E-Reader FAQ by adeptmarkis

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 06/10/04 | Printable Version

Game: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
System: Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Advance SP
Genre: Action
Developed by: Nintendo
Published by: Nintendo
Version: 2.6

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section I: Table of Contents<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I:    Table of Contents 
II:   Introduction and copyright info
III:  Version History
IV:   Materials you will need
V:    How to use the E-Reader
VI:   Level Cards
VII:  Item Cards
VIII: Demo Cards
IX:   Acknowledgements
X:    Closing

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section II: Introduction and copyright info<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hello fellow Mario fans!  This is Adeptmarkis bringing you the 4-11 on the E-
Reader features of Super Mario Advance 4.  This is my first FAQ and I plan to 
make it look professional by the final version.  This FAQ is basically a list 
of all the currently available E-Reader cards.  As soon as I find out about a 
new card, I add it to the FAQ.  If you know of a card that isn't in this FAQ, 
then just simply make a topic on the Gamefaqs message board.  I might even make 
a topic where you can post cards you know of.  I'm online almost the whole time 
between 7:00 through 9:00 American central time.  The only thing I ask of you 
is to not place this FAQ on your site.  I will only allow this FAQ to be posted
on Gamefaqs.com.  Other than that, do whatever you want with this FAQ.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section III: Version History<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Version 2.6- June 10, 2004
-I have an announcement to make, I will no longer be able to access the
internet from home starting June 17, 2004.  My dad is cutting our AOL service
because we need extra money.  This will effect my updating of this FAQ,
finishing the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green walkthrough I'm working on right
now, and my life on the Gamefaqs message boards.  It isn't all bad, I'm
finally getting cable and using a floppy disk, I'll still be able to update
and submit my FAQs through computers and a nearby library.

Version 2.5- March 09, 2004
-Update in introduction, it still said you can e-mail me.
-Started on card descriptions and comments.  Will finish later.

Version 2.4- January 07, 2004
-Small change in closing, you no longer can e-mail me questions due to spam.

Version 2.3- January 04, 2004
-Fixed mistake in Frog suit description, jump is lower not higher.
-Small change in closing section.
-Finally added what set each card belongs to.  Long over-due...

Version 1.1- October 24, 2003
-Fixed mistakes, Wild Ride in the Sky has 4 Advance coins, Airship's Revenge
has 5 Advance coins, Orange Switch makes Mario's fire balls turn enemies into
coins, and Blue Green Switch adds SMB2/SMA vegetables to regular levels.

Version 1.0- October 22, 2003
-FAQ submitted and posted.

Version 0.99- October 22, 2003
-Added info for all series 1 and series 2 cards.
-Added info for Wal-Mart promos.
-Finished FAQ.

Version 0.9- October 18, 2003
-Added more info for "Wild Ride in the Sky".
-Updated How to use the E-Reader section.

Version 0.8- October 16, 2003
Started FAQ.
-Added promo cards "Wild Ride in the Sky" and "Raccoon Leaf".
-Started Acknowledgements, Level Cards, Item Cards, Demo Cards, Version 
History, Table of Contents, Materials you need, How to use the E-Reader, 
Introduction and copyright info, and closing sections.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section IV: Materials you need<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

You will need:

Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, or Game Boy Player system (2)
E-Reader (1)
Game Boy Advance Link Cable (1)
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Cartridge (1)
The card(s) you want to scan

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section V: How to use the E-Reader<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Insert Super Mario Advance 4 into one of your two systems and the E-Reader into 
the other.  Connect the games with the link cable, make sure the 1P side 
(purple on a first party cable) is connected to the system with Super Mario 
Advance 4 and the 2P side is connected to the system with the E-Reader.  If 
using a Game Boy Advance SP with the E-Reader in it then insert the link cable 
into the top part where you would with normal games.  Turn both systems on.  Go 
to any file in Super Mario Advance 4 for item and demo cards and go to World-e 
for level cards.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section VI: Level Cards<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

These level cards add brand new levels to the game.  These levels contain 
elements not seen in Super Mario Bros. 3 and elements seen in other Mario 
games.  Collect Advance coins in these levels to unlock other features.

