yourself at the triangle and
go outside for another scene and a battle.


  HP     - 1300
  Weapon - 110

This is exactly the same fight as before, except he has more HP, durability and
will hit harder.  I highly recommend you break his weapon, as the technique
you receive will be very strong, even at the end of the game.


After the battle, much drama!  Unfortunately, when it's all over, you'll have
to climb down the tower again.  Start by following the two Craftlords down the
ladder, then make your way back out of the tower again.

When you get outside, you'll be presented with a few options.  It doesn't
really matter which you pick, though the first gives you an extra scene, and
the third provides a little friendly banter.  Either way, the day will end.

 4i. Day 9: Solving the Mystery

Ah, a bright and shiny day!  Then the world has to come and ruin it all.  Well,
at least you get a new labyrinth key.  Talk to Brom after the beginning scene,
and check your materials.  If you broke Ureksa's spear yesterday, you may want
to forge his weapon, it's pretty good.  But if you're short on mystic ore, wait
a bit.  Also ensure you have the items to make a terra rotor (drill technique
18).  If you don't have enough for either, go down into the labyrinth and hunt
around for a while.  But before you do that, go to the harbor and talk to the
cat (don't talk to Sakuro) then go to the cat-lover's house (behind and to the
right of the item shop).  Talk to the old man and tell him about his cat to get
a new technique.  Once you have enough materials for a terra rotor, make one
and take it to the house in the southwest corner (the one in the water) and
give it to the lady there for another technique.

Now go back to Middle Wystern and talk to the axe-lover's wife again.  Let
her chat her ear off, and head for the labyrinth.  Unfortunately, you can't get
farther than the 33rd floor, so once you hit that, go back to the teleporter
and leave when you're done gathering materials.

Speak to Sakuro at the harbor to begin your trip.  The fort you're invading is
a little different from other dungeons.  You go up and down levels by using
the green and red-lit tubes, and there are rooms on each level you can visit to
snag chests and break objects for materials.  It may look confusing, but the
path is still linear.  Just don't take the red tubes unless the only way is
down.  When you hit the recovery square, take some time to max out your weapon's
tech.  Eventually you'll end up encountering the bad guys, and have to square
off against Nameless Soldier #2.  Kill him off (no points for breaking his
weapon) and after the scene, go all the way to the left and shimmy down the...
I guess it's a pole?

Save your game before going out, and make sure your health is maxed.  Outside,
you'll fight the annoying guy.


  HP     - 1350
  Weapon - 120

This guy can be tough.  Breaking his weapon is tougher.  Because he's a drill
user, he can catch you in the Down + A combo and really hurt you.  So, keep
your distance and block frequently if you have to close in.  If you just want
to kill him, equip your best attack spells on your Guardian Beast and just zap
the crap out of him right away.  If, however, you want his weapon broken,
that'll take some time.  The best workable method I've found is to jump around
and either smack him if he tries a jumping attack, or quickly break through his
guard as you land if he goes defensive as you're in the air.  An axe might work
better than a drill here, as the increased range would keep you out of his
attack radius.


Regardless of the method used, you're not done yet!


  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

This guy has three main attacks: a tail whip when you're close-range, a fire
breath, and one where he actually uses his stomach to bite you if you're
attacking with a spear from a distance.  The best way to go about this is to
get in close and just run out of his attack range after a couple swings.  A
spear is actually a bad idea here, as this critter will keep closing in on you
till you're backed against the side of the battle screen, and you won't be able
to avoid his attacks or get out unless your agility is phenomonally good.  If
that happens, just bum-rush Parista and forcibly push him back, and heal after
you've got some breathing room.


When the battle's all done, you'll be back in Wystern.  Without having any say
about it, the day will be complete.  Be very careful about who you select to
visit tonight.  Whoever you pick will not only be central to a bonus scene in
the morning, but will also become the person you stand with in the end of the

 4j. Day 10: The Semi-Finals

Regardless of who you chose the night before, events will play out the same.
Finish talking to Sanary, then go to Brom's room for another quick scene.
When that's done, visit your home and talk to Amariss, then go to Rondeau.
He'll send you after Sakuro, who you'll find on the third floor of the Central
Tower, just inside the secret door.  After that scene, you can finally get a
new sword technique from Brom.

