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"Quickly tossed off, not much substance"

This game could have been so much more. This game smacks of NES Bart Vs. The aliens game. My dream ''Kim possible'' game would not simply be kicking teachers in the face over and over again, but have seperate school and mission sections of the game, you know, so that between missions you have to win a guy's heart or something. It would also have a link mode where one player is Ron and the other is Kim (and of course, ron would be a distraction for the enemies while kim popped them one :D )

Graphics aren't bad. The animation is really nice and fluid, but unfortunately there's silly looking problems which would be called clipping problems were the game 3d. Also the color scheme chosen is a little wierd, and kim's hair goes green in places, especially on the HUD. Kim looks a lot meaner than her laid-back tv counterpart.

Sound is also fitting to the occasion and reminds of the TV show. Kim's watch/celphone tune is spot on, and of course is one of the catchiest things to anyone who has seen the show. I like the audio clips in the unlockable movies, but they tend to cut off at wierd parts. A little more effort on sound fades would have been nice.

Story is basically none except what you can gather from your environment and Wade's calls. You start off in your house and for some reason have to beat up a bunch of kids and then kick the arcade employees in the face. It never really explains why.

Gameplay is pretty smooth. The controls are responsive and easy to learn, and there's a couple cool moves kim can pull off. But, the game gets old really fast. The only reason to keep playing is to unlock the pics and movie clips.. Without more story to back it up, the game doesn't give you motivation. Fans of the show could, I guess, invent their own story and will still enjoy this.

I really think that a great Kim game could be made. The characters are likeable and easily translateable into video game characters, and if they were to make a game in the style of metal gear solid (Wade as Otakon, Kim as Raiden, and Ron as Pliskin :D ) or even in the style of metroid 1, it could definitely have more potential than this. It seems disney pumps out this type of game all the time, ever since aladdin on sega. Until they take Kim further than 1994, we can only dream.

Reviewer's Score: 5/10 | Originally Posted: 01/03/03, Updated 01/03/03

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