Question from Yargitsu99z

Asked: 5 years ago

Where are the neotank lab maps in the Hard Campaign?

I've searched through all kinds a places, including this site, and the message boards.

I got Andy's Time one
3rd Level
Above the mini cannon

but the other ones

The Orange Star one was on a different level
Are the otheres in the same spots???

Accepted Answer

From: Yargitsu99z 5 years ago

Orange Star
In Andy's Time
(see question)
mini cannon on the left
above your HQ

Blue Moon
In Toy Box
the neutral city to the left of the neutral port above the enemy HQ

Yellow Comet
In Showstopper
The city to the south of the enemy HQ farthest to the left

Green Earth
In Sinking Feeling
The bottommost of the three cities on the little island to the north of your position on the left of the map

The characters actually give clues as to where the map is and that it's there in the first place

I got an S-Rank on all the missions I had to get the map and all the extra missions on my first successful try
So they can't be that hard

So that's that

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