But before that, you remember all those people involved in the sidequests?  The
sword/spear/axe/etc. lovers?  Visit the wife of the axe-lover one last time to
get a brand-new axe technique.  No elemental weapon this time.  Same with the
sword lover down in Lower Wystern, and the drill lover in the southwest corner
of the city for a sword and drill technique respectively.  Now go to the cat
lover's house and speak to the old man for a knuckle technique.  Finally, talk
to Brom until you have spear technique 22 (platinum lance) and forge one, then
give it to the spear loving lady in Middle Wystern.  Also, talk to the guy in
the house southwest of the Gold Guild and buy his technique for 10,000b.

With all that out of the way, you can either go straight into your semi-final
match, or explore further into the labyrinth.  I'd recommend the latter, both
for the materials and for the opportunity to bump up the tech stats on any new
weapons you may forge, not to mention leveling up.  However, you still can't
go much deeper, so once you hit the new teleporter, stop there and level up a
bit if needed.  You should be near or over level 40 at this point, with a
decent tech stat on whatever you're bringing to the party.

Whenever you're ready, start the match.


  HP     - 1350
  Weapon - 120

This girl's a regular pain in the posterior.  She does a lot of jumping attacks,
and her regular combo will take off a large chunk of life.  If you're going to
break her sword, bring a slightly weak drill so accidental hits don't take off
as much life.  I ended up bringing Lubert's drill and nearly killed her.
Anyway, you'll have to guard a lot during this match, and countering her jumps
requires pretty precise timing (or a lot of luck) so play it defensively and
only go in when she's finished her combo and winding up for the next.  


Afterwards, there will be a few scenes.  It doesn't matter what you choose, you
end up going after Sanary anyway.  Although if you select to prepare for the
tournament, you have to first talk to Amariss before proceeding.  Either way,
craft yourself a Holy Buster, it's a great non-elemental sword for this part of
the game.  Also, stop by the spear-loving woman's house in Middle Wystern for
a brand-new non-elemental technique (assuming you've done her sidequests).

When you're ready, go to the Central Tower and talk to the guy blocking the
labyrinth entrance.  He'll direct you to the weirdo who delivers match notices.
That guy is on the second floor.  He'll point you to a hidden passage on the
third floor.  Head up, but don't go through the secret passage.  Instead, talk
to the guy blocking the way, who's actually the amnesia guy from before.  After
you're done talking, go through the secret passage and make your way past the
first and second guards.  See the door nearby?  Run for it as the guard nearby
starts walking down.

Assuming you get in, there will be a scene, and you'll get to use the secret
entrance into the labyrinth!  Head over to the teleporter and warp down as far
as you can.  You'll be going much, much deeper.  The officials on the 39th
floor are gone, so you can move on to the 40th and beyond.  

When you hit the save point on the 46th floor, use it.  Make sure you've got
full HP starting out on the 47th floor, because close to the stairs going to
48, you'll run into an old friend.  And to prevent spoilers, I'll just say
this: it's the same fight as it was before, only he does more damage and has
more HP/durability.  You can wear him down the same, and breaking his weapon
(which you should do, it's a good weapon) is very easy with a drill.  Simply
jump inside his range (this requires a good agi stat, or he'll hit you with
his spear when you're in the air) then do a Down + A combo.  

Whether you win by breakage or just beat him down, you'll gain access to the
blue recovery triangle (yay) and the last few levels.  When you reach the door
with all the crystals around it, head on in.  You'll be pulled into a battle,
but this isn't a battle you're meant to win.  Just stand there and get yourself
killed off for the game to proceed.

Eventually, you'll be given a choice.  A very important choice.  Say you need
time to decide.  Rest, save your game, go outside and smack the teleporter
that's sitting near the workshop.  Then, go back in and say you're ready.

This is where the game splits.  If you make the sacrifice, you'll receive a
weapon of your choosing and immediately get into a fight with Parista.  If you
don't, keep reading.  Note that it doesn't matter in the long run whether or
not you make the sacrifice, but I felt bad about it, so I went the other way.
Despite what Kuhyra says, the weapon you make without sacrificing really isn't
that much weaker.

