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I: Introduction.
II: Characters.
III: Controls.
IV: Character Abilities.
V: Bosses.
VI: Many Thanks.
VII: Legal Stuff.



Back in the heyday of video games, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made their
mark, just as they had in comics, cartoons and movies.  Ultra released Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It wasn't the greatest of games, but it got some
attention on the Turtles.  And then Konami released a beat 'em up Turtles games
in the vain of Final Fight in the arcades.  It did wonders... which led it to
being ported onto the NES as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game. 
It did well, so Konami released a brand new Turtles game on the NES, Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project.  Another in the annals of the
Ninja Turtles.

At the time of the SNES, a new Turtles game had made it to the arcade, Turtles
in Time.  As with the original arcade game, this one was ported over to the
SNES, furthering the Turtles role in console gaming.  With this game a series
of Tournament Fighter games for the NES, SNES and Genesis.  Also, a version of
Turtles in Time would make it to the Genesis as The Hyperstone Heist.  The
Heroes in a Half Shell were also a fairly successful force on the Game Boy,
sporting three games.

Sadly, all things must come to an end and the Turtles slowly began to fade from
all that they'd been part of.  Saban started what was apparently a TV sequel to
the three movies, but it flopped.  Though it did stray far from the typical
Turtles.  Venus, lack of Shredder and a team up with the Power Rangers.  I kid
you not.

Now, though, the Turtles are back with a force.  A new TV show and a new comic.
 What could possibly be next?  Why a Konami series of games of course.  The
Turtles are back on a new generation of consoles, making a home for themselves
on the Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox.  And of course, a Game Boy game was
sure to follow.  And it did.  Good things come to those who wait.  Cowabunga!



LEONARDO:  The eldest of the Ninja Turtles, Leo is the unofficial leader of the
team.  He is calm and focused at all times and a master of the katanas.

RAPHAEL:  Brash and headstrong, Raphael is to the Ninja Turtles what Wolverine
is to the X-Men.  Though anger controls his actions, Raphael is still one who
can be counted on to do the right thing and protect those he cares about, his
brothers and master.  He is proficient in the use of sais.

DONATELLO:  The brainiac of the team, Donatello spends his time away from
training tinkering with whatever machinery he can find.  He has already been a
great asset to his friends with the creation of the Battle Shell and his skill
with the bo staff.

MICHELANGELO:  Mikey, the most carefree of the Ninja Turtles.  He, by far, the
Turtle with the most interested in the human world.  A big fan of New York's
super hero, the Silver Sentry, Mikey is dedicated to saving those in peril with
his nunchukas.

SPLINTER:  What Yoda is to the Jedi, Splinter is to his surrogate sons (not to
mention what Yoda is to Count Dooku, Splinter is to the Shredder).  Wise and
skilled, Splinter has trained his children in the ways of the martial arts he
long since learned from his deceased master, Hamato Yoshi.

APRIL O'NEIL:  Once of an assistant to Dr. Stockman, April has now opened an
antique shop in downtown New York after learning of Stockman's connections with
the Foot Clan.  She has befriended the Ninja Turtles ever since they rescued
her from Stockman's deadly mouser inventions and she helps then whenever she
can, whether it is treating Leo's Foot Ninja inflicted wounds or helping Mikey
find the perfect super hero outfit.

CASEY JONES:  A rogue at heart, Casey Jones has dedicated his life to stopping
the Purple Dragons ever since their current leader, Hun, had them destroy his
father's business... and possibly his life.  Casey had no love for the rules on
his pursuit, breaking skulls and shattering bones.  Ever since meeting Raphael
and the other Turtles, he has calmed his anger, but still wishes to avenge his
father, a hockey stick in one hand and a baseball bat in the other.  Also,
never ever sell him a broken toaster.  It won't be pretty.

