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The sequal to Advance War is here and its time to kick Sturm's butt again!anaznboi9/10
Decent on it's own, mediocre in comparison to the firstcommie ninja6/10
Advance Wars 2: A Great Strategy Turn-Based Gameconstantlimit9/10
The wars contuines on the gameboy advance!evax0110/10
Okay, I spoke a little too soon.FraKcturedDiscipline5/10
AW2 is more of an expansion set than a different gamegiantdonkeykongteam7/10
There are few GBA games that I like, but this is one of themGillette Series9/10
Advance Wars with a bit more "war"...InitialXero9/10
Almost 2 years ago the greatest Game Boy strategy came out, and now...Its Void not Wilson10/10
A more than good enough sequelLars10/10
Not many new things, but still great.LittleWinky9/10
Very similar to the first so you can expect a great game.Mega Therion10/10
YEY ...another FLAWmetal_conker9/10
Cool!!! They've added a number in the title!!!Ofisil6/10
You can't possibly have a better strategy game than Advance Wars 1...but Advance War 2 IS!!!parksy61910/10
The Black Hole RisingRAMS9/10
A measterpiece with only a few minor flaws.RedNovaProject9/10
It is more of the same - and that is good.Roma_emu9/10
War Has Never Been This Much FunRyu_Dragon9/10
War, never been so much fun...slutboyfame9/10
Advance Wars 2: A Good Sequel?StarFoxRocks9/10
Advance Wars 2- Even Better Than the First!Tails 6410/10
Pretty good sequel, still a great buy for anyonethegreathal8/10
Sequel or an Expansion?vileplume219/10
Decent, but not quite perfectWebapprentice8/10
I feel a Dark Hole Rising in the pit of my gut when I play this game...Xander to Faith8/10
I Can't Stop Playingxbxfan8/10
Sequel? Or is it more?YoyoYoshi9/10

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