If you don't make the sacrifice, take the teleporter back up to the first floor
and head for your house (remember you need to use the back route rather than
go out of the labyrinth in the usual way).  You can also use this time to craft
a new spear for yourself if you happened to break you-know-who's weapon on the
47th floor.  Anyway, back at your house you'll have to fight Nameless Soldier #3
(poor bastard) and afterwards go back down to the 50th floor of the labyrinth
to forge the sword.


  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

Check it out, you have infinite durability!  Go nuts!  Parista has a few tricks
of his own, though.

 * If he raises his head a little, he's going to do a headbutt that stretches
across the entire screen.  Dash to the right (has to be a dash) to avoid damage.

 * If he raises his head almost out of the screen and snorts smoke, he's about
to blanket the area in flames.  The safe spot is the right side of the screen.

 * If he does the same as a flame breath but no smoke comes out, he'll try to
punch you, in which case run to the left.

 * If he moves his head entirely off the screen, he'll smash the ground with
his fist and cause rocks to fall from the ceiling.  They create shadows on the
ground signaling where they'll land, so just dash to avoid them.

Avoid his attacks and smash away at him with your super-weapon.  This is only
the beginning, though.  After beating him down, he goes through the obvious
transformation and acquires a second form.

This one is stationary and is a little easier in reacting to his attacks.
Pretty much all of them involve dashing to the other side of the screen as
fast as possible.

 * When the ground beneath his face looks like it's crumbling, he'll punch at
you.  Just jump out of the way.

 * If a green sphere appears, dash away or you'll be hit by lasers.

 * When a pair of hands pop out of the ground, dash to the left as fast as
possible to avoid damage.

 * Finally, if his face gains a green wireframe glow, he'll create several
images that'll hurt you.  Running left is the only way to avoid it.

He also has a mouth beam attack, but as far as I can tell, that's completely
unavoidable.  Even if you jump at the right moment, you still land in time to
be hit.  


Assuming you're victorious, congratulations!  You've beaten the game!  Enjoy
the credits and the final scenes, but you're not done yet!

 4k. Aftermath

Hurray, a happy ending!  But there's still more to do, so let's get to it!
First and foremost is the exhibition match, which is now unlocked.  To enter,
speak to the man who usually lets you into the matches during the main game and
give him 1000b.  The rules are the same as the regular matches: only one weapon
allowed, fight to the death.  Except since it's an exhibition, you can run away
at any time, and if you lose, nothing bad happens.  This event is timed, though,
and if you beat all the opponents fast enough, you'll receive any techniques
you missed during the game by failing to break a boss's weapon.  However, the
arena won't give you any elemental techniques or any techniques you would've
gotten from the sword/spear/axe/etc. lovers that they provide for doing their
sidequests.  If you didn't miss anything, you'll only receive spear technique 33
if you win in under two minutes.  If you can clear the matches fast enough, this
is also a great source of experience points and mystic ore.

Now then, remember the quick cuts to the labyrinth during the ending?  Go back
to the 50th floor and visit the workshop.  Kuhyra will be there, and you can
exchange your current Guardian Beast for him.  He comes with his own levels and
magic, and he doesn't have the same restrictions on crafting elemental weapon
types.  In other words, you can use him to craft the various elemental types
rewarded by sidequests you may have missed during the game.

Also, you can enter that door that used to have shiny things over it.  That
will take you to a whole new section of the labyrinth, and let you explore all
the way down to level 100.  Here are some highlights:

 * Teleporters are located starting on the 56th floor and every 10 floors after.

 * On the 59th floor, you can find sword technique 31 in a secret room if you
go right as you enter.

 * On the 60th floor, you'll encounter Evil Metal, a more deadly version of
Metal Head.  However, the fight is the same, so beat him up and you'll earn

 * The 69th floor has another secret room, this one with spear technique 29.

 * On the 80th floor will be Omen Fish, which is exactly the same as Giant
Serpent from days past. Take him out the same way to receive spear technique 31.

 * The 81st floor has sword technique 33 in yet another secret room.

 * On the final floor (a whopping 100!) you'll discover the true master of the
tower.  Whatever weapons you bring are going to need to have maxed tech stats.


