FAQ/Walkthrough by The Proud Canadian

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/24/03 | Printable Version

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Megaman & Bass Guide v0.9
By The Proud Canadian
March 24, 2003

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[Table Of Contents]

1.Version History
-Main Characters
3.The Moves
4.Auto's shop
5.Level Walkthrough
-Intro Stage
-Coldman's stage
-Astroman's stage
-Groundman's stage
-Burnerman's stage
-Pirateman's stage
8.Contacting me
9.Legal Stuff and Credits

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1. [Version History]

Version 0.8
-First version
-All section except for walkthrough and final bosses complete
-Finished walkthrough for first 4 levels
-Finished strategies for first 8 bosses

Version 0.9
-Second version
-Finished all boss strategies except for Wily and updated previous ones
-Finished walkthrough for first 6 levels
-Changed some info according to the official English version
-Changed story to the one in instruction booklet
-Also decided to change/rewrite small things here and there

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2. [Introduction]

	Hello and welcome to my Megaman and Bass guide! This is only the second 
guide I've written so please remember I'm still a beginner at this stuff! This 
guide is a walkthrough for the game, designed to get you through it, not to 
collect everything in it, such as the CDs, so I won't be mentioning them in 
this walkthrough. 

So, let's get started! Here's the story straight from the instruction booklet.


"A surprise declaration has been received...from the man who took over Wily's 
base! The message reveals that the illegal trespasser is...KING!

King states that any robot who proves himself superior to human beings should 
rule the Earth!

King goes on to include a threat to steal the robot data from the museum.

Officials are taking the statements...and the threat...with the most extreme 

Megaman and Bass are sent out on the double to investigate..."

-Main Characters-

Megaman: If you don't know who this guy is, you shouldn't have bought this 
game! The Blue bomber returns once again to fight for good and justice.

Bass: Come on! Why do you need to read this? His name is in the title! Bass, 
created for the soul purpose of destroying Megaman, sets his sights on another 
robot this time, trying to prove once and for all that he's the strongest 
robot of all! Then, why can't he ever beat a certain blue robot?

Protoman: Megaman's mysterious brother, Protoman, appears when needed and then 
disappears just as quickly. This new "King" robot appears to be more than he 
can handle, however.

Roll: The ever-helpful assistant of Dr. Light, Roll cheers Megaman on in each 
and every fight against Wily. She can provide clues to help Megaman and Bass 
in this particular adventure.

Rush: This metallic mutt is Megaman's best friend, and can help him by digging 
up some very useful items!

Treble: He is Bass's answer to Rush; Treble can help Bass by fusing with him 
and giving the hovering ability to Bass in this game.

Auto: A robot specializing in repairs and modifications, Auto can sell some 
very nice upgrades to Megaman and Bass in exchange for precious bolts.

Dr. Light: The creator of Megaman, Protoman, Roll, Rush, and many others. Dr. 
Light has perhaps the most brilliant mind the world has ever seen, and with 
Wily around, you'll be glad he's there!

Dr. Wily: Once Dr. Light's partner, Wily has now become a textbook mad 
scientist, and he just keeps causing more and more trouble with tons of robot 
masters and an emergency escape route always handy.

King: This new robot seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and he means 
business! He's taken the CDs containing data on all of the previous robot 
masters, and he plans to cause some trouble with 'em!

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3. [The Moves]

-Megaman's moves-

Walk: Push the D-Pad in either direction to walk. Push it up or down to climb 
ladders. You can also use the D-pad to control some weapons.

Jump: Press A to jump. Megaman can only jump once at a time.

Shoot: Press B to shoot. Press and hold B to charge your buster. Megaman can 
charge up to two levels.

Slide: Press B and down on the D-Pad to make Megaman slide. You can use this 
to get through thin passageways.

-Bass's moves-

Walk: Push the D-pad in either direction to walk. Push it up or down to climb 
ladders. You can also use the D-Pad to control some weapons.

Jump: Press A to jump. Bass can perform a double jump if you press A again 
while in the air. 

Shoot: Hold B to shoot. While holding B you can aim your buster in different 
directions by pointing the D-Pad in that direction. Note: You can't walk while 
Bass is shooting. You can jump and dash though.