The level card descriptions will go like this:
Name of level
Number of Advance Coins (Represented by 0) Number of Special Coins (Represented 
by S)
Difficulty level (Represented by *)
Series or promo (Note: Most series are unknown but will be added later)
Card Description (Text on card)
Comment (By me)

01-Wild Ride in the Sky
Advance Coin: 0000
Difficulty: ***
Promo, came with game
Description: Take a wild ride in the sky!  Think you can nab all the coins?
Not if Bullet Bill has anything to say about it!
Comments: None

02-Slidin' the Slopes
Advance Coin: 0000
Difficulty: **
Series 2
Description: Run and slide all around.  You'll even get to go up-side-down!
Comments:  Up-slide-down?

03-Vegetable Volley
Advance Coin: 00000 S
Difficulty: **
Series 1
Comments: I hate V-8...

04-Doors o' Plenty
Advance Coin: 00000 S
Difficulty: ****
Series 2

05-Bombarded by Bob-ombs
Advance Coin: 00000
Difficulty: ****
Series 1

06-Magical Note Blocks
Advance Coin: 000
Difficulty: ***
Series 2

07-The ol' Switcheroo
Advance Coin: 00000 S
Difficulty: ***
Series 1
Comments: The oldest trick in the book!

08-Piped Full of Plants
Advance Coin: 000
Difficulty: ****
Series 2

09-Swinging Bars of Doom
Advance Coin: 0000
Difficulty: ****
Series 1

10-Para Beetle Challenge
Advance Coin: 00000
Difficulty: *****
Series 1

*1-Classic World 1-1
Advance Coin: 0
Difficulty: *
Series 2

PR-Airship's Revenge
Advance Coin: 00000
Difficulty: ***
Promo, came with games bought near the release date at Wal-Mart

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section VII: Item Cards<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

These cards add inventory items in your regular Super Mario Bros. 3 game.  They 
are only recommended when you need help!  Don't go to World 1-1 with the Cape 
and 5 Starmen loaded on to you!

The Item Card description will be brief:
Item/Card name
Effect of item
Series or promo
Card Description (Text on Card)

01-Super Mushroom
Turns Mario to Super Mario.
Promo, came with games bought near the release date at Wal-Mart

02-Fire Flower
Turns Mario to Fire Mario.  Press B to shoot fireballs.
Promo, came with games bought near the release date at Wal-Mart

03-Super Leaf
Turns Mario to Raccoon Mario.  Hold B to run, when the P-Gauge is filled up 
jump and continually press A to fly.  You may only fly for a limited time.  On 
the ground, press B to do a tail whip.
Promo, came with game

04-Frog Suit
Turns Mario to Frog Mario.  On ground, Mario moves by hopping and his jump is 
slightly lower.  In the water, Mario will swim faster.
Series 2

05-Tanooki Suit
Turns Mario to Tanooki Mario.  Has all the effects of Raccoon Mario.  Press B 
Down simultaneously to make Mario a statue that enemies bypass.
Series 1

06-Hammer Suit
Turns Mario to Hammer Bros. Mario.  Press B to throw a hammer.  These hammers 
can kill enemies other things can't.
Series 2

Turns Mario to Star Mario.  Mario is invincible and kills anything he runs 
into.  Only lasts a limited time.
Series 1

Turns Mario to Raccoon Mario and allows him to fly as long as he wants.
Series 2

Turns Mario to Cape Mario.  Has all the effects of Raccoon Mario except flying 
is unlimited.  When jumping you must hold A and continually press back to keep 
Series 1

10-3 Fire Flowers
Series 1

11-3 Super Leaves
Series 2

12-5 Starmen
Series 2

13-4 Item-set
Includes a Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf, and Starman.
Series 1

