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|デジモン テイマーズ バトル スピリット FAQ                |
|Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit For Wonderswan Color FAQ   |
|By: "Sonic T Hedgehog" Casey Correa                      |
|Copyright 2002-2003 Casey Correa                         |
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Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Copyright Info
III. News and Updates
IV. Story
V. Menus 
VI. Controls
VII. Items and Status Effects
VIII. Characters
IX. Stages
X. Stratagies 
XI. Boss Stratagies
XII. Secret Characters
XIII. VS. Mode Secrets
XV. Contact Info
XVI. Closing
XVII. Credits

I. Introduction
Hi, welcome to my FAQ for "Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit". This is my first 
FAQ, it is for the Wonderswan Color game, "Digimon Tamers: Battle 
Spirit". "Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit" is a 2d fighting game that involves 
collecting "D-Spirits" from your enemy instead of draining their life bar. 
Whoever collects the most D-Spirits within the time limit wins the match. Oh 
yeah, this FAQ was composed using JWPce, and uses Shift-JIS Japanese font. And 
before e-mailing me, make sure to read the contact info.

II. Copyright Info
This Game Guide (or "FAQ"), is copyright 2003 by Casey Correa. This "FAQ" may 
not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It 
may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright. The only web sites that are allowed to host this are GameFAQs.com 
and HonestGamers.com, if you see this on any other web site, then they are 
hosting this FAQ illegally or linking to this FAQ illegally. If you see this 
FAQ on any other web site, contact me immediately.

III. News and Updates
December 14, 2002: Started writing this FAQ
December 19, 2002: Submitted this FAQ to GameFAQs
December 22, 2002: Guide was posted on GameFAQs on the Wonderswan Color page.
December 22, 2002: Fixed the format and font
December 23, 2002: Fixed some errors
December 30, 2002: Updated the info of the Secret Characters, and updated the 
copyright info and credits.
January 18, 2003: Added the Vs. mode secrets section, updated the FAQ (added 
info about the WonderSwan Color, and the Game Boy Advance version). Hopefully, 
after this update, CJayC will put this FAQ in the Game Boy Advance section 
too, since both versions are pretty much the same.
March 13, 2003: Fixed the Format a little.
April 22, 2003: Fixed the Format some more.
May 3, 2003: Changed some headers
December 8, 2004: Submitted to HonestGamers.com

IV. Story
The end of 2001: An unknown Digimon of immense power has been born in the 
Digital World. Every time a Digimon goes near this unknown Digimon's power, 
the Digimon would be deleted in an instant by the unknown Digimon. Pretty 
soon, the unknown Digimon started to affect the computers in the real world. 
Some Digimon soon were able to form a resistance against the unknown Digimon. 
This resistance consisted of 7 Digimon, 4 from different dimensions. Now they 
must beat this mysterious Digimon and his equally mysterious servant to save 
the Real World and Digital World.

V. Menus
Main Menu

Single Player Battle: The main game

Battle a Friend: Link-up with another Wonderswan Color to battle your friend

Options Menu: Tweak the game settings

Battle a D-Ark: Battle the D-Ark electronic toy

Options Menu

しあいじかん 90、120、180
Time limit  90 (Culumon appears once), 120 (Culumon: Once), 180 (Culumon: 

むずかしさ かんたん、ふつう、むずかしい
Difficulty  Easy (Enemies taunt more than they attack), Medium (Enemies are a 
little tougher), Hard (Enemies: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!)

サウンドテスト 1ー25
Sound Test  1-25: Listen to your favorite songs from the game

データをけす いいえ、はい

Pause Menu

Continue Game

Exit to title

VI. Controls
B: Normal Attack
A: Jump
X1: None
X2: Move Right
X3: Block (Uses Evolution Energy)
X4: Move Left
Y buttons: Taunt
X3+A: Jump Down
X2+X2 or X4+X4: Run
B (While running): Running attack
B (While in the air): Jumping attack
X1+B: Special Attack
X1+B (While in the air): Air Special attack
X3+B (While over an item): Pick up an item
B (While holding an item): Throw an item

