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"It'll take you forever to beat it!!"

This game was originally on the NES but now it's better because it's on the GBA. Think to when you first played this game, now you can play anytime you want...until the battery dies out of course.

Graphics 7/10: Errr well what can I say. It's port from the NES what do you expect? For an Nes game the graphics weren't half bad. On the GBA the colours seem lighter and it's more clear. Not much big graphical improvement but still good. Also keep in mind that it is a 2D scroller. I gave the graphics a seven out of ten because they could have done some improvements when they ported it.

Story 6/10: Now most Mario games all hav had the similar story, peach gets kidnapped. This game is no exception. Although the different thing about this game is that you have to fight one Bowsers children in each world and obtain the wand. Then after defeating all his children you finally get to meet bowser face to face and kick his ass. I gave the story a six out of ten because it had a mix of new and old stuff.

Sound: 8/10: The music in this game was always in my head, whether it was at school or when I playing another game. It had a lot of cheery music, as well as dark almost mysterious music. The sound effects wasn't bad but it really wasn't that good either. It had very simple sounds but they weren't all that bad. I gave sound a eight of ten because it had good music and okay sound effects.

Gameplay 10/10: The best part of the game. In this game you had to go to world to world, to level to level to that weird black place in the end to the weird black place. The levels were creative and very enjoyable. The 2D style of play was very wells one. There were obstacles, enemies,platforms,boxes and several other things in your way to make the game challenging. The whole advancing through the world by levels was a very creative way of gameplay. The suits were probably the funnest thing in the game. I still remember in world 4, where I had the frog suit trying to get away from that giant fish. I gave the gameplay a ten out of ten because it was just simply perfect in every form.

Playtime/Replayibility 9/10: This game is very lengthy game especially if you want to get perfect in every world. The only problem was that it had very little replayibilty. I don't know of it was just me or the game's length but I never played the game fully more than 3 times.

Overall I think this is a must for all GBA owners as well as all Mario fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/29/07

Game Release: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (2 Bonus e-Reader Cards) (US, 10/21/03)

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