GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File11/18/03Alexander Andersens64K
100% Map Open Boss Rush , Sound Mode
Save Game File07/22/04Darkloud64K
100% Map. Level 35. Boss Rush and Sound Mode. Every soul. Rare Items and Weapons.
Save Game File07/01/05TeknoBlade64K
100%, level 99, all items, souls 100%, Boss Mode best time 2:09
Save Game File05/11/03CAHowell64K
At 3rd save point. Level 8 with 3 of the bosses defeated
Save Game File06/09/03CAHowell64K
File 1: In the Top Floor save room before the fight with Graham, regular ending. File 2: After Julius Belmont fight, already in Dracula form. File 3: Julius Belmont before the Graham fight.
Save Game File09/20/07adnfc64K
Game completed, Julius unlocked
Save Game File05/12/03CAHowell64K
In Dance Hall. 4th Boss defeated
Save Game File06/06/03CAHowell64K
In the save room after the Balore Fight at level 38
Save Game File09/05/04XxThunderxX64K
Level 74. Most of the Weapons in Inventory. All Hard Mode Items found. Saved right next to Chaos.
Save Game File05/19/03danstu64K
One file ready to fight chaos, one file as Julius Belmont, and one file on hard mode after Big Golem
Save Game File08/24/04Relle64K
Save 1 - Soma, lv.99, 97.4% map, 2:09 boss rush, best equipment set, saved in the Chaos Realm, near the final boss.
Save Game File08/09/08Aether Knight64K
Sv2-Start game at Top Floor with max. map,(301.8%) level,(99) & gold. ALL Souls x30, ALL Equip/Items(x99)& ALL abilities. Sv3-Same as Sv2, but with Julius.

GameBoy Advance GameShark USB Connector Save (North America)

Save Game File10/28/08PFSquad64K
Slot 2 [Soma] : Lv.99 complete everything...without cheat and glitch. Slot 3 [Julius] : 99.4%

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File04/08/05BelmontXS464K
First File: In the Chapel Lv 9 100.2% (got it by using glitch) Second File: Julius in Chaotic Realm (by using a code) 99.7% (got some extra percentage using a glitch and code again) Bosh rush and Sound Mode unlocked without cheats

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