GameBoy Advance Controls, just replace the WSC control with the GBA control:
Wonderswan Color button-Gameboy Advance button
Y buttons-L&R

VII. Items and Status Effects
Baseball: Thrown straight, takes 1 D-Spirit

Rock: Thrown up, then it comes down, takes 2 D-spirit and knocks the enemy 

Gear: Causes Confusion

Lightning icon: Causes Shock status to the enemy, takes 2 D-Spirit 

Fire icon: Causes Fire status to the enemy, takes 2 D-Spirit

Clock: Causes Stop

Culumon: Every time Culumon appears on the screen, you will hear a tone. He 
appears one time at around 30 seconds on the 90 seconds setting, one time at 
around 1 minute on the 120 second setting, and two times at 2 minutes and at 1 
minute on the 180 second setting. When you (or the enemy) touches Culumon you 
(or the enemy) evolves. The Digimon's power will increase, and the Digimon 
will be invulnerable to all attacks and status effects while evolved. Of 
course, you have a limited time in this state. The orange bar at the top of 
the screen tells you how much time you have left in your evolved state. When 
the bar runs out, you revert back to your (weak) Child Digimon.

Status Effects
Shock: The Digimon affected by this effect will look electrocuted, they can 
not do anything in this state. If it was done with a lightning icon, they will 
lose 2 D-Spirit, and if it was done naturally (Lightning bolt, etc.), the 
Digimon will lose 1 D-Spirit unless said different. Oh yeah, did I mention 
that if you touch a shocked Digimon, you get shocked too? And although you 
cannot touch them, that doesn't mean they are invulnerable...

Fire: The Digimon affected by this will run around with their tail on fire, 
all they can do is jump. Once again, if affected by a fire icon, the Digimon 
will lose 2 D-Spirit, and if it is done naturally it will take away one D-
Spirit unless said otherwise. Unlike Shock, you can touch a Digimon on fire 
without getting the effect.

Stop: The Digimon affected by this will have a clock above their head, they 
cannot do anything while in this state. This leaves them open to any attack. 
The only way to get this effect is to be hit by a clock.

Confusion: The Digimon affected by this will have little stars over their 
head, their movement is reversed. It's quite simple to get used to this, when 
you want to move left, press the X2 button, when you want to move right, press 
the X4 button. The only way to get this is to get a gear item thrown at you.

VIII. Characters
The character descriptions will be like this:
Normal Attack: Attack (D-spirits it gets from the enemy)
Special Attack: Attack (D-spirits it gets from the enemy)
Running Attack: Attack (D-spirits it gets from the enemy)
Jumping Attack: Attack (D-spirits it gets from the enemy)
Air Special Attack: Attack (D-spirits it gets from the enemy)
Summary: Explaination about the Digimon

Evolves to:
Info about the Evolution
Evolution Summary:

ギルモン Guilmon
Tamer: まつだ たかと Takato Matsuda
Series: デジモン テイーマズ Digimon Tamers
Normal Attack: Rock Breaker (1)
Special Attack: Fireball (1)
Running Attack: Fire Rock Breaker (2)
Jumping Attack: Wild Scratch (1-4)
Air Special Attack: Air Fireball (1)
Taunt: Eats Bread
Taunt 2 (X3+B): Concentration
Summary: Guilmon is a very fast Digimon, he has a good running attack. But his 
jumping attack is tough to land correctly. He's one of the few characters with 
two taunts, his second taunt powers up his next attack by 1 D-Spirit (For 
Example, use Concentration, then use Rock Breaker, and it will take away 2 D-
Spirit instead of 1). His fireball attack has a bit of recoil, and most of his 
attacks are quite weak, but he is a good Digimon.

Evolves to: ヂュークモン Dukemon
Normal Attack: Saber Slash (4)
Special Attack: Royal Saber (4)
Running Attack: Running Saber Slash (4)
Jumping Attack: Air Saber Slash (4)
Air Special Attack: Final Elysian (4)
Summary: Dukemon is a fast Digimon, espescially for an evolution. His attacks 
are quick and powerful, taking 4 D-Spirits. Overall, he is one of the best 
evolutions, with his speed, power, and good range for attacks.