 Inferno Kirin
  HP     - ????
  Weapon - N/A

This guy plays out exactly the same as Kirin from the volcano.  The big
difference is his massive HP count.  I'm not kidding.  You'll need to cast
weapon shield, even with weapons that have a high durability like the
superconductor drill.  Aside from that, it's not that tough a fight if you
remember how to beat the original Kirin.  Just remember to stab him in the neck
rather than try to hit him in the head.


Your initial reward for defeating Inferno Kirin is sword technique 35.  Behind
Inferno Kirin is a treasure trove, including some nice equippable items, spear
technique 35, and some craftable materials to make them with.  If you leave
the labyrinth with all three dead, you can fight Evil Metal, Omen Fish and
Infernal Kirin again!  The former two will give additional techniques, and
Kirin will supply some absurd XP for your time.  Other than that, all that's
left is to wait patiently for October and the sequel!

 5.  Techniques

A quick note.  The elemental techniques are either forged with mystic ore or
acquired through sidequests.  HOWEVER, the Guardian Beast you choose not only
determines which weapon types you can and cannot forge with elements, but also
which weapon techniques you receive from those sidequests.  In other words, the
rewards aren't set, but rather determined based on your Guardian Beast.  The
rewards for these sidequests will always be an elemental weapon technique that
your Guardian Beast cannot forge.  However, if you miss any of them, don't
despair, don't reset, etc.

 5a. Swords

 01 - Novice Knife - You begin the game with this.
 02 - Fire Dagger - Elemental technique.
 03 - Chaves's Sword - Break Chaves's weapon during your match with him.
 04 - Iron Saber - Given by Brom on day 2.
 05 - Aqua Saber - Elemental technique.
 06 - Sharp Dagger - Given by Brom on day 3.
 07 - Windslasher - Elemental technique.
 08 - Gladius - Given by Brom on day 4.
 09 - Spark Gladius - Elemental technique.
 10 - Ladle - Complete Sakuro's "special training" to receive this technique.
 11 - Hot Iron Ladle - Elemental technique.
 12 - Zantetsu Blade - Given by Brom on day 5.
 13 - Reppu Blade - Elemental technique.
 14 - High Blade - Given by Brom on day 6.
 15 - Flare Blade - Elemental technique.
 16 - Bastard Sword - Given by Brom on day 7.
 17 - Water Gem Sword - Elemental technique.
 18 - Crystal Sword - Given by Brom on day 8.
 19 - Blue Thunder - Elemental technique.
 20 - Gozanto - Given by Brom on day 9.
 21 - Goranto - Elemental technique.
 22 - Messer Blade - Given by Brom on day 10.
 23 - Aquahound Blade - Elemental technique.
 24 - Sanary's Blade - Break Sanary's weapon during your match.
 25 - Holy Buster - Given by Brom after the semi-finals.
 26 - Fiery Buster - Elemental technique.
 27 - Buzzsaw Sword - On the 2nd day, speak to the sword nut in the house behind
                      and to the left of the Silver Guild.  On the 6th day,
                      speak to him with only swords equipped (can be any
                      number).  On the 10th day, he'll give you this technique.
 28 - Electro-Sawblade - Elemental technique.
 29 - Great Scimitar - Dropped by Black Pincer (Labyrinth floors 51-100).
 30 - Blazing Scimitar - Elemental technique.
 31 - Demon's Rage Sword - In a chest on the 59th floor of the labyrinth.
 32 - Demon Quencher - Elemental technique.
 33 - Angelic Blade - In a chest on the 81st floor of the labyrinth.
 34 - Holy Breath Sword - Elemental technique.
 35 - Saintly Sword - Defeat Inferno Kirin on the 100th floor of the labyrinth.
 36 - Prominence Sword - Elemental technique.