Dash: To dash tap left or right twice on the D-Pad. You can use the dash and 
then jump to jump further. Combine it with a double jump to reach very far 
away platforms.

-Other actions-

Menu: Press start to bring up the menu. Here you can change your weapon (see 
weapons section), equip different items (see Auto's shop section), and see 
different stats about your game such as lives and CDs (see CD section). 

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4. [Auto's shop]

You can use the bolts you collect in the levels to buy upgrades and items from 
this shop. At first only the first row will be available. After you beat 3 
robot masters the second row is accessible. You can unlock the third row (And 
the two in the forth row for Megaman) when you defeat 5 robot masters. Some 
items are different depending on which character you are. Please note that 
these names are taken from a translated ROM of the Jap. SNES version so there 
might be some minor differences in the info about them. There are two kinds of 
items: Permanent and equip. Permanent items are added/used instantly and only 
one equip item can be used at once. You can change the equipped item in the 
pause menu. Here's the format for the items:

(Item's place on the screen)
(Item's name)-(Characters which item is available for)
(Usefulness, from * to ****)

1. Top left-hand corner
Spare Body -Both
It's an extra life. Not too complicated!
Usefulness: *

2. Second from the left in top row
Energy Sort -Both
When you get weapon energy it is added to whatever weapon is lowest on energy.
Usefulness: ***

3. Third from the left in the top row
Stage exit -Both
You can exit out of any stage that you've beaten the boss of.
Usefulness: ****

4. Forth from the left in the top row
Shockstep -Both
You can absorb the damage/not be killed from spikes once.
Usefulness: **

5. Fifth from the left in the top row
Receiver -Both
Roll will give you hints and details about the level's boss and/or history.
Usefulness: ****

6. Sixth from the left in the top row
Item holder -Both
There will be a capsule in the level that gives you powerups when you reach 
Usefulness: **

7. Left-most item in the second row
Analyzer -Both
Your receiver will tell you about the boss's weakness.
Usefulness: ***

8. Second from the left in the second row
Power Boost -Both
Energy capsules heal you more.
Usefulness: ***

9. Third from the left in the second row
Counter -Both
When you're weak, you become more powerful.
Usefulness: **

10. Forth from the left in the second row
Speed Dash -Bass only
Bass's dash is longer and faster.
Usefulness: ***

11. Forth from the left in the second row
Auto Charge -Megaman only
The Megabuster charges automatically.
Usefulness: **

12. Fifth from the left in the second row
Climb Boost -Bass only
You can climb ladders faster.
Usefulness: *

13. Fifth from the left in the second row
Eddie -Megaman only
Permanent (Weapon)
Eddie will come and give you a few powerups.
Usefulness: **

14. Sixth from the left in the second row
Gospel Boost -Bass only
Permanent (Weapon)
Gospel will appear and fuse with Bass. While fused, Bass hovers and has a 
different buster attack.
Usefulness: ****

15. Sixth from the left in the second row
Rush Search -Megaman only
Permanent (Weapon)
Rush teleports in and digs up a random item. If used in certain spots, he'll 
dig up a CD!
Usefulness: ****

16. Left-most item in the third row
Energy Save -Both
Your special weapons use less energy.
Usefulness: ***

17. Second from the left in the third row
Damage Absorption -Both
When you get hit, your weapon with the lowest energy will recover a little bit 
if it.
Usefulness: **

18. Third from the left in the third row
Mega Armor -Both
Damage from attacks is reduced a little.
Usefulness: ***

19. Forth from the left in the third row
Super Buster -Bass only
Bass's buster become a little more powerful.
Usefulness: ****

20. Forth from the left in the third row
Auto Heal -Megaman only
As you walk, Megaman slowly recovers health.
Usefulness: **

21. Fifth from the left in the third row
Hyper Buster -Bass only
Bass's buster can go through things such as walls.
Usefulness: **

22. Fifth from the left in the third row
Fast Charge -Megaman only
Megaman's buster will charge faster.
Usefulness: ***

23. Sixth from the left in the third row
CD Counter -Bass only
The receiver will tell you how many CDs remain in a level.
Usefulness: ****