テリアモン Terriermon
Tamer: リー ジェンリャ Jenrya Lee
Series: デジモン テイマーズ Digimon Tamers
Normal Attack: Hit enemy two times with ears (1-2) 
Special Attack: Blazing Fire (1-3)
Running Attack: Petit Twister (2)
Jumping Attack: Air Petit Twister (2)
Air Special Attack: Whirlwind (1)
Taunt: Terriermon lifts dumbells with his ears
Summary: Terriermon is quite strong for such a little guy. His Spinning attack 
is quite useful and powerful. His Blazing Fire is quite useless, it doesn't 
reach very far, and it leaves Terriermon standing still the whole time, the 
only plus being that it is able to get up to 3 D-Spirit, but it is tough to 
do. Terriermon can use his ears to glide.

Evolves to: セントガルゴモン SaintGalgomon
Normal Attack: Burst Shot (3) 
Special Attack: Giant Missle (4)
Running Attack: Charge (4)
Jumping Attack: Stomp (3)
Air Special Attack: Uppercut (4)
Summary: SaintGalgomon can be quite strong, but his attacks are hard to hit an 
enemy with. His uppercut attack requires the enemy to be above him, his stomp 
attack requires the enemy to be below him. Like Terriermon, SaintGalgomon can 

レナモン Renamon
Tamer: まきの るき Ruki Makino
Series: デジモン テイマーズ Digimon Tamers
Normal Attack: 2 kicks (1-2)
Special Attack: Fox Leaf Arrowhead (1)
Running Attack: Running Claw Slash (2)
Jumping Attack: Jump Kick (1)
Air Special Attack: Air Fox Leaf Arrowhead (1)
Taunt: Renamon turns into Ruki, who does a card slash, then turns back into 
Summary: Renamon is suprisingly slow, espescially since in the show, she is 
the fastest. Her attacks are also weak compared to the other two Tamers 

Evolves to: サクヤモン Sakuyamon
Normal Attack: One kick (4)
Special Attack: Rice Cord (3+Shock)
Running Attack: Slide Kick (4)
Jumping Attack: Jump Kick, then a slide kick when she reaches the ground (4)
Air Special Attack: Vajra Mandala (3+Fire)
Summary: Sakuyamon may seem weak at first, but she can unleash an excellent 
combo using Rice Cord, then using Vajra Mandala, taking 6 D-Spirit from the 

ブイモン V-mon
Tamer: もとみや だいすけ Daisuke Motomiya
Series: デジモン アドベンチャー02 Digimon Adventure 02
Normal Attack: Boom Boom Punch (1-4)
Special Attack: V-mon Head (2)
Running Attack: Arm Spin (1-3)
Jumping Attack: Soccer kick (1)
Air Special Attack: Air V-mon Head (2)
Taunt: V-mon bounces a soccer ball on his head while wearing a soccer uniform
Summary: V-mon is one of my favorite Digimon to use. His Boom Boom Punch can 
take a lot of damage. His V-mon Head attack can be quite useful in the air, as 
it could be used as a extra jump. The only disadvantage to V-mon is that he 
has no long-range attacks.

Evolves to: インペリアルドッラモン パラディンーモード 
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
Normal Attack: Imperial Claw (4)
Special Attack: Giga Death (3+Shock)
Running Attack: Omega Blade (4)
Jumping Attack: Imperial Kick (4)
Air Special Attack: Positron Laser (3+Shock)
Summary: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is great. His attacks are powerful, he 
has a good speed, and his Omega Blade attack is a must-see for a regular 

ワームモン Wormmon
Tamer: いちじょうじ けん Ken Ichijouji
Series: デジモン アドベンチャー02 Digimon Adventure 02
Normal Attack: Worm Scratch (1)
Special Attack: Silk Thread (1)
Running Attack: Worm Wheel (2)
Jumping Attack: Air Worm Wheel (1)
Air Special Attack: Air Worm Wheel (1)
Taunt: Wormmon holds something in the air, either food or the symbol of 
Taunt 2 (Asfar as I know, It's random): Wormmon puts on a Digimon Kaizer 
Costume, and starts waving a whip in front of him O_o. (1-3)
Summary: Wormmon is quite slow and has very little strength. His second taunt 
can harm the enemy, and his Worm Wheel is quick. 