THE SHREDDER:  The heart of corruption, Oroku Saki once tried to befriend the
Turtles in an act of deceit, but they saw through his lies once Splinter told
his sons of Shredder's involvement in Hamato Yoshi's death.  With an army of
Foot Ninja and the Purple Dragon at his command, not to mention the strength of
Hun and the genius of Baxter Stockman, the Shredder seems unstoppable.

HUN:  Shredder's right hand servant, Hun is the man-mountain leader of the
Purple Dragons and the one who killed Casey's father.  Strong as a bear and
ruthless as a fox, Hun is perhaps one of the Turtles' greatest challenges.

BAXTER STOCKMAN:  Once the owner of Stocktronics, Baxter's greet took hold of
him and he joined with Oroku Saki, allowing his technological skill to be used
for crime and destruction.  But as Baxter has learned, Saki is not one to fall,
as Baxter has slowly learned.  An eye for an eye, as once said.



CONTROL PAD:  Move your turtle and control the aim of your combo attacks..

B BUTTON:  Regular attack.  Press rapidly to perform a mini combo of attacks. 
Attacks vary on which direction on the control you press as you attack.  Hold
down to charge up to two different charge attacks.  There are two level bars in
the meter below your health bar, if you pass the first one, one attack will
occur.  Pass the second and a more powerful one will occur.  However, do not
let the charge meter below your health completely fill up, or your Turtle will
become stunned and vulnerable for a few seconds.

A BUTTON:  Jump.  Press twice to double jump.

L BUTTON:  No use.

R BUTTON:  Perform a special attack that saps your health every time you strike
with it.  Can also be performed by pressing B and A together.

START:  Pause the game.

SELECT:  No use.



The Turtles' abilities greatly differ from one and another, and this section is
devoted to those special techniques the Turtles have mastered individually. 
However, while all the other Turtles' charged abilities are stationary, Leo's
second one can carry him across a room and through all enemies save Hun, doing
massive damage in the process.

LEONARDO:  Leo is perhaps the most balanced of the turtles.  Consider him to
the team what Mario was in Super Mario Bros. 2.

DONATELLO:  Don is the oddball of the group.  He has no double jump.  But he
makes up for it with something else.  By pressing Up and A, Donatello uses his
quarter bo staff to propel himself skyward higher than the average double jump.
 Also, by double tapping right or left and pressing B, Don can propel himself
forward across an entire screen to perform a dropkick and get over gaps his
brothers couldn't.

RAPHAEL: Raphael's sole ability is that to climb on walls using his sais. 
Spider-Raph, Spider-Raph, doing whatever a Turtle can...

MICHELANGELO:  Mikey can cling on the side of a wall.  But unlike Raph, he
cannot climb.  But if he can jump off again, ricocheting farther than normal. 
Also, his nunchukas can be used as a long-range weapon, as his second charge
hurls them like a boomerang.  However, it leaves him open to attack.



THE BLOCKADE (Leonardo- Act 2):  Being the first boss you will most likely
encounter in the game, the Blockade is rather simple.  All you have to do is
fire away on the wall that shuts down in your path.  Sounds easy, right?  It
is.  The only thing you'll have to watch for is the constant waves of mousers
that will leap from the water to attack you.  Just blast them as fast as you
can and turn your attention back to the wall.  If you've saved all your bombs,
now would be the time to use them to take out any mousers in groups of four and
to take a good chunk out of the wall's health.

GIANT MOUSER (Leonardo- Act 4):  Another simple boss, only difficult if you go
in thinking you can beat it with your eyes closed.  Stay by its sides while it
moves, performing jump attacks upon its head.  Once it stops moving, stay a
little far behind it so as to avoid its arm spinning attack.  That move isn't a
definitive, as the Giant Mouser may just slam the ground in front of it or
throw its arm out, but its better to be safe then sorry.  Follow the Giant
Mouser, attacking as it goes and repeat.  Once the Giant Mouser has lost half
its health, it will add firing missiles from its mouth to its list of
stationary attacks.  Stay by its head using your R button attack.  Sure, it
will take some of your health, but it's better than the damage the missiles
will do to you.

