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How do i get past teh Stupid jump?

Ok i already defeated the first boss then i get to the middle of the first map piece... heres my problem... the guide says the theres 2 ways to get past this stupid jump.. 1. use the axe dude to ur advantage to get onto the ledge(i dont understand how to do that..) or 2. u must have extremely good timing when jumping using the Grave Keeper(very frustrating) TT.TT PLEASE GIVE ME SOME HELP TT.TT i really wana continue on but i cant go any further ><

goten75031 provided additional details:

uhhm thats not the place im talking about :( but thanks for trying^^ i appreciate it.. but the place im having probs with isnt that place... (and i already have Grave Keeper)

Accepted Answer

Phantasium answered:

You need to get the Flying Armor ability soul that's in the sewers right below the room after the first boss and then use it to slow your descent speed enough to land on the other ledge.
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