Evolves to: インペリアルドラモン ファイターモード 
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Normal Attack: Imperial Claw (4)
Special Attack: Giga Death (3+Shock)
Running Attack: Imperial Crusher (1-4)
Jumping Attack: Imperial Kick (4)
Air Special Attack: Positron Laser (3+Shock)
Summary: Just like Paladin Mode, only with a worse running attack, and a 
different color.

アグモン Agumon
Tamer: やがみ たいち Taichi Yagami
Series: デジモン アドベンチャー Digimon Adventure
Normal Attack: Claws (1-2)
Special Attack: Baby Flame (1)
Running Attack: Cross Night (1-6)
Jumping Attack: Dynamite Kick (1-3)
Air Special Attack: Air Baby Flame (1)
Taunt: Agumon Poops...
Summary: Agumon has some weak attacks, but his Cross Night and normal attacks 
are great and damaging combos. Agumon attacks quite slowly, and you are likely 
to get hit before doing it. Oh yeah, his poop can be used as an attack.

Evolves to: ウォーグレイモン WarGreymon
Normal Attack: Dramon Killer (4)
Special Attack: Gaia Force (4)
Running Attack: Dramon Tackle (4)
Jumping Attack: Air Dramon Killer (3)
Air Special Attack: Gaia Force (4)
Summary: WarGreymon is VERY powerful, but his Gaia Force attack takes awhile 
to charge up. Also, just running activates the Dramon Tackle, but this makes 
WarGreymon very slow.

スカモン Sukamon
Tamer: チュウモン Chuumon
Series: デジモン アドベンチャー Digimon Adventure
Normal Attack: Desperate Smash (1)
Special Attack: Poop Throw (1)
Running Attack: Desperate Smash (2)
Jumping Attack: Air Desperate Smash (1)
Air Special Attack: Air Poop Throw (1)
Taunt: Sukamon poops...
Summary: Sukamon, one of the weakest Digimon in the game. His Desperate Smash 
is tough to get used to at first, and his Poop Throw can only work if the 
enemy touches it on the ground.

Evolves to: エテモン Etemon
Normal Attack: Grateful Knock (4)
Special Attack: Dark Spirits (4)
Running Attack: Dashing Grateful Knock (4)
Jumping Attack: Love Seranade (4)
Air Special Attack: Air Dark Spirits (4)
Summary: Etemon is one of the most powerful regular Digimon Evolutions in the 
game. His attacks are powerful and quick. His Dark Network attack is tough to 
get used to, as it usually curves up.

IX. Stages
The Stage sections will be layed out like this:
The Digimon that you fight in it: 
Item Digimon: 

Toy Land
Digimon: テリアモン Terriermon
Item Digimon: ベタモン Betamon
Hazards: The stage layout itself is quite confusing and will require you to 
jump a lot

Digimon: アグモン Agumon
Item Digimon: ゴツモン Gotsumon
Hazards: The Gotsumon themselves are the hazards of this stage, they spawn 
everywhere, and they sometimes appear as boulders.

Server Desert
Digimon: ブイモン V-mon
Item Digimon: ヌメモン Numemon
Hazards: The desert sand will slow you to a crawl and the balloons floating at 
the top of the stage will knock you down.

Digimon: ギルン Guilmon
Item Digimon: ムシュモン Mushmon
Hazards: When the volcano erupts and the sky turns red, fireballs will come 
down from the sky.

Temple of the Gods
Digimon: レナモン Renamon
Item Digimon: ピコデビモン PicoDevimon
Hazards: Normal (White) Lightning will shock you, yellow lightning will shock 
you AND destroy parts of those platforms.