When the mouser only has a fourth of its health left, it will begin to
constantly jump across the screen, causing massive damage if it lands on you. 
Stay to its side, moving away every time it takes into the air.  As it comes
down, perform a jumping attack or a R button attack if you have enough health
to do so.  Every now and then, the Giant Mouser will stay down, doing nothing
for a few seconds.  Take the opportunity to attack with combos.  After a bit
more abuse, and in true robot fashion, the Giant Mouser will explode and you'll
have completed Leonardo's stage in the game.

CASEY JONES (Raphael- Act 2):  Ah, everyone's favorite Jason fan wielding
sporting equipment has shown his hockey mask.  Since Raph has started the
fight, its time for you to finish it.  Casey will come charging at you, so do
the same, hitting him with your dash attack.  When he stands back up so as to
avoid any hockey stick wings.  Then come in with a combo of your own to send
Mr. Jones back to the pavement.  He'll come back up and perform yet another
dashing strike.  Leap over it and land atop the building above you.  Casey will
follow, leaving himself open for another combo or a fully charged attack.  Back
away and let him swing, then attack again.

When Casey has lost half his health, he'll ditch the hockey stick for a
baseball bat.  It does a bit more damage, but that's not the true problem it
presents.  Casey will hurl the bat at you in a spinning motion on occasion and
pull out another in his unending supply.  That's a lot of wood he's packing. 
Leap over any bats he throws and leap in with some combos and then leap away
before the 'Batman' makes a homerun.  Rinse and repeat and soon Raph will have
a new best bud.

DRAGON FACE AND THE PURPLE DRAGONS (Raphael- Act 4):  Now this is where the
game shines- boss variety and lots of it.  You and Casey get to work together
against this boss and his cronies.  At first, you and Mr. Jones will be attack
by swarm after swarm of Purple Dragons.  Split them amongst themselves all you
want; they're a piece of cake.  After a while, Dragon Face will jump from the
background, hitting anyone in the middle.  Hit him with one combo, then retreat
to the roof.  It's the coward's way out, but Dragon Face can wipe you out way
to fast with his throw move (not to mention his spinning dash attack) and then
his cronies will finish off your remains.  Casey's attack will always knock
Dragon Face to the ground, so he's better equipped for this fight.  However,
Dragon Face is gunning for you, so you'd better be on the run.

Much like the first boss of Final Fight, Dragon Face will occasionally whistle
(not at April, that's our job) and call in some more of his cronies.  Keep
moving on the roofs, because one of them has a habit of doing Ryu's Dragon
Punch, I kid you not.  Use the Ooze Canister between the two roofs to replenish
your health if need be.  Eventually, Casey will take Dragon Face's health
pretty low, which is the perfect opportunity for you to dash in and take all
the credit.

FOOT TECH NINJAS (Donatello- Act 4):  Ah, now Don's gone and gotten himself in
it deep.  Shredder's sent the Hollow Men after him.  I wonder if any of the
TMNT know about the joke involving Superman, Wonder Woman and the Invisible
Man?  But that is neither here nor there.  Unlike their console big brothers,
these Foot can't be hurt while invisible.  Still, not a problem.  They can
still be knocked down, so do so to the one on your left.  Run past him and
launch yourself up to the computer.  Activate it and then launch up again to
that higher computer.  Activate it as well then run to the right and down to
the third computer.  You know what to do.  The Foot will be right behind you,
falling right into your trap.

While the computers are all on, the Foot Tech Ninjas are visible.  Strike away
to your hearts' content, but stay where you are.  One combo will take out a
Foot Ninja and more will come to replace their fallen comrade.  They all share
the same life bar, so no worries with having to keep track of a ton of them. 
When the computers deactivate, turn on the one right next to you, go to the top
one and then the one on the left.  Rinse and repeat until you're victorious.