24. Sixth from the left in the third row
Beat -Megaman only
Permanent (Weapon)
Beat comes and provides a barrier that will block some attacks.
Usefulness: **

25. Left-most item in the forth row
CD Counter -Megaman only
The receiver will tell you how many CDs are left in the level.
Usefulness: ****

26. Second from the left in the forth row
CD Finder -Megaman only
The ground will sparkle shortly in places where Rush can dig up a CD.
Usefulness: ****

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5. [Level Walkthrough]

OK, here's the main part of any walkthrough, the actual walkthrough! I'll only 
tell you the name of the boss here, check the Boss section for tips on beating 

(Note: The #1 rule, that you must always follow, is to just TAKE YOUR TIME. 
Things are much easier when your relaxed, and not trying to break the world 
record for button mashing. There aren't any kinds of time limits on this game 
that I can think of, so you don't have to blaze through a level. Of course, 
don't overdo it, like when your fighting a boss you kind of have to act 

1. Intro Stage

Ahh! It's a metool! Destroy the first enemy of the game by hitting it when it 
pops up to attack.  Watch out for the drills going through the ground and roof 
in the next section. Slide or dash your way through. Be careful not to fall in 
the lava! Just take your time to avoid the flame towers and the falling 
flames. Another set of drills. Be careful in the water area, and be sure not 
to jump when the water level is rising. Be sure to slide/dash across the high 
platforms to get off of them in time. Yet another drill area. Be especially 
careful in this windy area if you're playing as Megaman, because you have to 
get on the very edge of the platform to be able to jump across. Also make sure 
to kill the metool on the last platform you jump onto before you jump there. 
Kill the shooter guy when he either shoots you or goes to drop a bomb. Keep 
going and watch the little scene.

Boss: Green Devil (See Boss section for strategy and other info)

2. Coldman's Stage

Just take your time on the first few platforms and make sure to take out the 
enemy waiting on the next platform before you jump. Now some easy ladder 
climbing followed by a trek across some ice. Be sure to jump off and onto the 
next ice platform before it shatters, even if it means jumping into an enemy. 
When you get to the spiky area, be sure to take out the flying enemies, as 
they can easily screw you up and make you die. Megaman players need to time 
their jump very well to get across. Fall down, grab the powerup, and fight the 
snowman mini boss. You can only damage him on his head, so aim your shots 
well. Megaman players can take a small detour if they act quickly enough and 
slide through the crack on the left. Inside are a few enemies, and I think a 
CD somewhere. Now we rejoin the main route, and continue to a water area. Once 
again, Megaman players need to be especially careful here. Halfway through it 
you can go into an underwater section if you want. Down there are an extra 
life and a CD if you go backwards; I believe it's buried though. Megaman and 
Bass players need to be careful because you jump much higher down there. Climb 
up the ladder, and exit outside. I know I keep saying this, but Megaman 
players must be extra careful here, as there are a lot of difficult jumps, for 
one of them, you have to jump onto one of those ice blocks as it's sliding 
across! Dodge a couple more enemies, and your ready to fight the boss!

Boss: Coldman (See boss section)