Digimon Kaizer's Base
Digimon: ワームモン Wormmon
Item Digimon: バケモン Bakemon
Hazards: Those conveyor belts will carry the D-Spirits, and if they reach the 
ends of the big conveyor, they will drop down into a pit. You can switch their 
direction by pressing the big button in the middle of the room.

Outside of Odaiba
Digimon: スカモン Sukamon
Item Digimon: ペンモン Penmon
Hazards: The whole stage is ice, so it is VERY slippery, when you are running, 
it will be tough to turn around and stop.  Also, the Penmon are very 
troublesome and will slide across the stage sometimes, when they hit you, they 
fall off the stage.

Final Stage
Digimon: ミレニアモン Final Boss
Item Digimon: None
Hazards: The final boss himself

X. Strategies
1. Go after Culumon when he appears, try not to let your enemy get him.
2. Know the hazards of the stage.
3. Know and dodge the enemy's attacks
4. Watch out when the enemy has an item.
5. If your enemy evolves instead of you, RUN!!! Find a safe high place.
6. Listen for Culumon's tone, and listen for any music changes to make sure 
the enemy doesn't evolve.
7. Battles 4-7 are random. Battles 1-3 are always Terriermon, Agumon, and V-

XI. Boss Strategies
インプモン Impmon: On Battle 4, 5, or 6, it will look like a normal battle, 
but before it, Impmon will shoot a fireball at your opponent. Your opponent 
will then run off screen and Impmon will appear, make the screen red, then the 
battle will begin. For a Rookie, he is VERY powerful, some think he is tougher 
than the final boss. Impmon is fast, strong, has some pretty annoying attacks, 
and he is a D-Spirit magnet (As in, when the D-Spirit stops moving, they go 
straight to Impmon). This makes him quite troublesome. Luckily, when Impmon 
made the background red, he also removed all the hazards of the stage (The 
Item Digimon are still there). 
Impmon is very fast, but he does have his weaknesses. Impmon can only shoot 
one Fireball at a time, if you get hit by his Fireball, you lose 2 D-Spirit 
and you get the Fire status. Use his one fireball at a time rule to your 
advantage, by dodging the Fireball and attacking Impmon before the fireball 
dissapears. Impmon's D-Spirit attraction is quite annoying too. Try to catch 
the D-Spirit before they reach Impmon. When Culumon comes around, get him. 
Once you evolve, ATTACK IMPMON!!! Catch the D-Spirit when it comes back to 
him, if you hand out a lot of punishment, then you don't have to do as much to 
get more D-Spirit from him. Just dodge his attacks and get any D-Spirit before 
he does. There's not much advice I can give you except hit him with your best 
attacks, Evolve, and catch all the D-Spirit you can before he gets it.

ミレニアモン Milleniumon: The Final battle, it should remind you of a Marvel 
vs. Capcom boss battle, where you can only hit certain parts. When it begins, 
Milleniumon will fire a blast of energy at you that will knock you out. 
Luckily, Culumon will come around and revive you. But not only that, Culumon 
will give you a power boost (8 D-Spirits+your own power) to be able to survive 
Milleniumon's blasts. Milleniumon will Roar and the Battle will begin. Now, 
you have 4:00 on the clock. This battle can end in 3 ways: You KO Milleniumon, 
Milleniumon KOs you, or the time runs out and you lose. Here are Milleniumon's 

Energy Blast (2+Shock): Milleniumon puts his hands together and charges up a 
blast. After it is charged he will follow you until he can hit you, then he 
will fire. There are two ways to avoid this: 
1. Hide under those one of those 2 orange platforms. Be careful, because once 
he hits it, it will dissapear for a while. The platform won't be fully 
regenerated until it is glowing orange again.
2. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Yes, it is possible to run away from those blasts, but 
it is tough to do. Just keep running and hope the blast doesn't hit you.

Cannon Fire (1-6+Fire, 6 per wave, damage depends on how many bullets you get 
hit by): Milleniumon retreats into the background (Where you can't hit him) 
and fires a barrage of cannon fire. He will fire the cannons in 1-3 waves, and 
the cannon fire will always land in a Triangle shape starting from where you 
were when Milleniumon fired his cannons. It's pretty easy to avoid unless you 
get caught in...