THE GAUNTLET (Michelangelo- Act 4):  Now, Mikey doesn't get a true boss, but a
gauntlet that'll make your head spin.  Keeping track of your health is key in
this fight and remember to conserve the Ooze Canister hidden in the higher
alcoves of the room for when you desperately need it.  First up is the Blue
(no, not Blue Gender, anime fans), the acid-spitting creature you've probably
become accustomed to after the previous Mikey acts.  Run to the opposite side
as soon as he shows up and charge up to Mikey's second level attack.  Repeat
one more time.  Blue will go for an acid spit, so jump onto his head and then
over him, laying in with your 'gopherchucks.'  Next up will be the incredible
Bulky.  He's thankfully much easier than Blue.  Stay on the opposite side and
perform the chukarangs twice.  Bulky will go for his own variation on the acid
spit, so move left and right to evade his three shots.  Move in and finish him
off with close combat as the third shot goes overhead.

Two Foot Ninjas armed with katanas will teleport in.  Piece of cake.  Take out
the left one with a combo, then move under the second as he spin jumps. 
Another combo and he's done.  Now comes Scorpion.  Piece of cake.  Hit him with
a nunchukarang, then move (not too close, though) and begin nailing him with
combos.  The close combat attacks dissipate his mouth flame thrower (what does
the Shredder feed these things?).  Another Blue will show up.  Use his head to
jump up to the higher levels for that Ooze if need be after you've done the two
nunchukarangs.  Come down and knock him silly.  Next up, two Foot Ninja with
bow and arrows.  Men in Tights, indeed.  Take out the closest one, jump over
the others arrows and wipe him out.

And here comes Bulky, followed by Scorpion.  Half way there.  You know the
drill.  After them are two more closet Leonardo fans from the Foot Clan.  Take
them out and then finish off the Blue (get the Ooze if you haven't already) and
one more Bulky.  And there you go; you've survived the Turtle's version of
American Gladiators' Eliminator.					
ELITE FOOT NINJA (Shredder- Act 1):  Shredder Act?  No, no, you can't play as
Oroku Saki (I wish).  This here Elite Foot Ninja isn't a true boss, but he
qualifies enough for my liking.  If you're Mikey or Leo, use your second charge
attack.  He'll pop up on the opposite side.  As Leo, use another charge attack
and it'll be over.  If Mikey, just hit him as he appears next to you.  As Don,
use the forward jumping attack over and over to drive him around the room.  As
Raph, it's all close combat, making it just a little more difficult.  As Raph,
you won't be able to stop him from throwing his boomerang like sword, so you'll
have to jump twice to dodge it.

ELITE FOOT NINJA (Shredder- Act 1):  Another one?  Bah.  Same as before.

ELITE FOOT NINJAS (Shredder- Act 1):  Oh, two of them?  Wow, harder.  Go after
the one on the left as you did the other ones.  He'll appear on the right with
his buddy.  Double jump over and take him out, bringing his friend down to half
health.  The second one will teleport to the other side and throw his sword
before you can attack.  Jump it as best you can and hit him with some combos to
finish him off.

HUN (Shredder- Act 1):  Ah, Hun.  You won't like him when he's angry. 
Actually, though, he's a rather simple boss.  First grab the Ooze canisters if
you need them.  Now, all you have to do is jump on his head and bounce around
like its Mario.  Land beside him just out of his reach and hit one or two
attacks, then jump on his head to the other side and repeat.  Make sure you
don't stay close to long, as Hun will punch you right across the room for a
massive amount of damage.  If he does his stomp move, jump straight on his head
and just bounce there so the resulting shockwave won't stun you.

With half his health gone, Hun will perform a football charge that is easily
spotted.  Just "do the Mario" Lou Albano-style and bounce off his head to
safety and repeat the ricochet/attack technique as you did before.  When Hun
only has a fourth of his life, he'll throw four grenades, a page right out of
that crazy military boss from Final Fight.  You can't really dodge it, so just
take it.  With the above strategy, you should have more then enough health to
survive with flying colors.  Now its time to pull out your R button attack to
finish Hun off quickly.  Now you see kids, big men can cry.

