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Best Level 4 monsters?

What are the best Level 4 and under Monsters?

Accepted Answer

---Nintendo--- answered:

The best level 4 monsters are the ones that have an attack of 1800, 1850 and 1900, like for example:

- Gemini Elf
- Slate Warrior
- Mechanicalchaser
- La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
- Harpie's Brother
- Cyber Harpie
- 7 Colored Fish

You can also use monsters that have a defense of 2000 like:

- Giant Soldier of Stone
- Mystical Elf

Or you can also use monsters with good effects like:

- Man-Eater Bug
- Slate Warrior
- Witch of the Black Forest
- Sangan
- Penguin Soldier
- Sinister Serpent

Hope it helps! ;)
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