3. Astroman's Stage

We start off with a few jumps, pretty easy. Climb down and take care of the 
thing on the wall. Be careful with the puddles there, as a jaw will come out 
of them if you walk over them. Jump over them as they come at you, and jump 
down. Those blue and yellow platforms fall as soon as you step on them, so 
watch out. Cross the next area, and be careful not only with the platforms, 
but with the enemies waiting on the other side of the platforms. The next area 
is very odd. Enemies will randomly "come out of the shadows" and attack you, 
so time your jumps to get across right after one appears, so one won't appear 
in mid-jump. Climb up, kill the things on the wall, and continue. Watch the 
order in which the lights flash, and then jump on them in that order. Jump 
down, and you're at the floating platform area. Dash/slide across to avoid 
being crushed, and when you get to the raised area, time your dash/slide to 
get across, as the platform becomes level with the floor. Continue down to 
reach the classic disappearing block area. As Bass, these ones are very easy, 
and you can skip about half of them. As Megaman, this is a nightmare if you're 
not good at jumps. Get across the first one, and then you can jump up to the 
section hanging down, and walk through it. Follow the path the blocks make, 
and try to keep up, to reach the next part. In this huge vertical room, there 
are 2 exits: one at the top right, and one at the top left. If your Megaman, 
don't bother with the left one, because it's next to impossible to get there 
with him, and you can't even get everything in that secret room as him anyway. 
Bass requires the Gospel boost the get there, which you probably won't have on 
your first time though here. If you do however, you can skip the whole block 
area with it AND reach the secret room. Just watch the pattern they make the 
first time, and try to follow it the next. In the next room, once again, just 
follow the pattern, repeat the pattern, and exit. Now you walk into an ambush! 
You can get rid of the ones on the roof for good, but the jumping dudes keep 
coming back, so just shoot them and jump. Another rising platform area, 
dash/slide across to the end of the floor and let the next one take you up; 
just get off before you hit the roof!  All right, we're here, just get ready, 
and walk through the door.

Boss: Astroman (See boss section)

4. Groundman's stage

Again, we start will some easy jumping. All throughout this level are those 
annoying sand falls, and not only do they hinder your jumping, they block 
hidden holes and passageways, so check them all if you're looking for secrets 
and CDs. Make your way down the next part, just watch out for spikes. It might 
be a good idea to use a special weapon here, like the Lightning bolt, to clear 
out groups of enemies so you land on safe ground. Ah! Quicksand! Don't worry, 
just jump every now and then to avoid sinking into the unknown. Blast the worm 
things and continue on. In the next few parts you'll have to watch out for a 
giant robotic worm-like creature. In the first chamber, simply grab onto the 
ladder when the worm comes. Then dash/slide to the bottom before the next one 
comes. Climb down the ladder once the worm wriggles past it in the next room. 
Jump up and stay on the ledge in the corner right away in room 3. Then get to 
the other side and continue to a room similar to the first worm one. Same 
strategy applies here. You have to be quick in the next section. Get into the 
small compartment in the top corner before the worm does. The next one is 
different depending on which character you are. Bass players must use the 
double jump to get to the ledge to dodge the worm, and then exit through the 
door as quickly as possible. If you're Megaman, dash under the lowest platform 
once the worm leaves the end of it you're dashing to, then climb up and get 
through the door. You always fall in the pit here (at least I always have) so 
just walk up to the sand fall and enter the mini boss fight. Watch where the 
giant worm-like thing comes out and blast it as many times as you can until it 
goes back in. Repeat until dead, and then continue through the exit. Make your 
way up and watch out for the panels that collapse. When you're through with 
that, go to the right. In the next few rooms you have to destroy the red 
pillar to open the exit, but each time you destroy a white pillar, a bar of 
spikes moves a little further up! If you want, you can skip these rooms by 
taking a secret exit in the first chamber. Bass or Megaman with the Lighting 
Bolt, Remote mine, or a couple other weapons can access it. Just blast the 
first two pillars, and then blast the last two! Fall down to enter the secret 
area. Fall down all the way and then go left. Watch out, there a few 
"possessed" treasure chests in here, so just don't bother shooting any of 
them. Exit out, and I'll continue at that part in a minute. Now, back at the 
regular path, just blast the red pillar to exit. This one's the hardest one, 
so I'll do my best explaining it. Here' a diagram:

*# #  #   ## X   #=White Pillar
--I--I--  -- -   *=Red Pillar
  I# I    ###-   I=Ladder
#-#------ ----   X=Door  
--------------   -=Ground

Sorry about the, uh, crappiness of that diagram, they aren't exactly my 
specialty. Basically, you first blast the white pillar in front of the red 
one, and then the red one itself. Now drop down the first ladder and blast the 
one in between the ladders. Stand on the end of the middle platform. The 
spikes should be getting pretty close now! This is the hardest part, you have 
to blast the pillar a couple spaces over from the door first to weaken it. 
Then, you need to jump towards it, and destroy it in mid-air so you land on 
the space where it use to be. After that, just shoot the one behind it, jump 
across, and exit! The next part is very easy, so I won't even tell you how to 
get through it. When you start going right instead of falling, you should see 
a door higher up behind you. That's where the secret room exits. OK, we're 
almost there. In the last part, there are more of those jumping drills! They 
tear up the ground, so blast them before they make too big of a gap for you to 
jump. After you brave your way though that minefield, it's time for the boss! 