Time Unlimited (0+Slow): It starts when Milleniumon gets in his roaring 
position, but instead of roaring, a black orb forms in his mouth. When you see 
this... RUN! If it hits you, then you are slowed to a crawl, then Milleniumon 
will go into the background and fire off 3 waves of Cannon Fire, which you are 
sure to get hit by. If the black orb misses you, then it will turn into an 

The Key to attacking Milleniumon is hitting his head while he is in the 
foreground. When you lower his health half way, he will turn Blue, when he is 
almost dead, he will turn orange. He is flying in the air so jump attacks are 
more likely to hit, just use the orange and higher blue platforms. The 
strategy for Milleniumon is the same for Impmon, just keep attacking him 
(while avoiding his attacks, remember, you have limited life), and when 
Culumon comes around, evolve and attack Milleniumon with all your might.

XII.Secret Characters
アグモン Agumon (Virus)
Tamer: None
Series: デジモン アドベンー02 Digimon Adventure 02
How to Unlock: Beat the game with any 2 characters.
Normal Attack: Bite (2)
Special Attack: Baby Flame (1)
Running Attack: Cross Night (1-6)
Jumping Attack: Dynamite Kick (1-3)
Air Special Attack: Air Baby Flame (1)
Taunt: Agumon Poops... (1)
Summary: Same as Agumon, only with a slower, more powerful, normal attack.

Evolves to: ブラックウォーグレイモン BlackWarGreymon
Normal Attack: Dramon Killer (4)
Special Attack: Gaia Force (4)
Running Attack: Dramon Tackle (4)
Jumping Attack: Air Dramon Killer (3)
Air Special Attack: Gaia Force (4)
Summary: Same as WarGreymon, only black.

ロップモン Lopmon
Tamer: ウォレス
Series: デジモン アベンチャー02 デジモンハリケーン上陸 Digimon Adventure 
02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!!
How to Unlock: Beat the game with any 3 characters, except for the ones you 
used to get Agumon (Virus)
Normal Attack: Lop Rush (1-4)
Special Attack: Blazing Ice (1)
Running Attack: Petit Twister (1-4)
Jumping Attack: Air Petit Twister (1-4)
Air Special Attack: Air Blazing Ice (1)
Taunt: Lopmon jumps rope using his ears.
Summary: Lopmon is quite good, his attacks are multi-hitting and powerful. He 
is also fast and he can glide with his ears like Terriermon.

Evolves to: チェルビモン Cherubimon (Virus)
Normal Attack: Cherubi Finger (4)
Special Attack: Heaven's Judgement (4)
Special Attack 2 (X3+B): Heaven's Judgement (Attracts any nearby D-Spirit)
Running Attack: Dashing Cherubi Finger (4)
Jumping Attack: Cherubi Smash (4)
Air Special Attack:  Cherubi Smash (4)
Summary: Cherubimon is very powerful, but he is slow and has a hard time 
landing after a long fall. His Heaven's Judgement attack is hard to hit an 
enemy with since you need to be on the same level as the enemy in order to 
suck him in. Although, his second Heaven's Judgement is incredibly useful, as 
it serves as a D-Spirit magnet.

ガブモン Gabumon
Tamer: いしだ やまと Yamato Ishida
Series: デジモン アドベンチャー Digimon Adventure
How to Unlock: Beat the game with all the normal Digimon and the two Digimon 
you've unlocked.
Normal Attack: Machine Gun Jab (1-4)
Special Attack: Petit Fire (1)
Running Attack: Crash Nail (2)
Jumping Attack: Drill Horn (1-7)
Air Special Attack:  Drill Horn Special (1-7)
Taunt: Gabumon pulls out an electric guitar and starts playing it.
Summary: Gabumon is an all-offense Digimon. His Attacks are powerful, but he 
is quite slow, and his attacks are hard to hit with.