14-3 Suit-set
Includes a Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, and Hammer Suit.
Series 1

15-8 Item-set
Includes a P-Wing, 4 item-set, and 3 suit-set.
Series 2

16-10-up Mushroom
Gives Mario 10 lives.
Series 1

17-5-up Mushroom
Gives Mario 5 lives.
Series 2

18-1-up Mushroom
Gives Mario a life.
Promo, came with games bought near the release date at Wal-Mart

16-Orange Switch
Fire Mario's fireballs will turn enemies into coins.
Series 2

17-Blue Green Switch
Adds SMB2/SMA vegetables to regular levels.
Series 1

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section VIII: Demo Cards<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

These cards allow you to view gameplay movies depicting certain secrets, 
tricks, or things that just look cool.

Since the title tells you what happened in the card, demo card descriptions 
only contain:
Level- Name of Card
Series or promo
Card Description (Text on Card)

1-1-Speed Stage
Series 2
Description: Watch Small Mario race through World 1-1 at breakneck speed!
Can you beat his amazing time?

1-2-Unlimited 1-ups
Series 2
Description: Discover Mario's special abilities as Racoon Mario, learn the
unlimited 1-up trick, and see what it's like to be invincible.

2-2-Toad's Hidden House
Series 2
Description: Watch as Mario demonstrates the tricks and secrets you'll need
to know in order to collect all 30 coins in World 2-2!

3-2-Star Power
Series 1
Description: The Cheep-Cheeps charge at Mario with a vengeance, but he gets
the last laugh by becoming invincible and using his athletic abilities to
outsmart them.

3-4-Unlimited 1-ups
Series 1
Description: Watch and learn!  See how Mario uses Lakitu and his Spiny Eggs
to create a 1-Up factory.  Even pesky enemies can be helpful.

3-8-Toad's Hidden House
Series 1
Description: Boss Bass is hungry and relentless in his pursuit of Mario.  If
Mario isn't careful, Boss Bass will swallow him whole!  Can he survive and
collect all the coins?

4-2-Toad's Hidden House
Series 1
Description: Cheep-Cheeps are plentiful in this level, but if Mario can
avoid them long enough to collect all the coins, a special house will
appear on the map!

4-6-Unlimited 1-ups

5-5-Toad's Hidden House
Series 2
Description: What a show!  Small Mario deftly dodges a number of enemies
before sneeking into a secret area to don the Tanooki Suit.  Watch how
he collects all the coins.

6-7-Toad's Hidden House
Series 1
Description: Fiery Mario sets World 6 ablaze!  His firepower stops
enemies dead in their tracks, allowing him to use the Donut Lifts to
grab all the coins.

7-2-Toad's Hidden House
Series 2
Description: Frog Mario has to do some tricky jumps to outsmart the many
Venus Fire Traps intent on setting him aflame.  Watch his coin-collecting
technique carefully!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section IX: Acknowledgements<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This is where I thank anyone and everyone who took the time to help me making 
this FAQ.  Without them, I wouldn't be able to do this.

CjayC (Gamefaqs member)
For making this site in the first place

My parents
For buying a computer and most of the games I own

For making a world where we can play videogames

For making such awesome games

Captain Qball (Gamefaqs member)
For info on some of the cards

jasonhill (Gamefaqs member)
For confirmation of Airship's Revenge and all other Wal-Mart promos

Stargate Fan (Gamefaqs member)
For info on series 1 and series 2 cards and corrections added in version

nmercy (Gamefaqs member)
For more info on series 1 and series 2 cards

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Section X: Closing<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Nintendo really won me and other people over by including E-Reader features in 
this game.  The E-Reader is a really underrated product that doesn't get the 
respect it deserves.  I hope you have fun using your E-Reader with this game 
and good luck trying to find all the promos.  Do not e-mail me questions.  I
use to allow you to do so but I get so much spam I will not answer any

Copyright 2003 Markis Davis