Boss: Groundman (See boss section) 

5. Burnerman's Stage

Move through the forest section, killing the bats and sentries as you move 
along, and exit via the ladder in the top corner. Climb up the ladder and 
defeat the sniper Joe. Watch out for the hole in the covered part of the 
floor. Beat the Gutsman-like robot and continue. Another Gutsman robot...and 
another! Beat them both up and continue through both sections. Now you must 
make your way up the vertical area. Watch out for the holes on each level. You 
can use an I. Wall to find out where they are, or you can just take your 
chances! When you get to the electric robots, be sure to beat both of them so 
you don't walk into the bottom one! Be careful on the next floor, as there's a 
hole directly under the electric enemies. Climb up and go right. Another 
Gutsman, with a bouncing ball! Watch where it bounces, and make your way 
through, or you can get through by force. Climb up to see yet another! (I get 
the feeling that there's a Gutsman assembly line somewhere) Beat it the same 
way, and continue. Great! Now they through spike balls! Watch where the spikes 
go and attack when you get the chance. In the next area, you have to watch 
where those spears come out from and dash/slide by before you're impaled! 
After you get by, fall down. Fall down again. You have to watch it on this 
next part, because there are those tiny jet robots everywhere! Once you are 
past it, fall down and go right. Now this is the last part, but it's very 
annoying. At a few points while you're crossing here, a giant robot will fly 
in a drop a bomb that creates a "wave" of fire that will rise about 1/3 up the 
screen. Get to a high platform ASAP when this happens. Finally, destroy the 
dragon enemy and enter!

Boss: Burnerman (See Boss section)

6. Pirateman's Stage

You start just outside of his "hideout". Make your way through the first area 
by shooting those creatures on the side their tentacles are facing. When you 
get to the spike area with a ladder, take it if you are Bass, but keep going 
if you are Megaman. Jump across a pit and then slide under the wall as 
Megaman. Dash and then double jump across the larger pit as Bass. The paths 
meet up again soon after that. Move on to the next area. Climb the ladder, and 
then run across the top and fall down at the far right end. Fall down the 
other ladder, and watch out for the swimming enemies on your way. Fall down to 
the next area. As you are moving across the next area, you should take note 
that a giant whale will swim by and damage you if you don't hide in the small 
lower areas. Keep going and you will get a minefield. There are spikes on the 
bottom of the area, so be careful. Dodge the spikes and get to the other side. 
Climb the ladder, and go to the left to meet Pirateman.

I'll add more stage guides in the next version!

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6. [Bosses]


Here's the boss section, and here's the format:

Boss Name
Weapon Obtained 
Difficulty (* to ****)

So, let's get started!

Green Devil
OK, he's the first boss of the game, what do you expect? Just time your jumps 
so that you jump over the blobs he launches at you, and time your shots so 
that you hit the top half of him. Enough said.

Lightning Bolt
Ice Wall
This guy's a joke. Jump over his ice walls and blast away. When he launches 
that cloud thing, be sure to destroy it right away, because they can get 
really annoying. When he uses that ground freeze move, just keep jumping, and 
you'll be fine. You should be able to take out this guy on your first or 
second try, and after some practice, it's no problem to annihilate him without 
taking any damage! Once you've got the lightning bolt and that energy saver 
for special weapons, you can take out this guy by repeatedly pressing the fire 
button! You don't even have to move!

Magic Card
Copy Vision
This guys quick and he's got a few nasty attacks so stay sharp. If he starts 
swooping back and forth, then stopping to shoot a green blast at each end, and 
two holograms of him appear on each side, just keep dashing/sliding, it's your 
best way to dodge them. He often just sways back and forth, trying to hit you, 
so be ready and make good use of your dash/slide ability. Sometimes he'll 
blast three holes in the ground. They can get annoying, as those jumping 
things will pop out of them. Just destroy the enemies in them and the holes 
will disappear. At least he's more predictable then. He can also send his 
hovering orb things down to you. It might take few tries, but with some luck 
and a tiny bit of skill you should conquer him. As always, having Magic Cards, 
his weakness, helps.