 5b. Axes

 01 - Hand Axe - Taught by Brom.  
 02 - Burning Axe - Elemental technique.
 03 - Edge Axe - Taught by Brom.
 04 - Aqua Edge Axe - Elemental technique.
 05 - Kenon's Axe - Break Kenon's weapon during your second match.
 06 - Double-Edged Axe - Taught by Brom.
 07 - Whirlwind Axe - Elemental technique.
 08 - Battle Axe - Taught by Brom.
 09 - Brutish Axe - Elemental technique.
 10 - Great Axe - Taught by Brom.
 11 - Blazing Axe - Elemental technique.
 12 - Hydra Axe - Taught by Brom.
 13 - Hydra Burst Axe - Elemental technique.
 14 - Marshal Axe - Taught by Brom.
 15 - Thunder Axe - Elemental technique.
 16 - Silver Axe - Taught by Brom.
 17 - Fiery Axe - Elemental technique.
 18 - Crusher Axe - Taught by Brom.
 19 - Firefang Axe - Elemental technique.
 20 - Gothic Crusher - Taught by Brom.
 21 - Fujin Crusher - Elemental technique.
 22 - Chrono Crusher - Taught by Brom.
 23 - Ifrit Axe - Elemental technique.
 24 - Demonic Boneaxe - Give Kenon's Axe to the axe lover on the 3rd day.
                        On the 7th, 8th and 9th days, listen to his wife
                        complain.  On the 10th day she'll give this technique.
 25 - Hellfire Boneaxe - Elemental technique.
 26 - Feather Axe - Complete the bestiary and you'll receive this technique
                    upon leaving the labyrinth.
 27 - Wing Gale - Elemental technique.
 28 - Skull Crusher - Defeat Omen Fish a second time.
 29 - Flare Crusher - Elemental technique.
 30 - Twin Demon Axe - Dropped by Arch Demon (Labyrinth floors 86-100).
 31 - Thunder Queen Axe - Elemental technique.
 32 - Haven Axe - Dropped by Dark Dragon (Labyrinth floors 86-100).
 33 - Genma Axe - Elemental technique.

 5c. Spears

 01 - Spear - Taught by Brom.
 02 - Fire Spear - Elemental technique.
 03 - Yari - Taught by Brom.
 04 - Spear of Blue - Elemental technique.
 05 - Varil's Spear - Sell 10 iron sabers to Nigelle, then confront him before
                      your second match and break Varil's weapon in the ensuing
 06 - Valeri Spear - Taught by Brom.
 07 - Wind Spear - Elemental technique.
 08 - Creid Spear - Taught by Brom.
 09 - Thunder Spear - Elemental technique.
 10 - Sapphire Lance - Taught by Brom.
 11 - Aqua Lance - Elemental technique.
 12 - Murder Pole - Taught by Brom.
 13 - Splicer Pole - Elemental technique.
 14 - Halberd - Taught by Brom.
 15 - Hydro Halberd - Elemental technique.
 16 - Ureksa Spear - Break Ureksa's weapon during day 7.
 17 - Lucile Lance - Taught by Brom.
 18 - Flame Lance - Elemental technique.
 19 - Ureksa Spear EX - Break Ureksa's weapon during day 8.
 20 - Warrior Naginata - Taught by Brom.
 21 - Sailor Naginata - Elemental technique.
 22 - Platinum Lance - Taught by Brom.
 23 - Voltage Lance - Elemental technique.
 24 - Phantom Spear - Taught by Brom.
 25 - Poseidon Spear - Elemental technique.
 26 - Neo Ureksa Spear - Defeat Ureksa after the semi-finals.
 27 - Fish Hoarder - After breaking Varil's weapon on day 2, craft it and give
                     it to the spear lover in Middle Wystern.  Give her a
                     murder pole on day 6, Ureksa's Spear on day 8, and a
                     platinum lance on day 10.  After the semi-finals match,
                     talk to her to receive this technique.
 28 - Splash Deluxe - Elemental technique.
 29 - Sniper Lance - Found in a chest on the 69th floor of the labyrinth.
 30 - Sniper M162 - Elemental technique.
 31 - Giant Fork - Defeat Omen Fish on the 80th floor of the labyrinth.
 32 - Aqua Fork - Elemental technique.
 33 - Hammer Head - Clear the exhibition match in under 2 minutes.
 34 - Thunder Spike - Elemental technique.
 35 - Lord Spear - Defeat Inferno Kirin on the 100th floor of the labyrinth.
 36 - Haven Spear - Elemental technique.