Evolves to: オメガモン Omegamon
Normal Attack: Grey Sword (3)
Special Attack: Garuru Cannon (4)
Running Attack: Dashing Grey Sword (2)
Jumping Attack: Air Grey Sword (4)
Air Special Attack: Air Garuru Cannon (4)
Summary: Omegamon is pretty good. His Garuru Cannon can fire multiple 
times,just keep pressing the B button. This is useful if you miss the first 
time. His Grey sword is good for close combat, although it could be more 
powerful. His speed is also pretty good. 

アグモン Extra Agumon
Tamer: やがみ たいち Taichi Yagami
Series: デジモン アどベンチャー ぼくらのウォーゲーム Digimon Adventure: Our 
War Game
How to Unlock: Extra Agumon is unlocked with Gabumon.
Normal Attack: Claws (1-2)
Special Attack: Baby Flame (1)
Running Attack: Cross Night (1-6)
Jumping Attack: Dynamite Kick (1-3)
Air Special Attack: Air Baby Flame (1)
Taunt: Agumon Poops... (1)
Summary: Just like the original, only with a floating ability.

Evolves to: オメガモン Omegamon
Normal Attack: Grey Sword (3)
Special Attack: Garuru Cannon (4)
Running Attack: Dashing Grey Sword (2)
Jumping Attack: Air Grey Sword (4)
Air Special Attack: Air Garuru Cannon (4)
Summary: Just like Gabumon's Omegamon. Nothing different about this one.

インプモン Impmon
Tamer: None
Series: デジモン テイマース Digimon Tamers
How to unlock: Collect 300 or more D-Spirit throughout one game.
Normal Attack: Night of Fire (2+Fire)
Special Attack: Summon (3)
Running Attack: Dashing Night of Fire (2+Fire)
Jumping Attack: Air Night of Fire (2+Fire)
Air Special Attack: Air Night of Fire (2+Fire)
Taunt: Impmon Explodes (1)
Summary: Impmon has a limited variety of attacks, can only shoot one Night of 
Fire at a time, and doesn't have his D-Spirit attracting ability like the one 
you fight. Of course, Impmon is powerful, and quick.

Evolves to: NOBODY!!!
Summary: When you touch Culumon he runs away.

XIII. VS. Mode Secrets
Yes, there are ways to unlock Digimon without having to beat the game with so 
many times. I haven't tried these yet, but I got them off of Bandai's Japanese 
web site.
1. If you win once in vs. mode, the "Culumon Tip" increases.
2. If you win 5 times in vs. mode, then beat the game, two Digimon will be 
3. If you beat the game, then win against the D-Ark, one Digimon will be 

Q: How do I get 300 spirit!? It seems impossible!
A: It can be quite simple, just set the difficulty to easy, the time to 180 
seconds, and choose a Digimon that is fast and can get a lot of D-Spirit in 
each battle (Like V-mon, Lopmon, etc.).

Q: Do I need to have a certain difficulty/time/# of continues used in order to 
unlock the secret characters?
A: No.

Q: I beat the game, and a password appeared, what do I do with it?
A: The password you recieve when you beat the game is for Digimon Tamers: 
Battle Evolution (US: Digimon Rumble Arena) for the Playstation. The passwords 
unlock hidden characters in Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution.

Q: What are the names of the evolution music?
A: Digimon Adventure Digimon: Braveheart
Digimon Adventure 02 Digimon: Beat Hit!
Digimon Tamers Digimon: E.V.O.

Q: Can Impmon evolve in this game?
A: NO!
Q: Why not?
A: Beelzebumon wasn't released when this game came out, most likely. 

Q: Can I play as Milleniumon/Culumon/Item Digimon?

Q: Did you make up the names for the Stages?
A: For some of them, yes. For most, it was pretty easy to guess where it was 
by what the foreground looked like.

Q: Will this game come out in the U.S.?
A: For the Wonderswan: No. For the Game Boy Advance: Yes

Q: What are the differences between the JP Wonderswan Color version and the US 
Game Boy Advance version?
A: -A New title screen
- Removed D-Ark option
- Replaced the 3 evolution musics with one evolution music for all Digimon.
Also, to let you know, Digimon Battle Spirit for the GBA is based off of this 
game, not Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit 1.5.