Remote Mine
Spread Drill
This guy can be annoying, but he's nothing compared to some of the upcoming 
challenges. He usually starts by jumping up into the roof, and then a huge 
drill will come down. Watch the movement of the dirt to see where he is. Then 
he'll continue with turning into some tank-like machine and driving back a 
forth across the room a few times. He also jumps down into the ground and then 
comes back up. Again, watch the ground to see where he is. He can also shoot 
his "Spread Drills" at you when he pops up. After a few rounds, you'll get use 
to dodging his attacks, and he'll be an easy fight. The remote mines will stun 
him and give you time to get into the best position for his next attack.

Ice Wall
Wave Burner
OK, I won't lie to you, you'll probably die the first few times you fight this 
guy. His attacks include dashing back and forth, and jumping into the air and 
then coming down, sending waves of flame across the ground. He will also use 
the "wave burner". This is exactly the weapon you acquire from him. He'll try 
to "spray" you with it and then jump forward and do it again. Now's the best 
time to use the Ice Wall! Create a block and push it towards him. If it works, 
he'll be pushed all the way into the spikes on either side and take a fair 
amount of damage. As with all bosses, the key is to memorize his movements, 
and react quickly enough. Watch out for the traps you'll see him lay. Although 
they don't damage you, they hold you in place and you become a sitting duck 
for his attacks!

Wave Burner
Remote Mine
These bosses are getting harder and harder! This one moves quickly, and the 
water affecting your jumping doesn't help either, even if it does make you 
jump higher. He only has a few attacks: He will shoot the Remote Mines at you 
in waves of 3 or 4, he will become incased in a bubble and blast himself 
around the room, and finally, he can change the water level.

Copy Vision
Lightning Bolt
He is very easy if you have his weakness. He will dash around the room at 
first, and then stop to attack you. This is the best time to place a Copy 
Vision in his face because he won't move for a while and it will take the hit 
from most of his attacks. He can send a few energy orbs at you, or use them to 
send lightning down, but the Copy Vision will divert them from you. He can 
jump over you and leave energy orbs in the air too. Unfortunately, you will 
have to dodge these yourself. When he has about 1/3 of his energy left, he'll 
jump back up to the holder thing he came down from in the beginning, and two 
platforms will appear on the side. Switch back to your buster and shoot the 
holder things from the platforms to stop him from recharging too much. He may 
try this a few times, so be ready.

Spread Drill
Tengu Blade
It could take a few tries to beat this one. He uses that blade in most of his 
attacks, such as the one where he throws it at the ground, then a small 
tornado forms above it, and it sweeps across the ground. He can also toss the 
blade at you. Another attack involves him going off-screen, and then dashing 
towards you out of nowhere! Just learn his moves, learn how to dodge them, and 
then kick his butt! He is a snap with the spread drill, as it will stun him 
and stop his attacks when hit with it.

Tengu Blade
Magic Card
With the Tengu blade, this guy doesn't stand a chance! Just have to hit him 
with it up close, and then jump because he always shoots one of those cards at 
you afterwards, or one of those regular energy blasts . Rinse and repeat! You 
may get hit a few times, but he will surely die before you! If you don't have 
the weapon yet, you will have to put up with his other attacks, such as 
throwing a ball that explodes into bird-like enemies! He can also dash into 
you, and as previously mentioned, throw his "Magic Cards" that you will 
acquire when you beat him.

Note: Before you enter the King/Wily levels, it's best to buy most of the 

Weird Monkey and Owl-like contraption thing
Like the name? This is the first of a few annoying bosses. It's really quite 
easy, just stand on the platform to make it lower, and raise the counter-
weight. Hey, is that an owl? Well, to the best of my knowledge, it is! Just 
shoot the owl to damage him. Watch out for the monkey that drops down and 
chucks coconut like objects at you. Just shoot it couple times to make it go 
away for a while. Now the name makes sense, right? No? Don't worry; it doesn't 
make much sense to me either!