 5d. Knuckles

 01 - Knuckles - Taught by Brom.
 02 - Burning Knuckles - Elemental technique.
 03 - Iron Knuckles - Taught by Brom.
 04 - Suiseiken - Elemental technique.
 05 - Eagle Talons - Taught by Brom.
 06 - Bald Eagle Claws - Elemental technique.
 07 - Razzy's Knuckles - Break Razzy's weapon during your third match.
 08 - Winged Knuckles - Taught by Brom.
 09 - Winding Fists - Elemental technique.
 10 - Gauntlets - Taught by Brom.
 11 - Stun Gauntlets - Elemental technique.
 12 - Sting Claws - Taught by Brom.
 13 - Gust Stinger - Elemental technique.
 14 - Triple Header - Taught by Brom.
 15 - Aqua Triple - Elemental technique.
 16 - Heavy Iron Fists - Taught by Brom.
 17 - Cyclone Fists - Elemental technique.
 18 - Golden Claws - Taught by Brom.
 19 - Alchemist Claws - Elemental technique.
 20 - Horned Knuckles - Taught by Brom.
 21 - Fiery Fists - Elemental technique.
 22 - Judgement Fists - Taught by Brom.
 23 - Tempest Claws - Elemental technique.
 24 - Super Catickles - On the first day, speak to the old man in the house
                        behind and to the right of the item shop and locate the
                        cat at the harbor.  On the 5th day, speak to a man at
                        the harbor about the cats, then talk to the kid at the
                        cat-lover's home.  On the 9th day, find the cat on a
                        box at the harbor and tell the cat-lover.  You'll get
                        this technique from the old man on the 10th day.
 25 - Hydro Catickles - Elemental technique.
 26 - Hazard Knuckles - Defeat Evil Metal a second time.
 27 - Thunder Knuckles - Elemental technique.
 28 - Bear Claws - Dropped by Harricade (Labyrinth floors 51-75).
 29 - Gust Slasher - Elemental technique.
 30 - Skull Knuckles - Destroy every single crate and barrel in the labyrinth
                       in one go, and you'll receive this when you exit.
 31 - Skull Bomber - Elemental technique.
 32 - Trihaven Fists - Dropped by Devil Head (Labyrinth floors 86-100).
 33 - Gale Voyager - Elemental technique.

 5e. Drills

 01 - Novice Drill - Taught by Brom.
 02 - Burning Rotor - Elemental technique.
 03 - Nano Rotor - Taught by Brom.
 04 - Aqua Screw - Elemental technique.
 05 - Micro Turbine - Taught by Brom.
 06 - Whirlwind Rotor - Elemental technique.
 07 - Precision Rotor - Taught by Brom.
 08 - Spark Rotor - Elemental technique.
 09 - Ariel's Drill - Break Ariel's weapon during your fourth match.
 10 - Mining Drill - Taught by Brom.
 11 - Electric Drill - Elemental technique.
 12 - Kilo Turbine - Taught by Brom.
 13 - Battery Drill - Elemental technique.
 14 - Mega Rotor - Taught by Brom.
 15 - Overload Rotor - Elemental technique.
 16 - Giga Turbine - Taught by Brom.
 17 - Cyclone Rotor - Elemental technique.
 18 - Terra Rotor - Taught by Brom.
 19 - Lightning Rotor - Elemental technique.
 20 - Lubert's Drill - Break Lubert's weapon during your battle on the 8th day.
 21 - Rocket Drill - Taught by Brom.
 22 - Jet Drill - Elemental technique.
 23 - Expert Rotor - Taught by Brom.
 24 - Electro Turbine - Elemental technique.
 25 - Sweet Drill - On the first day, give a matchbox to the drill-lover's
                    husband.  On the 5th day, give her Ariel's Drill.  On the
                    9th day, give her a Terra Rotor, and she'll give you this
                    technique on the 10th day.
 26 - Bitter Drill - Elemental technique.
 27 - Fanged Drill - Defeat Evil Metal on the 60th floor of the labyrinth.
 28 - Raging Fangs - Elemental technique.
 29 - Rainbow Drill - Dropped by Interceptor (Labyrinth floors 51-100).
 30 - Raijin Drill - Elemental technique.
 31 - Twin Drill - Dropped by Gunner Giant (Labyrinth floors 51-100).
 32 - Forked Turbine - Elemental technique.
 33 - Superconductor - Dropped by Charger (Labyrinth floors 81-100).
 34 - Plasma Horns - Elemental technique.

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