THE SHREDDER (Shredder- Act 1):  Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages,
the fight you've been waiting for.  LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!  First, notice
that Konami has brought in a remixed version of the Shredder's music found in
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game.  Nice touch by Konami.  Also
notice you have your full health.  Be thankful for that.  You're going to need
it.  Now, you see that Shredder's got a sword covered in lightning, eh?  That
can't be good.
If you're Leo (and I highly suggest him for this whole level) go right off with
your second charge attack.  It'll take you right through Shredder to the other
side of the room, causing massive damage (well, as massive as it gets against
Shredder).  Go right in and jump up and over Shredder, slashing away.  He'll
swing his sword quite a bit, sometimes throwing energy comets out of it that'll
arc in every direction possible.  Like I said, not your typical sword.  In the
words of Jack Nicholson, "Where does he get these wonderful toys?"  Just do
your best to avoid them and keep the jumping slash trick going.  If you do get
hit, charge to your second move the moment you stand to take another chunk of
Shredder's health.

Soon the Shredder will fly up into the air (using the Super Shredder sound
effect from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project no less; I
love nostalgia).  Perform several double jumping slashes to him, at least two
or three.  When Shredder motions for a move, run to a corner of the room. 
Right as the sound of the incoming beam starts, dash to the other side of the
room to avoid the explosion it creates.  Now, land a few more jumping attacks
and repeat the corner trick to avoid the second beam.  Shredder will land, so
be prepared to hit him with another charge attack dash from Leo.  Continue this
for a bit and only use the Ooze canisters when you absolutely must.

Eventually, Shredder will start using two other tricks (like he doesn't have
enough already?).  One involves him turning into pure energy and then splitting
into little energy Shredder clones that will jump around the room.  When they
latch onto you, they will absorb your health.  There is, however, a simple way
to counter this.  As soon as Shredder takes his stance to transform, Go right
to a corner of the room.  As the Shredder glows white, start charging to your
second charge attack.  Let go as soon as the Shredder clones are about to touch
the ground.  You will destroy three in that alone and have backed the fourth
one into a corner.  Simply hit it with combos to destroy it.  Shredder will
reappear in a wounded state.  Charge again so you can dash charge him right as
he comes out of it.

His other attack is the creation of four globules of energy that will home in
on you.  That is really no true way to get around this devastating attack, save
for the linchpin of your offense: The Second Charge.  Continue fighting
Shredder in the ways stated above, only using the two Ooze Canisters present
when absolutely needed.

If you play through this as Donatello, his attacks do a significant amount of
damage to Shredder in comparison to Leo or the others.  Your best bet is to
stay close enough to hit Shredder, but no more, and hit him with all the combos
and charges you can.  The clones will be harder to deal with, however, as you
will have to destroy one at a time.  If you are any of the other Turtles, do
the same as Donatello, though it will be harder.  Mikey does have an advantage
still, though, as his nunchukarang can come in handy, through it leaves him
more vulnerable than Leo's second charge attack.

Do not despair if you fall to him the first time.  You have unlimited lives to
start this battle over, so keep trying and soon the Fall of the Foot will be
complete.  Now sit back and watch as someone steals all your glory (is it karma
for the incident with Dragon Face and Casey Jones?).  And stick around after
the credits, for a sequel cannot be far behind.



Many thanks go out to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for creating the Ninja
Turtles and their world and more thanks to all those who have contributed to
the Turtle World; Konami, DiC, 4Kids, Mirage Studios, Archie and all the rest. 
And thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this guide.



This FAQ is copyright 2003 by FF TLSOK. You may not alter it or take credit for
it.  You may not distribute it offline without my permission.  You may post it
online wherever you want as long as it has all the information, including this
section. I'd appreciate it if you told me first so that I know who has it
posted. The newest copy of this FAQ can always be found on GameFAQS