King Tank
Now that's a better name right? This thing looks deadly, but if you use the 
right strategy, you can take it out on your first try! It's important to stay 
in the bottom at all times, unless otherwise stated. You've got to take out 
three things on this tank to beat it. The gun in the front, the missile 
launching device on top, and the hatch that can open and toss out those 
annoying little toys that steal bolts in the back. Destroy the machine gun 
first by shooting Remote Mines at it when it's closed, and then detonating 
them when it opens. You may want to use the energy saver item here so you get 
more shots. After about 6 of those, you won't have to worry about it anymore. 
Now for the hatch in the back. You can use magic cards and aim up when it 
opens to damage it. If you are using Bass, just equip the hyper buster and 
shoot up through the floor at it. Finally, the missile launcher. Equip the 
energy saver if you haven't already, and switch to the L. Bolt. Whenever you 
see the camera start to move up (this means that the missile launcher is 
activating) use the L. Bolt to damage it. As long as you have the energy 
saver, you shouldn't run out of ammo. 

King Aircraft
We now come to the second boss of this level, the King Aircraft. You have to 
do your best to keep up on the floating platforms or else your history! You 
have to hit the bubble dome on top to damage it. The aircraft has a few 
attacks: send out bubbles containing powerups, and the occasional flash 
capsule towards you, start to charge up a large crystal in the front to attack 
you with a rather large energy beam, and shoot out flying fists to destroy the 
platforms! To beat this monstrosity, equip the energy saver again, and switch 
to the Lightning Bolt. Just keep using it over and over, except when there's a 
flash capsule waiting on the screen, and do your best to land back on a 
platform afterwards. It helps to jump up so you have more time to move towards 
a platform. Just two bolts will destroy the crystal too! After that is used 
up, your best bet is to simply attack with your buster, and hope you last long 
enough to beat it. 

King (Phase 1)
When you start fighting, King is invincible!!! Don't worry, just dodge the X's 
he launches at you for 3 rounds (the pattern is down, down, up, down, up), and 
Protoman intervenes. After he blasts away his shield it's time for the real 
fight to start...

King (Phase 2)
The only reason that this guy is a 3-star boss is because he's harder with 
Bass. If you are controlling Megaman, he's easy! Equip the super armor as 
Megaman, and the super buster as Bass and blast away! You can dash/slide under 
him when he jumps, and just jump out of the way when he swings his axe (his 
jump will be a little slower when he's going to swing). Occasionally, he will 
shoot out a purple beam that will bounce around the room for awhile and can be 
quite annoying. Just keep shooting him and dodging, and his health will run 
out before you know it as Megaman, or it will seem like he has double his 
health as Bass. After you beat him, it's revealed that his creator is Wily, 
and he is "brainwashed" further. Follow the new path and enter his final 

King's Fury
I came up with that name myself! If you don't like it, just call him whatever 
you want. Geez, this is like the forth-boss fight in this level! Anyway, this 
one is a 3-star for the same reasons as the previous one. He's about a 2-star 
for Megaman, and about a 4-star as Bass. You must hit the bubble dome on top 
again to damage him. This creation just reuses a couple attacks from the King 
Tank and the King Aircraft, such as the missile launching attack (hide under 
the platform as Megaman, and run back and forth as Bass), the crystal attack, 
and the ramming attack. Oh yeah, there's one new attack, he sends out a few 
small energy orbs that home in on you. As Megaman, equip the s. armor, jump on 
the platform, and ride it up to his eye level. I think that you can figure out 
what to do from there. As Bass, equip the s. buster, and do some praying! You 
have to find the right spot to a double jump, then shoot towards the upper-
right corner of the screen so you hit the bubble dome. It's even harder than 
it sounds! There are a few weapons that can damage him though, such as the L. 
Bolt, the R. Mine, and I think that the S. Drill can reach him. So if you want 
you can equip the energy saver, and fire away as an alternative.


Here's the format:

Weapon name
Weapon's location (defeating a boss or buying)
Weapon description

Here we go!