Q: Why do you use the Japanese names?
A: I'm used to using them.

Q: What's "Digimon Battle Spirit 1.5" and "Digimon Frontier Battle Spirit"?
A: Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit 1.5 is an upgrade to Digimon Battle Spirit, 
it includes two more normal characters (Patamon-Seraphimon, Tailmon-
Orphanimon), two new hidden characters (Impmon-Beelzebumon, Extra Guilmon-
Dukemon Crimson Mode), and a new final boss (ZeedMilleniumon). It also has a 
new mini-game ("Digimon Shoot"), a new "Tag" system (Which rates you) and 3 new
stages (On top of Locomon, PetiPeti Falls, a new stage for Impmon). 
Digimon Frontier Battle Spirit is Battle Spirit with Digimon Frontier 
characters and stages. You can slide evolve, and even evolve into an Ancient 
Digimon when youcollect 5 Ancient Spirits. Apparently, the battles in this game
contains enemies (Toyagumon, Candmon, etc.) from Digimon Frontier, as the item

Q: What's the Wonderswan Color?
A: The Wonderswan Color is a Japan-only portable system made by Bandai, it can 
play it's predecessor, Wonderswan's, games. It has done quite good in Japan, 
selling over 1000 systems a week, and for quite a while, it was selling more 
systems than the XBox in Japan. In 2002, Bandai released a new version of the 
Wonderswan Color, called the SwanCrystal, with a bigger and better screen, 
which significantly reduced blurring. The majority of games for the WSC was 
RPGs, most of them being based off of animes. Some of the more famous games 
for it were the remakes of Final Fantasy I,II, and IV.

Q: Should I get the Wonderswan Color or the SwanCrystal?
A: The SwanCrystal if you want a better screen. The Wonderswan Color if you 
don't want to spend more money to buy a SwanCrystal, as I've seen the WSC 
going for $40 in some places. There are no SwanCrystal-specific games, so you 
can play all the new games on the WSC.

XV. Contact Info
Before e-mailing me, let me lay down a few guidelines:
1. NO SPAM whatsoever! I don't want to visit your crappy website, sign your 
petition that will never work, join your inane clubs, or buy your defective 
3. No death threats, no hacking threats, no virus threats, no actual viruses. 
If you want help with this game, you don't need to threaten me.
4. Don't ask questions that are already answered in this guide.
5. Don't e-mail me fake codes (Play as Milleniumon/Culumon/Item Digimon, 
hidden stages, etc.).
6. Don't flood my inbox with e-mails (As in, sending the same message numerous 
7. Don't e-mail me asking me to put my FAQ on your web site.
8. Don't e-mail me asking for ROMs
9. No e-mails over 100KB (That's how big the Klez Virus usually is)
And now, the moment you've been waiting for...
My e-mail address!
make sure to follow ALL the guidelines when e-mailing me!

XVI. Closing
And so ends my first FAQ. This is quite a good game, and I suggest playing it 
on the Wonderswan Color (Actually, I suggest getting 1.5 instead, with all 
it's upgrades, it's a much better buy, or even Digimon Frontier: Battle Spirit 
if you like the Frontier characters). Anyways, thank you for your time reading 
this guide. If you like it, good. If you don't like it, make a better one then 
(Although I can imagine a surge of FAQs when the GBA version comes out). 
Finally, I would like to thank all those people in my credits section.

XVII. Credits
Most of all, I want to thank デジモン テイマーズVの舘 (Digimon Tamers V no 
Yakata "The Digimon Tamers V Page") http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-
Domino/3813/ without this web site, I wouldn't know about most of the attack 
names, story, and info about hidden characters for this game.
I would also like to thank Grace Anderson (Megchan) and her Digimon 
Encyclopedia, which, once again, without it, I wouldn't have some of the 
Attack names.
I would like to thank Bandai for making the Digimon V-Pets and Games (Along 
with the Wonderswan Color).
I would also like to thank Glenn Rosenthal for making JWPce, the program I 
used to type this.
I would like to thank CJayC for making GameFAQs.
Thanks go out to Jasonventer for hosting this on Honestgamers.com