1.Ice Wall
Defeat Coldman
A wall of ice will appear. You can push it forward and have it flatten 
enemies, or you can push it and then hop on to ride it across spikes or to get 
a little more jumping distance.

2.Copy Vision
Defeat Astroman
A clear copy of your character will appear and start shooting. All homing 
attacks will be aimed at it instead of you. Shots go right through it and it 
will disappear after a little while. This is great to use when there is an 
enemy with a ton of firepower in your way. Just place one in front of it, and 
get to a safe spot. Repeat if necessary.

3.Spread Drill
Defeat Groundman 
A large, slow moving drill will appear. Press the fire button again to make it 
expand into 2 slightly faster drills. Press it once again to make it turn into 
4 quick moving drills.

4.Wave Burner
Defeat Burnerman
Press and hold the fire button. A flame will come out of your buster. This 
weapon has limited range, but can be used to light the boxes with flame 
symbols on them throughout the levels. 

5.Remote Mine
Defeat Pirateman
A mine will appear and start moving straight ahead. You can use the D-Pad to 
control its movement. When it hits a wall or enemy it will stick to it. Press 
the fire button again to detonate it.

6.Lightning Bolt
Defeat Dynamoman 
Everything freezes, and your character jumps into the air, causing 4 lightning 
bolts to strike down the screen, doing fair damage to any enemies that are 
hit. This attack's energy gets used up fast, but it's still a really good 

7.Tengu Blade
Defeat Tenguman
Your character will shoot a small blade-like object that will move forward in 
a straight line. You also create a little swish thing in front of yourself 
that can damage enemies.  

8.Magic Card
Defeat Magicman
A few cards come out of your buster and move forward a bit, then return to 
you. Any powerups they pass will be carried to you. You can use this in 
several situations where there's a powerup of some kind behind a wall.

9.Gospel Boost (Bass only)
Buy from Auto
Gospel appears and fuses with Bass. While fused, Bass hovers, you control the 
hovering with the D-Pad. Bass also has a different, spread shot buster. While 
using this, the weapon energy slowly decreases.

10.Rush Search (Megaman only)
Buy from Auto
Rush comes and digs up something. If he gets hit, he'll teleport away. He will 
dig up either a powerup or various useless items. If you dig in the right 
spots, he'll dig up a CD!

11.Beat (Megaman only)
Buy from Auto
Beat will drop a shield on Megaman. When it gets hit, the weapon energy 
decreases. It also decreases slowly by itself. When the weapon energy is gone, 
the shield disappears.

12.Eddie (Megaman only)
Buy from Auto
Eddie flies in and gives Megaman a few powerups, each one using up weapon 

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8. [FAQ]

Q: Is this game MM9?
A: NO! This game is MM&B, not MM9. It is never stated anywhere on the box or 
in the game that this is MM9. If you really want to call it that for some 
reason, then go ahead; just don't call it that on the message boards. There 
are a lot of people that don't like to see that, and you'll probably get 

Q: Who's better, Megaman or Bass?
A: Each character has there own strong and weak points, it's best to try them 
both out to see which one you play better with, or you can just choose which 
one looks cooler and go with that one.

Q: Zero=King 2?
A: No, although Wily did create Zero, he's not King 2. Protoman completely 
destroyed the computer with his blueprints anyway.

Q: How do I beat (insert boss name)?
A: Check the boss section.

Q: How do I get through (insert level name here)?
A: Check the level walkthrough.

Q: The boss/level isn't in your boss section/level walkthrough!
A: Sorry, but you'll have to check another FAQ then, or wait until I update 
this one.

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9. [Contacting Me]

If you'd like to contact me to help with this FAQ in any way, you can reach me 
through the message boards; my user name is The Proud Canadian. Just post 
something like: "FAQ info/correction for The Proud Canadian" on the MM&B(GBA) 
message board and I should respond. 

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10. [Legal Stuff and Credits]

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Thanks to edgeemu.com for providing me with the Emulator and ROM from which I 
got nearly all my info.

Thanks to Capcom and Nintendo for making the GBA and MM&B for GBA.

Their respective trademark and copyright holders own all trademarks and 
copyrights contained in this document.

Copyright 2003 Jake R. Henkie